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  1. W2MC

    You Can Only Have One

    Can you get a Nighthawk Custom / Korth Mongoose .357 Magnum for a kidney? Or do you need to add an arm or a leg?
  2. I see "Pork Roll"...my faith in humanity is restored
  3. They acknowledged and fixed the problem. That says a whole lot.......
  4. W2MC

    You Can Only Have One

    If I could have only one? .357 revolver Does everything easy-peasy
  5. From 2017. Now, with NJs catch and release !aws, they'd be back out on the streets before the arresting officers are done with the paperwork...
  6. Mercury Grand Marquis / Ford Crown Victoria Most full-sized pickup trucks
  7. doh! In my defense, its an awfully small photo on my cell phone
  8. I like the "approximately 6 slices" Like they can't count accurately
  9. Yeah...mis-spelled shoobie. Least he knows its PORK ROLL
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