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  1. My cz originally came with fancy cajun gun work grips and they look really nice but the cz OEM grip feel so much better. I hear loc grips are nice too. What grips are you guys running with your cz?
  2. The sig 320 being modular make this nj legal??? I have seen stuff like this for glocks always thought they were illegal.
  3. Looking good, it that a modular cut or is it cut for only the sig red dot?
  4. Looking for a good deal on a complete lower parts kit for 5.56 lower with buffer tube and stock.
  5. LOUIE GS OUTDOORS in seacaucus, awesome person to deal with. Does transfers, gunsmithing great prices.
  6. Got it yesterday guys, cz sp01 tactical. Very happy with her! thank you for all the help its appreciated.
  7. Thanks guys for all the great information. I picked up a cz sp01 tactical. Nice heavy solid gun, I like it alot awesome piece. Oh man you guys should not have showed me that beretta m9a3 that is a beauty, Wilson and Langdon sheesh I gotta start saving and get more permits!
  8. I had one awhile back, very nice gun indeed. I miss her.
  9. I'm looking into purchasing an all metal 9mm, I narrowed it down to the beretta and cz. I have held both and both feel great. I'm having a hard time deciding between the 2. Main requirements for me was all metal, accessory rails, hammer fired, double action single action with decocker. Would love to hear your opinions on these 2 awesome guns.
  10. Thank you for sharing that, solid answer to my question, Thats why I appreciate this site so much. I will relay the answer to her.
  11. Can a New Jersey medical marijuana patient get a firearms license? I have a friend who just got back from vacation and she went to gun range out there while on her vacation, she loved it and now she wants to excercise her rights, but she is a medical marijuana patient. She knows that I have a firearms license and she asked me about the process. I have successfully helped many friends to get licensed showing them step by step on how to go about it. But in this situation I have no clue. I'm thinking in new Jersey it's a no go. What do you say?
  12. https://www.smga.com/smith-and-wesson/mp-45-m20-blk-5125-threaded-bbl-4295
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