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  1. I do not have a house/mortgage in my name but I am a resident at that location per my driver's license. Sometimes concealed storage or semi concealed storage is the best way to go until something better comes along. Keep your stuff!
  2. I'm always open to a few ideas to reinvest a some MVIS...
  3. Yes. Bombardier makes my small portfolio smile. I think I bought it at .55. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Amazing (and dangerous) journey! It is interesting how countries initially employed explorers from other countries. Henry Hudson also comes to mind, sailing for the Dutch right in the middle of the English settlements!
  5. I think the legislature has flirted with the idea once or twice, but it hasn't gotten far...sofar.
  6. These days, most anything financial can go belly up except for the government (sofar) or things approved and backed by the government. Things NOT liked by the government may take a hit, but that would be many more things other than cryptocurrency. With that in mind, invest accordingly.
  7. I am hoping that MVIS and POWW can make some post-September recoveries.
  8. Didn't Kahr arms move to Pennsylvania? Tennessee is a great state, and their low property taxes makes them even greater.
  9. I have heard that an effective way to reduce so-called global warming is global cooling from a large volcano blast into the upper atmosphere. However the effects of such are not the greatest for human civilization. That aside, the tsunami possibility is very concerning. I want the Canary Islands to be known for Columbus' starting point, not a tsunami starting point.
  10. Yes. Sighting them has been a challenge for me too, at times. At least they are rated for +p ammo so one can have a little extra pop in their pistol caliber carbine.
  11. Nice price. I picked up a 995 for around the same price a few years ago.
  12. I'm pretty sure this "round" is giving people/parents their 2021 child tax deduction/credit in increments now instead of claiming it in 2022. Unfortunately, this "flexibility" will probably cost more than just waiting until 2022.
  13. The jump surprised me. Is there a prediction on how much further growth may occur?
  14. Ouch. I will be reluctantly ready for the next tax increase. The last one added $1800 for the year.
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