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  1. Springfield xdm deal optics ready and suppressor ready! https://www.smga.com/springfield-armory/xdm-osp-threaded-all-fde-9mm-5157
  2. Found this place, nice range of services and prices seem good. But I have no experience with them. https://www.sastacticalcustoms.com/
  3. Who has the cheapest law enforcement trade in guns? On the internet and local?
  4. That thing is so cute!!! Love that slide!
  5. I found the exact specs Sig p365 is bigger
  6. I think there is a rebate going on too! Ridiculous!! Any know size wise how this compares to p365? Is it smaller?
  7. Taurus spectrum deal, anyone have this? Is this smaller than a sid p365? https://www.dahlonegaarmory.com/products/handguns-taurus-1007031102-725327613794-2448
  8. https://www.tactical-life.com/news/flux-defense-mp17-sig-sbr/
  9. david8613


    That does look good, that's why I wanted see that pic, I have seen the weight only version and I didn't like how it looked. Yours looks awesome! And more functional.
  10. david8613


    Looks cool, can u show a pic of the muzzle head on?
  11. I picked up 3 permits on 07/10/2019, used the first one on 07/14/2019, so I have 2 more left. I'm gonna use another in the next few days. It looks like my 3rd permit might fall outside the 90 days to use them. What is the procedure, any hoops to jump through? I'm thinking it might be different in different cities. I never gave back or wasted a permit.
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