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  1. I'll take the grip ray ray. Sending info via pm.
  2. Are we still using 40 s&w? I remember everyone raving about this round back in the day, but 9mm came back. I'm wondering how many of us are still using this round on a regular bases? I have a whole bunch of 40 s&w rounds, but no 40 s&w in my line up, might have to get one back in the herd this year.
  3. Wow this is way cheap! Is this brand any good! How does compare to psa? http://www.combatarmory.com/ar-15-556-16-length-1-7-twist-w-15-slim-m-lok-handguard-no-assembly-required/
  4. @eyeinstine nice price there too bad its unavailable, I appreciate the tip.
  5. I thought that midway was a pretty good deal too. I'll check that aero deal, appreciate the tip!
  6. Hey guys looking for a budget ar upper, nothing fancy, Something like this in the pic. I figured I would check to see if someone wants to unload something on the used market before i buy anyrhing brand new. I would be interested in other styles incase. Let me know what you have with price via PM. Thanks.
  7. Lol, sorry was doing something at the same moment I was posting. But here it is. https://suarezinternational.com/suarez-l-mount-universal-red-dot-base/
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