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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114646519387 Might get you 12 minutes on a parking meter.
  2. Exactly. Like the Aiken judge(?) Who said if a bullet acts like a hp it is one in his not so humble opinion.
  3. Finally found a deli down here - which isn't really a thing here- that offers The Sandwich. They call it a "Jersey" and depending how you title it will point you to some fellow seated customers who are/ were from NJ - which is a thing down here- and will be from either North or South lol. After the first sandwich I had to make a few adjustments, eggs over easy vs scrambled and the poor substitute for the hard roll had to be toasted. Can't get those big hard rolls which sucks but but still tasty and the price is right. Long live THEC!
  4. Not a bad year. You need a .22 handgun.
  5. Well at least it's in the humor section.
  6. I made a dedicated run to FL just for that sold off thousands of rds just to get down to a truckload lol! My truck is a Tacoma so it was a bit limited for payload capacity. I actually weighed and labeled every ammo can before I sold, narrowed it down and sold off " excess". Was still overweight a lot with other stuff but wasnt too concerned. Slept in the truck too. And just to break the boredom of the long drive decided to get a speeding ticket. Was raining so the cop kinda leaned in the passenger window to have me sign off, if he only knew what was in those suitcases stacked on the seat he was leaning on....
  7. So a trip to the store for eggs, bread and milk isn't going to suffice this time?
  8. A most excellent gun. Love mine and no, you or anyone else can't have it lol. Not too common but good luck.
  9. Yup. Imagine the perspective from a buyers point. Insanity on a whole new level. My niece in NJ said she has offered on 10 houses past yr and no luck.
  10. Nice! No such thing as offers anymore, only bids.
  11. Haha! Why doesn't he just wave his magic EO wand and make the evil bad climate go away?
  12. Getting off OP's topic but...I've got a soft spot for Dune. Was introduced to it by my senior hi school English teacher as a challenge. Read it, do a top shelf book report on it and get a passing grade. Don't and I fail for the year and wouldn't have the grades to graduate! I did and graduated. Loved the book and went on to read the next 3-4 sequels but forgot more than I remember that was 45 yrs ago lol. There are many more Dune books and short stories carried on by Frank Herbert's son.
  13. No limbs, the first one from 80's was pretty cheesy, remake much better. Another new one is out again or just about.
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