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  1. What happened to the "no questions asked"?
  2. I was wondering if they were able to save his foot....
  3. Some info for you - some has recently changed; due to the election last year of a commie pinko governor. Evan Nappen is a lawyer and an authority on NJ gun laws. Most of this is old hat to us in NJ, but will be news to you. https://www.uslawshield.com/land/evan-nappen-tips/assets/NJ - 1st of Nappen series 5 Things Evan Nappen Says New Jersey Gun Owners Need to Know.pdf This is from the SAFE conference 2 years ago. I was in the audience for this presentation: Some of the reasons why you want a NJ FID card: (note that the tube mag .22's are now legal...that was the only bone thrown to us by the recent gun law changes)
  4. An interesting concept....keep the home in PA and claim residency there. NJ and PA are still on speaking terms, so you would only pay taxes to Pennsylvania; not New Jersey.
  5. Been discussed before - note that NJ is going to a 10 round mag limit. also there is a 6 round limit that applies to SEMI AUTO shotguns - not pumps You are going to find NJ is a pain in the as...er neck..to deal with, but manageable. You will find that many think they know what they are talking about...but have no clue about what the NJ law says...including the police! Your gunz are yours - they do NOT need to go thru a dealer. Also note there is NO "firearm registration" required in NJ - there is a NJSP 'form' floating around, but note the voluntary at the top.....dont fill it out! The state pd does have a site that covers the basics - https://www.njsp.org/firearms/ There is no such thing as an antique/black powder exemption in nj - they are all treated the same. While not a requirement, You are going to need a firearm id card to survive the NJ BS laws. Its forms, fingerprints, and 30-90 days of waiting for the slower-n-molasses processing. Then you can buy long guns and pistol ammo with minimal hassle. pistol purchase requires a purchaser form...jokingly called a permission slip...its good for 90 days and is 1 pistol per permit per month. this is in addition to the firearm card. look at this site - it contains a pretty good synopsis of the nj rules. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_laws_in_New_Jersey pay particular attention to the list of banned guns. the questions you have on 30 cal carbine are related to this - all m1 carbines are banned; not all guns that can chamber a 30 cal carbine round. I cant tell you about your 10/22 lookalikes. someone else probably can. Wiki has decent info - note that while NJ is considered a 'may issue' state with regards to a concealed-carry permit.....fuggetaboutit...you will never get one. There is a lot more - but its 3 am. i am sure you will receive a lot of commentary. Also...700? thats a huge collection by anybody's yardstick!
  6. I suspect there may be a glut of em on the market. Politics and 'hype' aside, the AR platform is pretty cheap to manufacture.
  7. I'm still getting my head wrapped around that its September.....I'm still getting used to writing '2018' !
  8. Sedona is (was) beautiful back in the 70s and early 80s; before the "crystal crazies" (as my grandfather termed them) moved in. For me; if I was thinking Arizona, I would be thinking Flagstaff. Hope the crystal crazies haven't taken over there, too!
  9. only a year old? Pour it in my truck! wouldn't think twice about it
  10. ...and not just any lawyer. One with connections in the town.
  11. All of which can be relieved by some additional hunting pressure....