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  1. It's what I got. It wasn't expensive and it works pretty well.
  2. The problem with flat taxes is it hurts those at the bottom too much. When you are living on $40k a year in NJ, 10% hurts WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than 10% of someone making $250k a year. The person making $40k a year is already barely scraping by, now you'd reduce it to $36k a year which is even worse. Someone making $250k a year being taxed down to $225k a year is still sitting pretty.
  3. But only if you have a child. Apparently the childless can go fuck themselves
  4. The police cannot see what prescriptions you are on. There's no database for them to look up everyone's drug cabinet. The ONLY health check they see is your mental health a.k.a. have you ever been committed. They have no way to determine if you see a therapist. They have no way to determine if you take SSRIs or MAOIs, etc.
  5. So essentially you want to pay for the handgun, but ownership will fall under your son? And you are trying to skip the owning it yourself first then transferring it to your son to avoid an extra pistol permit and NICS check?
  6. Our neighborhood rarely loses power and we were fortunate not to lose power for more than 16 hours. My wife was looking at going to Home Depot and getting price gouged on a small generator. When we had our house built a few years ago, I had them build a gas outlet for a whole house generator. Starting to think this might be a good year to finally get one. Between that and solar, we should be good.
  7. Tornado touched down in Marmora. Drove home during the worst of it. Lots of large branches down. Everyone in the area has no power. Just filled up my gas can for the lawnmower and offered it to my neighbor to keep his generator going if he needs it. Atlantic City Electric has no timetable for return of service.
  8. You do, but they'll get emailed their reference forms. My references on my last pistol permits submitted their forms within 15 minutes of me applying for the permits so it definitely gets emailed out fast.
  9. Should have chopped the finger off and cauterized the wound, putting an end the the COVID stuff months ago. Now we are stretching it out and the entire arm is rotting.
  10. I love seeing home-made innovation. Anything that could potentially speed things up is where I'd like to improve.
  11. That's true. I hit up him on speed dial and told him to approve my stuff.
  12. I've ordered tons of reloading stuff off Amazon and have had no issues.
  13. Midway had some .45 ACP Blazer Brass for 36cpr earlier this week. That went fast. My LGS has American Eagle TMJ for 26cpr but will only sell you two boxes at a time max.
  14. Feels like just yesterday I was listening to people argue whether it was worth it to reload 9mm.
  15. Are NICS checks not happening on weekends?
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