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  1. I know right? I keep wanting to vote some jerk out of office but I can't!
  2. There is Malware and there is malware adhering to "regulations." If what used to be known as malware can be cleanly removed on demand it is no longer listed as malware. That means that your protection programs can allow the most annoying of bullshit to be installed as long as it can find a clean uninstaller. It is totally up to you to find when it started happening and uninstall anything that came in at that time. One of the worst offenders is downloading what you would think is a legitimate program or extension and accepting whatever else is included in the installer.
  3. Exactly. And it is why I won't be sharing that video. I prefer not put information out there that is based on ignoring one aspect of concern chiefly based on semantics.
  4. I don't know what you would call it, but if a person can do a face to face transfer without a NICS check then when they say "gun show loop hole" they probably meant face to face transfer.
  5. It's an interesting video, but I believe what Arthur is trying to say is that if they merely changed the name "gun show loophole" to "Face To Face Transfer loophole" the descriptor and the issue would be appropriate to each other.
  6. Well, he evaded the woman's traps and was found dead before the storm. Oh well. Thanks for the replies.
  7. I already know that I should start from not a snowballs chance in hell, but my wife's co-worker has seen a feral cat that looks like it had its rear end stuck in a car engine when the owner turned it on. They researched calling animal control to catch it or have them dart it so they can bring it to a vet, but they are certain that animal control has to take it to a shelter to have it put down instead of handing it over to then. So, them knowing me, asked what I could do and my wife, bless her, found this https://daninjectdartguns.com I'd like if anyone knows why I can't get this and dart the poor little guy. I don't think I could get the drug, but what other legalities are there. And if you know of a private company that would do this I'd appreciate it.
  8. Hahaha yes!!!!! You are my new hero
  9. Those in states where this is legal, I am told that the non-hollow point, non-jacketed work best due to the lead deformation. Hollow point don't expand much at all in a .22 short. And the muzzle inside the house is key for making barely any noise at all.
  10. I have heard tell that for less than $100 you could get single shot .22 and load it with some subsonic .22 shorts and take down a squirrel at about 40 feet. Not very loud at all. But still a cat would be much more effective in the long run, and legal.
  11. House cats are still the largest predators of birds. A neutered outdoor cat with a collar and registered would wreak havoc on a pigeon population and the neighbors would think it was cute. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cats_actually_kill
  12. I only really started trusting the GPS when I noticed it consistently matched the speed those "your speed" radar signs were displaying as I approached. I should also add, I only ever really tried this while going on some really long drives through Kansas and Missouri. Those kind of long-distance wide-open spaces probably give you a lot more accuracy than driving around off the interstate.
  13. For me I found one of the best things I can do when I'm driving in many different states is use my phone GPS function to figure out my miles per hour. I have found in some cars that the GPS shows me going 7 mph faster or slower than what my speedometer says. This has caused me to reevaluate a lot of what I think about while driving on the highway. If I rent a Chrysler 200, for example, I'm almost guaranteed that if I hit the cruise control at 70 mph the GPS shows it as 67 mph. Volkswagen Jetta's on the other hand, will show 72 while the GPS shows 70. Also, I've noticed a huge difference in how reactive the cruise control is in American cars versus foreign. Every Chrysler or Dodge that I have ever rented has a bump in the automatic transmission that slows the acceleration uphill that does not happen on any Japanese car. It has been quite an eye-opening experience being able to rent four cars in a month over two years.
  14. The last two years I have been on the road 32 weeks out of the year, flying in, renting a car and such. I can say without hesitation that NJ is just about the worst place to drive. This is because of the the sheer number of drivers with contempt for their follow men and women. Sure MA has it share if people doing the OMGWTF!? moves, but the collective bullshit of New Jersey is nearly un-matched. Most states doing 65 to 75 in the left lane is about the maximum you'll ever see anyone do. Here in New Jersey if you're doing 75 in the left lane you're still going to get that guy that needs to pass you 80,90 100. That kind of bullshit doesn't even happen down south, at least not to the minute to minute extent that it does here in New Jersey. The lack of use of turn signals in New Jersey is just plain rude, and it seems everyone has an excuse. It's always shocking say when I come back from Missouri, for instance, and I'm waiting to make a left turn And approaching traffic from the left just simply turns into a parking lot or another street just to my left without a turn signal. All I can think is "Dick! I could've turned if I knew you were going to be making that turn" other states? They're signaling 400 feet out. Or how about in a parking lot? You know you have to look around when you're backing up out of the spot. I know when I'm backing up out of the spot I have to look around. But sometimes you have to move 2 feet before you can see anything. Here you have the guys they see you backing up 2 feet and they practically speed up to go through a parking lot at 25-30 miles an hour honking at you, like oh my god why are you pulling out while I'm driving by? As if it never occurred to them that someone could be pulling out of a spot in a parking lot. They don't even do that crap in Los Angeles. But if there's anything that bugs me more than anything are those people that couldn't square a turn if their lives depended on it. I was in Kentucky and saw this very attractive blonde woman in a black Ford F350 maneuver that beast through some of the smallest roads I have ever seen. Making turns without going into the oncoming traffic lane, not riding the center yellow on a two lane but giving plenty of room for oncoming traffic. Here? Everyone seems to have a problem clipping corners or staying too wide for fear of that curb. It's like no one ever teaches how to be aware of the actual width of your vehicle. Most other places I've been to it seems people would prefer to be "that friendly guy" vs here where everyone is the entitled asshole teaching the other asshole some lesson that no one will ever understand.
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