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  1. Just a followup on the experience: The final transfer price was $45 and it was a pleasant experience. My brother in law is using Mainiero for his transfer. Please add it to the list.
  2. I think my wife got converted yesterday or at least she became neutral to 2A. She finally said she wants to go to the range and since her brother is getting into it, she felt more comfortable coming. The beginning wasn't easy as all port (except the one we got) were busy and it sounded like a war zone there since we had rifles and shotguns on both sides. And this is on MONDAY!!! ( I suggest opening another range, maybe somewhere in Kearny area???? if finances allow this) I could see she wanted to split from there but I beg there not to go and that it will clear up. Eventually, within 15/20 mins, folks started to retreat and it got more quite there. She enjoyed the Ruger 22lr and got comfortable with it. At the end she said she had fun... She really liked the cleanliness and professionalism at the range. Remember, she's Peruvian and she was totally ANTI-2a. Next person to convert/neutralize is my father in law.
  3. So far Mainiero Sports Shop Inc is doing it. I'll report about the whole experience once I have the product in my hand.
  4. Does it depend on the type of FFL they hold or even the ones with the correct type(s), they just don't feel like doing it?
  5. it's probably out somewhere else in this forum but here's a link to atf.gov FFLs per state: https://www.atf.gov/content/firearms/firearms-industry/listing-FFLs Scroll down to New Jersey.
  6. Please add: Mainiero Sports Shop Inc234 Franklin Ave Nutley, NJ 07110 Phone: 973-667-0354 Total Price is $45
  7. I just called in and after 10 rings a lady picked up. I asked to speak to someone about raven rock co and she cut me off and said I got the wrong number and hung up right away. Does anyone know how much he charges for a transfer and do I need to be introduce to him via someone else? I also live in Kearny.
  8. Anthony, Thanks for the clarification.
  9. It's mentioned on the ANJRPC website that there is a discount for classes: Click on http://www.anjrpc.org/?page=member_discounts&terms=%22discounts%22 and scroll down to Gun For Hire.
  10. Yes, they do exist, supposedly.
  11. I wonder when will the discount code for being a member of ANJRPC work on the gunforhire.com website as I still get "code does not exist!" error after apply it??? Someone is not doing their QA testing at all there.
  12. Last time I was there was on Wednesday 5/21 to rent an AK47 as it was his first time at this range. He was amazed by the professionalism and how clean it is. The place was PACKED! we had to wait 30 minutes before a port was available at the 25 yard range with ladies waiting in line to get a chance to practice. Maybe there is hope in NJ for a culture change.
  13. I attended NRA basic rifle training class yesterday. Had a blast at the range. Thanks Jimmy for your guidance. It was so much fun, I rented an AR15 after the training was done just to refine my skills even more.
  14. Maybe it is shared with BATFE or not.. We just don't know.. it is very easy to share a database with any of the federal/state agencies as it is electronic. Also, if you purchase anything privately and then announce it via phone/forum/facebook/etc about it, then it's also probably put on the list. Pretty Orwellian, ha?