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  1. You don’t have one & we’re the assholes??? Lol
  2. Yes sir, they certainly have gone way up. I said WASR’s would climb to a grand one day & I’m sure there was plenty of laughter but wait. It’s nuts. They had the black & OD polymers ones sell out quick.
  3. Yes sir, that’s the one I want. Missed out on the OPAP & this one is even better. Thanks.
  4. I assume these are GTG here in NJ? I want one. These things are HOT. Hurry stimulus check! I’d like the traditional wood stock version but sold out everywhere. A few polymere’s around.
  5. POS shouldn’t have been out on the streets to begin w/.
  6. I have a fireman buddy who can easily get it open as a “last resort” but thanks.
  7. Ok thanks. Appreciate it. Now the dial won’t even turn.
  8. I have The Protector model safe by Sisco, bought maybe 13-14 yrs ago, now discontinued. Cannot open it, I have the combination, that’s not the problem. No key option. At times I can’t even turn the dial but If I pound around the dial, it w/ free up. I’ve tried everything, rocking it in case something is wedged up against the door, #’s one or two off, pushing against the door, holding the handle w/ a little pressure while dialing, etc., nothing. Guess I’ll have to call someone. I read where if you have a lock problem, call a locksmith, if you have a safe problem, call a safe guy. Obviously I’d prefer that it needn’t be drilled/ruined despite it not being a real expensive safe, but it has to be opened. If I have to replace it then so be it. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance. What a PITA!
  9. From a gun/pawn shop in FL. $860 excluding shipping, etc. haven’t had the time to shoot it
  10. Thanks raz/O, appreciate the insight. I got one as a collector piece figuring it has to increase in value. How often do US surplus current arms come along?
  11. Anyone get one? Thoughts?
  12. Now they have surplus PSL-54’s for $1600 if anyone’s interested?
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