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  1. I wish I could get boots w/ as tough of heels & soles as the ones I was issued in Army basic trng., ‘76. I walk hard & you know how much marching you do there. They didn’t wear down at all.
  2. WOW! May God bless them both.
  3. I never knew groundhogs could climb trees till my late GSD chased one several yrs ago.
  4. Anyone know what that poor rifle started out as before the mutation?
  5. Is it NJ legal? Thanks
  6. I thought the 18 was the full auto model unless they converted those???
  7. I had one from the McDonalds in Times Square yesterday & it was very good!
  8. I couldn’t finish the video, it was tortuous listening to that guy. Christ!
  9. for coronavirus. Wishing them the best!
  10. I’ve been using Jack for yrs. He’s great!!!
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