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  1. Shame its not on the other side of the river ...
  2. W2MC

    Ham radio

    Just saw this a few weeks ago - looks like just the thing for park activation - a lightweight, resonant 20 and 40 meter dipole. I've got one; I just have to put it together. https://www.qrpkits.com/dualbanddipole.html
  3. W2MC

    Ham radio

    Newonian ... you exist! Haven't seen your by-line in quite awhile. Yes; I've been playing with POTA for several months now - lots of fun. Once things get a bit less hectic, I'll be out doing a few park activations of my own. Plenty of places here in the Poconos For those wondering what we're talking about, go to https://parksontheair.com/ 73 de W2MC
  4. W2MC

    Trap Guns

    One of the things I miss; having retired and moved from South Jersey, is shooting trap and 5-stand at Telco. Its a great bunch of folks, and a lot of fun. Just about any good hunting shotgun that fits you will work; pump, semi, o/u or sxs.
  5. Loving the Poconos........ It IS a bit of NYC west, but we are enjoying it.
  6. Mine is dead-on; no adjustment needed
  7. I picked one up for the same reason. I have had mine out at the range several times; they are great shooters.
  8. It's up here in the Poconos......
  9. I'll take it We'll need to work-out the particulars. I'm in the Poconos; between routes 84 and 80 Jon W2MC
  10. Something like this? I'd be interested.
  11. Park several blocks away. Leave your ID in the vehicle. Walk in.
  12. If there's "no questions asked"; how do they "know" you're even a NJ resident?
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