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  1. I applied for my permits in December via the FARS. Unfortunately for me, i missed the part in the instructions where they dont start the local investigation until i actually pay for the permits. I paid for them 3 weeks ago so in reality they've been working on my permits for 3 weeks. Any other bloomfield residents here that have applied for permits lately? Whats typical turnaround time?
  2. They also require "precursor parts" to go through an FFL now as well. So anyone wanting to build an AR will need to send the upper, or trigger group or buffer to an ffl and go thorugh a nics check. Gotta love soft tyranny
  3. Ive used tier 1 before, definitely recommended. Good guy and good work. I'm just shopping around to compare prices.
  4. I'm looking for an FFL that does compliance work (pin/weld muzzle and chop off bayonet lug) with a good transfer fee. I have a great FFL i use locally but he doesnt get into welding. I'm from north jersey but central suggestions welcome too.
  5. Im sure someone said the same thing about tasers being legal to own and carry in NJ. Every bit of change that goes in our favor, were made possible by people not giving up. If everyone is optimistic, we can be proven wrong or right. But if everyone is pessimistic, we can only be proven right.
  6. tier 1 defense in union will pin and weld it for ya. Aside from that, what else do you need help with assembling on the upper?
  7. Just like if you were building your own AR...there could technically be a window in which it falls into the illegal category if you remove the vertical grip or brace. Use common sense.
  8. Right? Thats class for ya. "Haha i escaped, so fuck all yall."
  9. Here is my issue with the "we can't just do nothing" line we hear politicians recite over and over. No one is saying do nothing, but we shouldnt do something for the sake of doing something. No one refutes that none of these laws would have prevented a shooting, but they always say its better than doing nothing. I'm all for any law that is 1) effective in its intended goal and 2) doesnt infringe on peoples rights. If it fails either of those than in my opinion it is bad policy. i'm appaled by the apathy from people who are perfectly ok eroding a right just because they themselves do not use it. And therein lies the fundamental difference between the liberatarian leaning and the more statist leaning. I dont hunt but i'll defend your right to hunt. I have spoken to people who just go "well i dont have guns so it doesnt effect me, they can ban whatever they want". Sorry for the segway into a more philosophical point
  10. I also got exactly 25 7/8. If anything we should just weld a spacer to the end of the existing buffer tube and put the brace over it... all we need is that 1/8
  11. there is a noticeable difference. For one the brace is a bit shorter than a stock. Then there is also the retention pin, which is further forward on a stock than a brace, allowing it to extend further out. Its not a huge difference but it is noticeable. I made a rough drawing to illustrate what I mean. It is not 100% to scale but close enough.
  12. I was thinking the same thing. AFAIK, there is no OAL maximum and the key criteria that other firearms must meet is as you stated. The difference with the pistol braces that i've found is that you dont get the same extended length since the pistol brace adjustment at its limit is considerably shorter than a stock. The only real difference in having an other firearm that is set up the same way as a rifle is to have a flash hider and some range of adjustment on the brace. The real benefit that, in my opinion, is the selling point of these firearms is being able to have a sub 16" barrel. Some claim its not that big of a deal but personally it feels amazing. My 11.5 firearms is much more easy to handle in my house than my BCM AR15 with 16" barrel.
  13. its the same exact lower parts kit. I bought it as a kit with the SBA3 Brace from PSA. I highly recommend the Spikes Tactical lower. Something to note specifically with the 9mm builds. you should get a 9mm buffer and spacer or you will run into broken bolt catch. If you have any more questions feel free to message me
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