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  1. Springfield XD40 for sale with (6) 10 round magazines. This pistol has never been fired despite having some scratches and abrasions from various optics I have taken on and off of the rails. Original case NOT included. Willing to travel to any northern or central region gun dealer for transaction. $450.00 First person to write "I'll take it" will win the sale.
  2. S&W SD9VE FOR SALE. Less than 200 rounds have passed through this pistol. All parts are original from the factory. Any abrasions are cosmetic only. Comes with (2) 10 round mags. Cabela's is selling new for $379.99 I am selling for $300.00. Willing to travel to any northern or central NJ gun dealer for transfers. The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale.
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