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  1. Thanks,appreciate your replying. Read the instructions several times and didn't see anywhere for an address. I tried contacting them via the "contact us" option on their site, emailed them and called them. No response. I was assuming the check gets made out to FL Dept. of Agriculture and returned to them because thats where the finger print cards came from.
  2. Did you make the check out to the FL Dept. of Agriculture?
  3. online instructions say nothing about copy of DL or copy of NJ CCW. Are they required? Before mailing your application, please review it carefully to ensure that it is COMPLETE and ACCURATE. You should include the following items with your application. • TRAINING DOCUMENTATION as described in the section pertaining to QUESTION 6 above • CITIZENSHIP/RESIDENCY DOCUMENTATION as described in the section pertaining to QUESTION 5 above (if applicable) • COURT DOCUMENTATION REFLECTING FINAL DISPOSITION OF ANY ARRESTS (if applicable) • PHOTOGRAPH • A COMPLETE AND LEGIBLE SET OF FINGERPRINTS OR A COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT FOR YOUR ELECTRONIC FINGERPRINT SUBMISSION • A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR THE APPROPRIATE FEES
  4. received the fingerprint cards, have photos, nra cert. Is the application online. Can't seem to find it. Never mind. Found it.
  5. I have all the above. Thanks
  6. Not sure where to put this but can someone that's gotten one please list what was involved. My understanding is that the process and application is the same for Florida residents.
  7. I asked him because I wanted to hear his response. To see if maybe he had a directive from his superiors. I was not carrying at the time so I told no one anything. I could have been someone anti gun and maybe left the park if I knew concealed carry was allowed.
  8. So with Murphy pretty much making everywhere a sensitive place and then Judge Renee Marie Bumb granting a request from a coalition of gun owners and Second Amendment groups to extend the temporary restraining order, allowing permit-holders to bring their firearms into an array of public places deemed illegal under the new law, including beaches, casinos and public parks, how do we tell where we're actually at legally. Hard to keep up with this stuff. Is there a statute somewhere clarifying it. More specifically, I hike a lot, can you carry in a state or county park? Was at a state park yesterday and asked an employee in the office behind a desk if you can carry concealed and he said no. Don't know if he was a ranger of just an employee or if he even knew the right answer.
  9. What is it your trying to accomplish. To carry something not on the qualified list?
  10. Sorry. If your referring to my post it was Delaware county. Don't know if it works elsewhere but i would assume it does.
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