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  1. Shocker

    CCW Recommendations

    Blue Alpha has a “Hybrid Belt” that’s stiff af and uses cobra buckles but somehow the female end has been shrunk such that it can fit through standard belt loops. That’s what I use for competition but it would be fine for EDC too worth a look, if nothing else.
  2. Obviously the USG has deep pockets (of our taxpayer dollars). But Product Manager - Maneuver Ammunition Systems, who contracts LCAAP, might not. I don’t really know how this would work but I do know defense acquisition is stupid complicated and while the DoD might be under the executive branch, appropriations are still legislative
  3. The govt owns LC and pays Winchester/Olin to operate it, under contract. So there is a possibility they could try to push Olin around but they have to respect their agreements…if this commercial revenue stream is protected in Olin’s contract somewhere there’s no way they’ll just let it go and any contract mod is guaranteed to cost the USG dearly
  4. I have a SSA-E, had a SSA and have a G2S. They are in that order, best to worst but the G2S on sale was really the only one that I thought was “worth it” but the other two are objectively awesome EDIT: crap, you clearly said single stage. Never mind then.
  5. Looks like they’re 600-650 rn online
  6. I have no experience but any time they come up on gun.deals the comments bash them for being mostly filler and expensive for what you’re getting fwiw
  7. Not only that but they’ll spend your own money (tax dollars) to fight you in court!
  8. Just my prediction: FN’s congresscritter will be more shrewd than Sig’s congresscritter and the NGSW program will be quietly killed like the Individual Carbine competition was 10 years ago
  9. That is for stuff like the semi auto Uzis and such Because, you know, if it LOOKS like a machine gun is must be a machine gun (As a side note, many have seen the video of a full auto DE - look it up, it’s absurd. But that was an aftermarket modification so it doesn’t count for this rule)
  10. Fine, twist my arm - I’ll take the receiver set if we can settle on an FFL. PM en route
  11. I have one 16” home built rifle with a 1-6x that I use for everything - matches, classes, goofing around. I can’t imagine why your LWRC wouldn’t work, especially around here where the longest stage I’ve seen is 100 yards. I’ve even seen a guy using an “Other” and he did just fine I’m way too poor for a Gucci gun anyway.
  12. The Burris Fastfire 2 (not 3, that’s more $$$) is about $150 Probably get more optic for your money if you find something used tho
  13. Not being at home to see what they look like, can’t you just reuse the factory pins that came with the rifle?
  14. I believe the weight limit was for handguns where the magazine is OUTSIDE the grip (e.g. AR pistols and broomhandle Mausers )
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