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  1. i guess a better way to word the question or to be more clear on my part, if say i sell someone a set of pistol sights.. am i allowed to have possession of their firearm for a few days to install them? if i sold someone a new FCG for their AR, am i allowed to hold the gun over night for installation? if the answer is no, if it pertains to being an 07 FFL, what is an 07 FFL? ill look it up as well but maybe you could explain in easier terms as well after i read the jumbled legal version thats makses no sense lol
  2. hey guys havnt been on here in awhile... wanted to sk a few questions to those who bobbed and weaved throughout the above mentioned task.. 1- if you obtain a RFL are you allowed to run the business from a residential area (home or garage) i know it was ok i just don't know if that still stands true. 2- if you obtain a RFL are you permitted to make minor repairs or fit the items you sell (ex uppers, fire control groups, sights ect) 3- what are some of the major pitfalls that others make? I'm slowly gathering all the info i think i need and i figured what better place to gather some info than good ole NJGF
  3. konus IMO is the best bang for the buck with spotting scopes
  4. A lot of times I have heard fires from tracer ammo and the place was dead last night! The rso josh was in jus about every lane jus being friendly and checking shit out he woulda cought something like that! I wonder what it's from?
  5. I shot there till close last night!!! Hy crap!
  6. Thanks for the reply, I think I'm jus gonna wait it out and get the elite kit from EAA It sucks but I kno it's what I want
  7. Ok so I have a full size steel witness a direct cz 75 clone.. Well I just got it today after a long long wait and it is chambered in 10mm I tried to proactively order a black long slide with super sights conversion from eaa for $290 (.40 s&w conversion) Well guess what the state if nj was quicker than eaa lol The question is can I put a .40 barrel, recoil spring and .40 mags? Will that work for half the price? Or should I just wait for the long slide conversion?
  8. That's a genius idea that exactly what I'm doing!!!
  9. Frank pm me ur cell so I can send u pics
  10. I'm looking for a company that makes a clamp on a2 style front sight but it seems to be very limited... I bought a barrel and realized it wasn't drilled for the sight and then did the research and found what u have to do and it jus not worth it :/ I kno JP makes one but are there any kno good ones out there other than that they are $122!!! Can you drill and tap the standard sight and then jus notch the barrel?? I'm a master tech by trade I jus wanna kno if anyone has done that successfully before I buy one
  11. What does that mean? Sucks that u have to pay attention??
  12. It's super easy u jus have to be conscious of how you load the mags that's all it's really really simple
  13. I have never had a problem with cheap stuff.. It's all in how you load the magazines 2 seconds of attention paid to how u load them equeals trouble free shooting
  14. I have one for sale in OD green, scoped with 4 mags Pm if interested
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