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  1. I started this thread. I am very happy with this cz 75 sp01 tactical i picked up last year. Heavy metal for ever! I will never sell this one, this one is a keeper. It was used like new, with some nice aluminum after market grips that looked really cool but I like the original grips, they felt better for my hands. I want to add, this is my second cz gun, my first was a cz p10c. Cz makes incredible guns, especially for the money. I have owned many brands and cz is excellent.
  2. david8613

    Glock 43x

    @pjd832, that was best size comparo with I have seen here, awesome! great work! Im sure this will help alot who are in market.
  3. I'll take the grip ray ray. Sending info via pm.
  4. Are we still using 40 s&w? I remember everyone raving about this round back in the day, but 9mm came back. I'm wondering how many of us are still using this round on a regular bases? I have a whole bunch of 40 s&w rounds, but no 40 s&w in my line up, might have to get one back in the herd this year.
  5. Lol, sorry was doing something at the same moment I was posting. But here it is. https://suarezinternational.com/suarez-l-mount-universal-red-dot-base/
  6. I saw this for those who dont want to cut slide. Not sure if it's any good, anyone try this.
  7. Born and raised in Newark, I no longer live there, but many of my friends still do. They are famous for being slow, with vague answers but you will get them eventually.
  8. I dont like too much after market type stuff on my guns, but I have to admit I really like what you have there, very modern, understated, functional and clean. Really nice.
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