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  1. Thanks gents!
  2. Does anyone have a Blade Tech Black Ice holster they would be willing to part with? I’m looking to get into IDPA and Steel Challenge shoots. I would need it to fit my Sig P226.
  3. I’ve taken and passed the NJ online hunting license test. I have the printed certificate stating that I have met the testing part of the course. Can anyone tell me what I should do when signing up to take the field portion of the test? I have a list of locations where the test is given - Telco etc. Can I show them the certificate and skip right to the field portion of the test? Do I have to wait for everyone to complete their test? Suggestions? Are any members of the forum members test organizers or been through this? thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info! much appreciated
  5. Does anybody know of an upcoming Appleseed program coming to S. Jersey area this fall? I’ve always wanted to do one!!
  6. Hey back to everyone - I’m a former member of SJSC and currently at Telco and I love it there. Perfect club for me and my buddies - kids too when they become ready. I travel with a group for sporting clays (went to Cedar Creek today) we frequent M&M, Cedar Creek, Quinton, and even out to Lehigh Valley. Going to Red Wing with the group when they reopen in the fall. Not familiar with Stafford however...
  7. Hi, I am a longtime Haddonfield resident looking for other shooters in town. Sporting clays, pistol, target,plinking? Anyone out there?
  8. I’m looking for an Anschutz 54 .22 (only a 54 thank you) in good to excellent condition. Anyone have one in the safe they would consider parting with? I have some WWII I would consider trading...for the right deal! Thanks!
  9. Lou, can you make a steel that goes down but comes back up without having to be set by hand?
  10. Hi, I have 5 Sig 9mm 15 round mags. 3 are zipper back made in Germany/stamped police use 2 are OEM and came with the gun.
  11. Up and running! Lots of inventory with more coming in every day - a lot of high quality pre-owned inventory, handguns, shotguns and handguns.
  12. Open for business. I was just in and they are stocked up and growing - Eric is in his spot, Jim is moving around and all the regulars are back telling stories and giving advice. Great to see them back in business!
  13. Just posted on FB: After a long wait we finally have all of our licensing done! We are now Officially J&T Gun Works and open for business on Wednesday June 6th in remembrance of D-Day. Come in for all transfers, new guns, used guns, compliance work, gunsmithing, and all firearms supplies. Sincerely Jim McEwan - Owner