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  1. I had one sitting in my safe -- Picked it up off gun broker last spring Manufactured back in 1979 -- Came from a guy in New Hampshire, said it was his guest gun -- told me it had less than 250 rounds thru it -- I was skeptical but bought it anyway Thing is beautiful, not a scratch, no marks on breech face -- I'm sure I put more shells thru it than it had when it came into my possession -- I paid right around $950 to my door Unfortunetely I lost it in a boating accident very recently...
  2. Was in the process of registering to bid, and reading your terms $20 NICS?? I was unaware of a price increase -- I'm surprised that long guns, sold locally, aren't just a COE How about multiple purchases, are you going to try and charge a nics fee per item? I was looking thru some of the starting prices -- seem kinda high when you factor in the 15% auctioneer fee -- Are these set in stone or will they go down if no one bids the starting price?
  3. There are about 125 names on that list dating back to 1966 -- the newest, most recent is 2011 You're kidding right?
  4. I little further north? -- How long is the drive from Nashua to Jackson? You don't need to go that far to get away from the Nashua riffraff I bought property in Warner a few years ago -- 15 minutes from Lake Sunapee -- It's a busy area if you want it to be, not so busy too. I don't have a house there, just property. It's a 5 hour drive from here.
  5. 2+2=4 Extended cold with -5 or so last night = frozen pipe It's that simple
  6. I have a rinnai -- When Mine quit I pulled the flame sensor -- Cleaned the crud off it with some emery cloth and it fired right up -- Ordered new sensor and installed -- been good for a couple years now -- My rinnai is probably 12 to 15 years old now
  7. Don't you mean a HEAVY box I have the do all thrower -- no wobbler -- I just use whatever 12 volt battery I have around -- I save the ones that won't put out enough amps to start a car but still hold 12 volts -- never had a problem but just the thrower really isn't much of a strain on the battery
  8. yea I was thinking $50 per thousand -- $90 per 2000 would be fair -- especially if I had to drive to meet
  9. Wow $10 a bucket, It's not even worth it for me to keep tripping over these things, Guess I'll just throw them in them away...
  10. I have a hennessey -- Don't know the model offhand -- I bought it directly from them, they had a damaged sale or something like that -- no top or bug net -- was considerably cheaper I slept in it a few times set up in the basement -- Just to try it out -- it's OK Do you have a basement to set one up and try it out in relative warmth? -- Take mine and try it for a few nights -- if you've never slept in one for any length of time you should -- they are not for everyone
  11. What is AMT? I figured it out -- I do not pay it
  12. My town Clerk is not an asshole -- says prepay before the end of the week, they'll be sure to process the payment for 2017 -- can prepay the entire year if you have the funds I just moved enough money around to prepay the 1st two quarters
  13. How much .45 you looking for? -- I have buckets upon buckets of .45 acp -- mostly federal once fired police range brass I'd have to look up the going rate per 1000 -- I have no idea what it cost to buy brass -- I'd be happy to meet you somewhere to save you any shipping cost
  14. I have a tub of wheel bearing grease that I use to lube the shell plates -- just a small amount on my finger -- very small on the ball bearings is all I use -- clean, wipe down, re-grease with every caliber change I only greased the zerks at set up -- don't overdo it -- no need for too much as everything will stick to it