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  1. You don't have to hunt to get a hunting license. However, with a hunting license you can use one of state ranges such as Clinton.
  2. Predictably the media are covering for Baldwin. They describe it as a shooting "involving" Alec Baldwin and are trying to blame an assistant director. If this had "involved" a conservative republican actor they'd be calling for murder charges.
  3. Are Binary trigger AR's N.J. complaint such as the new Bushmaster linked below? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/913750009
  4. Gimmicky ported barrel turns it into a flame thrower in low light conditions, not a good choice for a primary SD weapon. You did fine with the full size M&P.
  5. No. To some people (not me) overkill is practicing field striping blindfolded while in a closet.
  6. Another reason I like my S&W SD9 Academy version. Mags are high quality polished SS and hold 10rds no problem.
  7. The gun is new and unfired so all thats needed is remove the slide and run some cleaning patches through the barrel followed by some oiled patches and lightly lube the slide areas/barrel contact points. You can wipe down the slide and barrel with oil if not going to the range soon. As mentioned watch some youtube vids first, M&P's are very easy to break down for cleaning.
  8. In other words one of the many hoops N.J. gun owners are forced to jump through, over and over. But if you're an illegal alien just arrived from Haiti N.J. welcomes you with open arms.
  9. Still keeping the forging, machining and metal treating production in Mass. Thats a good chunk of what goes into manufacturing a firearm right there. Final assemble is in Tenn to avoid the proposed legislation in Mass.
  10. Personally, I don't need to fire handguns to make a decision to buy. If comfortable, well balanced and what I'm looking for thats enough. Its just a handgun not a used car.
  11. I guess the reasoning is two people are less likely to go on a shooting spree at the same time?
  12. Keep in mind the more stuff you hang on the rifle the heavier it gets, thus defeating one of the main advantages to the AR. Thats another reason I don't care for the M&P15, the heavy barrel profile. IMO after the riots last year primary SD weapons should be lightweight, high capacity (10rds in NJ) and reliable. In other words; 16 inch AR carbine, and 9mm striker fired semi auto. For range toys get whatever you like.
  13. Nice photo. What range is that?
  14. A little more than you want to spend but worth it in my opinion is the Colt CR6920. Chrome lined 4150 barrel, MP inspected bolt, H-buffer and Mil Spec parts that are not found on the other budget AR's. Plus excellent resale value. Monmouth Arms has one in stock with N.J. compliance work included in the price, which BTW is not reflected in the online prices of the M&P15, Ruger Saint, etc.
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