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  1. 20 people, Phil Murphy would be jizzing his pants to make a public speech about all the criminals he is keeping off the streets.
  2. That's pretty insane.Basically re-registering them every 10 months? A NICS check for every gun you already had a check for? Only 48 hours to notify the police after a life changing event (new job, new address)? I'm surprised they aren't asking for a super detailed analysis of every gun you own, describing every scratch or minor cosmetic issue to help identify it.
  3. Eh, one of my two references is extremely liberal. She had no problem signing off on it. Just be straight up. "Hey, I want to get into target shooting as a sport. Could you sign off as a reference so I can get my equipment?" I would 100% expect all of my liberal friends to even be a reference if I asked. You might be surprised.
  4. Sounds like they'd have to change a lot of laws and policies to no longer include marijuana.
  5. When my customer has a complain, they just email or call my boss directly. A lot easier than that form.
  6. Doctors, who are wined and dined by the makers of opiods to push them? Come on, how many countless stories have we heard of doctors getting caught giving out scripts like candy? If you are so not okay with 40,000 people dying from DUIs each year now, why haven't you been pushing to ban alcohol? Because there aren't tons of conservatives self-medicating with alcohol or pain pills, right? ...Is epilepsy a big problem with college aged kids? About 2% of the population has epilepsy so it's a problem for enough people in college. Not sure why college kids are being singled out though. You mean like spending millions on investigating Hillary for Benghazi? Why can't you see soccer moms getting blazed? It happens now anyway. There are alcoholics. There are soccer moms that are zombies on Xanax. Pain pill addicts. But weed, which isn't as bad as all those, is the one that should be banned? For Christ's sake, it's weed. Not LSD, not heroin. People from hippies to business people smoke it now. And yes, if it eventually becomes federally legal, I would happily chill on my deck in nice weather, light one up, and relax. And if any of my family, friends or co-workers decide to do something similar, I don't care because it's not my business.
  7. From Absecon, you could get to Shooters or Full Metal Jacket in just as much time as it'd take to get to Deptford. FMJ have been fantastic and are clearly huge supporters of 2A rights. Not a huge selection there since it's a smaller place but they'll order anything and get it quick. Shooters I have mixed opinions on. Huge selection, prices are higher. Staff has been pretty friendly and helpful. Except for one guy who tried to prevent me from shooting my Wolf ammo because "Wolf only sells steel core ammo". And refused to believe me about Wolf Gold being a thing despite having 100 rounds in my bag. This was the guy giving the range safety briefings too. All that being said, I'll still go to 129. We have a good rapport with the staff there. The 100 yard indoor range is great. They let me shoot as long as I want. Have fixed stuff for free that's not complicated. And the RO's do a great job helping out new shooters do everything safely. Do I think the safety check, or whatever it is, is a good idea? No, but the effect on me is minimal on me at worst.
  8. If alcohol is legal, I don't see why marijuana should be illegal. Plus we let people have much more power and addictive narcotics that you could actually overdose on. I'm not oblivious to the fact that DUIs and such will go up. That's not shocking. But there's a lot of benefits I believe that will be helpful in the long run. Like reducing dependency on oxycodin and other dangerous opiod painkillers. A solid alternative for a lot of people when it comes to anxiety/PTSD meds which tend to have a lot of nasty side effects. Studies have been published showing it has a significantly positive effect on those with epilepsy. Plus it'll be one less useless thing that the justice system won't be wasting taxpayer money on.
  9. Anyone try it yet? I'm curious how it performs. I also found it interesting that compared to the 40gr Mini Mags, they have the save velocity at muzzle, 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards, same energy at same distances, but the Mini Mags drop faster. (according to manufacturer data)
  10. Well, I had a wonderful time today. Spoke with one of the range officers and asked about steel case ammo. Steel case is perfectly fine, just not steel core.
  11. Well, steel striking a surface can cause sparks. If that were to occur around some unburnt powder or tinder when outside and it's dry, that could cause fire. Possible, but not likely. Extreme example of steel on steel outside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk53Bh7PLZE Can't find anything on youtube of a casing causing sparks. Just what I've read from some other forums as guesses. I've never used steel cased ammo before so I've never seen if ejected casing cause any problems. But odds are, it comes down to can they make money off of it.
  12. It may not be exotic but in my short time of shooting, indoor ranges not allowing steel cased or steel core ammo has been common. 129 doesn't allow it, Shooters doesn't allow it, Garden State Shooting Center, Shore Shot, Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club, Tactical Training Center, RTSP are all examples of NJ ranges that restrict steel cased and/or steel core ammo. Right across the border in much more free PA has the same issues with steel cased/core ammo. Steel cased the only argument I can find for banning it is it sparks more which can cause a fire outdoors. But as far as steel core, it damages the backstops faster than anything else so I can see why that can get banned.
  13. Yes and I do. The range officers are pretty cool. Unless it somehow got really far down the range and it's reachable with the broom, they'd probably okay it. Or if you are the only one there and things are slow, I'm sure they'd oblige you if there was some super special brass you fired and want to retrieve.
  14. "Black powder, steel core, tracers, armor piercing, incendiary, steel/aluminum cased, birdshot/ buckshot or other exotic ammunition is strictly prohibited."
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