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  1. Tahoe/Suburban drivers always bottle blonde agro soccermoms who vote for Corzine or Murphy and believe in the "Everytown for Guncontrol" nonsense. They NEVER ever yield, not even when the yield sign appears.
  2. No, unfortunately not! I've looked as far as eastern PA, but I can't find anywhere that has any variant of the FN 509 for rent!
  3. Ah, yes, yes. Sadly Hungary isn't quite that based (yet?) as to actually loosen their ridiculously strict gun laws a bit. Man, if they had the gun laws of, say, Idaho, I'd be there in a heartbeat... Especially if they had cheaper ammo straight from the GECO goldmine!
  4. And that's usually because they're not. In New York City, that usually means that they are either people of loose morals and overly insecure personalities with compulsive spending habits (aka. hipster losers), in the countryside that means that they are insecure people who don't really care down to hold down a job where you have to deal with people. Having full sleeves is never going to make anyone look trustworthy or respectable, because it's not. It was always a sign of deviancy and of disliking common social mores and societal conventions, and just because a great many sad lower upper middle class kids and 40-something soccer moms have full sleeves now doesn't mean that they are free of that stigma, they are just too marking themselves as the sad losers that they are. Sure, you can still be a perfectly nice person and all that, but you'll always send people the first impression of "I'm a sack of shit who hates society". And to quote the Joker: "We live in a society."
  5. You're right, he doesn't look at all scary. But he does look like the sort (and race has nothing to do with it, so please don't bring that red herring into it) who has made bad decisions on a semi-regular basis before. Odds are he isn't an upstanding citizen. I could be absolutely wrong, but I am confident that I am right.
  6. So let me get this straight, this guy had a rifle that he didn't lawfully own, and popped off some .223 after some guys who had been beating him up (pretty badly by the look of it). So it's improperly practiced self-defense after the fact with improperly procured firearms... I guess he deserves a slap on the wrist at least, but as said, if he had no record and was an upstanding citizen (I'll pretend to give him the benefit of doubt here), he'll be imprisoned for years. Of course if he was a banger, he'll just get probation and time served.
  7. Wait what?! Hungary did what?! Can I bring my rifle there now, once I get the State Department export license?
  8. I could pick up a SIG P320 X-Five for a song or spend another $100 and get a FN 509 Tactical, which is the only out of the box RDS compatible handgun I'm interested in. Therefore, if any member here owns an FN 509 in 9mm (Tactical model or not) and is willing to come to Gun For Hire on a day and a time convenient to them, I'd be happy to pay your range fees and for your ammo if you would oblige me three or four mags worth through your 509 so that I might get a feel for it. I'm also happy to let you try my Walther PPQ M1 5" and S&W Model 19-3 if that might sweeten the deal.
  9. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/12/11/nj-state-police-refuse-to-rule-out-house-to-house-enforcement-of-high-capacity-magazine-ban/ Now, I don't put much stock in Breitbart News, but assuming this statement by NJSP to them is exactly as they say, that's rather depressing. The majority of gun owners in the state who are uninformed and ignorant could therefore, conceivably, have their homes or vehicles searched on entirely questionable grounds, and forever become felons. Good luck to any Fudd who gets caught like that, I doubt they would have the time or money to contest the basis of their accusal and conviction. Sadly the best case would be if it happened to a rich liberal gun owner driving around with his 15 round Beretta mags in the trunk of his convertible Bentley Continental, and then he moves heaven and earth to fight the state. But they'd probably just drop the charges so as to not undermine the specious legality of these fishing expeditions.
  10. Has anyone here bought and/or used the Daniel Defense 10 round limited mags before that are similarly patterned to their relatively recent 32 round mags? https://danieldefense.com/components-parts/dd-magazine/dd-magazinetm10-round-limited-state-compliant.html If so, how did you find them compared to other "full size" 10 round AR factory limited magazines?
  11. Absolutely agreed! LE instructors will tell you how often they hear of cops pulling their pistol to use the light mounted to it to check something in the dark (just to use the light), muzzle-sweeping other people at the same time!
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