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  1. Is there any way we can hear the audio of this case when it's being heard?
  2. Mitchell H. Cohen Building U.S. Court House 4th and Cooper streets, Camden, NJ This hearing is open to the public! https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.njd.506033/gov.uscourts.njd.506033.21.0.pdf The plaintiffs are: RONALD KOONS; NICHOLAS GAUDIO; JEFFREY M. MULLER; SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION; FIREARMS POLICY COALITION, INC.; COALITION OF NEW JERSEY FIREARM OWNERS; and NEW JERSEY SECOND AMENDMENT SOCIETY,
  3. defendants response link https://t.co/KgwhlWKbwX
  4. If someone finds the link please post it. I want to see the state's response
  5. If you've seen the lawsuit filed by ANJRPC it addresses every part of the recent ccw permit scheme to prevent you from carrying including the liability insurance issue. The lawsuit also challenges the states handgun permit scheme and I believe it challenges the purchase permit for rifles and shotguns as well. All of this was filed in federal court the day Gov Snaggletooth signed the bill and I believe the state has until sometime this coming week ( I could be wrong) to file their brief or statement. Until then here's a link in NJ woods and Water about the ANJRPC lawsuit https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/forums/topic/60122-anjrpc-carry-lawsuit/#comments
  6. Tom, Sussex, Hampton, Frankford, Stillwater, Fredon, I believe everything north of Branchville are all covered by NJSP.
  7. I have multiple lubes from the Hoppe's original to their high performance lube. At the moment i like using the Baristol. Thanks hickok45. I probably over clean as I'll usually put about 50-150 rounds through then clean. I never really know when I'm going to go through a stretch of not shooting, I'd say that's my mentality.
  8. state police sgt expect it to take 90 days
  9. just put my paperwork in with the sussex station state police. finger printing thurs 11/3. trooper mentioned expect it to take about 3 months due to the county backlog at the courts.
  10. Handed in my paperwork this morning with the State Police Sussex station. Fingerprinting scheduled for 11/3 After signing off on the mental health forms the witnessing trooper and I talked outside for a few minutes and explained to me what's going on and what to expect timeline wise. "Due to the backlog and the (sussex county superior court) court finally beginning to issue permits expect it to take 90 days.
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