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  1. Exactly.... plus learn to reload...
  2. If anyone is selling Berger 105gr 6mm or Sierra matchking 6.5mm 120gr let me know or similar 6mm/6.5
  3. Looking for the above locally in 1lb cans... Want to do some load development... Yes I can order it online but want to save some $$ on shipping tax etc Thanks
  4. I am quite far in life I don't need your approval. No useful information was provided, if I was asking how to make Carrot cake and keep getting information on Cheesecake baking it would not be useful. At any rate clearly there is nothing to be gained here.
  5. ahh yes another entitles nj shmuck...peoole should give useful answers not useless commentary. So piss off
  6. Yes thanks I am aware of all of that, but the rec. forms are not available anywhere except for the Records Beureau.. they now make me have them filled out/sent out etc. and yes I am aware of what they SHOULD be doing sadly it is not what IS being done. They use to send them out in the past. They also should not be asking me for a copy of my DL and FOID every time but go figure.
  7. Thanks chief for the useless advice... go tell that to their captain.... I have gotten many permits from here and no you cannot use generic forms (believe me i tried). That is the main form is the SP form however there is also rec. forms, mental form etc..... This is NJ you do know that right?
  8. Hey all, I am really busy these days was wondering if anyone has the new Fair lawn permit applications scanned or PDFed somewhere. I have the old packet but it has changed. thanks
  9. What an overpriced shithole... Been there many know them well still the fat shmuck of an employee is as nonchalant as always.. Have nothing against the owner and his soon always respectful to me but I am not stepping my foot In There again, asking someone to show fid card to see a rifle considering I have purchased there before is simply disrespectful aside from the fact that it's not even a requirement for looking at something
  10. robinzon

    FN FS2000

    I have both and yes tavor is a better beast... I had the RFB 24" which I just sold.... it just was not consistent.
  11. robinzon

    FN FS2000

    Oh FS around 2k with the Trijicon Tripower and Magnifier (that alone is $850) or $1400 without
  12. Apparently the process in Fair Lawn has been changed, you print the forms online then bring them to the Records department... that's it.
  13. robinzon

    FN FS2000

    Do tell where I can shoot some coke bottles... better yet Watermelons... I am yet to find a place in NJ i can do that . I have a few 50 cal pistols that I would like to test out on those
  14. robinzon

    FN FS2000

    I have both and Tavor runs circles around the FS2000...... can't even compare.... I am actually planning on selling my FS.... as much as I enjoy FN's creations.... its NO SCAR for sure (and I have one also).
  15. I have DSARMS as well, it is solid and best out there. Installation can be tricky though make sure to release all the compression rails and align well first. After that its solid.
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