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  1. Typo...rifle sights - required for hunting deer with slugs. Not required for hunting deer with buckshot.
  2. For hunting, be it deer, bird, or small game, New Jersey is shotgun country. Best thing to do is find yourself a nice 12 gauge - probably a pump-action like a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500 - something that will accept multiple barrels. You can use a 26-28 inch barrel threaded for multiple chokes for bird hunting, clay shooting, as well as hunting deer with buckshot, and you will have the ability to add a cylinder-choked barrel with rifled sights for deer. This way you're set for most any hunting you can do in New Jersey.
  3. interesting. My wife and I kinda liked the area up in Aroostook County, but yes; it was definitely the slow lane. Bar Harbor is probably a better choice, as is the Boothbay area. Very much enjoyed dinner at Grammy's, as well as several other places in the area. We successfully escaped the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of New Jerseystan last year; we are now in Pike County, Pennsylvania. Well worth the move
  4. Not to hijack the thread....but hey Screwball, how is Houlton? My wife and I toyed with moving there a few years ago. Spent a few weeks in Island Falls scouting-out the area....we thought it was beautiful; but a bit far from family, and C O L D in the winter...we settled on the Pocono Mts of Pennsyltucky, and other than having an idiot for a Governor, it’s been great.
  5. Lee carbide dies - .38 special https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1019477824 ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lee-Reloading-Dies-38-Special/133458603254?hash=item1f12c0acf6:g:EDEAAOSwDxBfA3UQ (tho its missing the cartridge holder)
  6. Perhaps...but .38 Special (his other choice) is probably the easiest caliber to reload, and an excellent choice to get started in reloading.
  7. You forgot to mention it was a protest......
  8. W2MC

    Ham radio

    some sort of tilt base on the pipe holding it up
  9. W2MC

    Ham radio

    She is fine with it. And the HOA 'rulz' say "Accessory Structures - Antennas - No restrictions for antennas attached to home." Will look like this when complete:
  10. W2MC

    Next pistol

    Why I got into reloading .45 acp when I was shooting 3-gun bullseye. A 185 grain semi-wadcutter pushed by a few grains of Bullseye powder can be very cheap shooting.
  11. W2MC

    Next pistol

    I've got both a .45 and a 9mm 1911. The 9mm is SUCH a soft shooter...almost like shooting a .22 LR. And ammo is cheap (at least is was, until the current Wuhan Flu bugaboo hit). Still prefer a nice .38 or .357 revolver, though.....
  12. W2MC

    Ham radio

    Operating from home, sadly, as the wuhan flu bugaboo has struck. Currently using FD ops as an incentive to get a Gap Titan up here at home.
  13. W2MC

    Ham radio

    Interesting points. Also, I have never found the preppers to have much interest in what the ham radio groups did. What I have found is most preppers would show up for a few club meetings, get us to program their Baofengs/Wouxuns, find out that ham radio isn't "prepper" enough for them, (they're looking for SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, while amateur radio is really a techno-hobby), and never be seen again. W2MC
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