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  1. Ugh, no. Get an AR, so many more options. Except for rifles which are specifically banned by name, (A Colt with an AR-15 rollmark for example), most can be easy modified to be N.J. compliant:. i.e. pinned and welded muzzle brake, (no birdcage flash hiders) fixed or pinned collapsable stock, milled bayonet lug, 16 inch overall barrel length and 10 round magazines of course.
  2. Well, if they're smart they can have their revenge on Murphy in 16 months. Unfortunately voters have short memories and Murphy plans to milk this virus for all its worth right up until Nov 3. Afterward, he figures he'll have a year for damage control blaming it all on anyone but himself.
  3. I've already had one idiot say something to me in Home Depot back in May. My Mom had two guys point out she wasn't walking the right direction in Shop-Rite. These people are out there and are frankly more dangerous than Murphy.
  4. There are plenty of self appointed mask nazis that will be more than happy to help him out.
  5. All part of the plan to keep the people at each others throats.
  6. Inspections, DL & registration renewals and some other documents that expired after mid-March are extended until July 31 per the DMV.
  7. Pump action shotguns are one of the most difficult weapons to master for home defense, especially for inexperience shooters and/or females: Heavy, unwieldily indoors, massive recoil, easy to short stroke, limited capacity- just to name a few drawbacks. I would seriously consider a 9mm striker fired handgun, that you and your wife could easily handle if necessary. For safety it can be stored loaded but without a round in the chamber, (or unloaded with a magazine nearby, can be put into action in seconds). The Smith & Wesson SD9VE is a good choice with a heavy self defense long pull trigger. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/sw-sd9-ve-low-capacity
  8. The point (by design) is to make obtaining a firearm in N.J. such a major intrusive hassle as to discourage all but the most determined. So far it has worked quite well with N.J. gun ownership rates among the lowest in the nation.
  9. Well, you've got two people right here, so far, lecturing you, N.J. Division of Taxation needs all the help they can get.
  10. Not all online sellers collect N.J. sales tax. And before the latest panic many offered free shipping and much better prices than buying from most in-state LGS.
  11. S&W 686 was my first handgun. Beautiful piece of craftsmanship, very accurate, etc. However, it made no sense as a primary defensive handgun: Heavy, limited capacity, blinding muzzle blast with magnum ammo, tricky to reload under stress. It was eventually sold for more than double what I paid because it had become more of collectors item that stayed in the safe.
  12. I've heard lots explanations why people purchase a Glock, but how it feels in the hand is almost never one of them.
  13. Just the standard 9mm EZ. I don't care for the pimped out Performance Center versions. The M&P EZ is hammer fired BTW, totally different trigger feel and design.
  14. Weight difference is probably negligible. Also to consider is cleaning. Can the floor plates be remover or replaced on modified 15/17 rounders? Thats another reason I Iike the S&W SD9, the 16 and 10 round mags are identical except for a crimp in the middle of the 10 rounders. Floor plates can be easily removed or swapped out.
  15. Yes, Compact is 4in. Full size is 4.25in. BTW while you at it check out the new S&W M&P EZ 9mm, smooth shooting gun. I would have purchase it over the .380 EZ but they weren't available at the time. Only 8 round mags but that makes things easier in N.J.
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