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  1. PizzaBob please tell me more. I'm glad I haven't paid yet.
  2. Nope. $25,000 didn't miss anything lol. It's a life time membership to take any of their classes for free for life. http://www.frontsight.com/ambassador-membership.asp
  3. My friend got the same deal for his membership, and we went on the site and looked it up. He already has his membership card and everything. So I know it's legit. We even emailed Front Site about it and got a response.
  4. I looked through their website and their classes look like they'd be a great time and great experience. My friend (the one who made the offer) said its a great investment. If I was to attend even one course it would pay for itself. Thinking of doing it.
  5. I doubt a petition will do anything to change the casting choice. They seem pretty behind their decision.
  6. Anyone been here before? I see that their memberships are about $25000. Is it worth it? Someone just offered me a member for a fraction of that price. Was wondering if it was worth it,
  7. Blake: everyone there is great to deal with. Last month I shot my fire match and everyone was so nice. You'll have fun. I can't go this month because a friend is having their engagement party but ill be back next time. Have fun.
  8. What's the payment plans like. I was thinking of joining this summer but the increase may put me out.
  9. I love that place. The steaks are so good I've never had anything else. How were the ribs? You need to go ASAP. It's real good food.
  10. Is it 9mm only?? I am definitely interested in this and will be keeping my eyes on this thread.
  11. I'm thinking about it. Never shot steel before I think I want to give it a try.
  12. Thanks Alec. I can't wait till the next one. I have a lot of work to do lol.
  13. Where do you find the scores? Can't wait till the next one.
  14. This thing is so much fun to shoot. I rented it a couple times but can't find one, but I'm not in the market for one yet either. Maybe one day.
  15. wow... This looks to be a lot of fun. Does Old Bridge have this every month? Just read the rules. You can only use 22LR Rounds for this event?
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