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  1. Correct! Your new D/L has a Date of issue on it, if the sale / transfer takes place before the 31St day you can have non-matching address, but the paperwork must reflect your NEW address........
  2. Title 13 - Chapter 54 N.J.A.C. 13:54-1.11 A) Person shall apply for a replacement In the case of a Change of Residence by the holder, within 30 days of such change. According to NJSP - when doing an inspection / Audit - The ID info attached to the 4473 (NJ D/L & FID card) must match unless Sale or transfer has take place prior the the 30th day of the new address on the D/L. if they do not match, and thr issue date of the D/L is more tham 30 days prior to the transaction, they (NJSP) say the FID card is no longer valid and the transaction cannot be completed. just saying what there telling me...............
  3. SALE: Sig Sauer Nightmare Carry (model #: 1911FCA-357-NMR) .357 Sig Black Nitron finish 4.2" BBl. Low Profile sights Two (2) mags Skeleton Hammer Skeleton trigger Silver accents $680.00 New in Box - ready to go! Sale Price - While supply lasts
  4. Very Nice! Fit & finish is excellent - I really like these! A good Value for the money!
  5. We are now an Auth. Stocking Dealer For Riley Defense AK's in NJ Currently we have three (3) models avail. RAK-47 - P (Poly) Black Synth. Furniture & Phoenix Technology stock with storage comp. Mil-Spec Forged Trunion Machined Bolt Nitride Barrel Tapco G2 Trigger asy Pinned Slant Brake Bolt Hold Open w/ thumb pad Machined Scope Mount Black Oxide Finish Cleaning Rod Extended Mag release NJ Compliant Mag 2-Year warranty RAK-47-C (Classic) Same as above but with Classic Wood Set RAK-47 - C/R (Red Boyds Furniture installed) Same as above but with Boyd's Russian Red furniture kit installed Call fro Details & Pricing today! JT
  6. Call - Geraldo Rivera he can do a show in it. we'll spend an hour waiting to find out............................ NOTHING! lol
  7. Lol - That would be one hell of a package!
  8. If you're looking for a Kriss Vector - we sell them on a pretty regular basis. LOOK HERE:
  9. BUMP!
  10. I thought it was "in uniform" - cover stays on In Civi's - Remove cover Is that not regs?
  11. ^ Thank you Zeke!
  12. Thank you my friend! Pleasure doing business and making another Happy Customer! JT