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  1. @coldsolderjoint --- build one out of used pallets?
  2. ...How much longer until I'm OUT of this state...
  3. Considering a Single 6 (now 10) is $699, and a Bearcat is $639 (MSRP); as long as this thing looks decent and shoots decent, it's going to be a home run... They need to follow it up with a renegade convertible in .38 special/9mm...
  4. Well, sure. You can pay up-front and be a "5-year member" or, for $500 or so ($300 if you catch them right) become an instant Life member...which is why they transferred him to the membership upgrade folks.
  5. People ill say it's not this it's not that it's not 100% accurate it's not the last word in trigger pull ... but they say that about ruger's little automatic. And they sell a pile of em...
  6. I you're not a 5-year (I believe uninterrupted) member, or a life member, you dont get a ballot.
  7. If its true that Marion Hammer hasn't attended a Board meeting "since hell froze over", she might be part of the problem...
  8. And, when pressed, cannot cite a SINGLE INSTANCE to support his assertion. This, and his "US Law Shield" venture, has caused me to lose the respect I once had for Mr Nappen.
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