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  1. Any of you recent visitors know if the handgun range is allowing two per port? Such as bringing a newb or wife? I"ll be making what is probly my last trip there And want my wife to get in her bi-annual trip too. Well, try anyway.
  2. I have 617 10 shot and gave my wife my 8 shot 63, was a fun gun but too cute lol, and was the only gun my wife would shoot. The 617 is also fun and very accurate, I ping steel more often than not at just under 50 yds and that's the 4" brl. A bit pricy but you get what you pay for.
  3. Oh he's clearly in a left state of mind. But the flag removal would be political suicide and politicians are acutely aware of that if nothing else.
  4. Who in their right mind would order or even remove them?! Never happen.
  5. You're right, doesn't matter what I think. You know what else doesn't matter? Everything else you listed. Mostly the " pounding of Rights at the academy", why even bother teaching them when in the end the cops just do their jobs enforcing laws, constitutional or not as dictated to them by their superiors and bad lawmakers? I don't blame them, and don't absolve them either. To me they are a neutral entity and not to be counted on as part of the checks and balances when debating a tyranical govt.
  6. Hey Chris. Just saw your thread and wishing you best of luck and sucess! I'm heading to FL for good soon but being so local to you consider me one of the best customers you never had lol.
  7. Anyone else in NJ have a Cougar 8000? I have a bunch of ind. wrapped and labeled new old stock mags being sold in lots of 3 for $60, have 3 lots. Ignore 92 mag in pic. 10 rd AR15 mags as one lot. Stoner- 2 in wrapper. ASC- 4 wrapped one unwrapped & 3unwrapped Thermolds. 10 pcs total $60. Shipping is $10 for one lot or all. Sorry not set up for any form of electronic payment. Postal money order, check after clearing or cash. Will meet if you come to 07432 Brgn city. PMs please
  8. Tried renewing Premier this morning, said processing and that was the last I heard. Used to be instant IIRC. Want to post in the For Sale section.
  9. Guess its not instant, paid an hr ago. Want to sell stuff again, times a wastin....
  10. It helps that Va has their own state 2A protections in their constitution, like most states. NJ of course among the few without.
  11. Wow, Alitto rips a lot of bungholes in his dissent! I am very Impressed with his knowledge of the history of this case.
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