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  1. First order coming in on Monday - All are Pre-Sold but one ONE Avail.
  2. We Stock & Sell the Radical FO-13 "other" since Oct. 2019 Regular retail is $699.00 NJGF members $675.00 IN STOCK
  3. No - sorry, that was a Christmas special. They are $699.00 regular, but for NJGF members they are $675.00
  4. Actually it does! It says that though Colt is trying to bring back the glory days of their revolver, they overlooked something that would not have happened during the original days of Python Glory...........
  5. It would appear that colt has had some problems with the crowns on some Pythons? https://www.coltforum.com/forums/python/371445-colt-discovered-muzzle-crown-problem-new-pythons-has-fixed-production.html
  6. When we first investigated the legality of the VR80 & Citadel RS-S1(AK Semi) , photos and descriptions were sent to the NJSP for clarification and they responded that both are legal in NJ. We also contacted the ATF for their interpitation of Pistol Grip vs Thumbhole and they acknowledged that both weapons are not considered to have a Pistol grip
  7. The VR80 is recommended to use Target Loads for the first 50-75 rounds to break her in. Also - you need to verify which Valve is on the barrel, if it has the Heavy load valve it may not cycle on anything other than 3" / Mag. loads. The Light valve is for Target & Standard High Brass - very few semi's will run on low brass.........
  8. We have sold over 50 VR-80's to date. The NJSP have issued a ruling in writing (via e-mail) that the state does recognise a Thumb hole Stock is not a Pistol grip and that the VR80 is legal in NJ.........
  9. Glock G44 .22LR 4.02" Marksman Barrel Dual Seration Slide (Front & rear) Adj. Sights (front & rear) Bottom Rail Two (2) Easy-Load 10rd mags Call for Price & Details
  10. Well john, we all know if the ATF says you can't / shouldn't have it - somebody is gonna come get it......... And has anyone noticed that Franklin Armory started this thread to sell guns, and now has disappeared? Not to be found......................
  11. I would assume the seller can ask, but also assume the dealer would explain that IF they didn't turn it back to the dealer for amount originally paid, the dealer would tell the ATF they did not reclaim the weapon. In that case the ATF will come knocking at your door and take it - then you get nothing..........
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