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  1. "the study itself reveals that "more study is needed" In other words, Send me more money, and I will conduct more of these slanted "studies".
  2. You interrupted Brittany doing her nails. Gotta be a hard job; answering phones in Trenton...
  3. Nice rifle; but I have to pass. Thanks for the consideration
  4. If OP (Bossnagy) isnt interested, I may be...
  5. "So we applaud the Legislature and the Murphy Administration for devising a new set of regulations that are fair, balanced, and tailored to withstand constitutional scrutiny – while dealing with the 300,000 new gun owners that have already applied for firearm permits." Amazing how they can come out with such crap
  6. Wait for BLACK FRIDAY .... Tractor Supply does sales on safes every Black Friday. Watch for their ad. Below is a link to LAST YEAR'S Black Friday ad, to give you an idea: https://blackfriday.com/ads/black-friday/tractor-supply-company
  7. It was a heavy bear; but we got it out of the basement! Thanks!
  8. I'LL TAKE IT Let me know the particulars. I'm in Pike County (NJ Refugee)
  9. Just dropped an order..... UPDATE - UPS says should be here Monday SECOND UPDATE - Delivered! Box arrived Monday; ammo looks good. Real Deal.
  10. Nice. I'd love to find one; but too many sellers seem to think they're made of gold
  11. Interesting..... By ignoring the direction of the SCOTUS (provided via Bruen), isn't this court in contempt of the Supreme Court?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD43GAZ3TZ0
  13. Anyone download the images? I keep getting "format unsupported or file corrupted" error
  14. W2MC

    Lever guns

    Nice collection
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