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  1. Our Radical's have 13" Barrels. IF we have to adjust - we are going to add a long muzzle brake and Pin & Weld and be done with it, BUT I don't think it's gonna happen! Just on Pistols, that will be the extent IF they do anything....................jmo
  2. https://www.shorenewsnetwork.com/2021/06/30/new-jerseys-politically-charged-anti-cop-attorney-general-grewal-stepping-down/?fbclid=IwAR1glTdajk7uqB4pk4qCQdf6vr4Bl93DMjwomf3n8BPIbiVUj0TDNFOdzdg
  3. At this rate - Biden my surpass the Obamanation as the best Gun salesman in history..........
  4. I have seen this gun - Pictures don't do it justice - Beautiful!
  5. Some states are direct to NICS (I believe PA is direct) and thus is a much faster system NJ is a Point of Contact state, so dealers submit to NJ & NJ Re-submits to NICS. They (NJ) get their cut off the top and you wait till they get it done. This is just another reason why NJ sucks......
  6. Right now the NICS check in NJ is about 2-3 business days unless you get a Delay The Delays have been taking a week +
  7. I'm not in your district but wish you the Best of Luck!
  8. These are done well Guys - Great little gift idea - Grab one!
  9. I was in the city - got 2 feet of snow...............
  10. For those of you who actually got some accumulation - Drive Safe!
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