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  1. Did a Bulgarian 74 last year here's my vid of the build:
  2. FYI they are sold out of the CCI SV bricks now. They have CCI minimag 100rds for $11.00
  3. Thanks dudes! This was actually my very first AK build. All the information is out there on the various AK forums and Youtube. Unfortunately there is not one single source of info, you have to dig around. It would be hard in today's market to save money on a build vs buy, parts kits are becoming too expensive. Best you might do is break even. But it is an extremely satisying and worthwhile experience to hold in your hands a rifle you built. You know your gun down to the smallest rivet. And its hilarious to be able to point at it and say "I built that." I was actually loaned the build specific jigs and tools, and I already had the press and MIG and hand tools. So I was only in it for the cost of the parts. If I had to buy the jigs and riveting tools it would cost twice as much, I may not have done it... Nah who am I kidding--I always wanted to try this!
  4. Hi all, Just finished my AK74 build this past weekend, made a little video along the way. This is a Bulgarian 74 parts kit built on a Nodak NDS-2 receiver. Enjoy! link to build video:
  5. Sorry, just realized, does this go into Hot Deals? Doh!
  6. Widener's has some in stock right now: http://www.wideners.com/itemdetail.cfm?item_id=6974&dir=18|830|851 Price is not terrible for the Panic, and at least they have some, the last time I was able to buy a can was pre-CT. Feed those 74s people!
  7. Another +1 for KP, excellent communication, and very quick shipping
  8. Everything sucks right now

  9. I emailed inquiring about AK74 mags, got this in response tonight: "Mtnarmory thanks you for your patience during the current firearms frenzy. We have had on order, since October of 2012, for more G3 windowed and nonwindowed Pmags. We have had on order, for over a month, the G2 mags. I am not sure when we will be getting more in stock. Our supplier does not know when they will be sending our order out. When the mags, become available, we will send out emails for those who are on our backorder list. We do have in stock AK47 steel new 30 round mags. The current price is $30.00 for rebuilds and $35.00 for converted. We are limiting to 10 max on all mags. Our website is not working at this time. Please email me with your name,address,phone number, and email address. Thank you for your patience. All of our 308 Pmags are on back order also. As far as the Bulgarian AK74 mags go, they are too expensive and of short supply for us to carry them at this time."
  10. Did you order recently? I had called a couple weeks back and their answering machine message said they had no mags in stock? thanks
  11. Correction: Sorry, the one box limit was for their 22lr only, I think it varied between 2-5 box limit for other cailbers. They had only 3-4 boxes of 22LR today.
  12. FYI--Was just at Ramsey Outdoor to shop for 22lr ammo, they are limiting ammo sales to one box per caliber per day. I also heard Walmart is doing the same now?
  13. Anyone know of a place in Bergen county that still has bulk .22lr at a decent price? thanks
  14. +1 as well. Good communication, fast shipping
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