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  1. What are the hours of the range?
  2. Easy choice for me -- 1911 -- although I have no illusions that I would make money with it
  3. I tossed around the idea of going to one of Jim Garthwaite's classes As with most things for me work gets in the way I would certainly take a class and build a gun to see if it was something I wanted to do more seriously
  4. Heavyopp

    More great news

    Since you're talking alternatives -- I know a guy who swears by Beet juice as an ice melt Use it straight or mix it with your salt pile to make the salt work in much lower temps expensive but much safer for the environment and our vehicles -- Go ahead, look it up
  5. Doesn’t look like the range above is located in NJ — looks like new holland, PA there also looks to be a pretty substantial waiting list for membership
  6. Heavyopp

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    was out today being an outlaw violating the state of emergency travel bans -- Managed to get stuck behind multiple state and county trucks all out salting Thing is they where salting totally dry roads -- what a joke
  7. Heavyopp

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    I'd love to see the actual numbers on how much Money $$$ Murphy has spent on the NON snow this year I'm in middlesex borough -- a mile or 2 from the northern most part of middlesex county -- not a drop of snow, started with 5 minutes of frozen rain then rain throughout -- It's 39* now at 12:36pm and not raining
  8. Heavyopp

    Impressive skills

    i didn't think I was going to be able to sit thru all 12 minutes when I 1st saw how long it was -- but I'm glad I did
  9. Heavyopp

    Clausing Mill

    I can't say it would be mostly gun stuff but certainly gun stuff too -- honestly I don't know what I'd use it for -- I just know I want one with the mindset that I would find uses for it once I knew how to use it
  10. Heavyopp

    Clausing Mill

    What kind of shape is the mill in? Is this something you where using? What is your time frame - When do you need it out? Admittedly I know nothing about using a mill -- That being said, I've always wanted one to play with and learn something new on
  11. Heavyopp

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    Thanks for the info -- I'll have to chase down the proper sized pin -- Had the bolt on hand I'll certainly give the bent handle thing a try -- maybe tomorrow I'll get to play with it a little -- I'll treat the gas for the winter too while I'm at it.
  12. Heavyopp

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    Got the mower home and got a good look at what is missing -- Seems to be just a missing pin -- The deck seems like it has a quick detach feature -- one of the pins that connect the deck to the lift mechanism is missing -- I threw in a 5/16 bolt, a couple of washers and a nylock nut -- should work just fine and not vibrate out I'm not sure whats up with the lift mechanism itself -- it functions, pull back the handle and adjust the knob works fine -- just no position to lock the deck in place as it's lifted -- not sure if it's supposed to work that way or not -- Have to go watch some videos on the freedom deck -- does have a sticky lock button on the lift handle -- needs lube All in all well worth what it cost
  13. Heavyopp

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    I use a DR lawn and leaf vacuum trailer towed by an old craftsman mower -- works great I really didn't need this JD machine -- The price is just too good to let slip away -- I'll see if it's better at cutting grass than my current system I picked up wood from 70gto last week -- he's a good guy and close to home -- When I saw the add I knew the mower was going to be "as described" Seems like he's going to be selling some stuff soon -- If he lists something and its something you want at a great price don't hesitate -- he's gonna be honest in his descriptions Now I have to go pick up my mower...
  14. Heavyopp

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    I'll take this -- will contact for pick up
  15. Heavyopp

    Clausing Mill

    What is the model number on this? -- Single or 3 phase?

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