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  1. I like it. Set up committees, hearings and headlines. " So Mr/Mrs Democratic Congress Critter, can you conclusively say that no democrat has colluded with Iran to take down the U.S. govt:?" " Of course not, I can't possibly know what every official has been doing!" Next days headlines- Democratic Party can not be exonerated from colluding with Iran to harm the U.S.....
  2. Shucks, looks too civil. Was hoping for a podium like the primary debates with Hannity and Maddow sitting side by side as moderators. Now that would have been fun to watch.
  3. I have one, it is indeed fun. Bonus is it uses your AR15 mags & triggers.
  4. Pretty cool. And a lot cheaper than my Troy PAR option lol.
  5. Warning- I am planning on putting my house up for sale early next year so plan on the real estate market collapsing just prior to that. Just another part of this states impending implosion....
  6. Depends on how much time, money and fortitude you got. We're in a state that hates guns and gun owners, a judicial system that will rubber stamp the seizure and a court system that is stacked pretty deep that does not favor the 2A.
  7. Lol, three weeks before enactment from a law passed in 2018! Which begs to ask, was there training for the other half dozen or so "probable cause" directives listed in that article ? The list keeps growing on ways to go around due process., so typical of a growing tyrannical socialist govt.
  8. I guess it depends on the definition of "relative" and/or the cleo's own interpretation. Yrs ago my chief wouldn't let me use my Sis in laws husband because we were "related". Fast forward a few chiefs and my current one said anyone outside the immediate family ( wife,bro,sis,ma,pa..) and not living with you is gtg and that relation was now ok. Idk if there is a official cutoff where family ends as far as refernces go.
  9. Start with the wet, musty, mold concerns first and fix them or at least identify them to be addressed with future work otherwise its all good money chasing bad money. then get an architect.
  10. Well you clearly understand what the 2A is all about- fun at the range....care to expand on your "extremely simple" remark?
  11. Ok, Wet and Forgeti it is. I have time just like to get projects done but spraying the roof is easy enough to do it a few times.
  12. Thanx guys will consider but looks like w&f needs time? Was hoping for something with real time results so I don't have to recheck or touch up later, on a mission prepping house for sale gotta finish everything I start.
  13. Need to clean the heavy black stains and algae on my asphalt roofs. Any experience with the spray and rinse products out there? Older roof so no chance of any power washing.Also prefer avoiding the home made bleach solutions.
  14. Ha! Thanx for the memory guys, I ran a LTD in the Orange Cnty Fair back around 1980 or so, yeehaa! Didn't do well but was fun as hell!
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