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  1. People shoot locks on YT all the time. You have to damage a padlock enough that the pin is not stuck in the shackle any more and depending on the construction that can be easy or hard. The crappy locks that are just a stack of riveted plates are more towards “easy”. A door lock probably not, you’d destroy the lock cylinder but the bolt is still in place and now there’s no more way to retract it. Of course…if you compromise the section of door that contains the lock (or hinge) that’s a different story - but technically that lock is still locked, isn’t it? Then there’s this…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIMON_breach_grenade
  2. Geez 30 bucks for a little piece of foam? I’m off to go hack up my wife’s unused yoga mats for free!
  3. I have personally used them when I was selling my house so it’s not the same as this situation but it was a pleasant experience FWIW
  4. I have a bunch of those RK couplers, they’re ABS. I’m curious how you make out with PLA+ my guess is they wouldn’t survive being dropped but you could beef up the sides where they catch the groove on the mag body Did they recommend to print standing up on its end or anything? Thats how I would do it anyway
  5. We use AI-informed inspection of production line assets at work and its 1000% dependent on its training data. If this system isn’t trained on a representative population of Michiganders with and without a concealed gun (and where are you going to get that kind of training data?) it’s absolutely worthless Just more security theater.
  6. GIMP is the open source, free competitor to Photoshop, that’s what I used.
  7. Seems like r/reloading says necking and trimming 6.5 Grendel is the way to go for price and availability, if you want to give that a whirl
  8. I use Bladetech for my doubles for gun games and JM Custom for my singles for CCW, but I see JM has some doubles if you like that style. It’s a wide setup to ride closer to the body and each pouch is individually tensioned i still like singles for CCW though because I cant them and it’s more comfortable
  9. The packaging is confusing because there is “G2 Carry Gun” as well as G2 (with no suffix). Both bullets appear to be the same though, so maybe it’s a Critical Duty/Critical Defense type thing
  10. Thats a G2 box it’s sitting on though, would suggest it’s not Carry Gun
  11. Some pics it looks nearly filled, others the cavity still looks noticeable. Id bet you’d beat the HP charge if it went to court but nobody wants to be that test case.
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