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  1. Hello John! As with all Beretta Shottys they are V/G quality - only problem with the Patrol & Ultima Patrol it the tube holds 7 rds so it has to be blocked. Better off with the1301 - same basic gun, just 5+1 rds - jmo
  2. To address the original point that "used" Handgun sales have slowed - they have, but I think it has more to do with distributors dropping their pants on NEW gun prices. When NEW gun prices go down, the demand for USED goes down because the margin between what Joe Blow wants for he used Ruger LCP vs what a new one cost - the potential buyer is more likely to go with the new and the warranty. JMO
  3. Charles - Can I assume Paul gave you the same answer I did.....?????
  4. I'm very good, Thank you! I will see if I can make it happen for you............
  5. What "exactly" is it you're looking to buy from PSA.......?????
  6. AK's can not have the "Kalashnikov" name on the frame - AK (As in PSAK-47, RAK-47, ect.) is fine...........
  7. Most Hand Guns usually go out in a Large Flat Rate Box which is $23.00 + $50.00 Transfer fee + insurance Smaller guns can go in a medium box, but it all depends on the gun, case, accessories, ect I cannot quote insurance unless i have a value placed on the shipment by the owner /seller / ect. Some Mfgs. will send a shipping label on warranty repairs and you can just drop it off at the nearest depot. But again, as Paul Stated earlier - if the MFG. elects to not fix the gun, and replaces it - it has to go through a dealer for the transfer...........
  8. As Paul had stated earlier - you can ship a rifle or shotgun through USPS as a regular citizen. Only an FFL can ship a HG through the postal system.....
  9. If you want us to handle the transfer out - give me a call......... JT
  10. Springfield Armory - Garrison 9mm 5" BBL (Full / Govt. size) 9rd mag (9mm) $795.00 + NICS & Tax VERY Hard gun to get - We have One (1)
  11. Taurus TX22 - NJ Compliant (w/ 10rd mags) $340.00 + $16.0 NICS + tax Let me know..................
  12. Kel-Tec only offers S&W (9mm & 40) and Glock 17/19 (9mm) No Beretta - Sorry
  13. No Black G19 (10rds) avail - I'll quote the 15rd and block the mag $550.00 - NJ Compliant rifle $15.00 - NICS $37.43 - Sales Tax $602.43 -100.00 Factory Rebate $502.43
  14. Prices depend on the following: Color option Type fd Mag (S&W, G-19, G-17, ect.)
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