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  1. They've been on backorder since at least October. Trying the secondary market
  2. Looking for stripped Spikes tactical 9mm upper as well as a 5.56 upper. Let me know what you have, and pricing. Thanks
  3. I have spent Lake city brass, also have Wolf brass, basically my range pickups. Its used and would need to be re-processed but solid and useable. Haven't seen any new brass anywhere.
  4. I checked his site...only has one or 2 receivers Nd they are strictly auction it appears...is he selling outright?
  5. Looking for a stripped Beretta made M1 Garand receiver for a build. Let me know what you have. Ok if the finish is worr, but looking for something with no pitting. Thanks
  6. Personally, I think the SBPDW would be best brace option on these.
  7. Been a member since 2013 but not very active and don't think I ever introduced myself. I'm an Acute CAre Nurse Practitioner, and work in neuro surgery. Been a long time shooter/collector. Mostly focusing now on Polish firearms, but still love the AK and AR platforms.
  8. JT he was very happy. Loves the gun.
  9. Spoke directly to Radical about these. Their distributor for our area is Elite111 in Connecticut. Contacted them and their new shipment arrives in a few weeks, so I have one being sent to FSS Armory for me. Honestly they have the best price around on these even with shipping and after NICS. Give them a call. They said they have rolling orders ongoing as a distributor and will place you on the list. A friend picked one up in .300 from an in state dealer, and I've had an opportunity t check it out. Honestly, fit and finish not dissimilar to the Troy, without having to pay the fan-boy prices. It's worth the buy. Looking forward to getting mine in hand
  10. Contact FSS in Pinebrook. I believe I saw one there a few weeks back
  11. Ok so I have read all the posts or semi auto vs. full auto legality in NJ AR's, but can anyone show me documented law stating that they cannot be used in a NJ legal semi-atuto AR? All I ever see is opinion and posts that basically devolve into arguments, but no hard fact. I've read the 2008 ATF opinion letter which states it is completely legal, and yes I know it is contradictory to NFA law, so what is fact? Is there someone who can truly clarify this? I am not looking for opinion, I am looking for written code stating yes...I can use them, or NO they are illegal. I know this goes back and forth all the time. I know some people use them. I just want to know facts. If there are any LEO's or 2A attorneys on here who truly know on here and can tell me, great. I've called the state police firearms division in the past on questions, and all I ever get is a officer reading me state law and not explaining it. I know they are not lawyers, but someone must really understand the ridiculous laws we have on the books. Any help is appreciated.
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