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  1. Rick_F

    Walther PDP

    Good to know. Only problem is they’re only showing the hi-caps. I’d rather wait for the neutered mags to come with it.
  2. Rick_F

    Walther PDP

    I would think it would have to but I understand why you’d ask. It would be sketchy to say the least if it had to be transferred as a receiver.
  3. Rick_F

    Walther PDP

    Just wondering if anyone's seen these out in the wild yet or knows what the ETA should look like. I have a permit I'd like to use before it expires. Thanks.
  4. Found a hunter model at Davis in Sloatsburg NY. They had a few others as well if anyone’s looking. Mods, please feel free to close. Thank you.
  5. Guys having a good time talking about guns? How dare you!
  6. Thank you! Going with a stainless target. EDIT All of these are actually out of stock so the hunt continues.
  7. Looking to buy any of the following models, I'd appreciate a head's up if anyone comes across any at local shops or in-stock online. Thanks in advance. 40160 40118 40103 40159 40101
  8. Damn that’s heavy. My build with a 10.5” pinned barrel and Trijicon Credo 1-6 is under 6 lbs.
  9. I ended up ordering a Credo 1-6x SFP. Thanks for your help.
  10. Thanks for your feedback. I’m not really that familiar with them as all my variable scopes are much higher on the magnification range. I love the brightness and clarity of the ACOGs. Will the smaller objective of the typical 1-4x hurt in the regard? I’m content to put it on 4x and leave it, which is why I was looking into a fixed scope. Having variability I’m not going to use must have some detriment, no?
  11. Just wondering if anyone has seen any really good deals. I have two 3.5xs, a green horseshoe and a red cross hair, and was hoping to find a 4x chevron (green or red) at $800+/- in either LED or Tritium/FO. Primary Arms has an Accupower 1-4x @ $469 I was looking at, but I don't think I'd ever take it off of 4x, making variable redundant for my needs. Please let me know what you come across. Thanks.
  12. HK VP9. It comes with S, M, L sides and backstrap to customize the grip to your needs.
  13. With an Aero Precision 10.5” upper plus pinned KVP Linear comp (approx 2”) I’m coming up with 26.5” with a standard buffer tube.
  14. Just wondering what you think of the KVP comp. Thanks.
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