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  1. W2MC

    Ham radio

    Latest update to the California repeater story: https://sites.google.com/site/arrlsacvalley/?fbclid=IwAR07aJoqSz89dNE6Ax_rq-eFRRUkaOJeTu9Z90WOSfAtDaRFEhO_3eTs_Do#calfire
  2. ...and he hasn't been back since
  3. W2MC

    Ham radio

    There are many moving parts to this story. For many, many years, amateur radio has been able to acquire some pretty valuable tower space for their systems via a combination of side deals, handshake agreements, quid pro quos (such as tower property maintenance), and providing emergency backup service to existing communication systems. Unfortunately, time marches on, the "old guard" retires or dies-off, and many people begin to wonder what real value is being provided for the free ride amateur radio is receiving. Add to that others (FRS, GMRS, etc) complaining -- they want the same free ride, too! -- eventually ruin it for everyone. Fold into this equation the lessons learned from various disasters over the last 20 years -- the need for backup communication and interoperability between services -- that have been a focus of FEMA and other government grants -- and you have a situation where the Amateur Radio Service has been relegated to backup of the backup status, and isn't really needed anymore.
  4. W2MC

    Ham radio

    Costing big $$$...
  5. 2X4? I thought you used them to work the bolt on a Mosin-Nagant?
  6. A statistical sampling of 15? There are approximately 330 Million people in the US..... I am no statistician, but I know statistical insignificance when I see it.
  7. AVB - I disagree. He, and those like him, need to be engaged ... they are the reason NJ is as screwed-up as it is currently. Greenday - I agree. I would not want to shoot on the same range ... I dont want to be anywhere near him when his overstressed rifle finally lets go.
  8. Dicks used to give $10 off $50 coupons on their receipt tapes. I used to use them frequently to buy cases of shotshells - now, though, I refuse to buy anything from them. They do not support your rights.
  9. The road to hades is paved with good intentions. The goals you state are admirable; but nothing you have proposed will change the direction you are headed.
  10. Once again, AVB talks the 'party' line, and has no idea what he is talking about. The Obama-Biden "policy" (executive fiat, really), was that everyone who was check-marked (NOT "adjudicated", as AVB asserts) as needing assistance managing their affairs was unilaterally moved into the prohibited category. Unlike AVB, I KNOW people who were in this category. These were administrative decisions-not an adjudication-where an injury was in a certain category, such as a head injury, was required to name another to "manage" their affairs. Most did not need a conservator, but they were forced to identify one or risk losing their Social Security benefits. These were bureaucratic decisions based on a check in a box or checklist, NOT the result of either court or professional decision-making --- even more egregious than the current "Red-Flag" laws! These were largely implemented so that the SSA could cover their own asses and have someone (other than themselves) to blame in the rare cases of patient abuse. The Obama-Biden fiat was CORRECTLY tossed-out as unconstitutional. Use some of that advanced education you regularly pat yourself on the back over, AVB, and educate yourself BEFORE you pass judgement.
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