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  1. I didn't read that linked thread but the Duty-Carry AEK trigger return spring is stiffer than stock, at least with the M&P. Just using the stock return spring will give you a lighter trigger. However it may be so light that the trigger safety doesn't deactivate very well so you'll have to play around with that. If you got a competition AEK then this is all moot.
  2. This thing says about 37 rounds/lb of 5.56 (acknowledging the bullet weights are not included) https://www.ammoman.com/ammo-by-the-pound So at $15 per lb that's 41 cents per round. So not horrible but not good? EDIT: whoops previous response has the price per pound/price per round already. But I added rifle. But I think that display was mostly to troll Walmart after they pulled some ammo types
  3. I’ll separate the gun and optic if nobody wants it as a set but not just yet
  4. EDIT/UPDATE: Ok not much interest here so I'm opening this up to offers for the RMR alone from the package. Asking $400 for the RMR. It's the RM07 that came in the RM34W configuration (so you get a weaver mount, which I never used). Currently $657 on Amazon Gun: M&P Pro CORE in .40 S&W, Apex DCAEK (stock parts included), Dawson front fiber sight (pairs with stock rear suppressor sights, co-witnesses with optic). $450 for just the gun and holster. Dot: 6.5 MOA RM07 Type 2 Trijicon RMR (it looks funny in the pic bc the phone doesn’t know where to focus but it’s crisp) Holster: Safariland GLS paddle holster this gun shares magazines with another one I have so I’ll just pick the two best condition ones I have. They’re 15’s blocked to 10. If you want more than two we can talk. 200-300 rounds through. Very good condition t/o. $800 for everything and I’ll cover transfer at Cheyanne in Manville or Countyline. Otherwise you pay. Will include the original boxes for the gun and RMR
  5. I have no idea I don't own either of those guns but the Walther looks like it would be no problem. The Mark IV might be due to the rounded sides though
  6. I use the ncstar universal sight tool. It’s about $10 more but I’ve used it on both front and back sights the one above might be fine too but I have experience with the ncstar
  7. Borrow someone's dual action random orbital polisher and some compound. The D/A is much safer for people who don't know what they're doing. I have one you could use but I'm not in Charleston, if that location is accurate
  8. We'd like to add a portico over the front porch and replace the front door/sidelights. So we need structural work and a bit of electrical. The house is in Basking Ridge. I've had one quote from a large outfit and from their price they clearly don't need the business. Nobody else has responded so far...damn this booming economy... My wife and I are both PE's and can do our own drawings if necessary but we'd prefer not to. Thanks!
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