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Lack of Ammo and guns got you down? Looking for a project?

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So, if current ammo and firearm prices have you down, and you are looking for a wintertime project, an airgun may be just the thing! Modern airguns are accurate, powerful, and, if you start with the right platform, endlessly customizable. 

If you want the AR of the airgun world, the Crosman 2240 is the place to start.  See attached pictures. The first one is what it looks like out of the box, and the next 2 are what I built after the last ammo shortage. 

  • Crosman 2240 (.22 cal)
  • Steel breech
  • New bolt assembly
  • Vented muzzle brake
  • Custom grips
  • Re-worked valve assembly
  • Enlarged transfer port
  • Re-worked trigger and trigger shoe
  • New trigger shear spring
  • Power adjuster
  • Red dot sight (yeah, I know, but I had it in the parts bin)

After all of the mods this has a lot more power than a stock 2240 (although I don't have a chrono to give you numbers), is insanely accurate, and allows me to keep my skills up in my basement for cheap. And yes, I spent way too much on this (they don't call it the most expensive $60 airgun for nothing), but you gotta do something to keep busy. All of the upgrades are available on eBay, and I had a lot of fun building it. If anyone else is doing this please post your pictures here. 


2240 2.jpg

2240 1.jpg


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20 minutes ago, Malice4you said:

I've been looking into PCP rifles, but among many things, the added cost of a compressor is kinda killing me.


I have a porter cable from this site (I don’t see it on there it’s probably discontinued) but 6 scfm @ 90psi is pretty darn cheap and I find I use it all the time for odd jobs


just throwing it out there

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