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  1. Released from whom? If the mags were somehow out of jurisdiction maybe blaming the out of towners would work but if the mags stayed In town they should have been released. IDK if its the Cleo or prosecuter who had the say on go/no go about releasing either way it's confiscation. The police should have been told to return them, what law precludes them from a common courtesy, they are immune from the constrictions of the 10 rd law no? Seems to me like it was just a matter of discretion and they chose wrong.
  2. How about the police just bring them back to the residence of the owner? Seems simple enough.
  3. Nice to see but it's another 3 judge panel with 1 dissenting so the standard process is going en banc, over ruled, then put in line with the other 2A cases lining up for the scotus to consider. Until the supremes actually take on a case I find it all too predictable and scripted to get excited about.
  4. They tried that in Flint but got caught and the plan backfired.
  5. looking at that above track map i see Marine Camp Leguene is pretty much in line for the North quadrent of the eyewall, and the base has miles of beachfront exposure and lowlands. My son still has buds down there and word is a lot of the guys are going on forced leave but not farther than 300 miles. I spent a lot of vacation time down there and fear for that area. I can easily visualize some of the beach homes I was in washing or blowing away.
  6. Impossible to forget. My wife opted out of a breakfast meeting at the Windows on the World (top floors North Tower) restaurant that morning and thus commuted in a little late. Thats how close to the horror we got. She lost many freinds and staff, may they all rest in peace. Spent the next 12 yrs helping rebuild.
  7. Lol, I mean next dr to Waldwick, not the range.
  8. Yes , hot water basebrd. If you go to the Waldwick range you must be very local to me I live next dr. If you are a heating pro and interested in talking shoot me a pm and introduce yourself.
  9. Decided to replace our 20 yr old Crown boiler. Rather than doing some service/repair we feel a new heating system is a great selling point wether its 6 months or 2 yrs from now. Seems counter productive being our current one has not had one issue over its life other than a kettling ping past few yrs which is annoying to me and we dont want to push our luck. Its been bled a few times and several pros in their opinion said its scale build up anyway. Not looking to debate fix/buy but would like to hear opinions on new hot water boiler brands for replacement. Will stick with current configuration, standard natural gas chimney vent. Thanx.
  10. That's why I gots me a trifuel genny with ng as the primary.
  11. thanx for the reminders, just did a test run on my genny too.
  12. Pennsy & Delaware are saying the same about NJ....
  13. The legislaters are always throwing a lot of shit hoping something will stick and think they are looking good because they "care". Back in 2013 after the Sandyhook school shooting they were tripping over themselves inventing anti laws to look good because they "care", take a look- https://c.ymcdn.com/sites/www.anjrpc.org/resource/resmgr/ds-email/gun_control_list_03-22-13.pdf You will find at least one 5 rd mag law. SOS yr after yr.....remember to amend a law they cant just erase and fill in the blanks, there is a process of comittees, hearings ,voting....we would know about it early on.
  14. you're trolling , being lied to or pranked. Pick one.