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  1. Haddoncoach

    Any shooters in Haddonfield?

    Nice! I am a member at Telco and shoot clays at M&M (this weekend), Quinton, Cedar Creek, Red Wing and even once out to Lehigh Valley (very cool).
  2. Haddoncoach

    Miller's Gun Center - New Castle,DE

    Just wanted to update this thread - I stopped in at Miller’s (DE) on the 31st - it is like a ghost town. Maybe 25-30 guns in the whole store! Spoke with Mr. Miller, I bought my Browning 725 from him - he said he was losing business to people buying online (noting new) but gave an example of someone who priced a gun with him, bought it online for $15 less and then had it deliver to his store so he could do the transfer! If we don’t support our local shops - yes, I know his shop is in Delaware - they won’t be there much longer.
  3. Going shopping tomorrow- cash in hand!
  4. Thanks for the offer but I’m good with my 12 gauge Browning - just would like a 20ga Still looking!
  5. I want it for my boys to begin sporting clays and make be some hunting myself. I would be willing to spend 500-1k for the right gun.
  6. Ha! Good point! thanks for the reply!!!
  7. Nobody has a 20 gauge o/u for sale?
  8. I’m looking for a nice, quality 20 gauge over/under - Browning, Beretta etc. I have cash but I like to trade too - I’ve got some WW2 era items: ex: Smith Corona 03-A3’s one with period correct scope scope (not sporterized before you ask!), one is all original... thanks,
  9. Haddoncoach

    1911 Gunsmith South Jersey

    Winter’s Guns in Berlin NJ. Mr. Winters is a 2nd generation gunsmith - he has done a number of triggers for me. Fair and honest too. (856) 767-0349
  10. Haddoncoach

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.anjrpc.org/resource/resmgr/evan_nappen/complying_with_nj_s_mag_ban-.pdf Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation earlier this year which reduced New Jersey’s magazine capacity restriction from 15 rounds to 10 rounds. The new law allowed for a grace period and the December 10 deadline is quickly approaching. Thanks to strong, continuous support from NRA, our state association, the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, filed suit to block the magazine ban, but the case is still pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. ANJRPC has produced and posted a four page guide outlining the new law.
  11. 1st Saturday in December - I’m in!
  12. Haddoncoach

    Centaur Firearms NRA Day

    Yup - just click the link - easy as that.

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