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  1. I though glasses weren't allowed for DL photos anymore, (interferes with their facial recognition cameras)?
  2. I drive an hour from my house to use Steve at Monmouth Arms precisely to avoid these kind of rip offs and other hassles.
  3. I've heard family court judges enjoy throwing out pre-nuptial agreements?
  4. No way should men have joint bank accounts these days, way too risky. Doesn't matter how long you've been married. Should be like the old days when the man owned everything, kept the wives on their best behavior. Of course thats getting harder to do as more women are out earning their husbands now. I've got two neighbors that are stay at home dads living off their wives, but they'd still probably get boned in a divorce.
  5. True. IF you spend $500 and jump through multiple hoops every two years and stay out of sensitive no CCW locations.
  6. Interesting, one can travel around the state with an unloaded AR which everyone knows is the most evil dangerous gun in the world but not a handgun.
  7. At this point might as well just wait and see what happens. The ultra low interest rate ship has sailed, prices are still at bubble valuations and inventory is low because people can't or won't sell and lose their 30 year 3% mortgages. https://www.oftwominds.com/blogapr23/housing-rates4-23.html
  8. No comparison between then and now. Housing prices, property taxes are far more expensive today and If you couldn't afford to buy back then rents were reasonable. Today residential real estate is a witches brew of high prices," high" interest rates, low inventory and massive legal/illegal immigration driving up demand for housing. Plus all the FED agencies distorting the market; HUD, Fannie/Freddie Mac, etc.
  9. Okay but I'd still contact a firearms attorney before submitting the FID application, you don't want to get denied for some avoidable issue.
  10. No Idea what it costs these days. I think I paid Needleman and Pisano under $1000 20 years ago. Worth it to get your record cleared IMO.
  11. You're pretty light on details but I'd suggest contacting a firearms attorney if you haven't done so already. they can advise on how best to proceed.
  12. Unfortunately after the 2020 Covid tyranny and BLM riots I have serious doubts about that. In my area the cops rarely even make traffic stops anymore. Many cars with all the windows blacked out, trucks with steam roller tires and loud exhaust tearing around, cops just smile and wave.
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