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  1. As far as guns go, not much changed for me after I started owning any. I just EVERY gun owner was as responsible as most are. The reckless ones keep ruining everyone's image when most people just want to be able to go to the range, relax, and have fun. And I already knew we had politicians making laws about things they know nothing about. We've got people with no military experience trying to tell the military how to budget and run things, we have people making policy on science even though they probably barely passed high school science, we have people making laws about construction when they probably haven't even ever made a bird house much less an actual building. Why would gun legislation be any different?
  2. AR-15 is a solid choice for everyone regardless of male/female, big/small, etc. etc. Recoil is easy, .223/5.56 is one of the most commonly manufactured rounds in America. They are accurate. They are easy to maintain.
  3. Obviously AR-15 if the main purpose is home defense. .223/5.56 will be easier to get than most calibers, though it's a bad time to just get into shooting as there are shortages with the high demand. Easy to fire, recoil isn't much. This is a good, different way of going about it if you don't want to go the standard .223/5.56 route. 9mm, .40, 5.56, .22lr, don't want to get shot by any of them. And unless an invader has body armor, which doesn't seem likely for the average break in, they'll all do the job.
  4. Powder Valley Inc is good for regular dumps of powder. Primers are just impossible. The companies that make primers are selling first to ammo manufacturers to keep up with the huge increase in demand so there's nothing leftover for reloaders. Getting stuff shipped to NJ isn't a problem.
  5. My Ruger American Ranch in 5.56 is a lot of fun. I've managed sub-MOA with American Eagle 62gr FMJBT's at 100 yards. Accurately rings steel at 200 yards. Haven't tested it beyond that.
  6. Internet and TV providers are such scam artists. Artificially capping your speeds unless you pay them more. Now all these channels are doing on-demand services just to leech more money from us. Unless we hotspot from our phones, our only possible ISP is Xfinity in my town. Every couple years, I just go to the store and tell them, "What can we do to lower my bill? I don't feel like playing the game and threatening to cancel like everyone does." Then they'll just give me a package they are offering new people and I go on my way. After taxes and all the hidden government fees and shit, I think we are at $180/mo for 250 Mbps download speed and cable that includes some premium channels. They also gave us the phone line but we don't use it. This is the highest my Comcast bill has ever been.
  7. I also understand there's a difference between essential and non-essential businesses. And that my job requires no interaction with other people most of the time so it won't contribute to the pandemic the way a restaurant would since it's goal is to have as many people in there as possible.
  8. No and they know we can't. But I also know if I get sick, go in and get a bunch of other people get sick, the lab might close. And if the lab is closed, we can't work and make money.
  9. Yea, I've been using CCI 400s for 6.5CM and could switch to 450s but I don't have any brass for large rifle primers.
  10. Work is too busy for me to take off. And my company might be upset with me if I go into a large crowd right now.
  11. Bumping this thread back. Have people had any luck finding dumps of primers? Powders I've been able to get. Bullets and cases I've managed to catch. Primers are just the one component I can't ever seem to come by.
  12. Better be careful what you insinuate. The FBI has been tracking people left and right and already announced they are investigating people planning on going to DC and state capitols to violently protest Biden's inauguration. Even if that's not what you were doing, which I'm sure you'd never suggest such a thing, I doubt the FBI will really care. And God forbid you do go to DC and peacefully protest but get caught up among people who DO do something stupid, they would use it to link you to them.
  13. It's what I got. It wasn't expensive and it works pretty well.
  14. The problem with flat taxes is it hurts those at the bottom too much. When you are living on $40k a year in NJ, 10% hurts WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than 10% of someone making $250k a year. The person making $40k a year is already barely scraping by, now you'd reduce it to $36k a year which is even worse. Someone making $250k a year being taxed down to $225k a year is still sitting pretty.
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