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  1. NOTICE OF POTENTIAL SAFETY ISSUE AND RECALL NOTICE FOR ARMALITE MODELS: AR-10, SPR MOD 1, SPR MOD 2, M15, AND EAGLE-15 We have determined that the disconnector and the hammer on some of our AR-10, SPR MOD 1, SPR MOD 2, M15, Eagle-15 Model rifles were not properly manufactured by third party vendors and that the disconnectors or hammers in those rifles can fail to ensure proper engagement of the hammer. This, in turn, can result in an unsafe condition in which the rifle doubles (discharging twice when the trigger is pulled one time). A very small percentage of the rifles sold have been reported to have this condition. This is an important safety issue and we are therefore implementing a plan so that the affected rifles can be serviced and that the non-performing disconnectors and hammers can be replaced. Armalite Recall Notice.pdf
  2. Oh - THAT guy? I remember reading about that a few weeks ago. The guy I was referring to was several years ago, not recent....
  3. Can't say that I know that name........
  4. These days you have to - too many scammers! Paul - you remember that guy a few years back that was using a faked 03 to bring a Ruger .22 w/ can into NJ? That guy was in Manchester..........
  5. Not saying it is an every day thing, it isn't but one needs to be diligent when shipping firearms. In the past 6 years I've seen 2 forged class 1's and 2-3 class 3's The class 3 is easier for scammers because FFL E-Z check won't verify a 3, and most people won't bother to call the ATF, so I would imagine the 3 is used most often (but that is my guess).
  6. It is not just 03's - there are forged FFL's of different classes Periodicly you may see something in a forum thread, but mostly it is discussed between dealers & ATF. Major reason there is the FFL E-Z check, to help validate licensees
  7. Another reason there are so many fakes One can contact the ATF for verification.......
  8. That the FFL is valid - not expired or a forgery There are many faked FFL's floating around the internet.......
  9. Shipper would need a copy of the C&R and needs to check that the lic is valid at time of transfer. Shipper can ship directly to C&R as long as the State in which the C&R resides allows it. As an example - NJ does not recognise a C&R so someone in TX. cannot ship it to a C&R in NJ. Just need to dot the i's & cross the t's before shipping it out.................. Good Luck!
  10. When a dealer does a NICS check on line the question is asked if it's a Hand gun, Long gun or Both. The dealer selects the appropriate selection upon submittal....... The 4473 requires the number of firearms being transferred to be written out (one, two, ect.) as some sort of lame way to prevent the dealer from adding another firearm onto the same 4473 after the transaction has been completed (You can't come back tomorrow and add one to the last 4473). There are no limits on NICs checks per person in any given timeframe but the 1 Hg per month rule applies as we all know.
  11. I believe the Canadian Snipers typically use .338 Lapua Magnum in a C14 rifle..............
  12. BTT
  13. BTT