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  1. So South Carolina is good to carry with NJ CCW?
  2. I've been to several sites, uscca, handguns.us, us law shield and they don't seem to give the same info as to what states your good and what states are a no go. Don't know if they're up to date to not. So I'm thinking since I have a NJ and Fla permit, carry to the ferry, lock it up and take it out in florida. We make 1 stop usually in SC in which case I would bring it in the motel.
  3. Most likely taking the ferry to Delaware then Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel.
  4. Good to know. Just the kind of info I'm looking for, thanks, I'll check that off the list. Can I assume locked, separate from ammo is OK?
  5. Just looking for some insight by those of you that might do this often. I have a NJ permit, Fla non resident & Pa non resident permits. Be making one overnight stop. Any input/ advice would be appreciated. My research shows in both Maryland and DC I'll need to lock them up. Other states as follows: STATE ACCEPTS Delaware FLA Maryland lock it DC lock it Virginia NJ, FLA, PA NC NJ. FLA, PA SC FLA Ga NJ, FLA, PA - I believe it’s now permitless.
  6. What is the current standing with where you can and can't carry. I can't seem to find anything definitive (official) that I can print and keep with me as even cops I know aren't sure of the changing laws.
  7. Why would you need your carry permit on you if your not carrying concealed?
  8. Thanks,appreciate your replying. Read the instructions several times and didn't see anywhere for an address. I tried contacting them via the "contact us" option on their site, emailed them and called them. No response. I was assuming the check gets made out to FL Dept. of Agriculture and returned to them because thats where the finger print cards came from.
  9. Did you make the check out to the FL Dept. of Agriculture?
  10. online instructions say nothing about copy of DL or copy of NJ CCW. Are they required? Before mailing your application, please review it carefully to ensure that it is COMPLETE and ACCURATE. You should include the following items with your application. • TRAINING DOCUMENTATION as described in the section pertaining to QUESTION 6 above • CITIZENSHIP/RESIDENCY DOCUMENTATION as described in the section pertaining to QUESTION 5 above (if applicable) • COURT DOCUMENTATION REFLECTING FINAL DISPOSITION OF ANY ARRESTS (if applicable) • PHOTOGRAPH • A COMPLETE AND LEGIBLE SET OF FINGERPRINTS OR A COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT FOR YOUR ELECTRONIC FINGERPRINT SUBMISSION • A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR THE APPROPRIATE FEES
  11. received the fingerprint cards, have photos, nra cert. Is the application online. Can't seem to find it. Never mind. Found it.
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