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  1. Will there be complementary harassment by some nasty old man with no manners wearing a RO hat, plate carrier, gun attached to the front of the plate carrier, and another holstered on his belt, ready to ninja roll sideways and blast you away with his third (ankle) gun? Or will I have to pay extra for that?
  2. Wait, what happens with people who have Uberti 1873 Cattleman .22's? I guess it's not magazine fed, so that kinda avoid that issue?
  3. Well, Mrs. Peel, it is a fact that the leftists want us dead, our children hooked on drugs, cheap food, and even cheaper entertainment, turning tricks on the street corners for another fix, if not just powerless and amorphous blobs of deracinated units of consumption. And then they will laugh at us. That's what Diana Feinstein and Kamala Harris want.
  4. Not before this gets taken to the Supreme Court! After the way they treated him, I'm sure the soon-to-be Justice Kavanaugh will be most happy to side with the majority on ruling this ban unconstitutional, unconscionable, and unfair. Anyway, good that I only have revolvers, they can't ask for lower "magazine" limits with those. That said, I was looking to get a full size 9mm semi. Might have to get a single stack 9mm. Maybe a 9mm 1911?
  5. This clown needs to be hauled over the coals by the NRA lawyers and our guys.
  6. 609-292-6000 He's awaiting your call.
  7. I am writing this with absolute caution and care, so please don't think I am oblivious to the genuine and at times ultimate sacrifices that a [fortunately] fair few make in the line of duty, or the general toll that a life of military or law enforcement service takes on a person and their [presumed] family. But I must say: The incessant hero worship by the liberal political class (and the nominal "conservatives" too, though they never managed to conserve a thing) and that obligatory saccharine and hackneyed "Fank you fer yer cervix" nonsense must perish. It isn't sincere, it isn't warranted in most cases, and it is a pernicious lie. The thin blue line especially [and sadly] not even just because their state funded pensions depend on it, truly have believed the lie that was whispered to them and all too often [not all, of course, I've met a fair few excellent and grounded police officers] think themselves to be a class unto their own, better and more virtuous than the mere ungrateful civilian sheep that they think they are God-appointed to guard over, whether the ungrateful sheep like it or not. In other words: "F**k your rights, sheep, we are here to help you, how dare you not be more grateful to us?" So in that line, the testimony of a super duper mEgA l33t "Operator" means nothing when you are in favor of trodding on us, your family, friends, and neighbors, or maybe even the @$$holes you just caught driving 50 in a 25. You are not inherently special. You are not better. You are too, ultimately, one of us Before any LEOs, current or retired, or service members for that matter, incinerate me and flood me with "downboats" (as the kids say) and clamor for my immediate and permanent ban, don't misunderstand me. I don't dislike you in general, or on a personal basis, but the answer to the BLM and Antifa "f**k da police" line isn't the thin blue wall of silence and turning the blind eye to the obviously inept and megalomaniacal amongst you [and you know that they're there]. Indeed, that's who you should seek to be ridden of, for they besmirch all the good that you do! But remember this: You swore an oath, each and every one of you, and you are civilians too, granted [temporarily] certain powers necessary to protect the sheeple. Please don't tread on us or expect undue gratitude, but if you realize that your job at its best is a vocation (that's a calling, in the fullest meaning of the word) and that most do not have it, and those who do not need to be mindful of that singular fact, then we will get along handsomely and we, the sheep, will have your backs when the wolves turn on you. If my inane rambling makes no sense to you, dear brothers in blue [don't care if some of you are sisters, you're part of a brotherhood if you recognize it] and all who serve(d) in the five services of the armed forces, when you reflect on the worst day of your jobs, ponder this thought of selfless obligation: ' "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" ' You go for us. Us, the sheep.
  8. Phil Murphy's Rolodex. If you're in it, you're golden.
  9. Definitely up and running as I got my CHP edition S&W 19-4 today after the clearance finally came in. #GrailGunAndDone
  10. Oh, sorry, I forgot that this was the People's Republic of New Jersey...
  11. Is there some NJSP website we can monitor to check for a notice when it's back up?
  12. Come on goys, why did you have to hijack my big, beautiful thread?! As Mrs. Peel stated: Please let's keep this for updates on this situation. Did the school district get slapped down? Did the guy clear his name and get his guns back from the Gunsitters folks?
  13. Well, there's gun owners and then there is us, the minority of NJ gun owners. Many of the majority are fudds, many are democrats who are happy to take a 10 round magazine because they are just shitty people for whom "why do you ever need more than two rounds in the shotgun?", and many are police officers with their nice fat pensions to mind, and they don't mind shitting on the lesser humans in this state as they are all moving out after they retire to get their BS retired LEO special privileges for barely qualifying twice a year at the range for 25 years.
  14. This makes me very angry. This is just a step away from the sort of communist era legal system where hearsay was grounds for arresting people that my parents experienced in their childhoods. Now the same sort of thing is being introduced in the alleged land of the free? There should be federal standards to overrule out of control communist states like New Jersey on issues like this. As much of a states rights idealist that I am, and as often as I argued against the late Justice Scalia's federalist line of reasoning, laws like this need to be struck down on federal bases as unconstitutional. And of course the cowardly thugs they hire these days at the state police actually would've seized the man's guns had he not had the presence of mind to take alternative steps. I hope the school administrators and the false accuser get sued into oblivion. False accusations should be punishable by hard time in state pen.