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  1. It is a SBR that has a Non-Rifled barrel (The Lands & Grooves are straight) so it is not classified as a rifle or a shotgun - it's a "Firearm" (Same classification as the Tac 14 or Shock wave), and thus exempt from NJ rifle or SA Shotgun limitations. The downside is the ammo - I believe this gun shoot rifled or finned ammo, much like a rifled slug, but it's a bullet. It can shoot standard ammo, but I'm not sure on the Keyhole issues they had previously.....
  2. I can't speak for what Ruger told you, but Ruger posted an MSRP of $249.00 and based on what the distributors are setting dealer price at I don't think you'll see it at 175.00 (jmo) The only on-line seller to have it posted for sale (As a Pre-Order) has it listed at $199.00, so I expect Buds & KGC, ect. to fall in that line......
  3. GSG makes a pretty nice 1911-22.............
  4. I think you're a little low here - more like $200.00 - $225.00 is realistic.........
  5. The muzzle devise on the Yugo 59/66 is not in any way a Flash Hider - it is strictly a Grenade launcher. The barrels are not chrome lined, but good quality - a visual inspection of the bore would be very helpful to see if the barrel is corded from surplus ammo, or shot out. In most (not every) case the 59/66 out in the market are in pretty good condition overall........
  6. One slot left for the incoming order - EXCELLENT Quality Rifle!!!!!
  7. Most companies that sell a NJ compliant version don't offer a LOP option (S&W for example). If you order a rifle that they are building for you (1 off) as opposed to an off the self model, then you can get them to pin it where you want it (most of the time). As Steve pointed out, the S&W compliant guns don't have the indents for the lock to seat, so that buffer tube is useless if you were to get the stock off. In most cases, NJ compliant models have a commercial buffer tube; and if you are buying a new stock and it's Mil-Spec there would be no sense messing with it anyway. I would just torch it off and crazy Glue on another and move on................... lol
  8. It is most likely epoxied from the factory. The easiest thing would be to replace the whole stock; buffer tubes are cheap. Also - you may gave a commercial tube from factory - if you replace the tube you can get a Mil-Spec tube & stock set. Good Luck!
  9. We have this rifle avail. Anyone interested - Call for Details...........
  10. We got ours about a week ago..........
  11. 4 Sold - One (1) Avail. - EXCELLENT Quality...!!!!!
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