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  1. W2MC

    Recommend handgun

    Based upon my somewhat biased opinion, my suggestions are: 1. A .22 target pistol. My first purchase was a S&W Model 41, which has had so many rounds down the barrel, it currently needs a new barrel and slide. M-41's are great pistols, but I would recommend a Ruger Mark IV - much less expensive than a M-41, just about as accurate and not as ammo-fussy (I have a MK III), and the biggest problem with the Rugers (the take-down & re-assembly) was finally fixed with the Mark IV. 2. A .38 or (better) ,357 revolver. Any of the major brands (S&W, Colt, or Ruger) will do. You want a medium size with a 4 or 6 inch barrel; not a little 2-inch snubbie, and you will be more-or-less set for whatever you want to shoot. The revolver will teach you trigger discipline, you can shoot anything from full-power to light target loads, and reloading the .38 is about as easy as it gets. I have reloaded thousands upon thousands of .38 and .357 rounds for mine. 3. Here is where I am torn. Once upon a time, I would have said a good quality 1911 in .45...but 9mm is SO cheap to shoot its hardly worth the reloading. I have a 1911 in 9mm and its great fun, but I know little about other pistols in 9mm, so I defer.
  2. Note she said "Pork Roll".....NOT "Taylor Ham" Those in the northern climes of NJ seem to believe that pork roll is really called taylor ham. those who know....know differently. But back to your story. Pulled-over with a beretta in her glove box....she is toast. If dad gave her the beretta with no real training and instruction....he is a fool I am still trying to figure out why she only had a single round in the magazine....makes no sense.
  3. ..but the General is only Delta force. What does he know?
  4. as I mentioned before....google Lukey Shafer; a truckdriver (who wasnt even driving at the time) who was involved in an accident......and the NJSP pulled him out of the hospital, ran him thru the wringer, then dumped him on their front doorstep without even shoes on his feet. For a 20 gauge shotgun in the sleeper compartment your protagonist will at minimum be spending the night in jail, facing hefty bail at the hearing the following court day, and hoping for a smart lawyer and a lenient judge to plead her charged down to something that keeps her out of jail. The Beretta is gone and will not be returned; as are her gun rights....gone forever. She now has a felony rap that will follow her for the rest of her life. THAT is what would happen - in 1990 or 2019
  5. Google "Lukey Shafer", a Texas truck driver who was involved in an accident in NJ in 1986 or 1987....and how our state police treated the injured son of a Texas Highway Patrolman over a bolt-action 20 gauge in his truck. Read about how others were treated by our state back then. NJ gun laws have sucked for a long long time. https://dspace.njstatelib.org/xmlui/bitstream/handle/10929/15623/w3621987v1.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
  6. Don't care. "Our ammo only" is a non-starter for me; for any range. I won't go. Period.
  7. Governor Blackface, along with a Lt Gov rapist, backed-up by an Attorney General in shoe polish...people; THIS IS the Democrat Party!
  8. Beautiful piece! If I only knew where we were going to land........
  9. I havent really thought about it........
  10. ...and put it somewhere you can get to. I just replaced the motor on the one in my attic....
  11. Flags that were placed by Boy Scouts; in a similar Civics lesson.
  12. W2MC

    Ham radio

    Love you too, Neutonian. Good to see yer back. All of what you describe does exist in amateur radio, but we could easily cross-out "ham radio" and write-in most any hobby you want. It's a techno-hobby, to be sure: and, like any other hobby; it is what you put into it. Right now, my club is planning Field Day - a cross between an expedition, readiness drill, and radio contest. If you like setting up and operating multiple radios simultaneously, starting with an empty field, this is for you. We operate from Marlton NJ; in what's called Savitch Field, which about a mile from the intersection of routes 70 and 73. The video below was from several years ago....we set up an even bigger operation now. Last year we were #1 in our category, and #6 overall. We will be out there again on the weekend of June 22-23. Stop by and say hi!
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