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  1. Another advantage of Gunbroker. The Item gets shipped to the buyers FFL of choice. The burden and responsibility is then on the FFL to make sure the transfer is completed according to the laws of the buyers state. Technically your "selling" it to the FLL who then transfers ownership to the buyer.
  2. https://www.gunbroker.com the Ebay of firearms. Take a lot of quality photos with a good description, pay the extra $2 bucks for an ungraded listing so your add appears on the first page and not Siberia. Use a 14 day listing, set the minimum bid for the least amount you'd accept for the item with higher "buy it now" price All which depends on what your selling. In demand items command a premium, others you may be lucky to get a bid. Tactical shot guns for example are going for crazy prices. An advanced search in completed items will list actual sale prices. If this too much hassle just put them on consignment somewhere and take what you can get as mentioned
  3. Guy doesn't look too sharp judging from the mug shot. Fuel filters via China from an Instagram ad?
  4. Sending them the FID is bad enough and I avoid those sellers. If some place wants my DL thats a deal killer for me right there-NFW.
  5. I believe short barreled rifles (less than 16") are not allowed in N.J. I think the best you can do is 14.5" barrel with a 1.5" muzzle brake (pinned of course) to bring it to 16 inch minimum. Personally, I would stay with a 16' inch barrel to avoid the possibility of having it mistakenly seized by an uninformed LE.
  6. Buy online then have it shipped to your FFL. Steve at http://www.monmoutharms.com makes the process very easy, FFL info is available as a PDF file on his website for forwarding to an online seller.
  7. Yes, then use the low quotes as negotiation leverage. You'd be surprised how much they can drop their prices when there is competition. Although these days when everybody is going nuts with home improvements maybe not so much.
  8. "It's coming again... Lock downs that is. Murphy will probably start locking down the state". What do you mean again?? Murphy never unlocked N.J. Any move Murphy makes, or doesn't make, is politically motivated to help himself and the Left secure and hold power.
  9. Private water wells are great until an extended power outage. Without a large enough generator and the proper hookups to run the well pump you won't be able to stay in the house very long. No flushing toilets, bathing, washing dishes, etc. Gets gross really quick.
  10. Good, at that rate the town should be fully armed in about 6-1/2 years.
  11. Bomber

    New guy

    What did you choose?
  12. If I couldn't;t speak There is really no excuse for such a lengthy delay at this point, other towns are processing FID applications in a timely matter. I would try going in person. The records department typically handles FID applications, they are usually located at the PD with public access for picking up police reports, etc.
  13. I would give Frank Pisano a call and get some expert advice on how to proceed. http://frankpisanolaw.com He specializes in N.J. firearm law and no doubt has seen situations like this before. I used him for a different kind of hassle when I first applied for an FID card.
  14. Democrats will burn a state to the ground before they make meaningful spending cuts. Murphy had a very legitimate excuse to defer or reduce the state pension contribution this year, instead he illegally borrowed $4.9 Billion and forked it over to the fund. Then rammed through the millionaires tax and allowed the gas tax to jump 10% and Parkway tolls to increase..
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