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  1. Hi Guys, Looking for a low mount for a Sig Romeo 5. Anyone have one collecting dust that they wanna part with? I can pay you electronically and you can ship or Ill come and get it. Thanks, Lou
  2. Howdy, Finally got my hands on a FN PS90. I am in the market for an optic. Any recommendations? thanks, Lou in Lyndhurst
  3. I like the P90 better. but thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Looking to purchase a FN P90 5.7X28mm rifle. I own the pistol and would like to acquire the rifle. Looking for preowned but if someone knows of a gun shop that has one, I would appreciate the heads up. Thanks, Lou Was supposed to purchase one from a guy on the list but he flaked out. Took the day off of work (which is an act of God) to meet him and got jerked around.
  5. Hi, Looking to trade a Sig Sauer P290 in 9mm DAO, never fired BNIB with laser, extra mag with finger extension, holster, lock, plastic box, etc. Its two tone, having trouble uploading pics, I'm sure due to my ignorance. Ill try and take some more and upload them but it looks like every other brand new P290. Open for some horse trading. Located in Bergen County, Love to use Unity Arms in Northvale cause Rob is the Best in the world. I just applied for 6 permits but my town is pretty quick. Lemme know Thanks, Lou (Looking for a Walther PPK in .22, like Glocks but I have 8, so as longs as its one I aint got... )
  6. Maryann was way hotter than ginger
  7. Hi, Excuse my ignorance, but Ive been looking at the CAA Roni or the MCK (you add your pistol (Glock) and they are like a carbine). If im not mistaken with the arm brace they are considered an "Other"not an SBR. I could be wrong as I usually am when it comes to NJ law. Has anyone used one? Pros, Cons? Which one is better? Worth the price? Are they a ticket straight to jail? Dunno if you guys discussed this yet but I haven't seen it yet? I know its a lot of questions but I always get good answers from the Forum. Should I pull the trigger so to speak and spring for one? Looks like a cool toy. Thanks, Lou Bergen County
  8. Dave, Lou here. They are not in Jersey but I used CCR Refinishing on a Glock slide (26) in matte when they ran a special for 35 bucks. Its a Mom and Pop store and the number is 423 639-8924. Good Luck. Lou
  9. Hi, I was asked by a good friend who lives in Lodi to be a voucher on his Firearms ID/Pistol Purchase etc. I have filled out a few of these before but this one asks that the questionare be notarized. I have never seen this before. Is it common? I know Union City Police used to try and pull shenanagans like checking with employers and neighbors looking for any reason to deny. Is requiring a notary legal? If yes, why don't all municipalities require it. Thanks, Stuntman
  10. Howdy, I recently purchased a Taurus Judge Public Defender Ultra Lite. In a word, the finish looks like crap. It looks like a grey soot all over the gun. I want to refinish it but the place that refinished my block slide want $ 270.00 Does any one have any suggestions or finishes that they like. Im pretty open. Don't think I will carry this thing that much but I can't have an ugly gun. Cant wait to try the .410 shotgun shells out of it. I know its gimmicky but its got some "cool" factor. Thanks, Lou
  11. Or is it Verbotten? Can I purchase one with out the mags? I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but is there a loophole that won't land me in the pokey? I know KelTec is playing that supply and demand game, I just like the pistol. Thanks, Lou
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