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  1. Weekend bump... reach out if you've got some .38 or .357 range ammo that you'd like to trade.
  2. I've got 150 rounds (3 - 50 round boxes) of Federal Nyclad 125gr standard pressure ammunition. This is a great round especially for lightweight/aluminum J frames or older .38 revolvers and highly sought after once Federal discontinued manufacturing it. The ammo has been stored in a climate controlled safe and is in like new condition (I can forward pictures if needed). I could use some .38 special and/or .357 range ammo so PM me if you're interested in doing a trade (or buying it). I'm located in Bergen County and of course have an NJ FID card and matching DL.
  3. Looking to buy 1000 rounds of decent quality (brass cased) range ammo. Online prices are finally coming down but want to see if I can do a bit better locally first. Also, if anybody has 100 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense. Please reach out if you've got some that you're willing to sell and asking price. I'm in Bergen county and (of course) have an NJ FID card and matching DL.
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