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  1. I like the Buy it Now price: $1911.01
  2. Steve - Welcome to the Machine!
  3. Glock 43 9mm Two (2) mags Gen 4 New in the Box & ready to go! Lifetime Warranty Custom factory Cerakote - Weathered US Flag Very Limited Edition! $585.00 We only have two (2) - get your's now and piss off a Democrat...................
  4. When we do it - Both Seller & Buyer get a copy of the transfer invoice Invoice shows where the gun came from and where it went We, as the dealer issue the COE (for long guns) to the buyer...............
  5. As i see it the seller doesn't get a copy of the COE. The transfer is handled the same as a gun coming in from Out of State. The Seller is turning it over to the FFL, who take temp ownership and executes the COE. The COE is simply stating that the weapon (Rifle, Shotgun or frame) is legal in NJ at time of transfer - that for is between the FFL and the person receiving the transfer.......
  6. Estate find: Colt model M1894 .38 D.A. 6" BBl Walnut grips Mfg Date : 1898 Estate find - Appears all original - Finish is excellent considering the age tight lock up, vey light cyl ring - very lightly used. Don't know much about these, but this is a Nice Old Antique revolver - shows well! Call for Price & Details......
  7. Not a matter of "IF" - just When..........
  8. In his plan........
  9. Get 'em while they are still 2 bucks! Smurf will be jacking them to $50.00 soon enough........
  10. I would ask that question before sending a gun to anyone! It may be possible that the receiving FFL is booking it out in his GS book, but that is question you should ask, just to know who has your gun and how they got it............
  11. If you are sending the through an FFL for Gunsmith work, the shipping (your) FFL would book it in his ATF Gun Smith Book (Not the A&D) book, which means upon it's return he can give it back to you without a permit or a NICS check. IF for any reason, during a repair / modification the serial number is changed, THEN you would need to go through the process of a Permit (HG) or a COE (long gun) and a new NICs check.
  12. Depending upon if it is a Stainless or a Talo edition, a New one can be had for approx.$825.00 +/- So depending upon the condition (everyone's idea of Great Shape" is different) in today market a used C3 would go approx, $600.00 +/-
  13. Hard to follow? - Impossible to follow...........
  14. Ray wants pix - where do I start........?????