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  1. Short answer - No. I am a strong southpaw; and I shoot a "Modern" S&W Sport (not the "II") with no issues.
  2. Maximize your space? Remove the foam barrel separators and replace them with something smooth and soft. Felt, soft cloth, etc. Place your long guns on their buttstocks closer together. Utilize the empty space between them by standing others on their barrels and slipping their buttstocks between the barrels of the upright guns. This is how I get 15-18 long guns comfortably into an "8-gun" cabinet.
  3. Best thing the NRA could do is fire LaPierre
  4. Interesting thread. Up until a year and a half ago, I've always had some sort of truck ... now, with a little Nissan Rogue, I'm feeling all truckless and nekked. Thinking about the 'other' end of what jm1827 is looking for...a decent beater as a second vehicle. So anyone selling what jm1827 isnt looking for? An old pickup for a couple k?
  5. Umm.. No. It's a flat point or truncated cone. https://www.berrysmfg.com/category/preferred-plated-bullets/plated-pistol/38-357
  6. Interesting. It says "Semiwadcutter"; but the photo isn't of a semiwadcutter.
  7. 38 special is about the easiest cartridge to reload out there...if you can find small pistol primers.
  8. Tommie Gun Warehouse in Greeley PA had some PMC loads last week.
  9. I just noticed this thread...didn't I tell you several years ago that you NEED a shotgun? For just about all hunting; New Jersey is a shotgun state. Has been for a lot of years. The clay shooting, when I took the test (lo those MANY years ago) is more to ensure that you, the prospective licensee, is ***safe*** with a firearm. The examiners do not care if you hit or not; they want to confirm you are not going to be a hazard to yourself or particularly others in the hunting fields. If you want to use that old .410 of mine; I still have it. You actually did fairly well with it. **EDIT** If its anything like the test I took (almost 40 years ago...!), they take you outside, and have you load your shotgun. MAKE SURE YOU PUT IT ON SAFE BEFOREHAND, because they have you point your shotgun at the sky and pull the trigger! **BANG** is not good! After that; they took you to a field, everyone spread-out, and they did a mock deer drive. Yell "YO BUCK!" a few times and you'll be alright. After that, they took you to the trap range and had you shoot at some easy going-away bloopers. They really didn't care if you hit; they were watching to see if you handled the shotgun safely. I have no idea what they do now; but I am sure YOU CAN DO IT!
  10. W2MC

    Ham radio

    I occasionally call myself one of the last "fast code" (20 WPM) Extras; having passed that element just prior to the FCC rule change reducing the Extra code speed to 5 WPM. I could have simply waited (the date of the change had already been announced), but since I had spent more than a year working up my code speed; I wasn't about to see all that effort go to waste. While I did get my CW speed up to make it to Extra; I have zero interest in the mode, and almost never use it. I am VERY rusty, but I can still run at around 12 or so WPM, once I shake some of the rust off. Kinda like riding a bicycle; you never really forget it. de W2MC
  11. Joined, posted, and disappeared. Started this on Saturday, and according to his activity page; hasn't been back since.
  12. W2MC

    New pc carbine

    Had one, once upon a time (in prehistoric NJ). Get an AR; better rifle in every respect.
  13. Since 2015 Honda CR-Vs have CVT transmissions as well. Currently have a 2016 Nissan Rogue. Bought it mainly because it was reasonably priced and could haul the wife's wheelchair when she needed it. Seems to run good, but I am watching the trans closely. The main advantage is there are a TON of them "out there"...if the tranny does crap-out; there are plenty around to replace it with. I also concur with buying off-lease. New is just too expensive
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