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  1. Phil Murphy's Rolodex. If you're in it, you're golden.
  2. Definitely up and running as I got my CHP edition S&W 19-4 today after the clearance finally came in. #GrailGunAndDone
  3. Oh, sorry, I forgot that this was the People's Republic of New Jersey...
  4. Is there some NJSP website we can monitor to check for a notice when it's back up?
  5. Come on goys, why did you have to hijack my big, beautiful thread?! As Mrs. Peel stated: Please let's keep this for updates on this situation. Did the school district get slapped down? Did the guy clear his name and get his guns back from the Gunsitters folks?
  6. Well, there's gun owners and then there is us, the minority of NJ gun owners. Many of the majority are fudds, many are democrats who are happy to take a 10 round magazine because they are just shitty people for whom "why do you ever need more than two rounds in the shotgun?", and many are police officers with their nice fat pensions to mind, and they don't mind shitting on the lesser humans in this state as they are all moving out after they retire to get their BS retired LEO special privileges for barely qualifying twice a year at the range for 25 years.
  7. This makes me very angry. This is just a step away from the sort of communist era legal system where hearsay was grounds for arresting people that my parents experienced in their childhoods. Now the same sort of thing is being introduced in the alleged land of the free? There should be federal standards to overrule out of control communist states like New Jersey on issues like this. As much of a states rights idealist that I am, and as often as I argued against the late Justice Scalia's federalist line of reasoning, laws like this need to be struck down on federal bases as unconstitutional. And of course the cowardly thugs they hire these days at the state police actually would've seized the man's guns had he not had the presence of mind to take alternative steps. I hope the school administrators and the false accuser get sued into oblivion. False accusations should be punishable by hard time in state pen.
  8. Agreed. I think we need a follow-up on this to see what the truth of this case is.
  9. Is this even legal? What grounds do they have for any action!? I wonder what the full detail of this story is:
  10. Thank you! Is there any place we can read the motion by the defendant(s) free of charge? Or is that not yet available for free at present? I just hope that our side doesn't screw this one up and that Dubya finally appointed a decent judge with this one.
  11. I sure could do with some construction workers beating the crap out of masked antifa creeps.
  12. I don't mind GFH doing so because I realize that the bulk of their trade is on non shooters coming in to blast a few boxes of OO buck or 5.56 at whatever the price is. Seriously, the punters there don't seem to care when they come in and two guys rent two guns for an hour with six boxes of ammo between them and fork over over $200. If I lived closer to RTSP, I might go for their membership, but the true deterrent there is that some of their RO's have serious attitude problems while GFH's are mostly very friendly (only had one negative interaction). Maybe it's the lack of plate carriers and the .45's with extended magazines clipped to the front of them in MOLLE holsters, which seems to make the RTSP thugs feel like they're occupying Fallujah and need to be ready to neutralize the civilians (all assumed to be possible threats) at the drop of a hat. Don't get me wrong, the RTSP management and owner are great, but some of their RO's are beyond help. Anyway, I'll gladly try out another Northern Jersey range just to see what's what.
  13. I'd love to, but that's real big bucks! I'll try a Ruger MkIII and a Browning Buckmark this weekend.
  14. I unearthed a true cannon: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/775591874 And with this, you can pull the trigger in one state, and watch the round exit in another! https://www.gunbroker.com/item/771710260 H&R's are fun looking pieces of Americana!
  15. Oh I have shot the 617 at GFH, and older one at since it only holds 6 round of .22LR. It's a far better revolver than I can shoot it, but... looks over function, right? Stainless just isn't my thing!