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  1. Doesn't seem to matter to a lot of people in my area, houses and businesses always lit up like a night game at yankee stadium. Multiple glaring lights everywhere. So much for savings from LED's, it gets eaten up by rate increases. LOL.
  2. Sorry seniors we've got to pay off public employee unions first.
  3. Forgot the biggie- The N.J. AWB.
  4. Tricky the way they wrote that add "Final cost $8.99" then in smaller print they put the $4.99 price. I can see why I missed that.
  5. Nice to see a Chief of Police admit (sort of) if things go seriously sideways don't expect the cops to protect you.
  6. As I recall the Virginia tech shooter used two Glock hand guns and ten round mags. Killed 32 and wounded 17. Worst mass shooting in the U.S. prior to the Las Vegas shooting.
  7. Just order it and have it sent to your FFL for compliance work. Or call https://monmoutharms.com and ask Steve what his price is to order one and make it N.J. legal. Probably end being around the same out the door price as you purchasing it and having it shipped/transferred.
  8. I probably should but I've never done any winter gas prep with my outdoor yard equipment. Never had any issues but it's only from Nov to late April. Generator on the other hand gets marine Sta-Bil in the fuel.
  9. The way I read it incomplete upper receivers are GTG to N.J. (For now).
  10. The licensing and registration renewal is just another revenue stream for the state. Especially the annual registration renewal.
  11. The U.S. is less dependent on Middle East oil than in 2008 and is pumping record amounts of around 13 million bbl per day, (could be 15 million BPD if the Biden thing wasn't president). Plus, there are big off shore oil plays coming online in Guyana, the U.S has lifted sanctions on Venezuela oil, demand is down, etc. OPEC doesn't have the same pricing power it once had.
  12. Cheapest gas in the state Garden State Parkway Iselin/Colonia stations: $2.99. https://www.gasbuddy.com/gasprices/new-jersey Home heating oil prices are another story $3.70 and up. Not as bad as last fall but still $565 for 150 gallons, ouch.
  13. The bulk of the gas tax goes to prop up NJ transit which would be bankrupt overnight without the state (i.e. taxpayer) bail outs.
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