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  1. Loving the Poconos........ It IS a bit of NYC west, but we are enjoying it.
  2. Mine is dead-on; no adjustment needed
  3. I picked one up for the same reason. I have had mine out at the range several times; they are great shooters.
  4. It's up here in the Poconos......
  5. I'll take it We'll need to work-out the particulars. I'm in the Poconos; between routes 84 and 80 Jon W2MC
  6. Something like this? I'd be interested.
  7. Park several blocks away. Leave your ID in the vehicle. Walk in.
  8. If there's "no questions asked"; how do they "know" you're even a NJ resident?
  9. Just a few miles from me...Getting ready for their "Rod of Iron Freedom Festival" coming up October 8-10. https://www.rodofironfreedomfestival.org/
  10. Short answer - No. I am a strong southpaw; and I shoot a "Modern" S&W Sport (not the "II") with no issues.
  11. Maximize your space? Remove the foam barrel separators and replace them with something smooth and soft. Felt, soft cloth, etc. Place your long guns on their buttstocks closer together. Utilize the empty space between them by standing others on their barrels and slipping their buttstocks between the barrels of the upright guns. This is how I get 15-18 long guns comfortably into an "8-gun" cabinet.
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