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  1. I'm not sure I would. The picatinny rail is kinda short. Definitely enough room for two rings for a scope. But I feel, at least for me, I wouldn't think it useful to use iron or fiber optic sights. Maksim, if you still haven't tried one, you are welcome to try mine in 5.56.
  2. Well, if companies who make fake meat or profit heavily off people driving for them while calling them "independent contractors" instead of employees so they can screw them with pay and benefits are saying guns are bad, who are we to disagree with these experts?
  3. Who are you to say what laws should be enforced and which shouldn't? It's not a cop's job either to choose which laws have to be enforced. How do you know who is bringing guns into the state for criminal use or not? I wasn't aware there was a max age limit on committing crimes. Why is it the cop's fault that this idiot was too lazy to store his guns properly and not bring them into NJ? What PA gun owner that lives near the NJ border doesn't know that our laws suck? Should a cop pull someone over, find a backseat full of cocaine, and just let them go because they personally think drugs shouldn't be illegal? Wouldn't want to ruin some 70 year old's life over wanting to party?
  4. He better pray for probation or pre-trial intervention. Ain't no way Murphy is going to pardon him. I'm not comfortable with cops turning a blind eye toward felonies that have 5 year mandatory punishments just because the laws are stupid.
  5. So...72% of Democrats think it's fine? Meaning most Democrats are fine with the NRA?
  6. That's correct. It's also possible the OAL was too long for the bullet I was using.
  7. Basically yes. Comparing violent crime rate per capita to gun control rank, there's effectively no correlation between the two. Societal factors are probably the biggest indicators.
  8. I've been going in the order of: Universal decapping die > Wet Tumble > Resizing Die > Camfer/Debur/Pocket Ream/Pocket Clean > etc. I find going in that order gets the pockets nice and clean and the stainless steel media isn't a problem getting out.
  9. Yea, if I could use it with help, I'd appreciate it. This way I have it setup correctly.
  10. My RAR is 1 in 8 twist. Despite the shorter barrel, I've tested some 77s and seems fine from a cursory glance.
  11. Because at 100 yards, why would I need anything heavier? Unless it's stupid windy out, 52gr HPBT will do great at 100 yards. Once I go out further, I'll switch to 69gr and 77gr depending on weather.
  12. Yea, it's the next logical purchase in line. I so far base it on groupings and I have one load that consistently provides tighter groups. But using a chronograph would help not only that but enable me to do calculations to estimate bullet flight paths for various ranges. So realistically, I have a powder dialed in at 100 yards for the 52gr MK but since I don't know the velocity, I don't actually know for certain where it'll hit at 200 or 300 yards. I'd definitely appreciate having someone show me the nuances of using a chronograph.
  13. I'm pretty sure I have solid loads for 52gr Sierra Matchking w/ Varget and 55gr with both Varget and CFE223. I just picked up some H335 and plenty more 52gr MK so that'll be next to try out. I also need to work up a load for 69gr MK's. Realistically, I need to get a chronograph to be doing this better.
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