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  1. Today I called Lacey Police Department to find out about handgun permits I filed and had the background check completed on March 30. I was told that it will take the department 6-8 weeks to approve the permits. I have never waited this long in the past.
  2. Township gave the State my permits 11 days ago. Still no response.
  3. It's been 5 days since my township passed my information on to the State Police. While I'm not in a rush, things should move quicker than they have.
  4. I am waiting to have surgery for a rotator cuff tear and can only use one arm. I needed to get out of the house so took a drive to the range. Now, I'm sorry I didn't get out of my truck and talk with people. I went back on Monday with my son and watched him shoot. It will be at least 6 months until I have two good arms to shoot with.
  5. Stafford Forge is also complete and open. It has 6 benches. The shotgun side was full of Clays on the ground and when I visited the range on Saturday, there must have been 30 people shooting Clays. I thought they were shooting as a group.
  6. I used both the rivet and epoxy. I didn't bother changing the Hexmags, they are now in Georgia. I only did my Magpul.
  7. I have the Mossberg MVP in 5.56. I paid $429 for it but haven't seen the price that low since I purchased it. Heavy barrel, bolt takes a little time to break in an feed smooth. I am happy with it.
  8. 1. I have no idea if this virus will turn in a 1918 style pandemic. 2. I don't know when if this happens paper currency will be worthless, but look at the stock market drop while only a few in the U. S. have the virus. After several months I don't expect there to be supplies available to buy, maybe some for barter. I and family members have a rally point to defend and have supplies for a while, then it will turn to mob rule. Your guess is as good as mine how that can pan out. From my Federal training, I know how the supply will dwindle out and what utilities will provide and approx. how long to expect services to last. 3. I agree with your point #3. Remember, this I consider as a remote last case scenario. I don't expect or know how far this virus will play out.
  9. A SHTF to me is something on the scale of the 1918 pandemic. Even the Hurricanes we have had affected a small percentage of our population. I had no electric for 8 days after Sandy. It was a pain but not an STHF situation. Bay water had risen in my yard and flooded everyone across the street from me. Hurricanes in the Gulf states can be called a SHTF situation. When I was in my teens, there were riots in Newark, 20 minutes from my house. It didn't affect us at all beside losing work for two weeks.
  10. All valid points. Silver is easier to barter with than gold IMO.
  11. Yes, I was here, working Emergency Management for the municipality I worked at. That WAS NOT a SHTF situation.i had spate gas, generator etc... I have Federal Emergency training.. You can state your point until the sun goes down. You do it your way and I will do it my way. If your point is the only way, good luck to you.
  12. I have gold, silver, ammo, and food. In a true SHTF paper currency will be useless. I don't expect there to be a functional Walgreens this situation. Think out of the box.
  13. It is just like the warnings of a bad hurricane coming. Be prepared, if it doesn't turn out to be as bad, you just eat what you have saved up. I like the idea of dried food stores but unless you are on the move, canned goods will be less expensive to stock up on. Do they taste as good, no. I like the idea of having a water purifier and a spare filter for it. Face it, if it turns that bad you will never have enough food supplies to go on for years. You can get past the point where other people have run out and be able to defend what stores you have but eventually will run out. Hunting will only go so far as the game will be hunted out will so many people depending on game to supply their needs. In the long run I think(hope) this is another warning but I do think eventually a virus will be the demise of man. This time around I think there will be shortages that will make life inconvenient. For me Rx prescriptions would be a concern. Insurance companies will not give you advanced prescriptions in most cases. If we had to pay cash and prescriptions were available it would cost me over $1500 per month. My daughters medicine is over $20,000 per month. Cancer meds are not cheap.
  14. If things get really bad, there will be no local farmers with goods to sell to you. Here in NJ once the crops get harvested there will be nothing. No fuel to get the crops out of the fields. No workers to pick them. No irrigation without electricity.
  15. If SHTF, your paper money will only be good for kindling to start a fire. History shows how stacks of paper money could only buy a loaf of bread at best. Gold and Silver.
  16. Drill the base plate and the blocker. Rivet them with the same diameter as the drill. When done epoxy the area where the mag release button is. When it dries, sand them.
  17. I ordered blockers online, I'm at work so I don't have the vendors name. You pull out the floorplates and install the blockers. Then I drilled the bottom and rivited them in. Next, I epoxy the base to insure that it is a permanent fix. I had bought P89 magazines online but the are a poor fit and are a pain to get in and out.
  18. I have a Ruger P89 and they no longer sell magazines for it. I have 4 mags for it so it is really not an issue for me. But, I still look for them some nights. I blocked 2 down from 15 to 10, also had 10 rounds from the last ban.
  19. I am in the State pension and social security since age 62. The State pension does not affect social security benefits. Until you reach full retirement age social security does limit the income allowed and does take $1 out of every $2 earned. When you reach full retirement that no longer applies. If you retire and are separated from employment for 180 days, you can work another state pension job but not over 32 hours a week in most cases.
  20. Call your PD. It is the only way you will get the correct answer to your question.
  21. I received my final notice from the State Police this morning. It said my process is complete and to wait for Lacey Township to call me.
  22. My background check was completed 11/5. I'm still waiting for the next email saying I have been approved. Not my first permits.
  23. With my Glock 42, the pinky extension makes a big difference to me. I carry it in my pocket and pulling it out of the holster, I get a better grip. I don't find the mag extension in the way at all.
  24. If the NZ passes the law to ban all semi-automatic weapons, they plan to pay for what they take. Think NJ would do that? No F**king chance! NJ only knows how to take, take, take.
  25. Taking out my gauges, I would say the gauge they sent is 0.051, but 0.053 was also very close. It was hard to get an accurate definite answerer. I would say 0.051 would be okay.
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