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dajonga's Feedback

  1. Treadstone1612 left Positive feedback   

    Picked up a couple holsters from David and things couldn’t have gone easier. Great deal and a good guy.

    dajonga was The Seller

  2. Mr.Stu left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS. 3 Savage Mark II .22 LR magazines.. $20
    Shipped quickly on receipt of the check.

    dajonga was The Seller

  3. brucin left Positive feedback   

    Seller very accommodating. Shipped item packed well and arrived quickly.

    dajonga was The Seller

  4. 15636215 left Positive feedback   

    AR was better than expected!! Thanks for a great deal!!!

    dajonga was The Seller

  5. palmtree left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic person to deal with. Made the whole transaction very easy. Thank you very much.

    dajonga was The Seller

  6. GRIZ left Positive feedback   

    Double deal. Items bought from 2 posts by seller. Lost count of number of deals we've done with both of us acting as buyer or seller. No doubt we'll do more it the future!!!

    dajonga was The Seller

  7. GRIZ left Positive feedback   

    Good deal easy transaction. My 5th or 6th deal with him.

    dajonga was The Seller

  8. kc17 left Positive feedback   

    Great seller, item as described, responsive and easy to work with.

    dajonga was The Seller

  9. gfl216 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy. Fair, honest, and easy to deal with.

    dajonga was The Seller

  10. Dave Archibald left Positive feedback   

    Great deal with Dave

    dajonga was The Seller

  11. Blueskybob left Positive feedback   

    A great person to deal with Rifle was in the best condition I have seen for its age!

    dajonga was The Seller

  12. medved11 left Positive feedback   

    I just completed a transaction with David and definitely recommend him as a buyer. He’s very easy to communicate with and made fast payment

    dajonga was Trading

  13. SIGMan Freud left Positive feedback   

    Smooth face-to-face transaction. Couldn't have been easier. Thanks!

    dajonga was Trading

  14. GRIZ left Positive feedback   

    A true gentleman. Multiple deals with him. We both walk away happy.

    dajonga was The Seller

  15. blksheep left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with!

    dajonga was The Seller

  16. GRIZ left Positive feedback   

    Belated +1,one of multiple buys from dajonga, don't need to say more

    dajonga was The Seller

  17. junkmanted left Positive feedback   

    great guy to deal with Thanks again

    dajonga was The Seller

  18. panteramatt left Positive feedback   

    Great guy. Pleasure to do business with. Thanx for the great Deal!

    dajonga was The Seller

  19. SuperSixOne left Positive feedback   

    Fast Transaction, Exactly as described!

    dajonga was The Seller

  20. COLTGUY left Positive feedback   

    great guy to deal with & dropped the goods off to me, cant ask more. thx guy

    dajonga was The Seller

  21. GRIZ left Positive feedback   

    great deal, 4th or 5th deal I've done with seller so that says it all

    dajonga was The Seller

  22. Blake left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer, nice meeting you again!

    dajonga was Trading

  23. COLTGUY left Positive feedback   

    David made this a very easy deal, great seller & polite. he came to me, great.TY

    dajonga was The Seller

  24. GRIZ left Positive feedback   

    Item better than advertised. Repeat buyer from this seller. A1 all around.

    dajonga was The Seller

  25. JT Custom Guns left Positive feedback   

    Excellent customer, Pleasure to do business with - Thank You!

    dajonga was Trading

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