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  1. This is the best way to break it down. You'll be paying taxes on the money no matter what. Just a matter of strategically choosing when it'll get taxed less.
  2. I prefer Brownells. Decent prices and sales. In general, ammoseek.com is a good resource. Searches the internet and comes back with prices.
  3. He's not the one letting them out after short stints in federal prison.
  4. It's a weak federal law that is weak because Republicans refuse to do any punishments involving guns.
  5. https://www.nj.com/mercer/2020/01/out-of-prison-a-month-trenton-man-charged-with-possessing-a-firearm.html
  6. Hahaha, you think it's the Democrats pushing light punishments for crimes involving guns in Congress?
  7. Just read today about how a felon was arrested for threatening another person by pointing a loaded gun at them. One month after being released from prison for aggravated assault. He's facing a whole year on federal charges. One single year for a felon illegally possessing a weapon and threatening someone with it. But shooting at the range at paper targets with a so-called assault weapon gets you 5 years (3 served then probation). Sounds like politicians on every level have their priorities messed up.
  8. It fits right in with NJ being anti-small business.
  9. Gotta maintain SOME hope in this bleak world.
  10. So one of the new bills says I can now stop for food on my way home from the range? Cool beans. Some of these are actually good. Getting a FID is expedited if you are a victim of domestic violence. The clarification of when you can stop somewhere when transporting allows more than I previously believed. LEOs get tax credits for training. BB guns to be no longer treated like guns. But a lot of dumb shit as per usual that won't prevent violent crimes from happening.
  11. Hell, when I head to the range, that's why my guns are either locked if they are semi-auto or I take the bolt out if it's a bolt action. One tiny extra shred of proof if the NJ gestapo feel like going after a law-abiding citizen.
  12. He'd been charged but hasn't even been to trial yet.
  13. https://www.nj.com/news/2020/01/former-us-navy-servicewoman-headed-to-prison-for-illegally-buying-handguns-for-nj-couple.html Short version: Woman given money by cousin, goes to VA, purchased 5 handguns and ammo, goes back to NJ, completes strawpurchase. Hours after delivering the guns, cops get a phone call about shots fired, find the cousin. Seller and cousin both get 18 months. Other illegal buyer got 3 years (Was also caught trying to scratch out the serial number on a gun). Why do we even bother with these laws if it's just a slap on the wrist? Strawpurchasing is one of THE biggest issues with misuse of guns (surprise, they were misused). Now who knows where the three missing handguns are or which felon probably has them. Meanwhile we ban stuff for shits and giggles. Large capacity magazine can net you 18 months. So the federal punishment for a strawpurchase is the same as have a 15 round magazine in NJ? Bump stock in NJ is 3-5 years. Maybe if we just REALLY punished the dangerous felons, we wouldn't have to worry about banning accessories for the lulz.
  14. It was my minor. Aced genetics, human genetics, DNA lab, RNA lab... If I switched careers to anything else, genetic counseling would be my first choice.
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