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  1. I need to get a piece of 3/8" AR500 roughly 11"x7" to fit in a ammo box. Anyone know of someone possibly in the central, south jersey area.
  2. Figured I'd "bite the bullet" and bought one. Used it at 100 and 200 yds so far and it's pretty nice. Haven't figured out all the features yet but way better than spotting scope.
  3. Considering getting a 300 yard Bullseye target camera. Anyone have any experience with them?
  4. wow! had no idea this would insight such a riot. Think you need to loosen the tin foil hat. Do you really think someone is trolling this site to get top secret information about magazine limits. A person that would do that wants a complete ban, not worried about lowering the limit AGAIN from 10 to 5 or any other number.
  5. So I had several 15 rd hex mags that were actually 30 rd modified to 15. Bought them online that way. Turns out you just needed to buy a kit for about $6, remove the floor plate, change the follower and spring and you have a 30 rd mag. I guess they've been illegal all this time.
  6. Sorry but I just had to do this. In a joking manner, no offense. “People are dum” ”bad spelling and grammar”
  7. How about hot water heater. It’s a water heater. It doesn’t heat hot water it heats cod water.
  8. If u have air coming in from the trim around the door u need to insulate between the door jamb and rough opening. If it is coming from underneath it was most likely not caulked when the door pan , if installed, was put in. If air is coming in real bad it is probably not water tight either. We use a product called vicor over all window and door nailing flanges to seal air and water infiltration.
  9. You plumbers realize most of this trap talk is between just you. most here probably have no idea what your talking about. LOL
  10. Talk about the fancy computer programs last job did even calculated what was the best direction for the flow.
  11. That’s the difference between quality work and a hack job. Pretty much get what u pay for. Funny thing is plumbing supply’s I deal with don’t charge for a heat loss so it’s just, like u said, lazy or clueless installers.
  12. Happy new year. Just another opinion but you said the boiler was approximately sized. Was an actual heat loss calculation done or they just went by square footage. A heat loss calculation takes into account windows ( amount,size,single or double pane), same with doors, walls( 2x4,2x6,insulated or not), ceiling and floor insulation, room size. After that a boiler size and amount of baseboard needed in each room is calculated. Each of the above items has a certain heat loss factor so if the system was properly sized it should reach the heat setting on the thermostat based on that criteria. What isn’t factored unless you figured air infiltration in the calculation is air leakage. So in your case, in my opinion, if the system was properly sized air infiltration seems to be the biggest issue. Separate zones also help, up and down or living area and sleeping area.
  13. thanks to both of you! Any idea of how much to have them pinned.
  14. Can the ffl legally pin them