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  1. The point is to raise the issue. The Left plays the long game using this tactic all the time, propose something outrageous they know doesn't a chance of getting passed into law, yet.. But they'll keep at it years if necessary. Republicans on the other hand have this all or nothing mentality.
  2. So they were C-rations from the 1920's? How were the Lucky Strikes?
  3. Aktually the Shop-Rite can-can commercial from way back did have dancing girls in frilly dresses. That was a catchy commercial, I can still sing it word for word. And you can sing it too:
  4. That why I like my big Taco Red Baron circulator pumps. If the house is quiet I can hear/feel them switch on and run even from the second floor.
  5. So the burner runs when the t-stat calls for heat or hot water and temp/pressure are ok. Doesn't sound like the expansion tank, a failed expansion tank will cause excessive high pressure, 12-15 psi is normal. First thing I'd check is if the circulator pump runs when there is a call for heat.
  6. I wouldn't take anything for granted these days. The spirit and intent of the law means nothing to these evil creatures.
  7. Stupid question here: Can an FFL start the NICS application without you showing up in person if they have all your info, thus saving a second trip?
  8. Late 2019 AA was blowing out certain Pennsoil Platinum, Mobil Super Synthetic, HM and CarQuest HM full syn oils. I was buying 5 jugs as low as $3.79 and qts. for .55 cents. When they were cleaned out at my local store they would order them for me from other stores. The really nice black female assistant manager at the time knew me on first name basis after a while, I think she still works there. It was good timing too because I was running low on my stash from previous oil clearances at K-Mart and AA. Doubt we'll see blow out deals like that again anytime soon, AA has jacked their prices on everything wayyy up.
  9. Oh definitely. If they can rig the vote to install a creature like Biden anything is possible now.
  10. Out cheated. Oregon is all mail-in ballots I believe and they've haven't gone state wide republican since.
  11. And in N.J. automatically registered to vote.
  12. Bomber


    Does it have to be Kero? I've used the low sulfur diesel they sell these days in my forced air heater when Kero prices got too expensive. Now diesel prices are outrageous as well but at least its easy to find. There was a gas station or two on Rt. 23 north of Butler that sold Kero but I haven't been up that way lately. https://www.fredericksfuel.com/fuels/kerosene/
  13. And your wallet, cell phone, house keys, passport, birth certificate, SSN, H.S. diploma, library card, marriage license, PBA card, credit cards, ATM card (with PIN), hunting license, dog license (with proof of rabies vax), photos of the wife and kids..
  14. I've never seen that before. It'd be funnier if they left out the "A Gun" line and just said carry, people would get it.
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