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  1. ordered 6 on the 25th, came monday
  2. Think I'll try this
  3. Was planning on a 12" tube with a low profile gas block. Don't have a muzzle devise just a thread cap so I'm hoping everything fits over.
  4. Looking to put a free floating handguard on my AR. 16" barrel with a 8" drop in quad handguard. I know I will need to replace the barrel nut but are the nuts for the free floating guards universal or brand specific to the guard?
  5. Well written
  6. ordered 6. everyone gets one!
  7. Amazing how someone simply posting some info about something that may be a good deal to one person but not another started such a shit storm. If you want it buy it, if not move on, why the need to ridicule. If you don't have anything nice to say...................
  8. Gun mag warehouse is a buck cheaper per mag but no free shipping
  9. yes, free 2 day shipping.
  10. older post but thanks for the responses. Fazzios wanted $70 dollars to cut me a piece. I was able to get a piece on amazon exactly the size I needed for $28
  11. I need to get a piece of 3/8" AR500 roughly 11"x7" to fit in a ammo box. Anyone know of someone possibly in the central, south jersey area.
  12. Figured I'd "bite the bullet" and bought one. Used it at 100 and 200 yds so far and it's pretty nice. Haven't figured out all the features yet but way better than spotting scope.
  13. Considering getting a 300 yard Bullseye target camera. Anyone have any experience with them?