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  1. Fun fact. Registered R's currently outnumber the D's by almost a million in FL. Considering R's surpassed D's only a few yrs ago I'd say that's a huge swing and this state is gtg for a while. Just not with realestate....
  2. Sort of. Mass migration to FL the past few yrs has almost doubled real estate for sure. But it also heavily favored the Republican registration machine so much that for the first time 2 yrs ago the registered R's passed the D's and the margin keeps growing. Btw the state legislature- gov, house, senate are all owned by the R's roughly 2-1, the opposite of NJ.
  3. Well CO was the first state to legalize recreational weed. Coincidence?
  4. Found a nice Buck 110 in its case 40+ yrs ago on the sidewalk in front of my apt. It, and a Swiss Army knife a long ago gf gave me share a space in every family vehicle I've owned since then.
  5. Thanx. I really really miss that place.
  6. I went thru a short phase of a laser on a few handguns. In the end decided to opt out. I had difficulty seeing the dot and for self defense, wasn't for me. Realized I was spending(wasting) too much time finding the dot vs focusing on the target/situation. Precious moments in a volatile situation. Aim and shoot- not aim,, look look shoot. Didn't bother with a zero as, to me, a targeted threat would be too close to make a difference altho they were sited in to impact an inch or two above the dot- parallel method? They were mounted front of trigger guard. Make more sense on a long gun to me.
  7. Build it and they will come. Setting up a prepper show in a liberal haven like Boulder CO, of course that's who will show up. But the jokes on them albeit they're too dumb to get it. It's their own liberal govt causing them to arm/prep up against themselves, their own purposed damaging policies causing the unrest not the govs "inability" to protect. Like being prepared is such a novel idea! The Boy Scouts been saying that for a hundred yrs lol. Yes I was one and credit one of the leaders for instilling that idea in me. In hindsight he must have been a old school prepper as he would suggest a few off the beaten path lessons. Know where your next meal is coming from, where your shelter is/will be, always have access to basic tools, know your surroundings....words of basic common sense that I think helped me get a early start of understanding "be prepared".
  8. Hmm, somethings wrong there in NJ. I only pay $8.50 a yr for a 7 yr ccw in FL. Maybe a mis-print?
  9. CR was my second wife till I moved out of NJ. Just an FYI if you didn't know, the 200/300 range splits the day between the distances. At least used to maybe changed idk.
  10. Had the same issue on my NJ neutered S&W. Moved to FL and was a bit surprised to find the blank tube. No biggy my son had a spare. If I thought about it, still am, a folding stock may find its way here too.
  11. Yup. Kemp is no ally to Trump. Think- the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Besides there is no more accountability anymore. If you're part of the "republican" anti Trump contingent, and there is a lot, you don't want to start a domino effect of failed attempts to take him down. The kangaroo case will go on even if something goes south for Willis & Co.
  12. Road rage shootings, haven't heard of any. But then I don't watch muchi local news, the girls in my life tend to monitor the social media gossip and never told me of one but do hear a lot of car related deaths mostly pedestrian. I don't think it's better or worse than any other legally armed society.
  13. File a complaint about the states Supremes with Hawaii's Commission of Judicial Conduct. There it will be scrutinized by members appointed by the Supremes themselves. Easy peezy.
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