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  1. Revolver Sold Pending transfer of funds Accessories still available prices changed The extras are for sale individually, see below with prices listed) Smith & Wesson Model 617 SS, 6 shot .22 LR, 4 inch barrel ($600) (sold) (still available) Crimson Trace Laser Grips LG-207 (fits K , N and L Frame revolvers with round butt) ($100 ) Time has come to pare down to what I want to shoot and sell off the safe queens and dropped projects. There will be several listings, but my first is this Smith & Wesson I bought several years back to match up with a S&W .44 mag Mountain Gun for practice with cheaper ammunition. Had the factory put on a 4 inch barrel to have similar feel. Never got around to practicing with it. There is a quick start with some pictures. All told about $1300 invested. The first "I'll take it" followed by a PM gets it. Not interested in Trades
  2. Have a Smith and Wesson 617 SS 6 round revolver with a 6 inch and 4 inch barrel and some other extras. Test fired it and never got round to doing the program I had picked it up for. I'll take some pics later today Model 617 6 shot .22 Lr, with CTC Laser Grips, original 6 inch barrel (not pictured) , Otter Speed loader system, and original grips (not Pictured)
  3. Hi Ray, I'll take the: GG&G Mossberg 590/590A1 (500 Pursuader model as well) front rail section. 20 bucks, shipped Thanks! Bob
  4. Back for Sale without recoil pad. $325 with choice of Dry TEK breakdown carrying case or over the shoulder scabbard.
  5. Sorry for the delay. It took a lot of positioning wit h a bright light to show up the marks.
  6. Thanks John for the information. If I had the time and space, and skill I might attempt It! (and guts) :-) Right now I am looking for a smith or re finisher who can do it. Any suggestions?
  7. Anyone have a suggestion on who could do a brushed finish touch up on a stainless steel receiver , Marlin Lever Action? Thanks!
  8. I have a Taurus 905 9mm in the hammer-less version. With out the Laser grip $300 With the Laser Grip (as shown in picture) $450
  9. Clinton NJ Area off of route 78 Near the Wildlife Management Office/Shotgun range
  10. If you are interested in meeting me half way, I would be game for that.
  11. Update: Price drop to $375 without carrying case and recoil pad. Not looking for trades.
  12. Up is the second shotgun I have up for sale (more to come) Asking $325 Want to try out Cowboy shooting, or just have a real nice side by side? I picked this up about 8 years ago from a fellow who was trying CAS with his wife, but she wanted a 20 gauge. From what I heard ( Cowboy Action Shooters can correct me), that this shotgun is the best bang for the buck in hammered shotguns for that purpose. Not sure about date of mfg., but it is labeled as a TTN which is before they changed the name over to Cimmaron. According to SASS wire this is one of the later improved models. ( I have the article on it if you are interested) A Review here: All I really know is the break action is real smooth and the hammer pull is positive. It comes with buyers choice of Dry TEK breakdown carrying case or over the shoulder scabbard. (but not the recoil pad in some pictures) Saw one up on gun broker with a bid of $503 (brand new) with about two days left on bid (Which surprised me) Asking $325
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