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  1. Barely used, PWS Mk 114 Mod 1-M Piston Upper on an Aero lower with BCM grip and stock. This is chambered in 5.56, and is a 14.5 barrel with an FSC556 brake pin/weld. Includes ambi safety, radian raptor ambi charging handle. Comes with a holosun HS403R. Selling for $900 or if you have a trade I'm open to offers. Located in Bloomfield area.
  2. For trade, like title says. Comes with a Bushnell TRS-25. Trades I'm looking for are semi-auto shotguns and handguns. Prefer Glock or P320, but offer away.
  3. is this still available?

  4. For sale is an FDE KSG barely used. Located in North Jersey, buyer pays transfer fee. Willing to drive to FFL within reason. $550. Open to trades.
  5. For sale is a like new PWS Mk 114 1-M (14.5" with PWS FSC556 Brake) Piston AR with; Aero Lower PWS Ratcheting castle nut and buffer tube Ambi Safety BCM stock Radian Raptor Ambi charging handle Holosun 403R Comes as pictured $950. Located in north NJ, buyer's choice of FFL (preferably local) and pays transfer fee
  6. According to heritage.org, A “well-regulated” militia simply meant that the processes for activating, training, and deploying the militia in official service should be efficient and orderly, and that the militia itself should be capable of competently executing battlefield operations. This is what is considered what was meant at the time of the founding. So its not unlikely that the conservative justices, which rely on the original meaning or the constitution, could possible agree with the training aspect. Now I don't have a crystal ball, but thats how it can be argued.
  7. Not to be a dick, but concern for our 2A rights is constant, but that doesn't mean everything else takes a backseat. The concern for training will ensure we can carry in the immediate future and defend ourselves in the present. In addition, what can be done is currently working its way through the courts and there is nothing else we can do aside from bringing more lawsuits. Let's be laser focused with one issue at a time as most litigators would likely agree.
  8. What if like to know is, will my PD accept an hqc1 signed off by an NRA instructor... For reasons
  9. My guess is, if you qualed with HQC1 initially and still have a copy of that qual, you can always try showing that to your PD and see if theyll just give you the thumbs up. With the authority being more localized, it appears the local PD may have more leeway in how they handle it. For example, some PD's require you to reapply if you have a court order and want a non-restricted permit, other PD's will just reissue you a permit without having to go through the red tape all over again. If you have proof of HQC1, it doesnt hurt to try.
  10. I hope I am wrong, but I do not see the training requirement being struck down. We can argue there was no such requirement back during the founding, but I believe if a state decides to make training a requirement, it wont be overturned.
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