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  1. Curious is how does it work getting them back with One Gun A month? Their site does not go into any details. When I first moved to FL I read a gun safety pamphlet the Sheriffs were handing out. I was amazed at how following the guidelines how many felonies would be committed if in NJ. One of them was storing firearms for a family member or friend who is going through a rough period so they would not be able to harm themselves.
  2. Heh, when I hear a jean with a number name, I think Levi's, but then I think it couldn't be and looked it up.
  3. Been using plain jane SnapSafes in all my vehicles. Get em on sale for around $20. They fit under the seats easily. Only problems I see with them are that they sometimes get hung up trying to pull out based on the car they are in. And that you need to tuck the cable under the seat sometimes so it does not advertise that it is there. They keys go on a QD keyring on the cars key. I only use them for short storage when having to go to prohibited area for carry. I don't consider any of these hard side boxes with cables to be a safe, they are all easily defeated if you are prepared, they pretty much just stop a smash and grab thief. They also work well for airline travel and the cable can be looped onto the inside frame of luggage. Just wondering in Jersey, can you put your CCW in a box under a seat or will it have to be in the trunk unloaded? I left NJ before the ability to get a CCW became a expensive and difficult reality. And I don't expect to see any reciprocity in my lifetime.
  4. Does not go far enough, open carry still prohibited. I have no interest in open carry, but if making it constitutional the option should be there.
  5. I've had some problems with Groove Belt. The head that goes through the belt loops is larger then 1.5", i find it extremely tight is some of my pants. Also it is too large for the O clips on an Alien Gear holster I use, it will not feed through.
  6. What I would be greatly interested in is seeing the wording in the insurance policy that says this. Its just that many ranges allow solo shooters and reloads. Many do not. So if it is an insurance thing, there is insurance that allows these options. It just seems that ranges can be more accommodating. I see that people say there are reasons for no solo shooters. Has the no solo shooter policy prevented people from harming themselves at GFH, RTSP or any range for that matter? They just wind up traumatizing a close friend or significant other as well. They can even pay for 1hr of private instruction to get around it. I think that many of these policies fall into the 'if it just saves one life' argument. I went to GFH regularly because it was the closest range and allowed reloads which helped offset the hourly rate, their solo shooter policy did not matter because I'd just bring my own. I still feel that they are the best range i've been to. I can't find a 25 yrd indoor, let alone 50 yrds in my area I also would love it if all ranges would install doors like GFH has, where only 1 door can open at a time entering/exiting the range. Plus they mark the port if you tell them you are collecting your brass so they don't sweep the casings away and regularly push a a nice pile to your port to help. And it is nice to get away from power hungry RSO's, all brass is range property, and only ammo purchased at the range may be used places. Locally none of my ranges allow reloads, but allow solo shooters. I hardly ever use the range because of the no reloads. I can't afford factory ammo at around 400 rounds a month.. So I just go to the sheriffs outdoor range which is free to use and they supply targets as well. I don't fault them for their policy, but I have a hard time understanding it as the range waiver says they are not responsible for any damage or harm caused by ammunition. Heck, I even recall the range in Hoboken selling reloads.
  7. Wish they would expand on these policies bit. I used to live in Jersey, moved out just over 5 years ago, no longer have my NJ FID card. If I ever get back to Jersey will defiantly check out the changes at GFH. But unless NJ adds CCW reciprocity and eliminates mag and ammo restrictions, there is no way I would travel to NJ with my EDC. So using the range solo is not possible. I can see having no solo rentals without an FID card or CCW, but if you have either of these it should be allowed. I know people keep saying that it's the insurance requiring it. But I have yet to have a range be able or willing to produce the section from their policy stating this. Nor stating that reloads are not allowed. I recall when GFH first was going to open and they said 'no reloads', but that changed due to backlash. I doubt that they negotiated with the insurance company to remove that requirement. I think that the no reloads, and solo shooter are range policies, not insurance requirements.
  8. Alexa said it is ok, I didn't even have to ask. He already has Alexa spying on me. My android phone listens in as well. Ever start getting adds for stuff you talked about on your phone? I have. I never take a picture of any of my items with my phone, I'm Pretty Sure they would just be added to some registry, serial number and all. Ever take a picture of something and use Google lens? I trust none of this technology. Damn, I'm feeling paranoid today.
  9. Don't seem like that will happen in NJ. Read through the Extreme Risk Protective Order Act of 2018 and do not see a penalty for falsely red flagging someone. Kind of wonder as to what the police liability is for any damage or loss of anything confiscated? I picture them storing in an open warehouse by the shore and having everything rust to death. I say this because I know of someone many years ago having a pellet gun taken away, but managed to get it back after a few months. He said it looked like they sprayed it down with salt water every day.
