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  1. So I decided to try out something different. Got the Fortis brake and the optional control shield. This way if I’m next to others shooting with obnoxious brakes I can use it naked or put the shield on when I’m around pistol shooters etc.
  2. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I need the Gamma SL to be compliant and the cage won’t compatible with this model. Surefire discontinued the Warden. At this point I’m just looking for something that’s no more annoying than my battlecomp brake.
  3. To those with the VG6 Gamma: They discontinued the 556EX and replaced with the SL. Anyone running this? Just trying to get a sense of how obnoxious it is compared to the others. Thanks.
  4. Thanks I was leaning towards the BCM. Do any NJ shops sell it? Also I read some good things about the Precision Armanent AFAB and EFAB. Would these be a no-go in NJ?
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is I have a 14.5" upper and the Gamma is too short. They discontinued the EX model which would've worked . . .
  6. Hi there, I was wondering what muzzle brakes/comps everyone is using. I have a Battle Comp on one of my rifles and a KVP on an "other." I'm looking for an option to pin on a 14.5" barrel to exceed 16'. I was hoping for something milder than the Battle Comp, which exhibits too much concussion for my tastes. A few people recommended the VG6 Gamma, but I would need the EX for length, and it looks to be discontinued. The Epsilon has the length but VG6 said it's not NJ legal. The Bravo Comp looks good, but on some old threads here it wasn't clear if it was GTG from a legal standpoint. Please let me know what you would recommended for shooting in an indoor range. Thanks.
  7. Rick_F

    Walther PDP

    Good to know. Only problem is they’re only showing the hi-caps. I’d rather wait for the neutered mags to come with it.
  8. Rick_F

    Walther PDP

    I would think it would have to but I understand why you’d ask. It would be sketchy to say the least if it had to be transferred as a receiver.
  9. Rick_F

    Walther PDP

    Just wondering if anyone's seen these out in the wild yet or knows what the ETA should look like. I have a permit I'd like to use before it expires. Thanks.
  10. Found a hunter model at Davis in Sloatsburg NY. They had a few others as well if anyone’s looking. Mods, please feel free to close. Thank you.
  11. Guys having a good time talking about guns? How dare you!
  12. Thank you! Going with a stainless target. EDIT All of these are actually out of stock so the hunt continues.
  13. Looking to buy any of the following models, I'd appreciate a head's up if anyone comes across any at local shops or in-stock online. Thanks in advance. 40160 40118 40103 40159 40101
  14. Damn that’s heavy. My build with a 10.5” pinned barrel and Trijicon Credo 1-6 is under 6 lbs.
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