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  1. Fairly recent photo of Gene's door. I see him a couple of times a month when I pick up a truckload of clay targets for the Mallard Trap Club. Gene is quite a character and I think the middle of the store area has been cleaned up a bit.
  2. Percentage-wise, the best investment I've ever made was Ruger stock. Just wish I'd put a lot more into it in the first place.
  3. Once you join ANJRPC, you will get their newsletter. There are dozens of lawyers advertising in it, as well as gun stores, ranges and people who own all kinds of businesses that are friendly to NJ gun owners and offer discounts, etc. Even just go to the website and see what you can see. One of the main boxes across the top is operation "Permit Strikeforce". It's an organized attempt to get towns to comply with NJ law vs. making up their own crap reasons for denying you.
  4. Since this was sent from a cell phone, I have a feeling that its spellcheck changed NJ to MY. Just a guess.
  5. Sort of surprised no one's pointed to this link: The NJ State Police information page. Evan Nappan's book is excellent on NJ gun laws. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, it's worth it. He's quite a character. I'm in Hamilton NJ. Allentown and Farmingdale were mentioned. All good. The farther away from NYC, the better. Do a little sidestep around Trenton and Camden, though. Used to live in upstate NY and have many relatives still there. Not at all expensive, but the NY "Safe Act" has ruined it for AR owners. You could think about PA, too.
  6. The majority of times I've shot there, the pistol range was not open. I wound up shooting handguns amongst the rifle guys. Most of the info is on the range 14 website. Link If not, they also have a forum on that website that the people who run the place post on and will answer your questions better that I can.
  7. Fort Dix Range 14. 200 yards http://www.range-14.com/ The google map will take you to the paintball area. A few hundred feet south is the rifle & pistol range. They sell targets and a very few supplies in the "clubhouse" No guns or ammo sold there. Friendly people. Very "attentive" range officers.
  8. Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters Moved from the old Harry's Army & Navy location in Hamilton (now a new Wawa) to a few miles south on Rt 130. Their new building used to be a bowling alley. http://www.cheyennemtnoutfitters.com/
  9. I've been shooting since grade school, with a few minor breaks. First love is bullseye pistol, but in 2010, I'm going to concentrate on NRA High Power Rifle in the Service Rifle class. A member of Citizens in East Windsor, and shoot matches all over the state, and a little of PA, NY and DE.
  10. Take a look at Citizens Rifle & Revolver Club on the Princeton Junction Hightstown Road. http://www.crrc.org
  11. I've been a member of Citizens for a few years now. It is an old club and somewhat limited by the local laws. Too true. The good part is that the indoor ranges (non-magnum handguns & .22 rifles)are available 24/7 unless there's a match or kid's program running. We have several evening leagues and shoot in http://www.USRA1.org postal league. We have a large number of classes on basic & advanced pistol & rifle and archery, including black powder. We have the "CCW Caravan" visiting a couple times a year to get your Florida (and others) CCW ticket. We just had a couple of open houses for the public and put on an annual "Women's Day at the Range" and the nation's first "Teachers' Day at the Range". We run the CMP (used to be DCM) youth rifle program the first ten weeks of the year and have a junior rifle team that's sponsord by the Princeton Police Department. Shooting your CF rifle 100 yards through a tube isn't ideal, but beats not shooting it at all. We also cooperate with most of the other local ranges, encouraging their programs and they, ours.
  12. Hi from Ham Square, Come shoot with us at http://www.crrc.com Citizens. In East Windsor