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  1. I was just looking at that one! Looks nice.
  2. Looking for a duffel bag that is also a backpack. Saw the 5.11 Rush LBD XRAY Duffel Bag ,15"x31"x14", which is something like I'm looking for. Anyone have any experience with it or 5.11 quality in general or possibly another recommendation.
  3. bought my house 24 years ago it was a bank foreclosure. still get old owners mail.
  4. MB24

    Fireplace Help (LP)

    Didn’t mean any disrespect only that I see all the different opinions you get. As tradesman I know it’s sometimes hard to give advice without seeing the job.
  5. MB24

    Fireplace Help (LP)

    If you don’t know anything about the fireplace or how to hook it up call a professional. asking for advice here is like asking for medical advice about the pain in your stomach.
  6. MB24

    Adopt or Die?!?

    Maybe to say this should be deleted was a little strong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I certainly don't want to tread on anyone's freedom of speech rights, I just think adopting for any other reason than to offer a better life to a child that may otherwise not know one is wrong. Hope I didn't offend anyone.
  7. MB24

    Adopt or Die?!?

    This thread should be deleted. The concept people adopting children to raise the numbers of a group interest is absurd. As a parent of 3 adopted children (adopted as infants, grown adults now) this seems as bad as people becoming foster parents just for the government checks. And to brainwash kids, adopted or not, into becoming gun advocates, or any other special interest advocates seems sick. What's next, if it turns out they don't agree with you they get sent back? I have to ask, did you raise your kids to think only your way? I know I raised mine to think for themselves, consider all points of view and decide whats best for them. They turned out great and fortunately enjoy shooting. I know I'll probably get some grief over this post but this thread just struck a cord with me.
  8. MB24

    Safe dehumidifier

    Yes they have the indicator that changes color when needing a charge. I'm in the safe at least once a week so noticing when it changes shouldn't be an issue. I'm planning on 2 for a 24 gun safe.
  9. MB24

    Safe dehumidifier

    I have no electric in the safe either and not crazy about drilling. Are you talking about eva dry packets in the ammo boxes? What I was referring to was a thing that looks like a smoke detector. When its full you plug it in to recharge it.
  10. Anyone use the EVA-DRY safe dehumidifier? If so how good is it? Other recommendations? Safe is in the garage and I only have ammo in it. Although I have no experience with them, not crazy about the idea of using one of those heating rods.
  11. MB24

    SureFire Sidekick $19.95

    ordered 6 on the 25th, came monday
  12. MB24

    Free floating handguard

    Think I'll try this
  13. MB24

    Free floating handguard

    Was planning on a 12" tube with a low profile gas block. Don't have a muzzle devise just a thread cap so I'm hoping everything fits over.
  14. MB24

    Free floating handguard

    Looking to put a free floating handguard on my AR. 16" barrel with a 8" drop in quad handguard. I know I will need to replace the barrel nut but are the nuts for the free floating guards universal or brand specific to the guard?

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