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  1. Macy the wonderdog....scourge of all squirrels and chipmunks!
  2. Wonder how may sales they have?
  3. looking as well. I have a small upright; a chest would be much better
  4. Unfortunately that's not a sustainable business model. In the current market, your LGS will be unable to replenish stock anywhere near that price.
  5. "Best" inexpensive, all-around/do-anything shotgun: Maverick 88 Combo. Basically it's a no-frills Mossberg 500 made in Texas; many parts,especially barrels, interchange with the mossy 500. Biggest difference is location of the safety (trigger guard vs tang on the 500). With this you can hunt almost anything, shoot trap/skeet/sporting clays, and have it ready to repel boarders. "Detailed Description: A Winning Combo for Hunting and Home Defense at an Affordable Price Point Reliability and versatility at and affordable price, the Mossberg Maverick 88 Field and Security Combo gives you peace of mind and a sporting gun in the same package. The Mav88 is the perfect choice for a personal home defense shotgun with light weight compact maneuverability. It's also ideal in the field with a quick swing on target. This combo is chambered to handle 3" 12 gauge shells with an 18.5" home defense barrel and a 28" field barrel. The receiver design features positive steel to steel bolt lock-up, dual extractors and an anti-jam elevator. Combine this with dual action bars for smooth operation and flawless performance. Get the Maverick 88 Combo and have the best of both worlds with a pump shotgun that's ready for anything! " https://www.gunbroker.com/item/878488986
  6. The reality is ... a shop in Nevada isn’t going to the mat for New Jersey residents.
  7. Awesome.....and yes, 3-Gun Bullseye was (and is) a tremendous challenge.
  8. Grewal and Co want to ruin them for their political gain. Simpler for them to cut n run...
  9. I'm sure it's a business decision. Cheaper to take the fine (which will likely never be paid...come and get me!) than paying lawyers several hundred an hour as Grewal drags this thru the courts.
  10. No, it's not. Imagine the cost to litigate this from Nevada...ths is chump change to make this go away.
  11. Didn’t I just see an ad for basic pistol in Easton this month? Safe practices and safe handling are more important than ever, especially if you're one of America's millions of first-time firearms owners. It can be overwhelming, and you probably have a lot of questions. Our certified instructor will address your concerns and help alleviate some of the stress that comes with the responsibility of being a first-time firearm owner by giving you the confidence to handle your firearm safely. •Rules of firearm safety •Types of handguns •Parts of a handgun •How a handgun works •Safe handgun handling •Basic handgun skills; proper grip, sight alignment, trigger control •Basic fundamentals of shooting •How to safely store your handgun And more... Seating is limited! Call us at 856.232.4867 to pre-pay Saturday, September 5, 2020 10AM-NOON $60 pp + tax *classroom-only #handgun #handgunsafety #gunownerscare #nssf #newshooters #firearmsafety #nationalshootingsportsmonth #nssm
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