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  1. From the net...A review from 2014. Sounds like just the thing for bear country... http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/12/daniel-zimmerman/gun-review-taurus-605-revolver/
  2. Hope so for his sake
  3. Am I the only one who's had about enough of Evan Nappen? I've heard him speak before, and I have one of his books. But I started to question his opinions when he made the statement that a loaded magazine can somehow be construed as being a loaded gun. Hard to believe; and when asked to provide an example of where this has actually happened? Crickets.... Now he's found some means under NJ law where it can be construed that NJ will try and extradite you BACK to NJ if you don't tell them you've moved out of state and fail to -not cancel- but *change your address* on your NJ FID card! Uh huh....Pennsylvania's going to send you back to NJ because you didn't tell them where to forward your mail, now that you've left the state? Who's ever heard of this one before? Personally, I think its tied to his gun law seminars. I'm told they are interesting/entertaining; but they're also used to hawk for "US Law Shield"; a $10.95 a month 'legal service' that provides some sort of gun law 'coverage'...searching the internet, its hard to tell what they really cover, and the reviews for its services are somewhat mixed. I guess its for when NJ tries to haul you back after you've finally left the people's democratic republic of NJ for free america...
  4. Beautiful......
  5. For my 0.02 - it would be a revolver, because they are simple, light and durable. I'm not particularly enamored with with all of the newer 9mm autoloaders; I am sure they have their place, but the only 9mm I currently have (and like) is the 1911. It is softer shooting than the 1911 in .45, and 9mm ammo is currently so cheap its not worth reloading.
  6. Sent.....added the question.... Moreover.....why was it 'ok' for 15 a few years ago; now its 10? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE???
  7. saw some down in AC at Bass Pro
  8. Just looked at their web page...wow. Like em or dislike em....they are definitely "old school" ... no blue jeans, collared shirts, breakopen shotguns only, (and they provide the shells!) ... but no info on how to join, for example ... I guess "If you have to ask...." www.hudsonfarmnj.com
  9. beat me to it! Just looking at the Cabela's ad for Father's day They also have Beretta's A300 on sale as well as Benelli Black Eagle 3, WInchester SX4, and Browning Citoris Would be worth a look
  10. Another thought If your goal is clays and peasants, don't discount pumps; and particularly semi autos, if you're just looking to get your feet wet. Either will get you started at a lower price than an o/u.
  11. Yeah...gives me nightmares, too. Keep your finger off the trigger! !
  12. Sadly Mrs Peel, because that is part of the plan. Make compliance burdensome and complicated so its near impossible to stay within the letter of the law, ; and set stiff penalties for minor infractions, and the majority of sheeple will give-up and divest.
  13. Check with crdshrk - I think he has a Mossberg o/u
  14. Figures....when my ship comes in, I'll be at the airport!