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  1. Thats because Murphy and the left are lying, sickening hypocrites. They don't give two shits about crime or the victims and never have, only using them as a means to disarm the other eight+ million law abiding people in N.J.
  2. And location and gender - The third rails of gun control politics. That would should the vast majority of gun crime in N.J is highly concentrated in a few geographical areas committed by small disproportionate male segment of the population and mostly against others of the same group.
  3. Actually outside of a few cites N.J. is a low crime state. Some of the popular destination states have far higher property and other crime rates than N.J.
  4. Okay, that makes sense. I was a little puzzled at a 28 year old with "CAL. 30 M1" profile?
  5. When you're 28 everything is easy breezy. Wait until you have senior parents to take care of, they don't transplant well and can't be left behind.
  6. I'd retreat if I could. Regardless of the what happens with gun laws the 2015 fair housing commission ruling is on track to wreck whats left of N.J. suburban towns. There are soviet style apartment buildings with hundreds of units each in the works all over N.J. and local tows can't do a damn thing about it. If they fight the builders sue and the courts take over and plan it out for them. Parsippany alone has over a thousand units proposed so far and more on the way. These new tenants are urban transplants and are not going to be voting republican.
  7. Facts, logic, experience, crime stats mean nothing. This is typical leftist incrementalism to move the agenda forward.. Propose eight reforms, settle for one or two, until the next time..
  8. My point was it's not easy or even possible for some people to just pack up and move hundreds or thousand of miles out of state. If you did, great, I'm happy for you, not all of us have that luxury.
  9. Thats not an easy option for a lot of people; family, older parents, careers, etc. Now with real estate prices sky high and inventory plummeting in desirable locations the numbers don't work like they once did, i.e. cashing out expensive northeast real estate and purchasing a larger or less expensive property elsewhere.
  10. And this with Murphy up for re-election in 6 months and tens of thousands of new gun owners in N.J. If he gets another term forget it.
  11. Right. Can't buy what they don't have. I'm purchasing more on Ebay these days not because I want to but because the products I want/need are not available locally, the prices are insane or they've substituted a lower quality item, or both. People are going to regret the demise of brick and mortar stores. When competition is eliminated selection goes down and prices go up.
  12. Gouging is the word. Find another FFL.
  13. Perhaps with the cost of lumber it was less expensive to build with concrete. Or, they hope someone trips and cracks their head open; bingo, one less gun owner in N.J.
  14. Thats because no one wants them back..
  15. He's completely innocent. He just happened to be eating pizza with the victim an hour before they found him with his head bashed at the train station. And someone matching his description was seen on surveillance video running from train station around the time of the murder.
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