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  1. The OP didn't say the rifle would be his primary HD weapon, he has a 9mm handgun so maybe that is his primary HD tool and he's looking for an AR in case Antifa rolls into the neighborhood.
  2. On second thought what the OP really needs is a belt fed MG, crew served if possible so his wife can get in on the action.
  3. A six shot revolver verses an assailant with possibly 11-18 rounds in a semi-auto? What about multiple assailants? Why put yourself at such a disadvantage??
  4. No offense, but for SD better make that first shot count with a pump shotgun. A determined assailant with a semi-auto handgun or AR could get off multiple rounds before you even got the second shell chambered. Multiple armed assailants, good luck. Kyle Rittenhouse would probably be dead or talking funny right now had he been armed with a pump shotgun.
  5. What is the law regarding AR pistols in N.J. Could S&W's new M&P15 pistol be made N.J compliant? https://www.alloutdoor.com/2020/12/15/smith-wesson-introduces-new-mp15-pistol/
  6. Bomber


    Probably they're keeping their firearm ownership quiet. Outside of a couple of trusted friends I don't discuss what I own or don't own with anyone. IMO anonymity (what little is possible these days) is important, you might want to be careful with personally identifiable info publicly posted. Use the messaging feature for that stuff.
  7. Last time I checked HD or tactical style shotgun prices were crazy as well, along with 12 ga 00 buckshot ammo. Even beat up Remington 870 police trade-ins were selling on Gunbroker for big bucks with multiple bidders.
  8. He is looking for his first battle rifle. Pistol carbines, 10/22, etc. can be added later..
  9. Guns, and some ammo, can be found if money is no object..
  10. To make a standard configuration M4 AR N.J. compliant it would need a pinned and welded muzzle brake in place of the A2 flash hider, bayonet lug removed, the collapsible stock pinned into a fixed position (or replaced with a fixed stock) and 10 rd. magazine.
  11. Yeah, but the way PSA's policy seems to read they don't ship complete receivers (upper or lower) to N.J. Anyway, by time he pieced together a complete rifle the price will approaching a factory built item, plus the labor, no warranty and limited resale value.
  12. PSA doesn't seem to ship complete AR receivers to N.J. (or complete AR/AR rifles) that kit includes a complete upper receiver. https://palmettostatearmory.com/help-center/terms-and-conditions.html#warranty-policy Other vendors will not ship any AR parts to N.J. IMO for starters I'd get a complete M4 16" AR rifle. S&W M&P sports don't have a chrome lined barrel. Their carry handle models do and are closer to Mil-spec. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/889598666 Or just bite the bullet and go with a new Colt CR6920 since everything is crazy expensive now and it has decent resale value. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/889572171 Oh, and don't forget standard AR's will need to be made N.J. compliant before your FFL can transfer it to you. http://www.monmoutharms.com/gun-smith-services/
  13. Let me know when they do a 10-20 mag, 10 round capacity in a 30 round size magazine makes no sense.
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