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  1. Welcome to the Forum. I see you go to CR to shoot, I did also for many yrs but recently moved out of state. Unless you sell to immediate family you need to go to a FFL to sell them. That sale could be to the the gun store (FFL) if they're interested and offer a fair to you price or someone else such as a forum member here who has to meet at that FFL. The dealer will do the transfer to the buyer, they (and buyer) are responsible for the paperwork/legal stuff. I know of and used two FFL's near CR, Oakridge and Mammoth so you should not have to go too far out of the way. I encourage you to post them here first you already have a local and interested market. Most people here will be happy to help you out
  2. The vid shows the actualll "Important Notice" from the ATF at the 8 min mark.
  3. Agree. As someone who made a good living figuring square feet for a living there is one simple thing to remember. Numbers don't lie, there are what they are and if you fudge them beyond reasonable and a savvy homeowner breaks out his own ruler you lost. Keep the numbers real and apply any cost overages you need to the bottom line.
  4. Umm, why didn't you just ask the gun shop guy what state restrictions?
  5. I will never associate myself as a geek or nerd. Just a good ole fan or better yet, aficionado
  6. And a bonus- those tiny boxes let you pack a lot in the cans
  7. Herters 9 is typically re-branded S&B, very good ammo.
  8. Sop here. This forum is typically the least responsive, slowest and downright aggravating to me. Could be my home support system but almost all others sites I visit work in real time. Oh well.
  9. Don't forget to pack a drink, snacks and a cigar if your inclined lol. Since moving to FL CR is about the only thing I really miss. Don't be dismayed if it's too crowded today given what's going on there. During the week it's typically much different, not unusual to have a range to yourself or one other shooter. Try not to smile too much as you wade thru the spent brass at the plinking range. Enjoy!
  10. And on that note...also nearby in FL, we are selling my way over 55 in-laws 2004 Grand Marquis LS. Really nice car, moves proper with a v8, would love to keep it but just not practical.
  11. Sorry, no gun help. But just to help your search the CX4 9mm comes in 3 versions, 92, PX4 and Cougar. All versions can be switched to another with pcs from Beretta and all that is is a plastic magazine sleeve that pops in/ out and a proprietary mag release button, sold separately. Good luck.
  12. Did you post the business location?
  13. I have the same set up. Best mount out there for scoping the MN.
  14. Interesting topic particular to me as a noob to Florida and by default, new to frequent ccw. Knowing for a long time I actually would be residing in FL I made some decisions up in NJ about ccw and what to carry. Over time it became apparent IWB wasn't for me, I suffer from chronic droopy drawers and just could not find a comfort level for it both physically and in my head. On the other hand pocket carry was easy and comfortable- for me. That narrowed down the field of guns and the associated calibers. And the 380 won, specifically The lcp2 loaded with Fiocchi Extremas,. So yes I feel ok with 380 for self defense. Of course I would like a bigger and badder firearm but keeping in mind the biggest self defense mechanism is situational awareness I don't plan on putting myself in a questionable environment but I also don't plan on getting Tboned at tha intersection or getting hit by lightning but shit happens an deal with it, 380 will give me that chance. BTW, there is always a 9mm and ammo stashed in my car/truck as backup should I (hopefully) need to make a hasty evacuation and wonder wtf just happened. And just to ramble on a bit more, there are unintended consequences to pocket ccw. Such as the gun now occupies the pocket my wallet and keys typicalled called home. So they went to my left pocket where my cell phone resided........there is a learning curve not the least of which is remembering or deciding to bring the gun.....or where to keep it when not carrying wether home or traveling to a place that doesn't allow.....these are first world lifestyle adjustments, remember, I spent 62 yrs in Jersey before finding greener pastures.
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