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  1. Like Joe said -- Go to Car part and find your axle -- Do you have ABS brakes? There are a few on there and I have used car part before -- junkyard guys are hit or miss -- might get a guy on the phone you can talk to , might get an asshole -- but I guess thats how it works anywhere http://www.car-part.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi Also search craigslist and Facebook marketplace -- don't be afraid to buy a whole parts truck, steal the axle you need then scrap it out -- might just get the axle for free
  2. Go to Heritage Guild in PA -- a lot closer and they usually have a decent selection This is just to fondle some 1911's
  3. what rear is in that thing? Gearing? I just threw a perfectly good axle out a year ago -- stocker out of a 95 -- upgraded to a 14 bolt Find out what you have -- crawl under there and read the tag, get your gear ratio then buy a used take off on Craigs list Are you actually close to metuchen? I'm in Middlesex borough -- I can help if you need it -- I'll even swap out the axle for you for a small fee if you can't do it yourself Lets start here -- 94 GMC suburban -- 2wd or 4wd? 1500 or 2500? I just did a quick search -- I can find half a dozen axles under $500 -- figure out what you have and what you need before spending big money rebuilding -- just swap it out with a good unit
  4. Keep in mind that vigil is built on an Aluminum frame -- For a gaming gun I would want a heavier steel frame to absorb recoil and get me back on target faster I do vote for a Dan Wesson though -- Save a little more money or go shop the classifieds over at 1911 addicts A STI Trojan should be a consideration as well
  5. I have 2 "L" series Kubotas with factory cabs -- Both hydrostatic transmissions and both with Snow plow blades They work better than any truck I have ever plowed with -- you know why? -- because to can see your entire snow blade easily They also break down a whole lot less than a truck -- Lets face it, most trucks aren't designed to be snow plows -- the Kubota is I also have a front mount 60 inch Kubota snow blower attachment -- I don't use it and would gladly sell it if anyone was interested
  6. I wonder how exactly they are going to collect it and what will the penalties be for non compliance -- How the gonna enforce it? the system for small business in the state makes me an unpaid tax collector, I have to calculate, collect, fill out all the paperwork, and pay the state all on my time -- no compensation from them at all and if I'm late they fine me
  7. This is probably the best move for you Chris I have the stuff to do it too but I'm gonna bet Alec's stuff is ready to go and much more accessible -- and he's closer to you
  8. The pellet pistols are considered full blown handguns here in NJ -- Not sure what that means to you being that you already own them I've been reading this whole thread -- you need to stop asking permission -- read the laws yourself and make your determination of what they mean the police don't want your guns here -- no matter if they are legal -- they will beat around the truth in the hopes you don't bring them, if there is ever an issue they will take all of them, until you prove they are legal and yours -- they will not be cared for in police custody Sounds to me like you have some things to think about...
  9. What bullets are you using? -- if it's lead HBWC you'll need to be fairly heavy with the expansion die
  10. My order is a little different... 1 - deprime using a universal decapping die -- do not size 2 - clean using a wet tumbler and stainless pins -- I like clean primer pockets 3 - prime and inspect using a Lee hand primer 4 - lube 9mm only -- 9mm sticks in the dies 5 - size -- remove decapping pin from sizer dies 6 - expand case mouth -- lyman M die if I'm using the hornady press - dillon press expansion gets done with charge 7 - charge 8 - seat 9 - crimp
  11. I have a 20 gauge youth over under — Stoger I’d be willing to let her try it out at Clinton WMA also
  12. Yes you will get holster wear with kydex — I have a few 1911’s with plenty of wear that have only seen kydex holsters but who cares — it’s just a gun — use it and have fun
  13. I've heard stories from family about armed men standing on the rooftop of that building during the riots -- armed with M1 carbines of course
  14. The factory -- "Plainfield machine" was actually in Dunellen -- It's a childs day care now
  15. I had one sitting in my safe -- Picked it up off gun broker last spring Manufactured back in 1979 -- Came from a guy in New Hampshire, said it was his guest gun -- told me it had less than 250 rounds thru it -- I was skeptical but bought it anyway Thing is beautiful, not a scratch, no marks on breech face -- I'm sure I put more shells thru it than it had when it came into my possession -- I paid right around $950 to my door Unfortunetely I lost it in a boating accident very recently...