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  1. for coronavirus. Wishing them the best!
  2. I’ve been using Jack for yrs. He’s great!!!
  3. Outstanding gun & the case probably surpasses the original. Way to go!
  4. BTW, Pizza Bob, your commemoratives are fantastic.
  5. Right, thank you sir. Probably as a shooter, no big deal despite some documented failures caused by the “Hillary Lock.” But in a critical situation, not good. Plus it would be a collector piece so a pre lock would command more should I ever decide to sell.
  6. Negative, introduced in ‘55. https://snwcdnprod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/press-release/Model 29 50th Ann.pdf
  7. Very nice! I had the 50th Anniversary S&W Model 29 several yrs ago but sold it to finance something else. Kinda regret it but one day I’d like to replace it w/ a regular one albeit pre-lock.
  8. USRIFLE30CAL So sorry for your loss, Sir!
  9. So sorry. Get another as soon as you’re able, if possible. It won’t replace the one you lost but it w/ help.
  10. Ended up getting her a Yamaha upright from a music store. Delivered which saved me from trying to find 3 guys to help, a truck & possibly screwing one up. Thank you all for your help, offers & suggestions. Much appreciated.
  11. They’ll know to do it, don’t worry.
  12. I believe she definitely wants an upright but I’ll ask. Thanks fellas for the recommendations. I agree but it’s her call. She’s going through a trying time & feels getting back into playing w/ be therapeutic. I’m on board getting one for that reason & so all the money I spent yrs ago for lessons pays off. I never considered it a waste of money anyhow. It’s funny though in that she just told me the other day how much she had loved playing & missed it.
  13. Thanks but she wants a piano. I see a bunch on Craigslist. Just don’t want to buy what turns out to be a POS.
  14. Sweet! Thanks. Suggestions as to where to look?
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