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  1. Now they have surplus PSL-54’s for $1600 if anyone’s interested?
  2. Can we say SPIN, boys & girls? You watch, this won’t be temporary.
  3. I have Optimum & my yahoo email is what I have w/ them. Just called them to inquire.
  4. No I tried to register quite awhile back, Maksim, & they had the same requirement. Prior to being bought by Brownells I’m sure. Thank you for your offer. I’ll take you up on it if the other kind suggestions don’t work out. Thanks fellas. I appreciate it.
  5. Fellas : I would like to register @ AR15.com but have Yahoo & they won’t allow free accounts. I can switch to Yahoo after registering though. What cheap ones are out there for me to use temporarily? Thank you.
  6. Wow! Someone screwed up, that’s too many mistakes.
  7. Gorgeous Colt, Vicious! Go on the Colt Forum. Nice folks who’ll help you in your search. Good luck.
  8. Good choice on the KC. Their SAA’s are only going up in price.
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