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  1. When moved from Bloomfield to North bergen I don't remember doing all that extra stuff. I think they just took my old card, and called me to pick up the new one after a couple of weeks.
  2. I'm at motorvehicles now. Hopefully it quick and easy, I moved back to my old address so the police department do know me.
  3. Hey guys I'm moving to a new address, still new jersey though. What do I need to do with firearms ID? do I go to local police station to get it renewed with new address?
  4. Thanks for the tips, I'll call ethos and see what they say
  5. Tried that didn't work, but thank you for the suggestion. Lol
  6. Tattoo removal, anyone with experience? advice? How was it? How many sessions? Good place to do it? I have a tattoo 5 inches by 7 inches I want to get removed.
  7. WTB 8.25" buffer tube, new or used. Or maybe a link to buy one online, alot of places are sold out.
  8. I thought when they measure the over all length of an "other" they mrasure from tip of the barrel minus brake/comp/flash hider unless its wielded to barrel and then to the very end of buffer tube, not the brace. So wouldn't that make a folder ok?
  9. I can't believe this could be legal, I always thought this was a no no in New Jersey. Probably alot of fun to shoot.
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