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  1. Claimed pending pickup Needs a new rope but the pulley is present. 225# rating, 32’ total, 29’ working length, 24’8” max standing height (I don’t quite get that math, that’s just what’s on the label) it was here when we moved in, I don’t need two. Basking Ridge. Come get it.
  2. CNJFO reposted this the other day. Pretty brutal.
  3. My 15-rounders (.40 cal) have an internal block to limit to 10. It’s just a post that stops the follower and attaches to the inner lock plate. that would work with any baseplate out there, as long as the baseplate is not removable or some other method that the block is not removable of course that would have to be done out of state or have an FFL do it
  4. I haven’t bought anything but perused Lou’s in Somerville a few times. Really nice dudes there
  5. Reactive armor requires significant base armor behind it, the ERA tile going off would kill its own tank otherwise. So the combo of base armor and ERA is too heavy for anything but a main battle tank. now back to the regularly scheduled riot gear discussion...
  6. Also interested in trades, have permits in hand.
  7. Pick up that compressor also being offered here from @Malsua and then use this thing! Lol says it’s rated for 625 ft-lb. max pressure 90lb. I don’t know the required CFM but it’s decently high, maybe 6.0 or so i thought I’d use this for car work but I’m not running air lines to my garage. This appears a bit dirty from the toolbox but it’s honestly only been used maybe twice pick up in Basking Ridge
  8. I heard an interesting podcast, comparing ammo to toilet paper. They’re both sold out now but the manufacturers are not really in a position to expand capacity (hiring, tooling, more shifts) because even though the demand is high the usage is not keeping up. so people are stockpiling and when the panic subsides we’ll have gluts of ammo and TP and unless we shoot (and shit) a LOT we will all stop buying those things, at least temporarily, and the mfrs will have to idle their equipment or sell at a loss if I were trying to stay in business in the long term I might not be trying to increase my capacity now either. I know that whatever I can get out the door is going to be sold.
  9. I like the cleaning powder Guntap sells. No foam, no spots, no tarnish. Probably costs a bit more than Dawn + Lemishine but for low volume reloaders I recommend it
  10. This is a great gun but I have the 5” and 4” too so this is pretty much redundant. Has Apex DCAEK installed, will include OEM parts. Front sight is fiber optic, the rear is OEM with the dots blacked out. Striker is brand new. Will include Bladetech OWB holster and Fobus mag carrier. Medium backstrap is stippled, also have untouched small. The large is lost to history (~$2 on Midway) Includes 3 mags blocked to 10. Includes original S&W box. You cover transfer but if it’s convenient to me around Basking Ridge I’ll throw in a box of Critical Defense ammo. $300
  11. I like Peet’s House Blend, my wife likes Major Dickason so we compromise and drink Major Dickason. It’s dark but sooo rich and not bitter. Peet’s is a hard left Cali company which...ehh...but it’s good coffee When I was with BRCC I did Beyond Black
  12. I subscribed for a while and IMHO the coffee was good but not great. I currently have some really good stuff that runs about $13/lb so the BRCC stuff at $17/lb (that isn’t even as good) didn’t make sense unless I was solely doing it to support the company.
  13. Last I saw Bullseye Tactical had some (stripped at least, not sure about complete) but they were asking some insane amount
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