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  1. Caught that and yes still want it. thanks!
  2. I'll take them................ Now to fill them with ammo! :-)
  3. I'll take both if you are not willing to separate
  4. I'll PM you I'll take all 4 of the 50 cal storage cans Thanks
  5. PM Sent Thanks for the heads up. I will take 5 Bricks of the Aquila . Just picked up a conversion kit for my 92FS to 22 so this should keep me busy!
  6. This seems to be an occasional problem with both the .357 and the 44 rifles when feeding the smaller cases of .38 and .44 special Here is a link to a discussion on it. https://www.marlinowners.com/threads/new-1984c-357-mags-feed-fine-38-specials-jam.17497/#post-181299
  7. Have a Smith and Wesson 617 SS 6 round revolver with a 6 inch and 4 inch barrel and some other extras. Test fired it and never got round to doing the program I had picked it up for. I'll take some pics later today Model 617 6 shot .22 Lr, with CTC Laser Grips, original 6 inch barrel (not pictured) , Otter Speed loader system, and original grips (not Pictured)
  8. Sorry for the delay. It took a lot of positioning wit h a bright light to show up the marks.
  9. Thanks John for the information. If I had the time and space, and skill I might attempt It! (and guts) :-) Right now I am looking for a smith or re finisher who can do it. Any suggestions?
  10. Anyone have a suggestion on who could do a brushed finish touch up on a stainless steel receiver , Marlin Lever Action? Thanks!
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