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  1. rtquig


    When we moved into our house 26 years ago, I built a wood shed from pressure treaded wood for the frame and plywood sheathed roof. On the inside I nailed chicken wire tight all the way up to the roof. The outside is vinyl siding with a 3 tab shingle roof. No problems with insects. Every year I fill it up in the summer, it holds about 2 1/2 cords of wood. The first year I stacked the wood until you could not fit another piece in it. When it came time to burn in the winter, at first I thought someone hopped my fence and was stealing wood. Then I realized it had shrunk after the moisture left the wood. It was at least 1' lower in height than when I first stacked it. No tarps to move, just fill the wheel barrow and burn.
  2. Not so. You can be convicted of a Felony and do zero prison time.
  3. rtquig

    Medical Marijuana = No Permits

    I have said this many times, maybe not on this forum: I would rather attend a concert, play, ballgame with people that were stoned over one where everyone was drunk. It's is not legal, I don't smoke it.
  4. rtquig

    Are there kits to DIY reduce cap of our Mags?

    I ordered 8 of them for my PMags on Christmas Eve, I received them 4 days later. Most of my magazines are on vacation in Georgia but I want to still go to the range and not be hassled at the range or on the to or from the range. I put a rivet in the baseplate and epoxied them, they can't be opened. Not ideal not being able to take them apart, but in the past I never did anyway. Only with my older magazines did I find the need to take them apart.
  5. rtquig

    gun lockers vs. safes

    I have one that I keep my ammunition in. I first bought it as a place to lock up my firearms but quickly moved up to a heavy fireproof safe. I didn't think it would deter anyone wanting to get in, only held someone off for a few minutes.
  6. rtquig

    HexMag Parts

    I was wondering it that was the case. I was thinking that you could glue of pin the magazine, but then how do you take them apart to clean them.
  7. rtquig

    HexMag Parts

    http://www.magazineblocks.com/magento/products/magblock-kits/ar15-magblocks/10-round-ar15-limiters/hexmag-223-5-56mm-ar15-10-30-magblock.html This site sells the converter. but converting a 15/30 to a 10/30 will cost you $8 each before shipping. Too much in my opinion. When I purchased the 15/30 I paid $11 each.
  8. Worrying about magazine capacity will be a moot point next year or later this year when they push to ban semi-automatic firearms.
  9. Done, very easy, hopefully we can get some of these legislators to give it some consideration.
  10. rtquig

    Rifle Hunting Limitations in NJ

    Thanks, that was very helpful.
  11. rtquig

    Rifle Hunting Limitations in NJ

    Do you have to take the hunting test again if you currently have a shotgun license and now want to get the rifle license?
  12. rtquig

    Underground oil tank removal

    I thought so, but sometimes they get more funds and reopen them.
  13. It depends on how many years she has in. You need 25 years to get medical. Any amount of years if you were in it early enough Tier 1. Pension depends on your salary, I worked 12 years, resigned because my boss was a shit head. I get a pension but it is very small, no medical. There are a lot of misconceptions on the medical. At 65 you still have to take Medicare A&B and your State medical will cover other costs. State medical does not cover everything. My wife as a teacher contributes $1,200 a month for our state medical health plan. Free coverage is long gone.
  14. rtquig

    Underground oil tank removal

    At one point the NJDEP had a fund to remove oil tanks from personal property. I don't know if it is still in place. I was in the Environmental business at the time and had a few connections. One company when testing for leaks drilled right through the bottom of the tank testing for soil contamination. Guess what? They found contaminated soil (which was caused by them. I happen to be going up to Clifton today to my sisters and will ask her what she had to do in the end. There are a lot of companies that will rape you for taking out a tank if you know nothing on the subject.
  15. rtquig

    FML Part Deux - Water Leaking At Rental

    Good luck. Nice to see the tenants were on it quick and it didn't get too bad.

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