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  1. Send S&W an email last week, still waiting on a response. It is odd that large firearm sellers, even places like Bass Pro and Cabela's are not listed as dealers, but many pawn shops are? How do all these other stores get their inventory if they are not dealers? Probably, you pay us $$$ we list you as a dealer.
  2. You got me, i typed in my zip, expecting to see the LGS I buy from regularly and it only shows 2 pawn shops. Guess I picked up my Shield Plus from an unauthorized dealer.
  3. Website shows 2 weeks for mail ins after received. https://www.fdacs.gov/Consumer-Resources/Concealed-Weapon-License/Renew-Your-Concealed-Weapon-License Both the Wife and myself (residents) renewed online ( a couple of months apart ) during this time and turnaround was under 2 weeks. Trying to renew in person at the local tax collectors office was impossible as the 1st opening was over 5 months out. If you want to track progress, it seems you have to call when it is a renewal. If you use the tracking info from the renewal notice you will only see the info from when you first applied.
  4. Biggest problem I see is that Biden will ban imports first because he could do that. Just about all the ammo I see on the shelf is from brands I never heard of coming from out of the country.
  5. What gets me is that if primers is the problem. Why can't i find powder? Why has bullets used for reloading spiked as well? The bullets I use are not used for anything other then reloading. It all must be going somewhere, just not to the consumer level?
  6. For the millionaires out there, a dozen plus brands of 9mm at $1 a round. seriously, every brand at the same price? I used Remington range once, in 2019 when the range had a sale for $8 a box ( limit 3 ) , was like watching the pistol cycle in slow motion saying I think I can, I think I can.... https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/category.cfm/sportsman/9mm-luger-9X19-parabellum-ammunition-for-sale
  7. Kinda sounds like getting concert tickets, 50k tix go on sale at 9am, at 9am all sold out and then the sales start on the ticket brokers. at 5x the price.
  8. Guess its no so much if it will be available, its what will the pricing be? Did much stocking up prior to the 2020 election and Covid, between the rebates and sales never paid more then 30 cent a round for brass cased, quite a bit at .24. Right now at the $1 plus, not interested.
  9. About 3/4 of what I reload is polymer coated lead, pretty colored bullets tend to stand out. I also tend to follow rules. So I honor their policy by not using their range much. They have gone even crazier with their no reloads stance over the last year. There used to be just 1 large range rules sign, now there are little signs over pretty much everything. They have added several new lines to their ammo policy pretty much just repeating the same things. Alamo Range Ammunition Policy: Use only correct and well-maintained ammunition in your firearms THE ALAMO RANGE REQUIRES THE USE OF NEWLY MANUFACTURED COMMERCIAL AMMUNITION ON THE RANGE THE USE OF ARMOR-PIERCING, TRACER OR STEEL-CORE AMMUNITION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED THE USE OF RELOADED AMMUNITION IS PROHIBITED The Alamo reserves the right to inspect all ammunition brought onto the range. Any projectiles with high steel content or ammunition that causes sparks on the backstop is prohibited Shotgun: #4 buckshot and larger is allowed on the Presidential Range only. Steel shot is strictly prohibited. Shooters agree to confirm that they are always using the correct ammunition Shooters renting firearms must use only newly manufactured ammunition purchased at the Alamo They have also become a bit stingy, they used to give a week of free range time with a firearm purchase, but no more. Along with getting rid of their M-F day of the week range specials.
  10. Stopped by the LGS today, Blazer Brass $35 a box and it was sold out. Getting tired of only using .22's at the range, no range here allows reloads and I'm not about to dip into my factory rounds at this time. The sheriffs range I normally go to has been shut down for 11 months now. The next free outdoor range I can go to is an hour or so away and you have to schedule the range time ahead, heard there is weeks backlog so haven't bothered. I guess its not as bad as a 5 month wait if you want to renew or get new your carry permit in person in my area of Fla, that's the wait just to get a appointment at the tax collectors office to do the application. Renewing online was about a < 14 day turnaround
  11. On the lighter side, I thought I had a safe full of lead. Turns out it is gold.
  12. Stopped by the LGS / Range the other day and there was actually a couple of dozen boxes of Blaser Brass on the shelf for $25 a box, not sure how that price is, don't have a .40.
  13. I'd add a caliper to the list. And a notebook, makes it so much easier when you log the various bullet type / weight, powder used, charge weight, powder disk size, seating depth, etc... I only load for handguns. Been using the Lee 1000 for over 30 years, had a connecting link break after 20 something years, and Lee replaced with a newer version of the part for no charge. So that's one heck of a 2 year warrantee. Older part was a cast metal, newer was solid metal. I'd guess the newer version of the press would have many of the kinks corrected by now, I don't deprime on the press, spent primers had nowhere to go. I don't use the auto prime, it was never 100% reliable, too many wound up crushed in, or even backwards on occasion. I guess that's why they only specified CCI or Remington primers, less likely to go off on ya when something goes wrong. Some of the shell plate assemblies I have don't have the ability to detect if a case is in place and would feed a primer regardless and that was always a pain. Also stopped using the case feeder tubes, I just manually place each case, the nuts holding the case feeder on the press would always seem to loosen up causing problems with feeding. I also went with shell plate carrier assemblies and turrets with the dies installed for each caliber I load. Changing just a shell plate was a pain with having to always adjust the indexing. An no way was I going to use one turret with multiple dies, it takes too long to adjust all the dies each time.
  14. Glad I scored a great deal on SP primers last year. Primers were on sale for 26, local reloading supplier gives a 5% discount if you pick up, they offer 1 day a week for a few hours for local pickup. other then that its mail order only. Plus Winchester had a 25% on primers rebate for another -50. Should have gone for 16 boxes for the rebate max of 100, but I always worry about rebates. So 8 boxes of 1000 for $150. Last I checked they showing for 35 but were out of stock, CCI was the same but at 40. What a difference an election year + Covid + peaceful protests makes. Winchester - WSP Small Pistol Primers Winchester_WSP_Primers-1000 $26.00 8 $208.00 Subtotal $208.00 Discount (EGFD619) -$20.28 Tax $13.16 Estimated Total $200.88
  15. Went to the LGS/range, no 9's in sight, pretty much all the ammo and gun shelves were bare. Range was dead as well, guess the lack of ammo and high prices are keeping people away. They did have a nice looking Trump Thompson .45 that they just got in, but at $2400 guess it will hang around for a while. Not worth the $1000+ premium for the engraving, at least to me that is. Asked what 9's have been going for when they do get them in and they said 17-18 a box. Really can't stand that the place I regularly go to, the outdoor sheriffs range, has been closed to the public over 4 months now.
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