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  1. Wonder why the Sikhs want out?
  2. be still, my heart...... SO tempting.........
  3. I used to similarly caution Boy Scouts when shifting from a .22 rifle....to a 20 or 12 gauge shotgun. Those were the two merit badges they worked on during summer camp, and the recoil is significantly different. Without proper preparation, they are going to hurt themselves.
  4. Check their FaceBook page - they are always posting special deals.
  5. ....and he didnt kill himself, either
  6. If it was the SKS (Lot 484), the fixed magazine installed looks like a 20 rounder. Standard 10-rounder:
  7. No. More profit in .357 revolvers.
  8. Another thing to remember (in NJ) - If you are hunting with slugs, your shotgun MUST have rifle-type sights installed. Just a bead at the muzzle (standard shotgun configuration) is not legal for slug hunting. You can just go with the bead at the muzzle for buckshot. It sounds like you're coming in with hunting experience from another state. New Jersey hunting is a little different. You REALLY need to read the 2020 Hunting and Trapping digest - it covers all of these topics. You can find it in most places that sell hunting licenses, or read it on-line here: https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/pdf/2020/dighnt20.pdf
  9. that may be my next investment. A tumbler.
  10. I was born in NJ, too, as well as have many family and friends still there. I left a year ago, and I'm much happier in the Poconos. Don't move back to NJ.
  11. If that's the case..........so WHY are you heading for New Germany?
  12. Many of the hunting preserves in NJ - such as the one CNJFO is hosting a Pheasant hunt on Saturday, February 6th at Giberson's Farm and WIldlife Preserve in Pemberton NJ - want nothing bigger than #6 pellets. Go to https://www.cnjfo.com/event-4052517 for more information I've hunted there several times - always a blast!
  13. Complacency kills....but a gun shouldn't go off if dropped, either.
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