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  1. Looking for a reliable gunsmith for a stock repair job. I live in the Spotswood area, but if I have to travel a bit thats fine. I have a nick, not a dent in my oil finished, dark walnut grade II/III Browning Citori 725 stock. Its about 1/16 of an inch. Any help would be appreciated. Also what kind of price would I be looking at? I know it probably sounds like a small thing, but I am not a wood guy...at all, and this is my precious so I am not willing to experiment. Included pic:
  2. Not so much on this sight, but in a lot of other places I see the need to ask why these laws are implemented and to what end. People strain to see the logic......there is none. They are incrementally dismantling our rights. I am frightened almost as much as I am fucking furious. I have been to Trenton and watched as we are all but dismissed by our elected officials as they follow this agenda. Just about two and half centuries ago we went to war against a type of rule/government that had one hand way too deep in our pockets and the other hand clamped firmly over our mouths as they raped our basic rights. Tell me what is so different today?
  3. I have a co-worker at Verizon who had a similar experience. He had to wait to around 6 months. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
  4. I completely get it. My wife is the same way where security is concerned. She is the type that believes nothing is going to happen and to be prepared is giving in to paranoia. Real sorry to hear about the break in. I hope everything gets recovered. What a lowlife.
  5. Hey, thanks alot. I had a lot of fun and really appreciate the patience and guidance.
  6. Hey Everyone. My real name is Bryan and hail from Monroe Twp. I have only been shooting about a year and a half and just recently (last week) joined the OBRPC.Currently own a a PX4 Storm, Mossberg 500, and Remington 597.
  7. Hello everyone. I was googling the OBRPC a couple of weeks ago and found my way to this forum. There was some info on the club and on my mossberg. It was great to see a forum with all the knowledge here without the trolls. Anyway, I joined the OBRPC last week and went to my first Knockdown Steel match yesterday. With the intention of observing because of a lack of mags, I met a couple of fellas from the club who were wearing the NJGF shirts. One the guys, M. Beck, shared his mags with me so I could compete; we both shot 40 cal. from the Beretta Storm line. So, I squaded with them for the rest of the day. Hanging with these guys and meeting the rest of the community won me over and I joined this morning.
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