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  1. Haven't seen this mentioned yet but typically in business and I'm guessing legal matters you don't count weekends and holidays so that's 60 work days. approximately 76 actual days.
  2. I thought this was a discussion of firearm laws? Wrong. this is suppose to be a discussion of carry permit application experiences.
  3. NJ Handgun Carry Permit Application Experience 77 pages. By my estimate 1/2 on laws and opinions, 1/2 on actual application experience.
  4. So to those that have received a permit what was the experience before the judge? Whether in person or zoom what kind of questions did he/she ask?
  5. If you went to Pa. for prints was if Fair Hills? Did you walk in or make an appointment. If you walked in was there a long wait, the site recommends appointment because of long wait times.
  6. My understanding is you don't need to take a safety course. Quote from NJSP update " The applicant is not mandated to complete an LEOPIC firearms proficiency course. The applicant is only required to demonstrate safe handling of a firearm to their certified firearms instructor". I assume you do this by qualifying at a range. My research shows that entailed shooting from the ready position, 50 rounds at a FBI Q target, 24rds @7yds, 14 rds @ 10yds, 6rds @ 15yds and 6rds @ 25Yds. Can someone post what the actual qualification was and what form was used to submit. I know a certified instructor but does he just give a letter or is there an actual form?
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