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  1. Funny this post pops up now because this morning I was at a locksmith shop and on the back row was a assortment of safes, all sizes and ages. I inquired as to what's up with them as some were sealed with tape and even metal strapping. Some were for sale at respectable prices, will think on them later lol. But others were sealed under court orders or other legalities to be sorted out whenever. They said all sealed ones are from disputed estate matters waiting to be opened and being held at the shop as a neutral party. Of course I asked for some story's about opening them but, disappointingly, said it's their policy never to look inside, just literally crack it open and get signed waivers for that. They don't want to be in any way involved like maybe being a witness to whatever. That was a bummer, was hoping to hear some juicy tales.
  2. And this is all even before the Feds make any proposed gun/ ammo/ parts control legislation on the national level.
  3. Oh this is so cool! My bro is a manager with them and a Biden voter. Will be sending him this every day until whenever lol
  4. Hmm, looking at that link it does seem to have an additional agenda other than the 2A. Correcting social injustice, political activism, selective economics?
  5. Get a lawyer. There's more to this than just two guns.
  6. I guess it would be in poor taste for me to mention how happy I am with all my new 30 rd p-mags so I won't. Also won't mention the 20 & 30 mags for my CX4 & 92.
  7. Her retirement is TWO YEARS from now! plenty of time to cause trouble.
  8. Yup. Tried to renew with credit card but couldn't get away from PayPal. Will try again later.
  9. Outstanding forethought Maks. You'd make a good finanancial planner . I too have gotten out of NJ and am purging everything that has to do with it but this forum is different and better than NJ and although I am distancing from it it still deserves my support and will be Premiering soon again.
  10. What PK90 said. Lots of folk forget to include or don't know about the P like you did (FID). It's FPID, the P standing for Purchase. Don't need it to sell a legal firearm.
  11. At least the case was brass. I'm thinking a steel case may not have been as forgiving.
  12. Took them almost 3 months to tell me my pic was no good send a better one. Then almost another 3 to get it but that was yrs ago.
  13. Thought that was Brokeback Mountain.
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