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  1. I am not a safe expert, nor am I going to recommend anything. Personally I would not consider anything sold by a big box store a safe. Everything I've seen is more of a storage locker. Look at the weight and how they get it ( good safes use steel and/or other metals, cheap ones use concrete and something like sheetrock for some fire protection), check if the door flexes, check the gaps from the door to the walls ( prying protection ), check the fire rating for time and temp. Does the safe have a fire seal? Something to protect the insides form smoke and water damage, fairly important. Are you bolting it to the floor? A must. Don't go by how thick a door or how big the bolts look. These are quite deceiving. Cheap safe, the door is pry able. A better safe is attacked through the side or back. The hinges on the door are not be part of the protection, if these were removed, is your safe still secured on that side?. Are the bolts all around the door? Corners? Compare to a 'real' safe. Think of the value of what you are storing in it, all ( most ) your eggs are going into this basket. Is it worth the 'savings'? No personal safe is impenetrable, or fire resistant forever. The better the safe the more time you buy.
  2. Curious on progress. Bailed on Jersey a couple years ago making it hard to stop by.
  3. If ya move before renewal time its just a simple change of address. https://licensing.freshfromflorida.com/license/ChangeAddress.aspx?TYPE=790 Florida is such a different world, renewed car reg in just a few min. in person. Got jokingly called a big spender for renewing for 2 yrs instead of 1. Said I hope the car lasts that long, she said no problem, if it dies you can just transfer the reg to a new one. So unlike the Jersey scam of requiring 4 year registration on a 3 year lease.
  4. Having moved from Jersey to Florida, no OGAM or permission slip to buy anything. 0 waiting period with a CWP. 3 day without. Kinda hard on the wallet making all those impulse buys when I see something on sale, also nice to pick up non neutered rifles. just wish that Hearing Protection Act would get going to get rid of that $200 tax stamp and hassle of getting it. It would quiet down most of the northerners who move into the rural arras that cry about it sounding like a war zone from all the backyard ranges. Also wish they would check their politics at the border.
  5. According to their own web page, it would not be a problem. https://www.cabelas.com/assets/product_files/pdf/federal_state_firearms_regs_online.pdf New Jersey: Residents of the state of New Jersey can purchase long guns in any state provided they posses a valid NJ F.I.D. (Firearms Identification Card) Non-residents must posses a valid NJ F.I.D. card to purchase a long gun in the state of NJ. (NJ Code 2C:58-3)
  6. I agree, can't find any nearby indoor range that allows reloads. That's why I go to the sherrifs range 2x a month. Reloads are fine there. One of the indoor ranges is steel targets, frangible ammo only. I'd reload that, but still no reloads allowed. If it wasn't so costly I guess I could have a berm built and shoot on the property, it regularly sounds like a war zone in my area. I tried bouncing the idea off the wife but it didn't stick.. Sent from my Moto G (5S) Plus using Tapatalk
  7. If you want to monitor temps and voltages, try: https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html Running a memory test is never a bad thing, I do it on all new memory, kind of surprising how many bad sticks out of the box I've seen. And bad memory will cause random crashes. Typically when those caps go bad the bulge at the top and vent, there were major problems years back, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague, but any of those should have died long ago. You can also check the Windows Reliability Monitor or Event Viewer ( System log ) to see what it shows.
  8. Your first sentence sounds exactly like me. Just moved to FL ( Naples ) at the end of last year. PC just died. It was 10 yrs old and showing signs of the end. I too would shop in Micro Center, great for picking up parts. Their online is a different store that has next top nothing. Wound ordering all parts off Amazon. Problem with old PC's is that most parts can't be reused in a new system. Your older I7 system probably had DDR3 ram, current systems use DDR4. Older cases probably had USB2 front ports, newer MB's and cases have USB3 or 3.1. The older I7 most likely has a different pinout then current ones, along with requiring a different chipset on the MB to support it. I'd guess that you have already checked all fans on the , CPU, PSU, and possibly chipset. Your computer bios would most likely have a way to check all temps, fans and PSU voltages. you can check a PSU by removing the large connector from the MB, jumper the green wire to a black, it will power up the power supply, then you can measure the voltages on the pins with a meter. 3.3V wires are orange; +5V wires are red; -5V wires are white; +12V wires are yellow; -12V wires are blue; ground wires are black Best way I find to check RAM is to use Memtest86+, run it off a bootable USB. Use something like YUMI to make it easy. Lots of times on older PC's the battery dies and BIOS settings get messed up, especially with RAM settings. I find Dell PC's are fine if you never want to add or change anything in them, I use one just for browsing the internet. If you are getting a new MB, and will not overclock ( much ) any basic model will work, just get one with the sound and gig ethernet onboard.
  9. Moved out of Jersey several months ago for Florida. This is my experience with the local range costs. Non member. $15 a port $7.50 for an add on. Ammo no reloads, pricing is standard prices, not range prices. So the last 9's I used were on sale for $12 a box and 38's were 15, I'd guess much cheaper then GFH member discount. Only had to wait once so I went shopping nearby and then came back. Don't try that in Jersey. There are also regular specials like ladies shoot free on Mondays, 4 through closing, 2 for Tuesday's, $1.50 rentals Weds. I've seen transfers for $25, including NCIC check. For purchaces, one place I've gone to was NCIC included with purchase, the other was $5. As for shooting reloads, the county sheriff's open their outdoor range to the public 2x a month at no cost. So there is a world of difference once you leave NJ. And the freedom of not having to go to/from range only. And even without a CCW you can have your handgun in the car as long as it is securely encased or is otherwise not readily accessible for immediate use. This includes the glove box and center console. This makes transporting so much easier. Sent from my Moto G (5S) Plus using Tapatalk
  10. Move is complete to Florida, I did vote by mail for Kim ( a lot of good that did ) before establishing residency. Its refreshing to be able to do impulse purchases. Where the waiting period is just a NICS check and was only $5. No more only to / from the range without deviations, neutered rifles, OGAM, mag limits... Suppressors are legal, shooting in your property if acceptable and quite common where I'm at. Taxes slashed dramatically. Indoor range costs dropped as well, with decent weekly specials, like ladies night Mondays ( ladies shoot free ), 2 for 1 Tuesdays, $1.5 rental Wednesdays... Only drawback is none of the indoor ranges allow reloads, but partially made up for by the sheriffs outdoor range being open to the public on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. They even recommended getting a carry permit, but was already ahead in that game. The phone always says light ( no ) traffic in the area all the time. No snow, heck, its 80 today. Overall glad to be out of Jersey.
  11. Mail a SASE and request it back Keep driving by in hopes the store is open Possibly a bit pre occupied? http://www.nj.com/bergen/index.ssf/2017/03/fairview_cop_allegedly_used_gps_device_to_stalk_fo.html A search will reveal various email and phone numbers. https://www.google.com/#q=Vache+Mike+Assadourian
  12. Dicks has UMC on sale and a rebate. 50-Pack UMC 9mm $8.98 PRICE AFTER $2.50 MAIL-IN REBATE reg. $14.99 5-BOX LIMIT PER CUSTOMER Valid April 09, 2017 - April 15, 2017
  13. Check this place out in Lodi, if it is legal in Jersey they have it or can get it. http://njexoticpets.biz
  14. Not in Jersey, here they prefer you take a dirt nap.
  15. Heh, the only booze with a Last Will & Testament on it. I'm set. Fridge stocked. Out of office already on. No snow blower though, I refuse to get one because it will be of no use to me when I move. With how cold it is going to be I'm hoping on a fluffy light snow.
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