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  1. Not a good sign when I can't find this lawyer "Jonathan Poling" via a quick internet search....
  2. W2MC

    Shotgun forend

    There are two lengths.
  3. THAT is a demand letter? Did anyone at least proofread the letter before it was sent? I hope you didn't pay in advance.......because I wouldn't give his office a nickel for that letter.
  4. Photo 30 minutes ago right around the corner from me...
  5. UPDATE: Pocono roads are ice-covered, and, as one reporter noted, "slicker than snot on a doorknob". I wouldn't hang-around long at Clinton...
  6. Freezing rain coming down now in the Poconos...
  7. Then it gets real interesting...the same logic to declare a 2nd amend sanctuary illegal would also apply to the illegal immigrant sanctuaries popping-up all over lib america...
  8. You can get that at their 'going out of business' sale
  9. While stuff is moving around here because of the weather; we are looking at 10-12 inches up here before it ends monday
  10. True...but I don't seek-out internet surveys either
  11. There's a lot to like with a 1911 in 9mm. It's a sweet shooter. 115 grain ball ammo is so cheap it's not worth reloading. Whatever you do, though, particularly for a first pistol, is go with a "name" manufacturer; something you recognize, like Glock, S&W, Ruger, Sig, Browning, etc. Some of the lesser-known manufacturers do turn-out a quality product, but starting-out, you're better-off with something common that has an established parts/accessories/repair pipeline.
  12. One of many problems with surveys. I've hit the point where I just say no; if I answer the phone at all.
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