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  1. What about The Phantom? He carries a pair of 1911s.
  2. Wish they made 'em in lefty...
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  4. Chicken Little is alive and well...
  5. Yeah, he is. But if you buy his 'shield', it will all be better...
  6. ...got a spike buck on Monday...
  7. Very true. For a more 'local' example here on njgunforums; read the comments of our democrat-in-residence, AVB-AMG.
  8. Where..........do you begin.
  9. A couple PPQs here - nj dealer listings https://www.gunbroker.com/Semi-Auto-Pistols/search?State=NJ&PageSize=24&Sort=13&View=1&mfg=1000293
  10. oops....sorry. Its VERMONT that is paying people to move there https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/news/2018/06/04/want-10-k-incentive-what-know-vermont-before-you-move/663676002/
  11. Are you doing the move to maine....we'll pay you to move here deal?
  12. Houlton, Maine? Went there last year....nice place, but a little remote from the family. Stayed a week in Island Falls....nice place, too!
  13. You're probably better-off with some pork roll and peanut butter......
  14. I changed my address in 2013. Still have the old card. Now I moved in 2004.....do I still have to worry that the ID police will track me down???