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  1. I'll second what he said about Ruger mag swap.
  2. Agree with the two above posts. Leave the rest of the state and world out of our business.
  3. Wow, not one reported turn in! NJ is badass, we got some street cred now yo!
  4. siderman

    Birdcage on Netflix

    This thread is confusing the heck outta me. Isnt Birdcage an old gay movie with Robin Williams and Bird Box a new sci fi? At least the trailers in tv look like it. Where's the anti /racism stuff?
  5. siderman

    AR Fixed Mag

    What am I going to do? Keep sending stuff to FL, got to start the move somehow. Some things are just getting there before me.
  6. siderman

    ANJRPC SCOTUS Carry Lawsuit

    yup, we know the truth is they had to refill that adreniline pump in her heart and recharge the cranial gyroscope sensor.
  7. siderman

    ANJRPC SCOTUS Carry Lawsuit

    Step down, fall down, whatever...
  8. I think Trump should put out a twitter saying he will dare the Congress to at least match what the American people want and have done here. One, it"ll be more publicity for this campaign and two, will put the democrat controlled congress in the hot seat. They would look so bad trying to refute this effort.
  9. So what's the story on this Leo fix law, did it get signed? I can't find a reference to it happening yet.
  10. En Banc? Yes please...ANJRPC to ask for just that so maybe we get the first test of the new 3rd lineup. ANJRPC ASKS FULL THIRD CIRCUIT TO OVERRULE 3-JUDGE PANEL IN NJ MAGAZINE BAN CASE Legal Challenge of NJ Mag Ban Continues December 19, 2018. ANJRPC attorneys today filed a legal petition asking the full Third Circuit to review the December 5, 2018 decision of a 3-judge panel of the Third Circuit upholding NJ's ban on magazines holding between 11-15 rounds of ammunition. The petition seeks "rehearing en banc," a process by which every judge on the Third Circuit reviews the prior ruling by the 3-judge panel. See a copy of ANJRPC's petition for rehearing en banc here. If the full Third Circuit grants rehearing en banc, it will issue an order providing particulars of how the rehearing will proceed, which could include additional briefing and oral argument before the court. If the court declines en banc review, ANJRPC is prepared to eventually seek review from the U.S. Supreme Court. ANJRPC thanks NRA-ILA for its incredible support and guidance in the mag ban case. The case will be pursued until all appeal options are exhausted.
  11. Nice stats. And of course there are many variables.....but more relevant would be how many times off duty Leo fired in self defense and surely the numbers skew even more in favor of civilian use. And those are city numbers. Out in suburbia and the more rural areas I'd wager there are entire police forces that haven't fired on duty for yrs much less an off duty shoot. Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge Leo's need for hi mag carry but don't turn around and try to use bogus stats and needs against civilian needs.
  12. siderman

    12/14 - Forum Upgrades

    well since you asked.....a simple thumbs up or down = like/dislike.
  13. siderman

    12/14 - Forum Upgrades

    ADORBS??? That may be the first time that's ever been said on this forum .
  14. siderman

    12/14 - Forum Upgrades

    Appreciate the maintenance but the hearts gotta go my toxic masculinity isn't dealing with it too well....

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