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  1. will it fit my 19 with a Holosun SCS red dot installed?
  2. I have the Holosun SCS optic on my 19 will this still fit in the holster?
  3. Hi,

    Its Lou from Lyndhurst. Still interested in selling me the 9mm ammo? or should I give up?




  4. Ill take the last 3 bottles as per our phone call. U Da Man!!!! Lou
  5. ill 1k rounds if you get them again? Thanks, Lou
  6. Sorry Dave, I love lever action anything.... Now I gotta get some size 14 cowboy boots and some spurs.....
  7. WTB Beretta PX4 Storm Compact If you got one collecting dust in your safe, lets do some horse trading or sell for cash. I got lotsa stuff to trade.... Lou Stitzer Lyndhurst, Bergen County.
  8. What kind of Lawyer do you end up getting? Moe, Larry or Curly or Evan Nappen? or somewhere in-between?
  9. I paid over $1300 for the same gun less than a year ago. Thats a deal
  10. Hi, Im looking for some type of app I can access with my iPhone or iPad that I can database my rifles and pistols. would like something fairly simple. I was gonna go the pen and paper route but Im sure someone with a bigger brain than mine made the exact thing I'm looking for. Thanks, Lou
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