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  1. How nice & refreshing seeing them on TV. I think it was Fox Business or Newsmax??? I mean when was the last time you saw a gun co. commercial???
  2. It’s Cong as in Vietcong & personally I don’t rule out surplus based on that but I get it. I wouldn’t have my SKS’s, Luger, P-38’s, K98 Mauser, etc.
  3. Water board his parents till they give him up.
  4. Thanks guys, great suggestions, passed on. Personally I use gun socks also, gonna have to try that alternating barrel up/down method. I overuse space also & have them crammed in. Yes, my buddy was looking & a lazy Susan type holder & you’re right, I believe, it would take up room in & of itself.
  5. A friend has a large safe but the way he has his rifles placed inside isn’t the best. He has them in a U shape wasting a lot of inner space. Shelves removed. He’s looking at circular racks to place in the center but do you fellas have any recommendations? Thank you & happy Labor Day!
  6. I thought they’d have to drag his ass out but I guess he knew he was going to be impeached. Good riddance.
  7. Any legal here in NJ? Thanks in advance.
  8. I wish I could get boots w/ as tough of heels & soles as the ones I was issued in Army basic trng., ‘76. I walk hard & you know how much marching you do there. They didn’t wear down at all.
  9. WOW! May God bless them both.
  10. I never knew groundhogs could climb trees till my late GSD chased one several yrs ago.
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