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  1. I thought the 18 was the full auto model unless they converted those???
  2. I had one from the McDonalds in Times Square yesterday & it was very good!
  3. I couldn’t finish the video, it was tortuous listening to that guy. Christ!
  4. for coronavirus. Wishing them the best!
  5. I’ve been using Jack for yrs. He’s great!!!
  6. Outstanding gun & the case probably surpasses the original. Way to go!
  7. Right, thank you sir. Probably as a shooter, no big deal despite some documented failures caused by the “Hillary Lock.” But in a critical situation, not good. Plus it would be a collector piece so a pre lock would command more should I ever decide to sell.
  8. Negative, introduced in ‘55. https://snwcdnprod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/press-release/Model 29 50th Ann.pdf
  9. Very nice! I had the 50th Anniversary S&W Model 29 several yrs ago but sold it to finance something else. Kinda regret it but one day I’d like to replace it w/ a regular one albeit pre-lock.
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