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  1. muzzelloader69

    Murphy with the pen in hand....

    we should hold these public officials reliable that when they sign a new gun law into affect , if anything happens they go to jail, because they say we are safer
  2. muzzelloader69

    Hot Dog, Now Things are Heating Up

    how long is this gonna take to get to court ?
  3. because its a win for us
  4. now's the time to plaster the billboards on the highways letting everybody no that we can now somewhat protect our self's with tasers and stun guns, that might get the politicians in a uproar
  5. wouldn't that be the same for us here (unconstitutional) with the justifiable need ?
  6. when can we start carrying stun guns?
  7. muzzelloader69

    taser / stun gun law

    we should put up a large billboard on the highway warning women if you seen this guy call police
  8. why cant the second amendment society go after Assemblyman Raj Mukherji and expose him? make a total !@#ss out of him, use him as an example . i hope were gonna go after dirt bags like this .
  9. what does alexander roubian say? all of a sudden where just about to jump for joy on these gun issues coming up and now were two steps back and got the rug pulled out from us.what gives?????????
  10. anybody no why the case was rescheduled?

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