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  1. Steve at Monmouth Arms has a Colt 6920 and FN-15 AR in stock. N.J. Compliance work included. The FN-15 looks like a heavy barrel model however. https://monmoutharms.com/in-stock-inventory/
  2. $1000 or less would buy a Colt CR-6920. The M&P, Ruger and Springfield have nitride barrels, batch tested verses the Colt's chrome lined, magnetic particle, high pressure tested barrel/bolt. The Colt also has a full auto bolt carrier, H buffer, plus a lot of other mil-spec parts, excellent build quality and better resale value.
  3. In the protected class hierarchy asians are just slightly above whites at the bottom of the heap. Yet the majority of them still continue to vote left and think Trump and republicans are the bad guys.
  4. Bomber

    Drum Kit

    Put it at the curb with a "free" sign, someone will grab it. Goodwill is another option.
  5. Leftists are not Americans. They selectively use laws and rights of a nation as means to destroy the nation.
  6. She's right. I sold my 870 soon after I bought a Remington LT 1100 20 ga. I have no problem busting clays with the slightly smaller load.
  7. Speaking of taking advantage, I believe the banks don't have to classify those delinquent loans as non-performing assets on their balance sheets.
  8. I have hard time believing Murphy will allow moratoriums to expire in N.J. four months before he's up for re-election.
  9. Add in Blackrock and other private equity vultures snatching up homes (often above asking price) then renting them back out. In fact, Blackrock bought a self storage chain so the people they toss out of their homes have somewhere to put their stuff. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/528842-private-equity-pension-vultures-reset/ "In order to further shore up profits, the firms have bought big into vertically integrated predation. Blackstone bought up an entire chain of self-storage units to complement its continuing acquisition of houses. The continued inflation of the already precariously bloated real estate bubble (and the mathematical certainty of time running out for the Covid-19 eviction moratorium) means people are going to have to throw their stuff somewhere when the financial feces hit the fan".
  10. I thought everyone was loaded up with cash from all the stimulus checks, extra unemployment and savings from staying home for a year? The heck with consolidation loans, that just prolongs the agony and the rates are no bargain. If you get in too deep with CC debt better just to go delinquent, settle the debt and try not get in that situation again.
  11. Here is the Zerohedge.com take on it: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/wells-fargo-infuriates-customers-abruptly-shuttering-personal-credit-business Customers credit scores are also going to take a hit: "Per CNBC, those whose credit lines are involuntarily closed will still see their FICO scores penalized as if they had elected to close the credit line willingly".
  12. Thats not the way the game is played: Step 1. Government creates problem. Step 2. Government tries to "fix" the problem they created. Step 3.The fix doesn't work and creates more problems. Step 4. Go back to Step 1.
  13. And the residents almost always vote to raise their own taxes. Mainly with the school budgets which comprise 2/3's of the local tax bills BTW. The boards of education use tax payer money to mount sob story marketing campaigns. If its shot down on the first round they trim a little fat off the edges, put on the ballot again and the fools (I mean voters) approve it. Saw this in happen my town happen twice the past ten years or so.
  14. Same goes for small businesses that were deliberately crushed the past year so all that remains are woke leftist corporations. The Covid scam was about far more than just getting rid Trump.
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