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  1. NO - NICS has a record of your last NICs check and if the FFL submits before the 30 day rule the request will com back denied. Then your name goes on a list and at some point the NJSP contact you to scold you over the phone and tell you if you do it again they can pull your FID card...............
  2. Copper shortage......................
  3. Taurus G2C 9mm Black w/ Stainless Slide 3.2" BBL. Adj Sights Two (2) 12rd mags (10rds in NJ)* $295.00 / 315.00 (NJ)
  4. Rock Island Armory M1911-A1 Standard .45acp Full / Govt. Size 5" BBl. Novak Sights (Adj) Upswept Beavertail Ambi-Safety Skeleton Hammer Skeleton (Adj.) Trigger Two (2) sets of grips (Wood & Black) 8-Rd mag $550.00
  5. Taurus 605 Revolver .38 / .357 Tactical Black 2" BBl. 5-Shot Comfort Grip Double / Single Action $385.00 Great Home Defense Gun!
  6. What customers (in general) need to understand is that if your FFL puts in YOUR NICS check, it will take approx. 3 business days to come back (not including the day it was submitted, Sundays or holidays). Then once the FFl has it back he has to schedule you to come in. He may have 10-20 people who's nics are approved ahead of you scheduled, so you get pushed back a couple days in the waiting line. It's not like it was back in the day - EVERYTHING is backed up.......................
  7. Once you submit - you get a "Billing number" in the confirmation e-mail
  8. Palmetto makes an excellent AK - problem is they stopped making AK's and ramped up production on AR's because AR's are less expensive to build and have a better profit margin for the mfg. AK's in general are on B/O everywhere - we have Arsenals in stock, and are the only dealer in NJ authorized by Arsenal to do compliance work on their rifles. Anyone else making an Arsenal NJ Compliant automaticly voids the warranty (FYI)
  9. I can't say what someone else did or din't do - that isn't my place. I'm just saying that NICs is working on Monday's checks so either it was submitted before Monday and there is a problem (Delay, deficient, ect.) or possibly it wasn't put in until a few days after Thursday..............
  10. Not sure who your FFl is, but ask him to look in the Deficient or delayed sections of the NICs portal. NICs is way past last Thursday, as we said that are working on monday, so any checks submitted prior to Monday have been either completed or are pending a response from the FFL................
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