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  1. Hi, Im looking for some type of app I can access with my iPhone or iPad that I can database my rifles and pistols. would like something fairly simple. I was gonna go the pen and paper route but Im sure someone with a bigger brain than mine made the exact thing I'm looking for. Thanks, Lou
  2. thanks for positing. Bravo Anthony
  3. Howdy, Got my hands on a Daniel Defense M4A1 Upper Receiver Group. Looking for a Colt LE or Daniel Defense lower. Anyone have one or can point me in the right direction? FDE is a huge plus. Thanks, Lou
  4. Stuntman22


    I own both the Fn Pistol and the PS90. I enjoy both. Ammo is tough to find & expensive. Cheapest I've seen it lately is a dollar a round. Mostly FN & American Eagle. you can go thru ammo quite quickly..
  5. the Bergen Record had the different locations in the State. They are offering $250 per handgun. Good way to unload the highpoint.
  6. Hi Guys, Looking for a low mount for a Sig Romeo 5. Anyone have one collecting dust that they wanna part with? I can pay you electronically and you can ship or Ill come and get it. Thanks, Lou
  7. Howdy, Finally got my hands on a FN PS90. I am in the market for an optic. Any recommendations? thanks, Lou in Lyndhurst
  8. I like the P90 better. but thanks for the suggestion.
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