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  1. It will be neat paying that renewal bill with no usage for months and still months to come
  2. Without knowing your criteria, I can tell you I have an Xisico (Chinese RWS rip-off) that’s pretty accurate and can put a .22 pellet clear through two steel soup cans i would have sprung for the real RWS but I knew I’d shoot it so rarely I couldn’t justify
  3. In that first pic it looks like it says 26" which goes along with the "2-3/4" Non-Magnum Shells" above it
  4. I have nothing to add, I just think @raz-0's masterful blend of mocking, berating and providing valuable information is truly beautiful *wipes tear*
  5. Shocker

    S&W M&P9 Shield EZ9

    It was my understanding that they made the .380 into "EZ" by using a locked breech (versus everyone else's blowback .380's) so the recoil spring didn't have to be so stiff. But almost everyone makes locked breech 9mm now (lets set aside Hi Point for now) so I wonder where the "EZ-ness" comes from
  6. CNJFO here as well just remember if you shop with the app - you can fill your cart as usual but you HAVE to check out with a browser at smile.amazon.com or the smile BS won’t happen
  7. Xtreme was my go-to until they restructured their shipping fees and priced themselves way above their competitors. I'd go back if they're competitive again, if for nothing else than not having to re-develop any load recipes.
  8. Arc'teryx Phase AR or Satoro AR for your base layer Horrifyingly expensive but your nips will be toasty all day long. But as mentioned, you need some sort of shell on top to block wind
  9. My background check email came back after three days just recently (one of my references was dilly-dallying though). But I can tell you my local PD will sit on it for several weeks once it's complete from NJSP.
  10. This is mine https://www.511tactical.com/range-ready-bag.html I wouldn't have paid $100 for it but it was a gift.
  11. I see a lot of high ASKING prices but those for-sale ads tend to stick around unsold. Maybe there are too many panic-buy guns out there that people are embarrassed to take a loss on But yes as @Underdog said, our comrades in Trenton have thrown a wrench in the normal free market price controls
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