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  1. Arc'teryx Phase AR or Satoro AR for your base layer Horrifyingly expensive but your nips will be toasty all day long. But as mentioned, you need some sort of shell on top to block wind
  2. My background check email came back after three days just recently (one of my references was dilly-dallying though). But I can tell you my local PD will sit on it for several weeks once it's complete from NJSP.
  3. This is mine https://www.511tactical.com/range-ready-bag.html I wouldn't have paid $100 for it but it was a gift.
  4. I see a lot of high ASKING prices but those for-sale ads tend to stick around unsold. Maybe there are too many panic-buy guns out there that people are embarrassed to take a loss on But yes as @Underdog said, our comrades in Trenton have thrown a wrench in the normal free market price controls
  5. 9 to 10 cents per pill here in your quantities, if you hadn't heard of these guys: https://www.rmrbullets.com/shop/bullets/pistol/9mm-355/9mm-124-gr-rmr-jacketed-hollow-point-multi-purpose-round-bullets-new/ That's shipped prices
  6. PSA has been selling 1.0 Shields at $250 forever, I had assumed they bought a few truckloads that they're sitting on ever since the 2.0's came out. But what do I know
  7. I have that first one that sniper posted, the two parts come apart (third picture down in the amazon listing) and both sides have an RJ45 port. You plug one end of the cable into one side of the tester and take the other side to the other end of the cable (next room, next town, whatever). Then it checks continuity
  8. If you believe EGW it's the Docter screw pattern, same as a Vortex but NOT the same as Trijicon http://www.egwguns.com/images/custom/Scope Mount List Final.pdf
  9. I have a decent compressor (5+scfm at 90psi or something) but the specs on my wheels are 95 ft-lbs and I need a breaker bar every time anyway unless i want to sit there and let the impact wrench hammer forever Once the nuts are loose I just use my cordless drill to spin them off, it's less bulky and lighter than my impact wrench, even if you don't consider the air hose you're dragging around. On a side note...I use air nailers for home projects and lately it seems the battery nailers are getting really nice! Expensive, yes. Slower too but not so slow that they're a problem for hobbyists, at lease.
  10. I was going to get a RWS 34 but ended up with an Xisico XS25 which is a Chinese clone. That one slides in under your budget, unlike the real RWS
  11. I didn't read that linked thread but the Duty-Carry AEK trigger return spring is stiffer than stock, at least with the M&P. Just using the stock return spring will give you a lighter trigger. However it may be so light that the trigger safety doesn't deactivate very well so you'll have to play around with that. If you got a competition AEK then this is all moot.
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