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  1. Rock Island: VRF-14 (Other Firearm) VR80 Black Aces: Pro Series "S" (14" Shorty S.A.) Pro Series "L" (Lever Action) FD-12 (Bull Pup) Kel-Tec: KS-7 Dickenson: Commando
  2. VP9SK / LE 9mm Black Optic Ready Slide Night Sights Three (3) 10rd mags New in Box - $850.00 + NICS & Tax
  3. Glock 17 (Gen 3) 9mm Estate gun - Like New - Has about 10rds through it Box, Manuals, Two 10rd mags, Speed Loader & Cleaning supplies Made in Austria (Not a US Glock) MINT Condition! $399.00
  4. Troy A4 OTHER 5.56 10.5" BBL Troy F/U sights Troy Mid Evil Flash Hider New in the Box $1250.00
  5. Have you installed the bolt carrier w/o the charge handle? How well does it fit?
  6. John - Stay home - fix cars on Monday, OR open the shop on Sunday and rest today. Say hello to Ma
  7. Not according to that Euro model......................
  8. Andy - I have them in stock if you want to take a close look at one...............
  9. Just remember that the barrel is VERY thin, and whoever pins it should have previous experience so as to not drill through the barrel. Ask you FFL - "Have you done this model before"? Just so they don't monkey up you gun...........
  10. OR - you can go with Paul's position that that barrel can't accept a Flash Hider, but that is up to the customer & FFL..........
  11. The SD (Large shroud) Should be no different than the original version:
  12. Agreed but since they now have thread adapters for 8mm threaded barrels, I'm not sure how the state would look at this. HGW pins the shroud, as would we.........
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