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  1. I'll take the wood for this mossberg 500 Thanks PM sent
  2. Reply for Rifle I'll take it. For the scope would d like to look at it first.
  3. I'll Take 4 boxes of the .22, all 6 of the ammo cans ( and I guess the .30 can too) Will pick up in Wayne PM on it's way Thanks
  4. Thanks Tried that, and did not find any thing that went into actual step by step (with pictures) detail. If you know of any would appreciate the link info.
  5. Looking to see if this can be a DYI project or needs to go to a professional (and recommendation of one) They are light scratches from storage I guess. But deep enough to be easily noticeable. (see picture) Thanks!
  6. Caught that and yes still want it. thanks!
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