  10. An extra inch or two is about right. It will be effected by holster used, weapon carried, and carry position. Best is to get a holster for what you will carry, and try it out in different positions, then you will know better how much extra room you will need. Carry around your house regularly, with a loaded mag. I wouldn't suggest one in the pipe at first, it's mainly to get used to the weight and if that carry position will work for you. Do everything you would normally do. You will also get a good idea how your clothing choices will work or not Get used to it to the point you no longer think about it. When you finally go out into the real world, remember no one knows it is there, no one is looking at you funny, by now you should have it in your ideal position, and you are past the touching and adjusting phase.
  11. The problem is that NJ will codify it to make it a felony to carry in a place with such a sign. When all this sorts out, you will need to follow the laws, not go with if no one sees it , no harm no foul. Regardless of your feelings on gun signs, follow the law on where you can carry and where you can not. I find it quite annoying if I go out to eat and the only seating is in the bar, a bar in FL is a prohibited location, the restaurant section is not. So off to the vehicle I go to secure my weapon, or go elsewhere.
  12. Biggest problem I have is with shirts. Many are too short, many are too tight and tend to bunch up on the firearm when lifting above your head and putting your arms back down, You do not want to keep fiddling with your clothing, that will draw attention. Where I'm at in SW FL, its T shirts and shorts 99% of the time. At least in Jersey, in the winter. you could OWB wearing a jacket. Might also want to think about pocket carry for some situations. Comes in handy when you want to take your shirt off, for a walk on the beach or in the park. Then you will learn which of your shorts don't have deep enough pockets. Belts should be 1 1/2 in, stiff, and sized much larger then belts you regularly buy in the store for your waist size. Follow the sizing guide from whatever company you are going to buy from and you will be fine. Position you carry in is going to take a bit for you to figure out for comfort and concealment. I'm not one for appendix just look at where that thing is pointing. And I don't find it comfortable when driving.. I typically go 4-5 O’Clock, or pocket. Some of the grips on pistols are quite aggressive and will be uncomfortable with rubbing in some positions. An undershirt can help with this if you live in a area where you layer clothing. Holsters are another thing. I remember in a GFH class, Anthony brought out a box of unused holsters he had that were no longer used. Looked like a lot of trial and error. For IWB I've been using Alien Gear Shapeshift 4.0 or Cloak Tuck 3.5. I find they do not rub, and are easy to adjust for depth and tilt. I'm sure there are many brands just a good. Carrying a spare mag? I've been using universal magazine pouches made of neoprene, easily found on Amazon. These work well and can be had for a fraction of the cost of that molded mag carrier for only 1 specific magazine.
  13. Talk about extending the current ammo shortage, And lightening your wallet. Best prices in my area are blazer aluminum at $16 and brass at $18 a box. I look online and prices are even higher.
  14. Curious as to where this 50 shot qualification is shown on the state police web site? I guess all the firearm training facilities in NJ are going by what they use for, say security guards? But there are differences in RTSP ( holster draw and 15 yard max ) and GFH.( no holster and 25 yard max. ) They both cant be correct. All I can find is a 60 shot day and 40 shot night qualification. https://www.state.nj.us/lps/dcj/pdfs/dcj-firearms.pdf Seems a bit crazy everyone is rushing out to take training and qualification shooting without a clear statement from the state of NJ as to what exactly is required. Yes, training is good, proper training is better. Seems like allot of confusion as some say qualification every 6 months, like a PO, or possibly every 2 years with renewal? Training is 4hr NRA? 8hr NRA? Special class for NJ, kind of like Utah? Even GFH warns, nothing set in stone 'Disclaimer: The State Police seems to be adding and changing requirements daily. For the people who are willing to apply early and risk changes we cannot be held liable for any changes that occur after you qualify with us. You’ve been warned.'
  15. Where I'm at in FL, the only store I can think of is Sprouts. Guess who does not get my grocery monies? The botanical garden also has a sign that gets ignored. A park where they have pickleball championships has a sign or prohibited items as well, it just shows a gun, and you can see where they removed the circle and line through it. Once upon a time you could not carry in a park, but that was corrected. Here most no guns signs are I don't want your business signs. Unless it is a prohibited location, a sign is just a suggestion, not a violation of law. At most you will be asked to leave if found out. If you don't you risk trespassing. Unfortunately NJ will probably do the same thing as NY, making it illegal to carry just about anywhere unless you are given permission to do so by the owner.
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