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  1. Wow! Someone screwed up, that’s too many mistakes.
  2. Gorgeous Colt, Vicious! Go on the Colt Forum. Nice folks who’ll help you in your search. Good luck.
  3. Good choice on the KC. Their SAA’s are only going up in price.
  4. charleslee


    I got the (2) complete uppers-nice, no blemishes. Just checked PSA’s site, man they’re out of almost all Shockwave related items. Obviously very popular. What’s a Shockwave Blade???
  5. charleslee


    Thanks. How the hell did I miss all that? Jeez! Lol
  6. charleslee


    JackDaWhack, Where did you see: “Their faq says they will ship compliant rifles to NJ, but they will not ship completed lowers.” I couldn’t find it.
  7. charleslee


    They didn’t have a problem w/ the (2) complete uppers I bought, just the lower. I w/ either just order elsewhere or buy everything & build.
  8. charleslee


    You probably know this but they won’t ship lowers to NJ. Aagh! I missed that obviously & tried to order a complete lower assembly during their Blk. Friday sale & was later informed my order was cancelled.
  9. Interarms, 6", as new in box, I haven't fired it, has sat in safe just as I got it several years ago. $1500. Thanks you.
  10. A friend is looking for one. 6” or 8. Blued or SS, doesn’t matter. Shoot me a PM if you have one pls. Thanks.
  11. Yeah & folding stocks, suppressors, M-1 Carbines, AK’s w/ the letters “AK” on them, so on & so forth! Aaagh!
  12. Century Arms to Resume Importing Romanian PSL Rifles They said the price would be higher. HGW has one. 2K. Glad I got mine years ago for $650.
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