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  1. Thanks for the warning, I checked with serial number and it says my gun is gun is not affected, mine was manufactured in 2018.
  2. Canik TP9SFX, is such a nice gun! Especially for the price! I picked this baby up with the vortex venom as a package new for just 530.00! Finish is clean, controls, grip texture is really good and feel in hand is really nice. Looks heavy for its size but its very light. Build is high quality not cheap feeling at all. Good looking gun especially in person. The trigger is incredible it actually feels a little nicer, crisper and lighter than my cz p10c trigger. I was gonna get the fde version it looks very nice in that finish, but I couldn't do it, I'm a scarey black gun type of guy, but this tungsten grey looks good, and tasteful. I Will take her to the range asap and being back a report. I wanna thank tier one defense for another flawless transfer and handling compliance work.
  3. Picked up my permits today from P.D., they actually would have been ready last week but I was out of town. So total days would have been about 16 days! That's a record for me, north Bergen police dept. Is doing a very good with this new F.a.r.s. system.
  4. david8613

    Sig pro cut!

    You are right about the sights, I see that alot on optic ready guns alot have regular height sights.
  5. david8613

    Sig pro cut!

  6. Criminal background email came in this morning. Next step is to pick up permits correct?
  7. Too bad we cant these here. I miss the saiga conversion days... https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/06/27/ак-tr3-the-civilian-version-of-ak-12-and-ak-15-rifles/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheFirearmBlog+(The+Firearm+Blog)
  8. Here is a nice vid on the desert tech MDR
  9. Yes reference confirmation went in the same day I applied for permits, I haven't received criminal check confirmation yet. I just called my P.D. the main person I have to talk to is not in today. Am I supposed to get a call from a detective to verify I am me? I get alot of robo calls and usually dont pick up if I see a strange number.
  10. Is there anyway to check status online? If not who do I call to get updates on status, not really sure? My canik TP9SFX is at tier one ready for pick up! Now anxiously waiting.
  11. I'm keep reading about the clones from tristar, girsan, eaa. Anyone here have experience with them?
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