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  1. Sako, all original, matching #’s to include Finnish matching bolt, no pitting or rust, nice wartime stock w/ sharp Sako cartouche, exc. bore. Email me @ charlesleeperfectshot@yahoo.com
  2. Ok I w/, thanks. I about had a heart attack! Lol
  3. Back to life as Garden State Shooting Ctr.? Is Phil Amaro the owner? Anyone been there?
  4. In Memory:
  5. https://youtu.be/k6Nlb_qRoeg
  6. Thank you, i’ll pass this on.
  7. What VPN do you recommend? A friend of mine is considering one & I recall people here taking about them, possibly in a cable cutting thread, but I cannot find it. I would appreciate any suggestions you may give.
  8. from The Truth About Guns #1 Colt single action army model 1873 – valued between $1,500 – $30,000 #2: Walther P38 (Pronounced val-tha’, not “walther”) – valued between $800 – $3000 #3: M1 Garand - valued between $1000 – $6000, something to do with Obama. #4: FM Browning Hi-Power – valued between $800 – $3000 #5: Colt Detective Special, .38 Caliber – valued between $650 – $1,800 #6: S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum – valued between $800 – $3,000 #7 Pre WW2 to WW2 Colt/Remington 1911 – valued between $600 – $3,000 #8 Russian SKS – valued between $600 – $1,200, value rising every year. #9 Russian Dragunov – valued between $1,500 – $10,000 #10 Sig Sauer P210 – valued between $2,700 – $15,000
  9. Thanks Screwball, I w/.
  10. If anyone has a spare cover to sell me to replace that one which Bubba defiled by adding a rail, i’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you.
  11. Thanks
  12. Just won one via GB auction. It w/ need a cleaning rod & butt plate. Also I want to replace the cover to which a rail was added in order to make it as original as possible. It doesn’t appear that the covers are numbered, just the part below, so it should remain matched if that is the case in the first place? Must see when I get the rifle. I called the seller & asked about the bore? He checked & said it was shiny so that’s good! Thanks for looking & I welcome any opinions or advice. Thank you. Charles Here is a link to it: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/746067044 Oh & BTW, obviously not an AK & this IS an AK sub-forum, but it’s a later on cousin sorta, kinda.
  13. Got one last year, new, @ Cheyenne Mtn. when I found out they were going to be disco’d. Fixed sights, was only one left. Pricey-almost a grand. Beautiful gun!
  14. Yes it would be for an AR. Colt M4 specifically.
  15. Do you need to have a new barrel & bolt head spaced?