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  1. I was looking for a pistol optic and found this site, where you request a price quote and within seconds they sent me an email with a price quote of 239.00! Very good price if you ask me, I have been looking around. I know it's not a trijicon rmr but the holosun 507c gets pretty good reviews. the features and price seemed very good to me. If you found a better price please let me know. https://store.thegundock.com
  2. I am not one to mess with guns like that. Stock is best to me.
  3. I'm on the verge of picking one these glock g45, are we all happy with this new glock? Anything not to like? Are they running nice like a "glock" clock?
  4. Sorry I know "no chatter" in the for sale threads, but Dam! Those are some beauties!!! Good luck on sale cagefighter.
  5. This was great information. I have decided I'm going glock as I always had a glock in my rotation but not at this moment. I agree I like keeping things stock. I think these crazy blinged out guns with everything changed out is too much. It's a tool keep it that way, simple.
  6. david8613

    Scored. P365

    Saw this. https://www.osagecountyguns.com/blog/news/sig-sauer/new-sig-sauer-p365-xl/
  7. This probably has been kicked around this forum already. Just wondering those who own both what are your thoughts on them. It seems they are very close in features, shootability, and price. The only thing that seems to stand out between the two is glocks long term reliability.
  8. I learned something here, seriously. I never new anything about clone building or this type of lower, thanks for educating us.
  9. This is very good info. As I was looking into a pistol that was optics ready. Makes much more sense to go the milled route.
  10. I ran Underwood in my g20, be prepared that stuff is hot!!!
  11. That's awesome, I has 3rd gen. G20 but I remember that grip was huge and I have big hands. So the grip feels smaller with this kit? By the way I love 10mm!
  12. Here is the Vedder holster, I ordered the model that works with the streamlight tlr-6 and claw. Very nice I like it. Here are some pics for your enjoyment
  13. I second tier 1, I have done lots of work with him. Great work, fast service and priced right.
  14. Oh God that is beautiful! I had a glock 20 in 10mm once and I know it's not recommended but you could shoot .40 cal out of her. Could you do that with these?
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