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  1. Toshiba 50L4300U 50" Class 1080p $95 50-inch LCD HDTV with LED, 1080p resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, 4 HDMI inputs, and 1 component-video input. Pick up in forked river
  2. I'm confused. The easement is on your property yet he plans on modifying it? He plans on taking adverse possession. My understanding with adverse possession, and I could be wrong, is he would need to occupy and pay the taxes on the property in question without your permission for a certain number of years.
  3. Ran across this thread as I was cleaning my 30 round clips!
  4. So do u still have it. How much?
  5. Give them a whole hour!!!
  6. Maybe it's you that can't understand simple English. I said , and try to follow, a retired cop SHOULD NOT have any different rights than anyone else, are you following, but it's not them that make the laws.
  7. The people you want to screw aren't the people that passed the laws. Not saying they should have different rights but don't blame them for the current laws.
  8. OMG! Ain't that the truth!
  9. Quadratec. Great customer service, fast delivery.
  10. If you still need decals let me know I can help.
  11. thats just for the service. you can use your existing phone or buy from them . talking and texting are the same as our current plan, unlimited. data is 10GB which is more than we have now. we only use about 1 GB a month between us.
  12. found a site clark.com that showed coverage areas of verizon, att, t mobile and sprint. I already have att so I'm assuming if I switch I should have the same coverage.
  13. The info I got from their ad is $55 month for 2 phones, unlimited text and talking, 10GB of data which is way more than we use. The 2 carrier options are ATT or T mobile. We have Att now.
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