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  1. So if a Kenosha/BLM (i.e. "demonstrating support for blah, blah, blah") type riot breaks out in your town and you inadvertently end up getting beaten over the head with a skateboard and use, or simply possess, a CCW weapon, then what?
  2. Yeah, everytime some idiot on the news says "we need the rain" I'm like shut up! This is N.J. not southern California, its gonna rain eventually, a LOT, it always does.
  3. How exactly were they supposed to do that? Republicans haven't controlled N.J. state government since 2001- twenty one years.. Christie was the only republican gov since then and vetoed every crackpot gun law the dems tried to push through. Thats about as good as it gets unless republicans win back the Senate, Assembly and Governorship. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon with N.J. demographics and ballot box corruption in the major cities
  4. And 50% are millionaires compared to just 1% of the general population.
  5. Oh, thats because CCW holders are well known for firing randomly out the windows of cars, buses and trains.
  6. I can understand asking to see an FID, in their location they probably get a lot of tire kickers. But I don't like the holding onto the FID while I fondle business, as though I'm going to dash out the door with the merchandise.
  7. You find out where the Judge lives and protest outside their residence. I'm sure you will be treated just as nicely as the mobs were at the SC justice's homes in July.
  8. My FID doesn't leave the house unless absolutely necessary.
  9. As I recall Guns for Hire in West Paterson not only asked to see my FID but wouldn't give it back until I was done fondling, the guy also wouldn't let me dry fire a S&W striker fired. I won't be going there again..
  10. That Sears is now closed and they were using it as a Covid testing center. Was a nice mall till the ghetto trash came up South Orange Ave. from the Newark area.
  11. Just start carrying. If a cop asks to see your permit quote N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4c to him, or her..
  12. Assembly and senate is up for reelection next year. Dems lost seats in 2021, including Sweeney. N.J. isn't California, yet..
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