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  1. This is just beginning! We haven't even gotten into the legalities or permit issues yet.
  2. ENOUGH ALREADY. Lets all agree there's more than one way to do anything.
  3. Although I don't agree with 1/4" plywood I agree with RayRay. You are way over thinking this. Bulk of weight will be over bearing wall.
  4. 1/2” is fine. If you give me the clear span of the attic floor joists I can give you an idea of the load you can put up there. Like avb said the span is more important than flooring material.
  5. At what distances are you using it. Hoping to use it between 25-200yds.
  6. Looking for recommendations for a prism scope. Right off I will say a Trijicon ACOG is out of my price range. The two I have narrowed it down to are the Primary Arms 5x36 gen II with ACSS reticle which I'm leaning towards, and the sightmark wolfhound 6x44. Both have some pretty good reviews but most from merchants. I have no PA products but I have a sightmark ultra shot reddot I've had some issues with. Anyone have some practical experience with either one of these scopes or the quality of the company. Opinions on other brands welcome.
  7. Does putting guns and ammo together in the same bag not qualify for transporting guns and ammo separately.
  8. Right. That would help. 2010 vw jettaJetta
  9. Have to replace the ignition switch in my wife's car which will require a recoding of the ignition. Anyone know of some that does this, hate going to the dealer. Location is ocean county.
  10. I was just looking at that one! Looks nice.
  11. Looking for a duffel bag that is also a backpack. Saw the 5.11 Rush LBD XRAY Duffel Bag ,15"x31"x14", which is something like I'm looking for. Anyone have any experience with it or 5.11 quality in general or possibly another recommendation.
  12. bought my house 24 years ago it was a bank foreclosure. still get old owners mail.
  13. Didn’t mean any disrespect only that I see all the different opinions you get. As tradesman I know it’s sometimes hard to give advice without seeing the job.
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