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  1. How about an oil extractor pump? They suck motor oil out the top of your engines for some dumbass cars without drain plugs (looking at you, BMW...) or lazy mechanics. Enthusiast versions can be had with a hand pump or clips to use a car’s 12v Some are quite cheap, you just might have to extend the lines to reach between a fuel can and your tank fill port
  2. https://forum.accurateshooter.com/threads/77-gr-sierra-tipped-matchking-22-caliber-bullets-good-bad.3960019/ scroll to post 16
  3. My notes said I used 2.260” OAL but I didn’t write anything about seating to the ogive. I don’t remember that being the case IIRC the 77 SMK is made for AR mag length and 77 TMK is very similar. That ogive is what it makes it specifically not a VLD, where Hornady’s 77 is.
  4. All the dies are .223 (at least...I’ve never seen 5.56 dies commercially). Once you size and trim a 5.56 case it’s now .223. People might say the internal volume is different but I’ve never seen evidence that it was anything other than manufacturer-to-manufacturer variance. I was just throwing that extra info on my barrel in case anyone cared in the future. The 77 TMKs can be loaded to mag length, they use a different ogive than Hornady. However I could never get the 77s to shoot worth a crap in my gun.
  5. I was using mixed brass with CCI SRP (never bothered with the military primers) and found this best: 69gr TMK, 24.7gr CFE-223, 2.250” OAL I could get more powder in without crushing or pressure issues but this gave me the tightest group from my 5.56 barrel I had also tried Varget and had (suspected) low port pressures. Even though Varget and CFE are listed pretty similarly I think it’s a bit too fast for 69gr at least in my mid-length system
  6. Yeah I don’t see a picture either but when someone says “tiny Cheerios” I think Trailboss
  7. I’ve seen the primer lines at Lake City and that’s honestly some scary shit. But lately I’ve seen videos on YT about dudes refilling primers with matchheads. Probably not all that safe but might be an amusing way to spend an otherwise boring afternoon
  8. For you reloaders, I have one very similar and it’s dead-nuts repeatable to the half-thou dont see these on sale very often just thought I’d pass it along https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B00IG46NL2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_QN2GT4NG8ENGMKEKCN8X?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 price good as of 1/29/21
  9. I put a o-ring around the front lug. No rattle, cost me a few pennies.
  10. On my phone I’m using 1blocker. Worth it.
  11. I have many Gen 2 10/30 Hexmags, purchased at different times. The earlier ones had no rivet in the baseplate, the more recent ones did. Their key is if the riser was missing the spring would be too short and they wouldn’t feed. As mentioned above, if you had 30-round springs you could throw out the riser and make the conversion...but it’s just as easy to get a spring as it is to drive 15 minutes west and buy standard cap mags if one were so inclined. So... there’s no rationalizing
  12. https://www.cpooutlets.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-cpooutlets-Site/default/Search-Show?q=Compressor+&lang=default I have a porter cable from this site (I don’t see it on there it’s probably discontinued) but 6 scfm @ 90psi is pretty darn cheap and I find I use it all the time for odd jobs just throwing it out there
  13. AT&T will do that, doing home broadband through a 4G cellular gateway. Maybe Verizon too, idk. But the when I was looking it was no faster than my poor dsl choice.
  14. I’ve never had an issue with gen 2 Hexmags. But I’d still buy these Pmags to add to the collection. I have some of these too but I feel I can get a new mag off a belt or chest pouch faster than I can flip these coupled mags. But I guess it’s whatever you practice.
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