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  1. Who ever told you that was either lying or an idiot. If the only issue is the mag, they can remove it or replace it - their choice If it needs compliance work, they can offer to ship it to an FFL of your choice for compliance work, or could (if they wanted) given you the gun there in PA. At that point the transfer is legal, it would be you breaking the law if you brought it back to NJ non-compliant. Some people have dual residence, and you could have a house in PA. where you are keeping it, but are still eligable to purchase with a NJ FID if you didn't have a PA drivers lic.
  2. WINDHAM WEAPONRY R20GVTA1S 5.56 20" A2 Profile Barrel w/ Flash Hider (M/B in NJ) 30rd Mag (10rd in NJ) Dust cover Forward assist Carry Handle Dual Ap. rear Sight New in Box w/ Lifetime Warranty 975.00 + NICS 7 Tax
  3. Mint / Un-Fired condition. If you want an AR pistol in NJ - here's your chance.........
  4. In Stock - very Nice Weapon! Excellent reviews.................
  5. I do see what looks like a good movie.........................
  6. I watched the trailer and read about the movie in the bio - it appears to be the 'Rich Elite" hunting 12 strangers. I see nothing that makes me think Liberal vs Conservative, left vs right, ect. but then again, i do not have a tin foil hat......
  7. IWI - Masada 9mm Two (2) 10rd mags Clean and crisp trigger reset with a built in trigger safety Fast, easy and safe disassembly without the need to pull the trigger Combat-style sights, Low barrel axis for reduced perceived recoil 3 Interchangeable wrap around back-straps – S, M, L Large trigger guard for use with or without gloves Enhanced grip texture which enables faster follow-up shots in all conditions Fully ambidextrous operating controls: Slide stop lever, Magazine release, Manual Safety (by special order) Striker-fired pistol Easy racked slide with improved front and rear cocking serrations External extractor integrated with a tactile and visual loaded chamber indicator Cold hammer-forged polygonal rifled barrel Integral MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail 10+1 rds. black magazines with visible round count 100% interchangeability, with an interchangeable trigger mechanism housing that reduces maintenance and life cycle costs. $475.00 + NICS & Tax
  8. It's new - they just came out with color options. I like the clear on as well......
  9. Taser International Taser - Pulse + Hand Held Pistol deployment Built in Red Laser Built in Flash Light Two (2) 15ft carts. Built in electrodes for after deployment protection NoonLight Safety App NO permits required! No Sales to minors - Must be 18 yeas old (in NJ) No Sales to prohibited persons New for 2019 - Four (4) color options: Black, Clear, Blue & Safety Yellow $385.00
  10. I highly doubt a PA FFL will transfer a Non-Compliant AK to a NJ resident in PA........... And I will assume the PA FFL would charge the customer to make it compliant. Would love to know what an "outrageous" compliance fee is.......????
  11. Yes, I look for them across the country, I only get the ones that are un-fired or Mint condition. they don't come around that often, at least not the minty ones. I'm not sure if they still make it or not? The original ones (pictured above) were the true carbon fiber models, later they went to a poly version to save money. I/We only deal in the true carbon fiber models; and yes they are a bit rare - especially the un-fired ones....
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