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  1. I wish this was done already — I have another piece incoming soon — would love to ship it to you even though you’re a little drive
  2. I’ve loaded everything from 115 grn to 147 grn all using Ibeji heads — the difference in recoil is so minimal that it’s hard to notice — all fired from single stack 1911’s the post above is more spot on for starting out — your ammo won’t matter — stage execution will be the biggest challenge you face for quite awhile
  3. That was painful to read — way too much infomercial for me — makes you wonder why they need to sell like that if the product is so good — I have no real feedback for you on the product but I’m staying away just because of the sales pitch
  4. Not trigger springs — recoil spring and mainspring — sounds like you didn’t touch either of them
  5. He's asking what gun will it be shot in --you answered Sprung means have you put any lighter springs in the gun so it will function with lighter loads -- Is the gun factory sprung? Factory springs should handle the potentially higher power loads you will have -- If you have powder puff springs in the gun you should go back to the factory standard springs so you don't beat the crap out of your frame and slide
  6. I also use the hornady die adapter on my rock chucker — makes swapping dies easier never had a problem with dies not threading down enough with the hornady bushings — some do get close rcbs, hornady, lee, lyman, dillon and redding dies all in my kit — my prefered dies are redding but you can’t always find them in a timely manner
  7. Bring them in — the carboard boxes won’t like the moisture just in case you don’t use them all and need to store them for next time
  8. I’m not even sure if I like the full length rail/dust cover — kinda why I want to see one As for the guncrafter, its a new gun priced a few hundred below dealer cost — made by GI as a 45 acp so its not a 50 with the 45 conversion — makes it accept standard wilson mags With the added weight recoil should be nothing, while still being 45 and capable of a light for nightstand duty although i have never seen a GI in person, I’ve always wanted 1 — not particularly the model 2 but it is priced right — I figure I can sell it if I need to and not take a beating
  9. Try giving jim flynn a call on rt 31 — I’ve bought clays from him before
  10. I’ve been milling around a rather large purchase — a Guncrafter model 2 in .45 acp wondering if anyone has anything guncrafter, or if you’ve seen one in a shop locally I need to see one in person, hold it — I’ve been back and forth with this for days now, just can’t seem to get myself to pull the trigger Thanks, Jer
  11. Ammo cans a great for a lot of things but I would never pay a premium price for them 50 cal gi cans are what you want — somewhere around $5 each is bargain pricing but hard to find
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