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  1. Barrel shroud needs to be removed & MB needs to be pinned/ welded and mag replaced with a 10 round Then you need to see if NFA will ship it to NJ considering the pending litigation.............???
  2. The Extar EP9 is no legal with the brace installed from the factory, nor can it have the barrel shroud - it must be removed
  3. I believe there were more 75B's in polished Stainless than P-01's
  4. That thought process is exactly what is keeping you out of the Cartel............
  5. Also - It was not plated - it was polished Stainless. I have it's big brother.........
  6. I believe it is a discontinued model - produced back in 2017 / 18 Ref. # 91197
  7. According to the article, it's the second time they defied NJ so who knows what they will / will not do in the future.......????
  8. Full Story here: https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/new-jersey/2019/06/19/gurbir-grewal-nj-sues-las-vegas-gun-dealer-high-capacity-magazine/1494539001/?fbclid=IwAR2DGewccR1l93RuxY559wB2Oe-vRXm0AvW6Pl3Yw54o5hSb-_U67z18lCM
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