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  1. I have used this place with good results. He is a long time smith. http://www.wintersgunspecialties.com
  2. I was able to get this rescheduled for September 11 at 7:30PM at the Cinemark 16 in Somerdale. Please help us make this showing a reality.
  3. Lindenwold PD just does the $18 check. I got my prints 10 years ago and haven't been asked since.
  4. I love how these anti-gun actors who are o opposed to guns can make a living in these movies where they use guns so much.
  5. So the consensus is 6 rounds for semi and unlimited for a pump?
  6. I searched and couldn't find a straight answer to this. What is the legal max number of shells allowed in a shotgun? I know you are not allowed more than 3 in the mag for hunting, but what about non hunting purposes?
  7. It is most likely "frowned" upon by those in Trenton and the media, however, since they won't really now it doesn't matter. It is not illegal though so go ahead. We all know they frown upon us owning any firearms.
  8. According to the NJ website it is slated for fall 2013. "The tentative timeframe to administer the 2013LEE is Fall, 2013. However, in the event there are difficulties scheduling the examination for any unforeseen reason, the examination date may change."
  9. Who else is not surprised that there where not questions asked on air about the gun control bills?
  10. Believe it or not, he said it went really easy. He said even NJ didn't make a stink.
  11. Where is DE are they located? I happen to have family in Blades and make 4-6 trips a year to see them.
  12. The last two posts are funny a hell, especially the one of the wedding.
  13. I posted it on FB about a week ago. It will be in at the Cinemark 16.
  14. I asked him about how hard it was. He told me in Stratford as long as you don't put out a sign on significantly increase road traffic, you can have any business you want in your home.
  15. You need to edit the link to the Morphotrack form. It should be http://www.nj.gov/njsp/info/pdf/092509_universforma.pdf but you have more info in the link which makes it come up as an error.
  16. I was able to get a showing of this movie for the South Jersey area. Please help support this so the movie will show. We need 76 more people for this showing to happen. Here is the link for the event. I have also posted this to the NJ2AS group as well.
  17. I have done business with him and highly recommend him. He ordered the gun I wanted and when I picked it up, the NICS was already finished. Great Vendor!
  18. I just ordered M&P 9 from him for my wife. His price was $525 out the door. If I ordered it from a dealer on Gun Broker the best deal I could've got would have been $515. He is very nice to deal with and is willing to send the mags out to another FFL to have them pinned ( at my expense). Some dealers I talked with would not do this. I will be buying from him as much as I can. He works out of his house and doesn't have a large inventory, but he is willing to order your gun and has NICS already done when you come to pick up the gun. Great Vendor.
  19. The only fear I have is if the wife becomes upset that I am taking up her space with the ammo. In my opinion you can never have too much as long as you have a place to store it properly. I would definitely get in trouble for storing it in her pantry.
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