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  1. Ahahaha. Yes, yes, rather likely.
  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/12/11/nj-state-police-refuse-to-rule-out-house-to-house-enforcement-of-high-capacity-magazine-ban/ Now, I don't put much stock in Breitbart News, but assuming this statement by NJSP to them is exactly as they say, that's rather depressing. The majority of gun owners in the state who are uninformed and ignorant could therefore, conceivably, have their homes or vehicles searched on entirely questionable grounds, and forever become felons. Good luck to any Fudd who gets caught like that, I doubt they would have the time or money to contest the basis of their accusal and conviction. Sadly the best case would be if it happened to a rich liberal gun owner driving around with his 15 round Beretta mags in the trunk of his convertible Bentley Continental, and then he moves heaven and earth to fight the state. But they'd probably just drop the charges so as to not undermine the specious legality of these fishing expeditions.
  3. Why do Marines have to be so homoerotic though? Must be all the crayons they eat.
  4. Has anyone here bought and/or used the Daniel Defense 10 round limited mags before that are similarly patterned to their relatively recent 32 round mags? https://danieldefense.com/components-parts/dd-magazine/dd-magazinetm10-round-limited-state-compliant.html If so, how did you find them compared to other "full size" 10 round AR factory limited magazines?
  5. Absolutely agreed! LE instructors will tell you how often they hear of cops pulling their pistol to use the light mounted to it to check something in the dark (just to use the light), muzzle-sweeping other people at the same time!
  6. *sigh* Seems like 13 acres is nothing. You need more like 230 acres in New Hampshire, then your neighbors can't even hear you shooting.
  7. Argh, right you are. That's vexing. Oh well, it's the closest place near me with 100 yard + distances to shoot a rifle. I guess I can just leave the handguns home for a day. Out of curiousity, how big a piece of land would one need to own to be permitted to operate one's own rifle range, assuming one also constructed a berm of the proscribed height, etc? Say I buy these 13 acres, can I pretty much be left to my own devices, as long as I obey local zoning regulations as far as commercial activity is concerned and any local bylaws regarding noise/pollution/etc.? https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/317-Big-Piece-Rd-Fairfield-NJ-07004/38653810_zpid/
  8. Who? Why GFH, of course! It's only $15 (The NICS fee) that I have to pay. CJRPC is at least an hour and twenty minutes' drive for me. That's just not something I ever care to do, especially as, if I understand their rules right, I may never draw from a holster there unless I am granted specific permission by the board by filing a petition only between 7pm and 8pm on the second Wednesday of the month? I'm not even making this ridiculous stuff up, that's what it says in their rules online! Cherry Ridge is closer and as I understand it offers more.
  9. Well, if I lived further north, I'd probably only go to Cherry Ridge, but I don't, and GFH is a very comfortable 15 minute drive, so I go there. Why do I pay for the membership even if I have to then pay for range time? I take their courses, so I save a bit there. I get very low cost FFL transfers which saves me anything from 25-50 bucks a pop. They've been generally very good to me. I'm sure they'd be just as good to me if I wasn't a member, but I suppose I like to support my local businesses who are doing good things if I can, and I am fortunate enough to be able to afford the membership without difficulty. Also, from a purely financial standpoint, I pay much less for range time over the span of the year than if I went there as often just as a punter off the street. They have a 50 yard range and they let me shoot rifles on it. Better than a 25 that's limited to pistol caliber carbines only! The prospect of getting to shoot at steel once the expansion (someday) opens is pretty exciting to me. I don't know where else I could do that within an hour's drive. Low cost to take guests with me, and if they want to try something else to rent a gun. Yes rental ammo prices suck, but I don't buy too much, so it keeps that cost down. I too wish I had a range with indoor 25 yard pistol and rifle ports, and outdoor 100 yard and 500 yard ranges, permit me to use green tips, and allow steel targets, and that all just 10 minutes drive from me, but I don't, so... All in all, GFH is a pretty happy compromise for me to be able to shoot regularly and not feel like I'm a felon for doing so, unlike at some other places around (which are also further away). I don't like it when RSO's are always clearly set on and planning on gunning down customers in their lanes, it really sends a bad message. Take your plate carriers and two guns, and speak to people like they just murdered your dog somewhere else for the capital offense of paying you lots of money to use your range and daring to ask a question about why your gun is experiencing a lot of failures to feed. How dare I ask something like that! How dare I! Clearly you need to send Sgt. Hard-Ass after me and menace me with his two guns strapped to him and accuse me of not knowing how to shoot. I probably I don't, Sgt. Ready-To-Drop-All-The-Customers, but at least you can be polite about it.
  10. I prefer not to have unfriendly if not outright hostile RO's walking around in plate carriers with two guns at the ready (clearly to shoot me with), one on their belt and the other attached to the front of their plate carriers. Each to their own I guess!
  11. Mommy, the bad man is calling me bad words! (Never implied that you were a cop. I'm not quite sure how you've inferred that from what I wrote, but it truly doesn't matter.)
  12. He's just kidding, NJSP, just kidding. They're all 10's. Nothing to see here, go away good coppers, have a donut, and oh, there is a construction site for five of you to park at, flashing your brighter-than-the-sun blinding discos at. You know, so motorists get blinded and crash, and then you can be heroes in your own minds.
  13. It is in effect now, as of June 12th, in fact, but there is a 180 "grace period". That is meant for you to dispose of or modify any >10 round capacity magazines. And dispose means hand to your local PD or sell out of the state. Or, in theory, transport to your PA vacation home if you have such a thing. Come December 10th, the grace period is over, and then it's 18 months in the slammer and a $10k fine per over capacity magazine. Some are of the opinion that you may not use these magazines at all during the grace period. Others say of course Our can, as you have until the end of the Grace Period to dispose of them. I have no opinion as I don't have any magazine operated firearms and only have single shot black powder rifles and wheelguns.
  14. Which of course means 10 rounders. NJSP no bully.
  15. I wasn't going to come as it's a long drive and I have a 5 hour class earlier that day, but do you want me to bring a Walther PPQ M1 with a 5" barrel?