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  1. They had to stop using the starter gun at the track meets because everyone in the bleachers would run not just the sprinters.
  2. Or (4) defendants will have to prove to activist judges Lanza DID NOT see the advertisements in question. As with most 2A issues you are guilty till proven innocent.
  3. Have one and its very reliable and fun. Mine swaps out mags with several Beretta pistols, I love guns that multi task. Like the above post suggests look at Sierrapapa on how to spend more money, some good upgrades. Just take note and do a little research there was a run of them that developed cracked trigger housings so look into that. Yea, you stole it.
  4. A private sale/ gift between immediate family members doesn't have to go thru a ffl. Yet...
  5. My town stayed the same, only because the dems don't even bother to run here lol. Love my town hate the state.
  6. Wow, so true. You just described my youth, and probly many here. We as 15,16 yr old kids were so happy to bum a ride down to Englishtown, spend a lot of summer "camping" in Harriman, fishing before school ( principle had us leave our poles in his office, cool) and up until this summer had a two wheel toy of some sort for 50+ yrs. It was all normal but now.....like you said in-activity is the in thing very sad. Funny related side note, my young neighbor was raking the other day, in his early 30's. He said he has a wedding the next day and needed to lose a few pounds to fit his suit.....I told my wife and she said that's such a millennial thing to say and I had a good laugh on that.
  7. Never miss the chance to cancel out a few of the dem votes This was the last vote here in NJ for us , will be voting with our feet well before the next election.
  8. Hey Bergen Record and Star Ledger- where is the outrage article on this? Upstanding Waldwick citizen/marine gets railroaded on 2 long forgotten mags yet the MDA show gets a pass???
  9. Just drop the mike right there! One of my childhood memories is my grandma out in Iowa cooking it like that. Somehow bacon fat was used and it was awesome! some things MUST be old school.
  10. And can keep yourself hydrated in a safe manner. I can't touch a maul since I saw my neighbor years ago bounce one into his shin. Emphasis on into. That's all I see if I pick one up. Besides another neighbor has a hydro one that was as good as mine. I've actually just sold off the few cords I had left.
  11. Yup. It really is remarkable when you think about it, how we law abiding gun owners especially here in NJ keep getting demonized and punished even tho we follow the already oppressive laws and the elite class- despite abundant evidence- get away with their high crimes and misdemeanors. For us it's guilty till proven innocent, lack of due process, pariahs of society...the guilty elites get to write books, be the darlings of talk shows and get richer. Where's the Justice League when you need them? I doubt it, the semantics for the rule of law will be adjusted as it applies, we've seen this already in secretly written form for the Ukrain whistle blower and most notably Comey's "extremely careless" acquittal. The argument is then minimized and the focus is on the procedure not the crime.
  12. Give em hell Franklin, and my apologies for the state using my tax dollars to harass you. Interesting holes in that pic up above lol.
  13. When NJ is forced to comply we know they will fight, delay andmake it as difficult and costly as possible but would still be worth seeing the state and legislators get bitch slapped. Not to mention the propaganda they will spew warning the dear citizens of the coming apocalypse.
  14. Excactly. He's just a pompous braggart who cares no more about guns than his inventory of port or brand of luxury cars. It's all about stockpiling labels to pad his life's accomplishments.
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