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  1. I was just at FSSArmory to do a P2P transfer (seller’s choice) and I thought it was a really nice shop…the staff was cool to me, who was only there to pay them $40 for a transfer, and any of the tire-kickers in the shop at the time. And no appointments needed any more. Perhaps I got them on a good day (well, dayS…fkin NICS…) but I’d try again.
  2. I thought Firearms Support and Storage used to be there with gunsitters? If so they’re FSSArmory up on Rt 46 now but I may be misremembering
  3. Patriot Arms in Park Ridge was offering a 26 on MeWe today or yesterday
  4. He had a hand in designing drop-in AR trigger packs, IIRC Edit: oh, first post kinda says that. Reading FTW. for some reason I couldn’t find his age anywhere, did anyone catch it?
  5. When we did something similar it made more sense to rent a storage room at one of those facilities. Much less expensive and we could get a climate controlled room. may not be feasible for you to make trips to offload but just throwing out our thought process
  6. I was walking the next day and walking without help (cane, etc) in about a week. The limiting factor will prob be how long your Dr says you have to wait to drive - you can’t stay sitting too long for the time being
  7. I had microdiscectomy and fuse L5-S1 and I’m only 40…bad form in the weight room I guess. The surgery sucks. Major. Ass. But hopefully it sorts you out.
  8. Possible trade with @always_an_eagle nothing finalized yet
  9. $100 I think this knife is the ultimate “gentleman’s folder” but it just doesn’t spark joy for me any more titanium back scale with a steel insert at the lock bar contact point. G10 front scale so this knife is incredibly light. I will include the retail box/manual and an aftermarket titanium deep carry clip with screws (clip came black but I stripped the paint so it matches the back scale). The clip is NOT reversible condition is “very good” as I didn’t carry it often. There is a scuff in the factory clip but that might have happened in the drawer, I swapped that clip out pretty much right away the action on this knife is literally the smoothest in my collection - it flips great with a satisfying snap and when you release the lock the blade will swing closed by gravity sharpie for scale - this is a relatively slender knife meet up central/north NJ or mail on your dime. I have PayPal and Zelle and my wife has Venmo
  10. I saw a video on the making of that gun and I still don’t know why they used threads rather than locking lugs on the closure cap
  11. I don’t see anything currently but you could check here periodically or even set up an alert: https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/bravo recce 16 that’s my search fee free to edit
  12. The old lady says her company pays $130 per yard delivered. But there would be a surcharge for a job that small. Plus there’s washout fees and disposal if you don’t take the whole delivery etc etc. she says there’s a company like “mr short load” or something like that (I didn’t find anything just now but it’s something similar) that specializes in something like this. Google “short load” and see if that gets you anywhere
  13. How about an oil extractor pump? They suck motor oil out the top of your engines for some dumbass cars without drain plugs (looking at you, BMW...) or lazy mechanics. Enthusiast versions can be had with a hand pump or clips to use a car’s 12v Some are quite cheap, you just might have to extend the lines to reach between a fuel can and your tank fill port
  14. https://forum.accurateshooter.com/threads/77-gr-sierra-tipped-matchking-22-caliber-bullets-good-bad.3960019/ scroll to post 16
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