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  1. Bet those guards will be just as surprised by their suicides as Epstein was.
  2. Sounds good. Only thing this law was meant to do was turn law abiding citizens into felons and steal our property.
  3. Haven't watched 60 minutes in years. It's much less like investigating and a lot more like selectively picking topics that they can air their opinion on.
  4. Clearly you didn't read the rest of it. Their "study" was looking at the FDA's AERS data to see what was reported. This is the exact same thing dumbass antivaxers do to try to prove their case. If I eat spoiled food, get the flu shot, and later can't get off the toilet, I can report that I got the flu shot and had diarrhea and that would then get recorded as someone having the "side effect" of diarrhea from the flu shot. The whole AER system is not proof of anything. And the study you quoted has not a shred of evidence that the cause of the violence they picked was the result of brain chemical drugs and not some other factor. Correlation does NOT equal causation.
  5. I'd like actual proof considering almost everyone on SSRI's don't decide to just shoot places up. It's just a way of trying to blame the drugs for real issues.
  6. Hey, when you have dirt on royalty, politicians, the elite of the world, it's amazing how fast people work together to get things accomplished.
  7. Here at NJGF, you are for some reason to address every single person who responds to you, regardless of how many times you've already answered the same question or if it's ridiculous.
  8. See? Even Sniper is aware it's a tinfoil level theory. Sick that anyone would ever suggest kids getting shot is a conspiracy.
  9. So, speaking to a legal expert, the case has been broken down to the essentials as this: The liability is based on the claim that it's Remington's advertising that caused Adam Lanza to commit this atrocity. So is that viable to sue Remington over? Yes, the claim is a valid reason to sue. Proving it though has a much higher burden though. Based on that, I'd have a hard time believing by definition Remington could be held responsible as there's no proof that's why he actually did it. But it wouldn't be the first time a sympathetic jury gave out a ridiculous settlement.
  10. Surprised people in Boston didn't sue the maker of the pressure cooker used in the marathon bombing.
  11. This sets a horrible precedent, not even just for firearms manufacturers but as some of you already pointed out, a number of industries. I mean, being held responsible for third party sellers? Let me get this straight: Remington sells this firearm to a gun store, the gun store has the NICS check done, sells it legally to someone, that someone's son takes the gun without permission and shoots a ton of people. So they are trying to create blame a number of levels backwards? Can I sue Yuengling and Chevy if I drink too much at the bar and crash? Can I sue Boeing if a pilot screws up a land and bounces too hard, causing injury? If I take the bus somewhere and the driver decides to run a red light to save time, then crashes, can I sue Greyhound? It's insane how horrible this will go. I feel for these people. I really do. No one should have to suffer the death of a child from some psycho who shoots up a school. But Remington is so far down on the list of who could be blamed, it's senseless.
  12. Ok, so let's say he is assigned a court date. How far away is that? Months? Screw it, if he knows in advance he's screwed, what's to stop him from just moving forward with shooting up a synagogue in the mean time?
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