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  1. Please close the thread. I cannot trade the pistol to civilians in NJ. Thanks, Lou
  2. No Price hence the WTT Photo is of a P7M13 ( not my exact pistol but very similar) FFL is of choice (see above) will cover shipping. Travel? Wasn't planing on it but I guess a ten mile radius of Lyndhurst (07071) Thanks for the questions.
  3. WTT Heckler & Koch P7M13 (9mm) with 3 factory mags. No Box or Scraping tool, no Nada Its in great shape, shot very little. Open for some Horse Trading with + or - cash in either direction. NJSP carried a similar model at one time (P7M8) These are the "Squeeze Cockers" and are way more accurate than I ever could be and are over engineered. Im in Bergen County (Lyndhurst) but will use the FFL of your choice.
  4. Dave, Lou here. They are not in Jersey but I used CCR Refinishing on a Glock slide (26) in matte when they ran a special for 35 bucks. Its a Mom and Pop store and the number is 423 639-8924. Good Luck. Lou
  5. Hi, I was asked by a good friend who lives in Lodi to be a voucher on his Firearms ID/Pistol Purchase etc. I have filled out a few of these before but this one asks that the questionare be notarized. I have never seen this before. Is it common? I know Union City Police used to try and pull shenanagans like checking with employers and neighbors looking for any reason to deny. Is requiring a notary legal? If yes, why don't all municipalities require it. Thanks, Stuntman
  6. Howdy, I recently purchased a Taurus Judge Public Defender Ultra Lite. In a word, the finish looks like crap. It looks like a grey soot all over the gun. I want to refinish it but the place that refinished my block slide want $ 270.00 Does any one have any suggestions or finishes that they like. Im pretty open. Don't think I will carry this thing that much but I can't have an ugly gun. Cant wait to try the .410 shotgun shells out of it. I know its gimmicky but its got some "cool" factor. Thanks, Lou
  7. Or is it Verbotten? Can I purchase one with out the mags? I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but is there a loophole that won't land me in the pokey? I know KelTec is playing that supply and demand game, I just like the pistol. Thanks, Lou
  8. I'm retired LEO, I live directly behind Lomis Fargo in Lyndhurst. when I retired, for shits and giggles, I inquired at Lomis. I hade to make an appointment. I was searched prior to entering the office. Spoke with a cute girl from human resources. Was led into a classroom with about 20 of the most criminal looking shady guys and girls I've ever seen. Was given a book to fill out, maybe 30/35 pages of crap. Got through most if it and went into a pre interview. Was told starting wage was $11.00 an hour. I had to chuckle, I said I have 25 years law enforcement, retired carry permit, College Degree, Class A CDL, etc.She then said, oh, you have a CDL? I said yes. she said, then we can give you $11.50 an hour. Needless to say, I ran outta there top speed. I had to be escorted physically out of the building. On the way out noticed some employee photos by the door with big red letters, DO NOT let these people in. Was about a dozen or so. I had to laugh. Obviously if they could not get candidates, they would have to raise the wage, but from the amount of tools, that were there I don't think that's gonna happen soon. My point, don't sell yourself short. Look for something more lucrative. If walking around with a roscoe on your hip is going to give you a boner, then this might be it. But, you can only carry if your working, and I don't think your life is worth any amount of someone else's money. Just move to PA and walk around with a gun on each hip and one in a shoulder rig.....trust me, it gets old really fast.
  9. (1) Ruger LCP, .380, 6 rd, with finger rest – Brand New in Package - $20 I'll take this if you still have it?
  10. Looking to purchase a LC9 I have the LCP and its a drop small. I wear cargo shorts to work now so I want an LC9, as it fits nicely in the side pockets. I know they are fairly cheap new but if any one has one thats collecting dust, Im in the market. Thanks, Lou
  11. Looks like the Liberty's are quality safes. I purchased a Big Horn Classic from Costco for $600 delievered to my driveway. I got it to keep my kids curious friends out. It's in my Office and so far so good. Don't know if it would keep out a determined burglar with the right tools, but the common everyday junkie burglar, it would work. It took 3 of my gorrila freinds to get it up my stairs and into my office without ruining my door sills. I had a hand truck with air in the tires to assist. She was a bit of a bear. I also saw one that was similar at Tractor Supply Sussex County. Good Luck with your quest. If you want to look at mine, Im in Lyndhurst.
  12. I like and carry the LCP. I feel the .380 is a tad anemic. I would like to try the LC9. A little larger and a little more punch. I like my Glock 26 but I think the LC9 is a little smaller and lighter. The Rugers are fairly cheap so I figure I'd give it a shot. My wife says I got more money than sense anyway....
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