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  1. Plus most CAI's are just open cone filters still under the hood sucking hot air.
  2. The thing is a couple of weeks ago I had two guys from Inspire, some sort of electric service company, ring the bell. It was about 7pm and dark. Made me realize answering the glass front door I'm pretty exposed. We have an open floor plan and I can be seen going to the door from a good distance. Not sure how the recording works on the ring but i have friends that have it and when I visit i stand close so they can't see who it is. HaHa. My thought is with an interior camera, the average person with a reason to be there will walk up, knock and wait facing door. Just want to glance at my phone or monitor to see who it is without having to rewind anything. Nothing fancy. I realize there are all kinds of contingencies but something is better than nothing. I think if I mount the camera several feet from the door glare might not be an issue. I'm going to try using my phone taking some pics different times of the day to see about addressing the glare issues. Thanks for the suggestions, they are welcome.
  3. if someone is covering the door and I see that on the phone in my bedroom I'm pretty sure I'll know somethings up.
  4. I heard ring is good but I want it inside so it can't be blocked.
  5. Looking for some recommendations for a front door camera. I have an all glass door that I'd like to mount a camera inside , so the image can't be blocked, so I can see who's there before I get to the door and that will link to my phone.
  6. Fat City in seaside and The Garage on LBI saw Bruce Springsteen.
  7. No hurry, I can wait. Thanks for the info.
  8. So I'm looking for a Rise Armament drop in trigger and a set of Decibullz percussion earplugs. Did a search and Gander Outoors pops up and they accept Paypal which is just what I'm looking for. Good price plus 10% off. Put the stuff in my cart, try to check out and paypal doesn't come up as a payment option even though the site says it's accepted. Tried it several times with the same results. So I empty the cart, put a sweatshirt in it and go to check out and paypal shows as a payment option. Turns out paypal is not firearm friendly and apparently won't allow it to be used for firearm accessories. Guess I'm shopping elsewhere. On a side note does anyone have any experience with either the trigger (RA-140 SST) or the ear plugs.
  9. south jersey is pretty big. where in south jersey?
  10. Anyone have any experience with this receiver/company? https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/receivers/upper-receivers/ar-15-match-upper-receiver-223-wylde-prod127244.aspx?trk_msg=I05UHBVPB72KR232TG1TK2NMA4&trk_contact=6CJVCTV2HBUKBT42HA1Q3IGU7O&trk_sid=C9A2O6CSH6SL7JUA5A1IC5JRSG&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=https%3a%2f%2fwww.brownells.com%2frifle-parts%2freceiver-parts%2freceivers%2fupper-receivers%2far-15-match-upper-receiver-223-wylde-prod127244.aspx&utm_campaign=2019_08_20_Rifle&utm_content=Rifle
  11. not seeing the free shipping. they added $29.00
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