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  1. Refinery capacity is way down since covid. There are three or four refineries on the east coast compared to seven ten years ago. Thats a big part of the reason gas and distillates are at record prices while crude oil is not
  2. Thats what they said, but nobody including the family seemed too interested in why and how he got such a head injury. Now a few months later another working actor suddenly dies in his sleep.
  3. Died in his sleep while shooting a film, like Bob Saget did a few months ago while on a comedy tour? How many vax shots did he get?
  4. This. 3 point sling is what saved Kyle Rittenhouse. (That, and an honest judge).
  5. Are you kidding? Creatures like Murphy absolutely love mass shootings, the bloodier the better (as long as the perp is white).
  6. True. The narrative being individual state bans aren't enough, we need to revive the federal Clinton assault weapons ban and then some
  7. Shale oil is light, so yes less diesel fuel per barrel. Speaking of refineries, something else that doesn't get mentioned is the east coast is down to about four refineries from seven, in the past ten years. Thus diesel capacity is way down from 1.3 million barrels per day to 800,000 or so. Our electrified future is lookin great as the war on fossil fuels causes major oil companies reduce Cap Ex and investment.
  8. And diverting fuel in an attempt to keep Europe afloat and onboard with the insane sanctions.
  9. Aktually, its been decades in the making to get us to this point. Just to name a few of the biggies that laid the ground work. The Kennedy assassination, Immigration act of 1965, Nixon closing the gold window in 1971..
  10. Gunbroker has a couple for around $800, with transfer fees and compliance work figure about $1000. I mentioned Monmouth Arms because its one stop shopping but you pay a little extra for that convenience plus it includes a ten round mag.
  11. Colt 6920 M4 Carbine, can't get much more reliable than that. Steve at Monmouth Arms is an NJGF vendor and has one in stock: https://monmoutharms.com/product/colt-m4-carbine-cr6920/ No need to spend more, put the money towards ammo.
  12. He already has been denied, why risk another one from a Superior court judge no less. The safe strategy is to clean up the record then reapply and stay out of the N.J. courts. I was in the same situation (minus the involuntary commitment). Frank Pisano advised the above and it worked out very well, an appeal was the last resort if the Chief denied the second application.
  13. Without expunging the disorderly conduct charge and doing something about the involuntary commitment he will likely get denied again, this time by a Superior court judge, perhaps a 2nd amendment hating Leftist one at that. Even if he somehow got the FID he'd still have that stuff on his record and would have to disclose it on future PP applications. Any firearms attorney worth his salt would advise cleaning up his record first then reapplying (accompanied by a letter explaining the reasons for the failure disclose in the first application). Once his record is clear the Chief won't have a reason to deny the FID. Thats what I had to do and never had any issues with purchasing or getting PP's subsequently.
  14. Not at all. You just need to contact a firearms attorney and get those incidents on your record expunged then reapply. I wouldn't bother meeting with the Chief, your attorney will request a copy of the PD's investigation and the reason for the denial. Even if you don't pursue the FID get those things off your record, now. Who knows what other denials or disqualifications they may cause you in the future. It would be money well spent.
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