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  1. Down here in my part of FL there is usually a respectful showing of the lady's at the ranges and the few competitions I've watched. Maybe it's cultural or ease of ccw but at least it's a sport the transmutations don't have the upper hand. Sam Colt said something to that effect.
  2. I remember facing that ridiculous hp situation when moving to FL. Decided no way was I remotely going to chance life altering setback by that fucked up state over some bullets. Went to Cherry Ridge for the last time (still miss that place!) And shot all my hp's in a massive "function check". Said fuck NJ with each shot lol.
  3. But didn't the legislature rely on those (non existent) stats to prop up their bill?? Lol !
  4. Had a few but sold off last one 2 yrs ago. Anyway came across a stash of forgotten parts from my move 3 yrs ago, typical bling like oiler/tool kit, sling, cartridge bore sighter even a early version of a a 10 rd mag (not Archangel). Also a full assembly bolt. Did a quick research on the bolt and seems like a tough pc to find these days, the few I saw available were very pricey. So a question- have the bolts actually become a "rare" item? I remember 10 yrs ago or so the Mosins were hot stuff around here guys even talking about going in on cases lol.
  5. Hell, show me the empirical evidence that holders of the FPID card are a cause of gun violence much less ccw's!
  6. Well it was a unanimous decision so something smarter than us is amiss. Probably something to do with commercial/retail vs civilian?
  7. They can- and do- say whatever they want. It's all sheep fodder.
  8. Oh, you thought CCW was for concealed carry weapon? No it stands for Concealed Car Weapon. Keep it locked up and secured in the car and gtg. Cmon man! It's NJ!
  9. What a fkn nanny state. Cant invent rules,, laws, regulations fast enough in all aspects of life. Run don't walk..
  10. Won't work in NJ. It took all the pitchforks, tar& feathers the state could muster in what may be the most oppressive Era (covid mandates) and your tyrant gov still got re-elected. And how many legislators got flipped- 1-2 ? The number of pissed off 2A folk pales in comparison vs the entire state. Bruen is already the answer but here you are again with NJ trying to flaunt it. Lather rinse repeat.
  11. Whether it's this FBI report, late night election swings, the federal census or most polls it somehow always seems to favor the left's agenda so yea,no shock.
  12. My mistake- it was Mark Cheesemen getting his ccw not Jay. My apologies to Jay
  13. Probly had to scrounge for the 3 rds and I'd wager no two were alike.
  14. I believe on a recent GFH podcast iirc was mentioned that he just got his ccw. Whether thru the suit or the new regs I don't remember.
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