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  1. Tried for over a month, funny because website has 3 ordering options — web, email, phone — 2 of them are ignored Eventually I’ll run into him at a match and work it out then
  2. Looks to be in great shape — I’ll take this not from the area so we need to figure out an FFL — maybe jt custom guns? Message incoming
  3. I agree, Alex is great when you can get ahold of him — I’ve picked up from him many times I've tried multiple times to contact Alex from Ibeji, I’d love to order from him and pick up wherever — I won’t order from the website, pay shipping and sales tax, when he is 20 minutes away BBI is good stuff as well, SWC mold in 45 is exactly the same as Ibeji — BBI is cheaper if you must order over the internet — great customer service, owner answers the phone every time I have called — as a company motto they won’t take orders is they can’t fulfill them within 48 hours — they’ll just shut down ordering till they catch up Do you have some secret way to contact, order and pick up from IBeji? I’d love to know what it is.
  4. You guys shoot expensive bullets I've been shooting coated lead for a decade now, no issues at almost half the cost these are in stock and ship within 2 days of ordering https://www.shop.blackbulletsinternational.com/main.sc
  5. Shook my windows and heard a strange rumble here in Middlesex borough
  6. I had a good time today myself but I have to admit I’m a little dissappointed. NJSigfan looks nothing like his picture
  7. Our great Governor Murphy is resposible — law was changed right when he took office — no more Face to Face sales in NJ for us — must go thru FFL Immediate family members and active LEO are exempted from the FFL requirement
  8. Was just logging in for the same reason
  9. You know when the propellant is gone, the can is soft, squeezable, like an open beer can as always, try at your own risk — what works for me may not work for you
  10. I’ve had multiple cans loose the propellant — when that happens I pop a hole in the can and empty it into a gatorade bottle— use it for the guns with solvent sensitive finishes
  11. Heavyopp


    15 acres isn’t that big, really depends how its laid out Discharging a firearm and a home, private range are going to be 2 different things — Is there a natural backstop thats not trees? also I would expect a lot of trespassers being surrounded by state land, especially with an access road
  12. Interested in all the 4064 and 4350 thing is, open jugs of powder have very little value Nothing personal but just can’t trust them wanna make a deal? Pm me with your best price for all the rifle powder
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