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  1. Isn’t the VP9 nearly double the price of a TP9? If price is no factor get the VP9 or even a Walther Q5...if budget is important get the TP9 (magazines are cheaper too)
  2. This video is ponderous but its very thorough and you get a good idea of the mechanism.The downsides of the safety delete start around 8:30 or so. People have said the sear pin actually doesn't come out if you leave the safety lever off but idk. I can imagine several ways to modify the safety lever so as to not be usable yet also keep the sear pin in place. Then buy a new safety lever if you ever need to sell the gun.
  3. Yes it can although it's really unobtrusive. I have a safety on mind and just never use it.
  4. If this report is true it seems Safariland was in the same boat last fall, donating to our very own Spartacus: https://tyt.com/stories/4vZLCHuQrYE4uKagy0oyMA/5SOyM3cJ5mA4e26c4EeqOO Nothing ever came of that one AFAIK. I only ran across that article by accident in a YT comment about Benchmade
  5. I can't help with the gunsmith thing but why do you need to adjust the timing? Are you using the factory trigger bar? ETA: 1.0 or 2.0 M&P? I did have some issues with mine (factory trigger and bar, APEX DCAEK) but I had an old production trigger bar and it seems switching to the new version helped. Apex's technical help was very helpful.
  6. While I hate NJ as much as the next guy, the interconnected units do indeed use 120v, usually with a 9v battery backup. They use the 3/1 conductors with a hot, neutral, and interconnect
  7. I've used Pow'R Ball in a .45 that was dumb about feeding. Not sure if that profile will help you in 9mm or not. Expensive AF, of course. https://www.the-armory.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/corbon-9mm-ammo-powrball.html
  8. Shocker

    .22 help

    I've seen some gorgeous Kimbers that ran like a top. But in this market where the other big guys are warrantying their products for a lifetime (usually transferrable), what's up with Kimber's 1-year warranty?
  9. Put it in resume form, we can see what happens...
  10. I don't have that. But I have grenades in the back room.
  11. IDK what those are listings for but there's no predetermined timeframe in my group, if both sides are happy it's for as long as the career lasts
  12. Beards are fine, as are tattoos. You can't drink at work but is that any different from anywhere else? You're free to get sloshed on the golf course or playing softball as long as youre not driving drunk No you can't bring guns on-post but this is NJ so who carries them around anyway? (There is a mechanism for shotgun hunting on-post but I understand it's a colossal pain in the ass). There are plenty of guns that live here permanently tho....22LR all the way up to 7" missiles There are many people that commute from PA but you probably want to get going early before eastbound 80 piles up.
  13. Both, depending on what the candidate is bringing I don't know about the PCS thing...they paid mine but that was a long ass time ago. It might be negotiable
  14. Primarily mechanical engineers but also engineering support like draftsmen/CAD techs. Upcoming grads for this spring might work out too. Obviously I left out what this specific group does but if anybody fits the requirements above HMU and we can talk. I'm not personally doing the hiring but I can pass along resumes. I figured a community of FID holders might be a good place to look for someone who can pass a background check, lol
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