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  1. MSA MICH Maritime headset. Complete. New never used. $475 plus shipping/insurance or can set up local pickup. Peltor PTT not included but will sell for $250 plus shipping/insurance or local p/u.
  2. Brand New Holosun HE515CT. Never mounted. $400. Willing to ship on your dime plus insurance or can pick up locally.
  3. Excellent to like new BM59 Parts kit. Complete with torch cut receiver parts. This is a 1970 rifle, and appears that it may have been a new rifle. when cut up. Purchased this several years ago from Bowman's when they had them with the intention of having one built but have decided to use my M1 receiver for another project. $650. No barrel or receiver included. Will ship on your dime plus insurance, or can meet up locally.
  4. Selling my Milled C39V2. Purchased a stripped NOS barreled receiver and the went with all surplus NOS parts including Polish milled carrier and piston, Polish surplus spring assembly, Polish trigger guard, Polish rear sight, Russian surplus gas tube, WBP bolt, Beryl extended mag release, Romanian dust cover, WBP extended selector, ALG trigger, AKOU Tango Down hand grip, barrel cut to 14.5" and Meridian Defense BD2AK brake (pinned and welded). All work done by Jonathan at Blackburn AKs. The rifle has about 50 rounds through it just for test firing. Action is smooth, with no hang up. I have a few projects that I am working on, and need the safe space. Since I don't really get to shoot it, decided to pass it along. Will also include the RS Regulate scope mount with the rifle. $1300. Prefer to meet at either FSS in Pinebrook or Point Blank in East Hanover for transfer. Buyer pays all transfer fees.
  5. Mostly into modern firearms but started slowly collecting/building out Polish firearms. Looking for Polish Mausers and pre war VIS pistol.
  6. Recently built out a set of PVS14s and bridged them . Any ranges here in NJ allow night time training?
  7. tower06


    I picked up used Motorola HT1000s and had them programed to MURS frequency. I used them when I was involved with EMS and they are bullet proof.
  8. Didn't realize the date till well after posting. Was just looking over the AK posts and responded.
  9. GrimmTactical out of Warton, but as I understand he lived to WV now, but still takes work. Supposedly there is an ak smith in Jersey City at Caso's I believe. I picked up a Saiga locally and the prior owner had work done by him. Apparently he worked for Kalasnikov when still in Russia. At least that I was told but don't know how much truth to it.
  10. Wars 10s have shot up. Even used I'm seeing them for about 110 beans. I picked up a Pioneer forged in 5.56. Rock solid. The reviews online seem to give positive marks as well. For under 600 in most cases seems the best deal right now.
  11. Common. It's the hammer profile. Most of the AK style rifles I've owned had this issue, some worse that others. See.s common with the Tapco G2 triggers. I've switched to ALG triggers and seems better. My GenIII Beryl/Archers seemed to have e a nice trigger tight o UT the box...no hangup. Can always reprile hammer to match surplus hammers.
  12. Those stocks are not known for being all that good. Would go with. Romanian surplus set, MD63 type with the front dong. My Wasr currently has that installed. Could also go with the KYPK stock. Has adjustable cheek riser built in. Picked one up and will be installing on my 5.56 Pioneer rifle.
  13. Ross at FSS in Pinebrook has one in the store.
  14. I've got a 5million range Springfield receiver I am selling with a BM59 kit. Both in excellent condition.
  15. If price is key go Wasr10 , otherwise go with a Beryl. Solid Polish build comes and comes in 7.62 and 5.56. I have each caliber and extremely well built. There are also the WBP Fox rifles, also come in both calibers.
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