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  1. Oh, you thought CCW was for concealed carry weapon? No it stands for Concealed Car Weapon. Keep it locked up and secured in the car and gtg. Cmon man! It's NJ!
  2. What a fkn nanny state. Cant invent rules,, laws, regulations fast enough in all aspects of life. Run don't walk..
  3. Won't work in NJ. It took all the pitchforks, tar& feathers the state could muster in what may be the most oppressive Era (covid mandates) and your tyrant gov still got re-elected. And how many legislators got flipped- 1-2 ? The number of pissed off 2A folk pales in comparison vs the entire state. Bruen is already the answer but here you are again with NJ trying to flaunt it. Lather rinse repeat.
  4. Whether it's this FBI report, late night election swings, the federal census or most polls it somehow always seems to favor the left's agenda so yea,no shock.
  5. My mistake- it was Mark Cheesemen getting his ccw not Jay. My apologies to Jay
  6. Probly had to scrounge for the 3 rds and I'd wager no two were alike.
  7. I believe on a recent GFH podcast iirc was mentioned that he just got his ccw. Whether thru the suit or the new regs I don't remember.
  8. Seafoam. I put that in every seasonal gas powered device I have/had. Never a fuel issue.
  9. Try that with the 90 day handgun permits. Won't work in your favor.
  10. So who removes a sitting county judge? Or did just say f this shit I'm out?
  11. Congrats! I have a Henry 357 and CX4 for the reason of sharing ammo, it's only logical. Altho the Henry is strictly 357 at this point since my eyes need an optic for distance and the scope is fixed for 357 at 50.
  12. Something that reaches out with authority. The 308 sounds like a good idea.
  13. Im about an hour North, we'll be sharing the same hurt. Looks like Ian is turning back in towards us. Heck, I may even get the landfall. Done everything I can to prep, let the fun begin.
  14. The western drift has tentatively taken me out of the literal eye but oh boy, that northeast quadrant is going to be rough heading up the coast.
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