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  1. I'm using the Nevada plan through vanguard, I opened them as soon as I got my kids' SSN. It made the most sense when I started several years ago, I haven't re-researched it since then tho I have heard talk about using other retirement accounts to pay for education without penalty (e.g. starting an IRA explicitly for college, with the intention of rolling it over if it's not exhausted) but those tax implications are beyond my pay grade
  2. My parents use milorganite and like it but for whatever reason I can’t bring myself to spread human turds on my lawn. Plus it stinks. Natch.
  3. Yeah 15’s are $25 so even with a $5 magblock $38 isn’t all that super
  4. I can tell you it’s hard to find the 10-round M&P 2.0 compact mags unless you want to pay MSRP, which is about double the “normal” price way cheaper to ship the 15-rounders to a friend in free America and pin them
  5. Shocker

    M&P Shield

    Trigger return spring will get a *slightly* lighter pull. Same with striker block spring. The apex sear will get more noticeably lighter pull plus a later break and consequently less overtravel. The apex striker block makes the pull smoother/nicer which feels lighter but it’s not 1.0 or 2.0? The apex changes are more significant with a 1.0 I think
  6. I have a Trijicon RMR which is a fantastic optic but if it's an awful lot of money...I'm not sure I'd buy it again. I had a Deltapoint Pro which I liked how it turned itself on by sensing motion but it was too tall to use supressor height sights so you need to use Deltapoint's add-on rear sight if you want to cowitness I had a Vortex Viper but I didn't like that it turned itself off after a while. But it was the most affordable if you just want it for gun games
  7. The past few years we've been using an insurance broker. I thought it would only raise my costs compared to buying directly but he can comparison shop a few companies and so far I've been happy with the coverage and premiums. Might be worth a try, it certainly feels more personal
  8. @Underdog is first in line
  9. It’s picked up and gone, thanks The garage clean out continues... Toro, model number unknown, 190cc, 22” front drive mower. Includes bag but it’s set up for mulching.
  10. My Ford is riddled with Torx as well. I wonder if a patent expired or something.
  11. A normal human wouldn't puncture even 1/4" luan, if it was attached properly....the web thickness is for sagging/flex of the floor A 2x6 can support a crap-ton of weight if the span isn't too big. If you're causing the ceilings below to sag you have bigger problems
  12. I think i saw UCC requires 5/8" for 16" supports (plywood or OSB) but I would think 3/4" is easier to find and gives you that much more strength What do you see as the difference between those two things?
  13. Sold to BobA pending permits I want a new gun and I never shoot this one... M&P Shield 9mm (with safety...I just ignore it). Includes one 7-round flush magazine and three 8-round mags Apex DCAEK installed. Will also include OEM parts Ameriglo (I think...cant find the package) night sights Bladetech OWB holster Theis IWB holster (horsehide Crossbreed copy) Titan AIWB holster Gun is in excellent condition, round count ~200 or so. Asking $300, buyer pays transfer fees. Will meet central-to-north NJ within reason. Between the holsters, sights and Apex that’s like $300 value added...it’s like buy some gun parts and get a Shield for free!
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