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  1. And if you said this was the reason, while I was standing at your counter, my FID would be on the counter — when the gun shop tells me it’s state law, I always say “you mean store policy” when they then want to argue I walk away and never return
  2. I went thru the same thing in the last couple of years -- Here is where I am now Costco, on the floor of every warehouse, has a spring mattress Sealy west salem is what they call it -- Goes on sale usually 2 times a year Bought a 3" foam topper too -- Put the topper on the new mattress -- Replace the topper every 2 years -- on the 2nd topper now and all is good Thing about costco is you can return it if it sucks, No question asked -- I had ordered a few more costly mattresses from them online, slept on them for more than a night to actually try them out -- they all went back till I found the combo I am currently on
  3. How is that pull thru sharpener? I already have a lansky system, had it for 25 years works great on smaller blades Problem is I have an Esee Junglas -- At least a 12" blade -- the lansky system with the guide is just too small Any suggestions on sharpening such a large blade?
  4. Yea, Heard that over a year ago, straight from the president of the clubs mouth, forgot his name I'll probably revisit bridgeton this winter, go to a meeting, and see whats up -- thanks for the info I do believe there are some Pa Wildlife management areas with longer ranges in the area, Being NJ residents we would need to buy a yearly "range pass" -- not very expensive
  5. There was talk a year ago that they where working on a longer range than that -- Is that now dead? I was thinking of joining Bridgeton myself, especially if they made the longer rifle range.
  6. Was wondering if you used a rolled product up there with that shallow of a pitch on the roof
  7. That looks great -- Plain simple design but done very nicely What kind of roofing material did you use? How about the toilet -- where does it go when you flush?
  8. I'm far from his best friend Wrong again below is a picture of his 1st car that I bought him -- $700 -- he drove that for 3 years until he decided to buy himself a new car Sure it's changed -- Back in 88 I had a 87 blazer -- My 2nd car -- I was able to afford the insurance alone, sure wasn't $5000 a year yes he financed it -- start to build his credit rating and he didn't have the money to buy it -- I wasn't giving it to him maybe you're just a prick -- Glad I don't know you and you certainly don't know me
  9. You guys are brutal to your kids -- do you actually realize how much car insurance is for a male driver under 26 years old with a perfect record? My son bought himself a new car -- nissan versa note -- about $17,000 -- we went to check on insurance for him alone at 20 years old 1st off -- not all insurance companies will even insure a young driver -- his insurance, when we actually found an insurance company who would cover him, was $2500 every 6 months Needless to say we bought the car together -- he paid and makes the payments but we are co-owners -- insurance for that same car on my insurance is $600 every 6 months I don't know what you guys expect from your kids but things are not the same as they where when we where kids -- this insurance thing is unreasonable for them alone Just remember that dash cam works both ways... kids aren't saints and 26 in a 25 mph is speeding
  10. You sure it's 12" below the surface -- I've installed plenty of buried street light wire, all inspected -- the marker tape was always to be installed 12" above the wire -- didn't matter if it was direct burial or conduit -- this was in sayreville
  11. I don't factor my time -- It's part of the hobby -- It's supposed to be fun - if it's not fun try something else Don't be afraid to start with bottleneck cased rifle rounds -- All reloading takes your full attention, bottleneck cases just have a few more steps
  12. I'm pretty sure I got an email this past week with stripped lowers at $29.00 -- had a silly looking spaceship on them
  13. Ever actually try and take a pallet apart? -- Not as easy as you would think Then there's the dirt embedded in the wood -- No way I'd run a piece of pallet wood thru the surface planer
  14. Yea, was wondering about that... I have the same problem with most of my "fun" projects -- Yes I can make money -- But I would have been better off just going to work Usually end up making like $6.50 an hour once I actually figure out how much time I put into a project
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