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  1. Yes that is measured to the end of the threads but there is a caveat, i based that off a 10.5 measurement, which is exactly 24.425. I'm assuming when it comes to barrel length the measurements are on point given the nature of the ATF rules.
  2. Took some measurements. For a 10.5 barrel with standard buffer tube that brings the OAL to 24.425" from end of the tube to barrel threads. So you'd need a longer muzzle device to bring you over 26" OAL. For a 11.5 barrel with standard buffer tube that would give 25.425" so you'd be able to choose pretty much any muzzle device and still meet 26" OAL after pinning/welding.
  3. By definition if it has a brace its not a rifle as a rifle is designed to be shouldered and a brace is not.
  4. With a 10.5 and your'e right in in the middle of 24-25" from buffer tube to end of threads. I can have a more exact measurement later.
  5. Im not against buying at all. They put in the work and are free to sell. Me personally I can build one for cheaper using all the same (relevant) parts.
  6. Not that you shouldnt do it. But if you do, be prepared to have a conversation (no matter how unlikely). I've never had law enforcement eye me down when i have 10 round pmags in 30 round bodies. I think for the most part you'll be fine. But there is a chance you should be prepared for it. Thats my opinion.
  7. I completely agree with MAKSIM that you should not build a NON-NFA unless you are prepared to have a conversation. Even if you are 100% in the right, if you cant articulate your point, it wont look good. I definitely dont want people who are not well versed to buddy the waters. This is why to avoid muddying the waters, a detailed guide could help, so atleast at the minimum, they havent broken any laws.
  8. Hence, my suggestion for a guide to help the people not immersed.
  9. Thats the beautiful thing about having freedom to do what you want. You may not see the point of building one of these before an AR, but someone might. Especially since the options are limited for non-nfa compared to the endless configurations of regular ARs you can walk into any store and look at.
  10. Thats true, but it may not paint the full picture to someone who may have never built an AR but want to try their hand at non-nfa. For example, that description doesnt address if flashhiders are ok or not, which they are. Theres more details that builders may need to know.
  11. Testing it this weekend. The flash can is zavair. I had to get it pinned and welded. Big props to tier one defense. Did a great job.
  12. Z9 Stinger PDW 9mm Upper 10.5" with pinned and welded flash can for overall 27" Spikes Tactical 9mm Lower 9MM Buffer with Spacer United Defense Labs 9mm BCG SBA3 Brace and LPK from PSA BCM VFG Magpul MBUS After all said and done came out to little over $800
  13. Yeah her military service means jack to me once you ignorantly (or deceptively) restrict the constitution.
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