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  1. Also interesting to see the 12g shotty racking up more stats than the AR. Where's the ban outcry?
  2. Only critical pc of data missing from those charts is a racial(!!!) breakdown. That will explode some heads.
  3. Sometimes a sinking ship actually sinks, no matter how fast you bail or how loud you scream. Dont think of it as a retreat but a tactical reallocation of forces to higher ground. In my case that is FL. Show me a indicator of NJ getting better. Political? Economical? Demographical? Remember hope is not a strategy. And I'm going g to dis agree that FL is in trouble, looking at some simple stats that at least I observe and care about that counter what many think about this state turning blue. I believe its the opposite. We currently have a R gov, assembly and senate with both houses enjoying about a 2-1 majority. The most recent 4 govs were R, and the past 5 out of 7 R too after many many years of mostly Being D. For at least the past 10 yrs the new R voter registration affiliation has outpaced Democrats, how much is from transplants or natives idk. This state is so much more in line with my quality of life there was no question about leaving NJ. And the longer I am here the more objective pov can be seen and NJ sucks even more. Ask anyone who left if they'd go back. I get some can't, I was there for a long time but was still able to get one foot out the door to remind me it needed to get done. Good luck to all of you staying.....
  4. Hell, they dont need the illegals. The registered dem/socialists alreadyown the state with a 2-1 majority and the gap grows with each indoctrinated generation. NJ will never see a R gov, senate or assembly again. Its a done deal.
  5. You're gonna hump, shovel and rake all that by hand? Good luck, especially if its qp, best product but a Bitch to shovel. Consider hiring a bobcat for a few hrs then fine tune by your manual labor.
  6. Agreed. I for one was very disappointed- almost heartbroken-in the supremes spineless interest in the coup that was disguised as an election. Especially in the so called saviors of conservatism, Trumps appointees. They need to redeem themselves if they get a chance to reel in the EOs of all types.
  7. Lol, looks like garbage night at my house.
  8. What do The Ever Given and the POTUS have in common? Hint- took em both out recently...supposedly....
  9. I would say they have been my most go to supplier over the yrs. The owner has even personally responded to me a few times over the yrs. Hope they last the storm, great outfit.
  10. Necropost! So it was written, so it's been done. That prophecy has been fulfilled.
  11. Not eligible here either. However part of what's been going on during the clusterfuk that was 2020 is absurd fraudulent unemployment claims, billions across the country, as my daughter just found out a few weeks ago. She's been a resident in FL since 2018 but received her whatever form from NJ about her UE claim from 2020 for filing purposes! She got thru to the NJ fraud dept, no easy task, to get the proper protocols rolling. So NJ thanks her buy just sending her a notice she underpaid 2017 state taxes by $100 but interest and penaltys up it to $300 lol. I've been out for a yr now and still can't stop hating that state!!!
  12. Hmm, never thought about that fun fact. I see I joined Aug 2010 so I'm at about 10 1/2 yrs.
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