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  1. George RR Martins has said that the books will have a similar ending, but I suspect he will fill in a lot more holes along the way so that the ending actually makes sense. D&D were told what the ending was supposed to be but it seems they fast tracked towards that ending. GRRM has said that there was enough source material to continue for beyond 4 seasons. After gathering my thoughts, my issue is D&D botched it all by trying to rush it. They say its not about the destination, its the journey. And they fucked the journey up.
  2. I agree we all watched the same show, but there were different arcs for different people. That's why it was a big selling point of who gets the throne. It had people invested in different characters.
  3. Very presumptuous to tell me what I was watching. I was watching Jon snows story since he took over nights watch. But how clever of you to tell me I didn't know that I was secretly more interested in the kingdom this entire time! Yeah...GOT is so popular because of team westoros.
  4. Well people don't follow stories about a kingdom, they follow characters. The whole following of the show was team Stark or team team Lannister, etc. Based on the characters within their particular house. If your takeaway is that this is a show about the kingdom then that's your interpretation. Doesn't mean it's justifies the wasted character arcs. Still far-fetched he needed to be a targarean just to make it by her dragon.
  5. Sorry, it seems a stretch to me that the reason for developing his lineage, building two seasons dedicated to that lineage in conjunction with his honorable character making him the best suited for a righteous ruler, was just so he can get past a gaurd dog when the time came, does not seem remotely reasonable to infer from the show. Maybe that is what you interpreted it as. But I'll be damned if that is what the writers/george r.r. martin intended.
  6. SPOILERS BELOW!!! Honestly if youre in this thread you probably risk spoilers anyway but just to be fair. The ending itself, I wouldnt have minded. It was the way we got to the ending that I hated. I would have been fine with Jon not getting the thrown. Maybe in his righteousness he would be named king but he turned it down and proposed the governing system that they ended up with. I would have been ok with that. But his story as a Targarean was built up the past two seasons and this season up til the finale, was just flushed down the toilet.
  7. What is astonishing, is that this mindset, these people, are what tyranny is made of. But in their mind they really think it is justified. Somewhere in their heads, the rationalizing machine is cranking out the notion that its ok if we strip people of rights in order to achieve security. That people might end up assaulted, raped, killed because they have been legislated out of the ability to self defense, and that is justifiable to them and therefore worth pursuing. They weigh the options in their head and they say, I'm ok with innocent people suffering because I had the best intentions.
  8. In an effort to be helpful. What kind of advice are you looking for? Some general advice: Make sure he does his homework on the job he wants to do. Is it garunteed? What happens if he doesnt pass the tests to meet that job? Does he get reclassified? The military is a great place to learn a skill and network with some amazing people. What are his goals? Does he plan on going to college eventually and plan to use the military to assist in that goal? Does he want to use the military to gain experience and do something similar in the civilian world? These are all things I used to tell my junior Marines to consider with life after the Corps, just in case the military career is not for them. I hear too often about people who join to serve, with no plan after enlistment then they get out and find their skills of slaying bodies not as marketable outside of law enforcement and security.
  9. Most fun you never wanna have again. Errr
  10. people always find something to bitch about. Free speech and all, which they are completely entitled to. Just know they kill their own morale and perpetuate a doom and gloom which isnt really helpful.
  11. it pains me, to see the amount of ignorance and patting themselves on the back while giving up our rights that these kids support. No one standing up and calling out the stupidity of infringing on our rights in the name of safety. It rips at the fabric of our core to see people so willing to give up liberty for percieved security. Yes it is cliche, but it holds true all the same. When I think of the amount of self sacrifice to preserve our constitution and to see people who never made such sacrifices be the first ones to say "I dont need these rights, go ahead, take it", it is beyond pathetic.
  12. I'm in the research phase at the moment. I did see toth tools for the front rivets and also the long rivet tool. I'm trying to not spend too much on tools that I wont be using again if there is another option. If not, then i'll deal with the options available. So far there are 6 short rivets for the front trunnion and 2 long rivets for rear trunnion. Am I missing anything when it comes to rivets? My current plan is to buy a receiver and an ak parts kit (minus receiver, trigger group, and furniture). The barrel and front trunnion will come preassembled and headspaced so I'm looking to just assemble the rest.
  13. i dont have access to a press. are there more budget friendly ways to smash rivets?
  14. Is there a trick to make sure the barrel is aligned with the receiver when you smash the rivet? Wouldnt want a crooked receiver to barrel and have to redo it.
  15. I've built AR's, which I consider to be a walk in the part given how everything is machined precisely. I would like to build an AK via a parts kit and a receiver with pre-drilled holes. What is the general consensus among the AK builders? Is a receiver with the holes predrilled good enough? Since I only plan on doing this once or twice I dont really want to invest in all the jigs for proper hole placement for drilling the trunnion holes. Anyone here with experience?
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