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  1. Just saw this in my mailbox too. Glad he's doing ok, he is a 2A warrior.
  2. I see you've got your answers. Maybe you heard something about our in-state transfers, those laws were recently changed. Welcome to the Forum.
  3. So a p2p means your talking handguns, it still needs to be shipped to a NJ FFL for you to take possession which typically is not the cheapest option for cost. If it was a long gun you can take possession in PA as long as NJ legal.
  4. That's the gun I take when we travel for my wife to use for whatever evil may lurk out there. The only gun she actually owns is the S&W 63 8 shot I gave her but not good for defense she just loves the 22 single action feature for range plinking. I just toss in the sr22 with my 9 so it's there on the road with us, she has had some time on it.
  5. Fortunately we have a presidential election coming up to help put that all behind us.
  6. Game over for us, game on for the oppressive states like ours. Well actually mine for only 2 more weeks.....Any way this was a loud audible to NJ and its ilk that there will be no accountability for their anti agendas. As long as the SCOTUS make up stays as is there is no hope and it'll be yrs for that to change even if Trump wins in Nov. No Supreme (RBG)is going anywhere as long as Trump is around. If Biden gets in there will be at least one fresh new lib justice put in so yrs for any swing change. The most absurd thing am going to say is enjoy your NJ gun rights now, gonna be as good as they get, only getting worse. Yup, this one hurt, like they shot a full auto in to all the cases that clawed their way thru the system. Years.....
  7. Of course, SOP.
  8. Never mind, found the issue was on my end. Somehow my JavaScript got turned off. Not that I know wtf that is or does other than what just happened.
  9. Don't know how or why but as of this AM whenever I try to quote a post the page just jumps to the top and nothing in the post box. Any ideas?
  10. Chances are a few confirmation holes for the garage foundation will need to be dug and that the garage drive thru door header ( and other framing) is sufficient to support another floor. All done by pros like above poster said.
  11. Not to mention what about the floating vs bonded neutrals on the gens, beyond my pay grade lol.
  12. Moving out of state in a few weeks. going to really miss the range, broke in a lot of guns there and first time shooters over the yrs.
  13. You said cash only, stick with it. Don't get caught forcing a sale on yourself, stay in your comfort zone. I sold a hundred things past few months on CL for my move to FL and stay true to my instincts. Broken English, gone. Anything other than cash, poor communication, no shows, gone. Just a footnote I just learned is my wife started cross posting on her FB marketplace and it puts CL to shame. Stuff moves fast and a better clientele.
  14. Welcome to a bit of paradise! Member for many yrs but will be going for the last time soon : ( out with the old.....
  15. Depends on the towns recycling program. We have a "white goods" pick up but nothing lasts thru the night, scrappers always get it.
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