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  1. Now is now. RatPack container sitting in my driveway. Had a nice chat with the driver, said they have to import the containers disassembled by the truckload because all the the containers are leaving NJ but very few coming in lol.
  2. Good for the NJ2AS. Tho to be unfair the State is just playing with house money (aka tax dollars) so no damage to them unless the abuses that lead to these suits are blasted over the media- they aren't - there's no real harm done to the state.
  3. That's the plan, leave all the BS behind! On another note had three buddy's over for a reunion who live all over the state. Haven't seen a few for yrs what a great time! Like we were teenagers again lol.
  4. Some of the schools around me have adult night classes. Often there will be a one time class offering exactly this, ss planning and advice from some financial person/ group hoping to enlist you as a client with other offerings.
  5. Poolside at mine right now. But alas back to Joisey to finish up in a few weeks. Couple of months ,done!
  6. Last call, going fast only a few items left. Closed after tmro Monday.
  7. ***10% OFF total if two or more items bought. Be your own Private Santa! Please read OP, changes made.
  8. I'd give you mine but it's such a pos I would feel guilty. Supposedly the 2nd gens are better. When I find it during clean out it's in the garbage.
  9. Bump for additions and subtractions
  10. Thanx but happening in stages over next few months, trips.
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