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  1. 92fs compact 2 tone -- half inox : ) Like new, hardly ever shot, comes with original box/paperwork and grips as well as xgrip. Very nice.
  2. Still available. This really is a nice compact 92fs. Hardly shot at all. Open to trades, it seems like a waste to leave this sitting in my safe.
  3. Ive decided to sell my compact beretta 92fs. Its a two tone model. I bought this new and have shot somewhere between 100 and 200 rounds through it. Has a few upgrades -- grips, xgrip magazine pinky extension, grey guns springs, skeletonized hammer. Its really nice, I bought it and added the upgraded with the intention of giving it to my daughter as a BD present but she prefers my wifes H&K so its up for sale. Located in Bergen county. Price is $750 including the original grips as well as the g10 grips. The first to post I'll take it gets it.
  4. Thanks for all of the information. Sounds like at this point I will just be learning and accumulating some of the needed equipment so I can get started once things loosen up a little.
  5. Are you saying the components arent available or that they are more expensive ? Which components are hard to find ? Yes I am serious
  6. Good morning all, over the last few years I have been debating getting into reloading and with the price and availability issues getting ammo these days I am thinking now is the time. Before I start buying equipment and supplies I wanted to verify that all necessary components are widely available these days to someone in NJ. I had heard that last year one of the contributing factors in factory ammo scarcity was that they could not keep up with the demand for primers. Supposedly that is no longer an issue and all components are available these days. So -- are all components I would need to start reloading readily available at decent prices these days ? I would like to start with 9mm and 45 and add calibers from there once I get some experience. I shoot almost every weekend and would like to be able to make 500-1000 rounds a month , depending on final net cost.
  7. Does anyone know if there are any legal issues with switching the stock out on a shockwave and replacing with a standard stock ? I dont see any reason it would be a problem but a neighbor says you arent allowed to do it in NJ. Anyone know of any reason it would not be legal ?
  8. I read that gun ranges are considered essential and can be open BUT the indoor ones would have a hard time with the distancing. IT seems like the outdoor ranges could be open allowing only every other port -- that would b like 12-15 feet apart at least. Sure would be nice to be able to get out a take some shots.
  9. I didnt realize it was a big deal and thought it could be done for ~~$50 locally. The barrel is 20" and I would like to cut it down to 18. If I cant find someone to do it at that price Ill just do it myself and take it to the range and see if accuracy is affected.
  10. was hoping there was local
  11. I have an ar15 barrel that had some minor damage to the end of the barrel. I'd like to have it cut down a few inches and recrowned. The only gunsmith I have any experience with was a guy in paterson but they couldnt even install a muzzle brake correctly, looking for recommendations for a gunsmith in the north east that can do it at a reasonable cost.
  12. Thanks but thats a little too far for me to make it in the morning.
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