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  1. My background check was completed 11/5. I'm still waiting for the next email saying I have been approved. Not my first permits.
  2. With my Glock 42, the pinky extension makes a big difference to me. I carry it in my pocket and pulling it out of the holster, I get a better grip. I don't find the mag extension in the way at all.
  3. If the NZ passes the law to ban all semi-automatic weapons, they plan to pay for what they take. Think NJ would do that? No F**king chance! NJ only knows how to take, take, take.
  4. Taking out my gauges, I would say the gauge they sent is 0.051, but 0.053 was also very close. It was hard to get an accurate definite answerer. I would say 0.051 would be okay.
  5. S&W does not mention the size, the send the gauge taped to a post card size color directions like the one on their web site. One picture shows it flush and days correct. The next picture shows it above the face of the bolt and says incorrect. The gauge fits perfect in the bolt so there is no mistake. Either it is above, which is no good or flush or slightly below which is correct. No credit card is mentioned to test.
  6. I have found this on another gun forum, I will still look a little later when I am working in my garage where my gauges are. For those that are interested the 22LR head space relief in the breech face or bolt, it should be 0.043" to 0.051".
  7. It isn't listed on the gauge, Later I can look at other gauges and get the size for you.
  8. I received the gauge from Smith & Wesson today. I ordered it online 8 days ago. I'm good, it is flush as it should be.
  9. Mine is also from that time period. I sent for the gauge tool. My brother has had this happen more than once. His is a few years newer than mine but probably made around 2015. What gets me going is the step by step instructions on how to take your bolt out. This is something everyone who owns one should have do many times depending on how long you have owned it. I take every firearm apart after purchase to make sure there a no manufacturing debris and the lube is okay before I will fire it. I guess to cover their butt, they have to have detailed instructions.
  10. I wonder if this could be the explanation as to the cause of Appleseed not allowing the S&W 15/22 to be used in their event?
  11. The price of Diesel goes up in the winter because of the home oil heating demand. There is only so much storage space. Chemical additives are added in both gas and diesel every winter by November 15, and are discontinued by April 15. Anyone that drives a diesel should put an additive in for extra protection.
  12. Nice K 10. I bought new an 1984 C-10 that I kept for 10 years. It was a good truck but with the 6 cylinder, it didn't make it up the mountain roads to well in the end with 150,000 miles. I always liked the K series with the solid front axel.
  13. When I parked this truck a little over 2 years ago everything worked on it. The fuel in the tank has dried up, it needs batteries. My guess is the gas tank needs to be dropped and cleaned out and maybe, the fuel lines cleaned. Honestly, I have been putting it off and don't want to do the work. Running, I would ask $7,500 for the truck. As it sits in the garage covered in dust, I would sell it for $5K , and not a penny less. So yes it is for sale as is. I have all the military repair manuals for it.
  14. Very cool. I knew the British had something similar, but did not know the U.S. has something similar. Enjoy.
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