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  1. Christmas Present for you: Taurus model 608 .38 / .357 Stainless 4" BBL Combat Hammer & trigger 8-Shot (Yes 8) Adj Sights Comfort Grip Only $495.00 with a Lifetime Warranty!!!!
  2. Looking for a Great Christmas Present for the Wife? How about this: Glock G-48 9mm Lavender w/ Silver slide Two (2) 10rd mags All for $490.00
  3. HOWA -Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor -Barrel: 24" Threaded -Fully adjustable stock -American Flag Cerakote -Hogue pistol grip -Nikko Stirling Diamond 4-16x50 LR Scope -10 round magazine Very limited Supply! $1150.00 + NICS & Tax
  4. This is a great Christmas present / stocking stuffer for the guy who doesn't know what to get Tell the wife to look here - Great person to deal with! Highly Recommended................. JT
  5. This is a rifle Ray - the barrel is just short...........
  6. I just took a deposit on the last "In Stock" FO13 - Cust picking up in AM These sell pretty quickly! I have another order on the way in - should be here middle of the week........
  7. Ain't no small Chicken Breast here...................
  8. We get customers from Mahwah, Hi Point, Columbia, ect. Man up, grab a coffee and come pay a visit.......... lol
  9. I'll just leave this here................. $699.00 w/ Lifetime Warranty!
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