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  1. Aren't we already in a defacto labor strike? At least down here we are, nobody wants to work. Help wanted signs everywhere, business's complaining.......too much free Biden Bucks out there I guess.
  2. You need to be responsible but unfortunately that's a stretch for some people. We charge everything possible and pay off in full every month. Work the rewards, we've go a lot of free airline tickets over the yrs doing just that.
  3. Welcome, did the same last year, and I still miss CR.
  4. I had that same reunion with my mags. One big happy family again, untill the 20 & 30 rd mags came knocking at the door. Everything will be OK again once we get some more play time together.
  5. Actually one year ago yesterday we sold our NJ house. One year ago today we permanently landed here in FL.
  6. There's a father/son reference in your link.
  7. Agreed. Urban sprawl is a constant, results of a biased education system coming of voting age, a lot of folks believe everything they see on biased social media and of course the biased msm. None of those influences favor the Republican/conservative ideas.
  8. Calling NJ "may issue" is like calling Biden a moderate. Outside of the politically connected and job required ccw there might be more carrys in a crowded FL Walmart than the rest of NJ.
  9. Ouch. I better move back to Jersey. Yes a tragedy can change things but when looking at the overall history of 2A culture between between NJ and FL....cmon man. Besides there are many other quality of life issues ,for me, that leaves NJ in the gutter where it belongs. I made my choice to vote with my feet and here I am with 2A freedoms that are unheard of ( In fact illegal) in NJ. That is all.
  10. Not to pile on here but.....FL is not on the cusp at all. It's actually the opposite of NJ with the state legislation having a solid Republican advantage of 2-1 that actively works to make proper laws and ideals. The past 4 govs are/ were R as was the past 5-7, and before that was mostly D. The R new voter registrations has been outpacing new D's. Those stats are a definitive trend. I've noted this here before. On the other hand NJ is being over run with a out of control nanny govt and unions, is politically and financially corrupt, broke and placates to the lowest and fringe elements of society- the working middle class be damned. There's a reason NJ is #1 in the nation of with fleeing it. Fight the useless fight if you want, the numbers just aren't there to make a difference anymore but for me I've got a much happier future in mind, not wasting a lifetime of getting ahead to stay in NJ and be miserable.
  11. Good for you guys. I tried for some parts and a few more 30 rd mags for my cx4/92. Let's hope they honor the 50 for all those that got in!
  12. Looks like they fixed it. 25% don't suk but 50 would've been epic lol.
  13. https://www.usacarry.com/concealed_carry_permit_reciprocity_maps.html
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