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  2. Hey, Does anyone know how things are doing at Quinton? I saw on FB that the power is out due to some trees down - any sense of when hey will be back and running?
  3. Has anyone been to Red Wing Sporting Clays recently? I’ve read some reviews that weee last done by people in 2011 but none more recently. We have a group of friends who enjoy trying new places and have been rotating among M&M, Quinton, We have visited Lehigh and last weekend went to Cedar Creek for the first time - excellent by the way! knowing we like these type places, would anyone be able to say that Red Wing is in their league? Worth the 1 hour + drive for most of us? Other than Lehigh, are there any spots in PA or DE that would be worth visiting - no more than 1-1/2 hours from S Jersey area - unless it is a Lehigh Valley quality site of course! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I’m looking at the stainless Target, the Competition or the Hunter. Can you quote me prices for these? thanks, Noel
  5. Wow, lots of great feedback and info on this topic! Thanks! I think I am going to go with one of the Ruger MK IV’s. The stainless steel bull barrel Target, the Competition or the Hunter? I’ve priced each at Shooters in Egg Harbor - who stocks these and is competitively priced down here in S. Jersey - I’d rather do business with a local business than save $5 on GB and never know who I’m dealing with.
  6. I’m interested in learning more about the S&W Model 41. I own a Colt Woodsman Target And am considering adding a 41 to my collection. I like to shoot what I own but I also like to take care of some of my gems. Would (generally speaking) this be a good shooter or am I better of getting a Ruger IV for shooting at the club? educated opinions are appreciated!
  7. Thanks Lou - will do. I'm in the Cherry Hill area- I’ve been to Shooters once and likes the selection - I’ve been to Bob’s many times and bought used there. I have not been to JT Customs yet - I should contact them.
  8. You are the man Lou! Looking forward to catching up with you at 3 gun at Quinton this spring!
  9. Hi All, I'm looking for a new Ruger Mark IV and I’d like to buy it from a forum member/shop rather than on GB where my $ goes out of state to someone I will never know. Who is local (S. Jersey) who has a god selection and is competitively priced? Thanks!
  10. Wow - I just bought a new P220 myself but have not tried loading HD ammo yet...I’m interested in this topic too!
  11. Found what I wanted - thanks everyone.
  12. Hi, i just came across your post re: selling your p220! Is it still available? Is it SAO trigger? I’m in the S. Jersey/Cherry Hill area. thanks,
  13. Wow - all nice looking. I’m working on an exact match for what I want on GB. NJJim’s stainless is next if I can’t pull off the GB deal - great looking guns everyone. Any old school P220 with SAO triggers though? thanks!
  14. That is a beauty! The additional mags really make it interesting to me - I’ll be in touch after Christmas!
  15. Looking for a Sig P220 in .45 SAO is preferred - what do you have sitting in the safe that needs s new home? Thanks!