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  1. RBG will never voluntarily step down as long as Trump is pres. She will adjucate ala Stephen Hawking before that happens. I'm also expecting the dems to invent a new law capping the amount of supremes any sitting pres can appoint at two. They're batshit crazy enough to try.
  2. Dec 10
  3. Haven't watched since Coral got bit, don't even know how much has aired since then.
  4. Here's the money shot: "Given that the justifiable need requirement does not infringe upon a clearly enumerated right, and, even if it did, it has been upheld under traditional judicial scrutiny.".... So in other words because they've gotten away with being wrong and infringing before they can do it again. This is why anything below a scotus ruling will never work.
  5. Good to know about Allied, will keep that in mind. I can't imagine how emotional it must be leaving a home you've been in your whole life. I know it will be tough for me leaving mine having hand built my own home and blah blah...but hey, money talks lol.
  6. Congrats and best of luck to you. Like you said, will be tough leaving a place we have lived in all our lives but this state has become something unbearable for all reasons you said and more. It is a poor fit for who I am and what I believe in, the 2A issues here is just another red hot poker to push us out. If not for my mom I would've been gone by now but hoping to remedy that issue soon and already got my daughter settled in FL where we are headed. Happy trails bro.
  7. I believe G&S Hunters in Paterson does bluing and blasting but but I have no experience with them or their work.
  8. Saw nothing here but an honest exchange of info untill your wiseass remark.
  9. Seriously, that's it? No paperwork of the transaction?
  10. So what paperwork does the seller actually leave with?
  11. I have to agree here. Wife does too and that matters more! 3 mins away, often on sale, sometimes free Coke, grab some slaw and gtg.
  12. Admins! ban this poo poo head, he called me a mean name!
  13. I'm not going to go back and forth on this but just that I see it as....11+ mags are NOW classified as hi cap under the NEW law and thus restricted from travel under the OLD law because they ARE hi caps. I wish the new law's grandfathering expanded the possession part but there's the confusion. At least how I see it. You see it different, ok do whatever. I don't think anyone's going to jail over this but I prefer to avoid the potential hassle over a fun trip to the range.
  14. Guys, its not Nappens interpretation. The confusion is that there is already a existing law banning hi cap mags (formerly 16+) and a default of that law is no traveling with hi cap mags- which 11+ mags now are. But we are allowed to possess our 11+ until Dec 10....choose your option.......
  15. Cold turkey. That and what worked for me also was becoming a homebound hermit for a month or so. No going out with the guys, partys, even bars and restaurants (back then you could still smoke in 'em...and get cigs out of the machine in Pathmark for 80 cents lol). Its a mind game and you have to really want it, to me the all the substitutes is slow torture. And think how much money you'll save. Seriously- add it up and use that as an incentive to reward yourself with a prize down the road. Good luck!