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  1. I went to my local PD when I bought a shotgun P2P. I explained to them that I just bought it and I wanted to make sure it was on the up and up. They ran the serial, said it was ok and I walked out. Looking at your predicament, I don't know if it is a good idea. I also would assume they need to be shipped to a FFL, and it might turn up that way but I am not sure.
  2. I'd rather let someone look at my rifle for 5 seconds then have less places to shoot in the area. That and the fact that they are not gouging you on the pricing. I had an enjoyable experience and everyone there was polite to me, which is more than you can say about a lot of ranges and shops.
  3. I don't really know what they were looking at to be honest with you. The RO did clear them, but he was just eyeing them over really quick. They did mention finding some with out fixed stock previously, but all of our rifles are compliant so it was not an issue. Our other 2 shooters had 10/30 mags and they didn't even look at them. It did not bother me at all.
  4. Went there 2 days ago. Really like the place and their prices are pretty good for an indoor range. The staff was really nice to me and our 2 other shooters. The one handgun range looked pretty filled up, but the other one was empty. We were the only ones on the rifle range. The RO was really nice, didn't do anything but BS with us, he really likes the sport. They have a lot of pistols for sale now, I would say 6 or 7 full cases. The prices were pretty decent too. I hope the place does well, I am going back there Friday with another shooter. I am considering joining, the price for a combined membership to the rifle and pistol range is a little cheaper then other places with just pistol ranges. They did not check our mags but they did check our rifles really quick. We had 3 rifles in the same bay with no issue. Also they added a bay with a bench and they have a couple of stools. They have long guns for sale as well.
  5. Pretty big news. I was a pretty regular Hagues customer. They were the place to buy SIG, and I got a couple of other good deals there. Liked the guys there, but I didn't ever shoot there. On the other hand, the guys at Freedom are great guys too. Look forward to see what happens over there. I hope they keep a good relationship and deals with SIG.
  6. Range 14 allows steel at the maximum 200 yds of the range.
  7. Deuces Den has become my go to spot in SJ for transfers, the owner is really nice and the shop is pretty stocked with accessories and ammunition at reasonable to great prices.
  8. I hate to bring back old threads, but I didn't want to start a new one for this simple question...... Is this place still open? No website, Facebook, and when I called no one answered.....
  9. MacDan

    AR sling

    I have a Magpul MS4 dual QD sling that allows me to switch between single and two point. As for mounts, my one rifle has a A2 rifle stock so I used a Troy M16A4 mount in the rear and a Magpul RSA QD pic rail attachment in the front. I picked the Troy because I use PRI gas buster charging handles and this one didn't interfere with it. My other rifle is a S&W M&P Sport II with the fake complaint carbine stock, so I used a TangoDown Carbine Sling Mount, because every other mount I saw required removing the stock, which is impossible with the complaint design S&W uses. The TangoDown mount is two pieces and is also able to work with the gas buster handle. I put a Magpul MOE SL M-Lock hand guard in this rifle, so I used their M-Lock QD Sling Mount. Believe it or not, getting this setup done on these rifles required lots of time, and some trial and error. A bunch of other mounts were bought and returned because they wouldn't work with my setups. I am happy with this setup as it is now, and I am glad I can use one sling with both rifles, and have pretty much identical functions on each.
  10. Yes, any rimfire rifle, muzzleloader, and any shotgun.
  11. I go to the Makepeace lake WMA and Range 14 on a regular basis (might be going tomorrow after the rainstorm moves through). For shooting rimfire you can't beat the range at Makepeace lake. You are left pretty much alone unless other shooters are there, but the guys that shoot there are for the most part all nice to one another. Bring your own target stands and targets, and whatever else you want to shoot as long as you want to clean it up. While its true you need a hunting license, I have never had one in the 8 years I have been shooting shotgun and rifle there. I did take the class to get one, but I don't hunt so I never got it.
  12. I guess I need to cut off the delta ring and the plate that holds the hand guard on if I am not removing the block? In that case I might as well just get a bench block and knock off the FSB.
  13. Want to shave the FSB on my MP15 and get a free float hand guard, some nice options here. I have a Burris MTAC and the front sight is in the way on the lowest setting. I have a FastFire on it as well so I don't really want backup irons. I don't want to take the barrel nut off so this has been informative to me. I don't really want to take the FSB off either, do you think I could shave it with the dremel on still attached?
  14. If they made it in a DM model I would buy one to go with my TAC-14 DM.
  15. I use TW-25b grease on my 9mm AR, also will most likely use it on my 5.56 S&W. I use it on all my guns except the shotguns.
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