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  1. Quite a few guys on other forums saying midway cancelled their primer order today — this is after getting an order confirmation and email took a few hours for their system to catch up I guess as for hazmat, I have never not filled the box — I’ll really need to be desperate to pay a full shipping/hazmat for 1000 primers
  2. $42 per — right at the beginning of covid I bought cci Lpr for something like $24 per — and that was gunbroker those days are gone...
  3. Curious what the price was per 1000 — what is our new normal? Certainly can’t go by gunbroker pricing
  4. It is a bigger boiler than needed but it’s an older home with a “gravity system” I think it refered to — all big 2” water pipes in the basement pitched towards the boiler — all one zone with no real way to split it up was told to stay high in the btu department due to the quantity of water in the system/pipes no more standing pilot? That sucks
  5. So who makes a good boiler? Need to change one at my parents house. would like standing pilot, no need for all the electronics and potential failures in those super efficent units I think it’s 140,000 btu — natural gas
  6. Need to see the rounds out of the chamber preferably next to one that fits properly
  7. Nick — pictures but don’t send it back till I see it we could always run it through a lee factory crimp die if it will help — that should iron out any issues as long as it’s not over crimped
  8. There are 2 types of lemishine — liquid and crystal Liquid is a rinse aid — crystal helps with cleaning I use both — been wet tumbling for quite a few years now, still on my 1st bottle of lemishine I run large batches of brass in a 3 gallon tumbler — crystal gets a 44 mag case full per batch, liquid just a very small squirt, like half a teaspoon, as fast a squirt as I can. brass comes out clean, shiny , and dries with very few water spots — does it matter, no but it’s how I like it
  9. Are you talking lead recovery? I had always understood that lead from batteries was no good for casting — I’m really not sure why — I’m sure we’ll get an education soon
  10. Can easily wipe out an entire zone with simply getting too much dirt and pebbles in a line.
  11. I’ve never really come across a good source of lead probably why I never casted my own — Funny thing is I looked hard at the bullet trap at the range this week, looking at all the lead in there...?
  12. Rain bird heads used to cost just over $7 — before covid — not anymore If you can find them they are around $12 -$15 my cost This is not for home depot sprinkler heads.
  13. I’ve been in the irrigation business for 35 years. $2800 — certainly not out of the question — depends whats going on and where short hills, millburn, livingston is much higher than greenbrook, edison, piscataway — just the way it is I need details
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