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  1. I was just about to ask this same question! Thanks... new jersey laws sucks!
  2. Man If there was at least one person that was packing many lives would have been saved. Those poor souls did not have a chance with that nut bag.
  3. I agree I'm seeing lots of good deals on awesome guns brand new. Seems like used market prices are a little on the high side. Well my 3 permits have not arrived yet but I can feel it in my bones they are close! I have settled on what I definitely want, Hk vp9, and sig p365. My last permit will be either glock 20, cz p10 optics ready or a nice wheel gun, but you know this can change like the weather so much good stuff out there. I'm might also be interested in something with optics. So if anyone has anything interesting I'm still listening. Send me a PM with price, pic and a little history.
  4. Not sure if this is a good deal or not seems like one to me, if it's not please chime in and educate me, I have a lower that needs to be mated with something. http://www.combatarmory.com/ar-15-223-5-56-18-length-1-7-twist-w-15-slim-m-lok-handguard-no-assembly-required/
  5. Is this deal gone? Where is davidsons?
  6. Pizza Bob you always add so much to this forum! Great knowledge, beautiful pics of very unique guns. We appreciate it all. I want to also add and I'm sure I'm not the only one but when ever I read your threads you make me want to go get more permits just to get a fine wheel gun!
  7. There is definitely a suppressor version and an optics ready version but I'm trying to see if there one with both options.
  8. I'm still gun shopping and I am pretty much settled on hk vp9 and cz p10 but ran across this CANIK TP9SFX, looks like a good gun, any opinions on this? https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/canik-tp9sfx-9mm-luger-semiautomatic-pistol
  9. I thought they stopped importing them? If there any left the Prices are probably through the roof. What are you seeing out there on market.
  10. Why not go crazy and a 10mm gun! I'm waiting for 3 permits myself here is my short list. Hk vp9 or p30, Cz p10 optics ready, Sig p365 but I do have some wildcards, fnx 45 tactical, glock 20, .357 revolver, kahr pm9.
  11. Do they sell an optics ready and suppressor ready version on the same gun?
  12. Capped primed muzzle loader? I'm not familiar with that, thought this was 12 gauge
  13. Is the diablo break open restricted in New Jersey? I'm thinking it is not legal for some reason. I think it's cool. https://americanguncraft.com/product/diablo-break-open-12-gauge-pistol-black-grips/?gdpr_consent=&gdpr=false
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