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  1. Got a PM from @TommyGun so he's first dibs I'm not exactly sure what you're asking but it has a fitting to connect a hose for continuous draining, is that what you mean? There is no pump for the condensate discharge.
  2. Works fine just too small for current application. Pick up in Basking Ridge
  3. My brother and I have the same name too. And I probably didn't have to do anything nor should you. I only mentioned it because it was shortly after the law changed and he's in Hillsborough who are (anecdotally) not always up to speed on gun laws.
  4. I added a post-it to the local PD copy, highlighting that it was a f2f between brothers...but I didn’t have to do thAt. and neither he nor I ever heard anything further. EDIT: whoops that’s not really what you were asking. No, I’ve never used anything other than a regular stamped first class envelope
  5. I can’t check for sure but I think all the M&P dovetails (except for the exceptions above) have the same size. You’d just have to worry about hanging over the sides. I measured the rear at 0.827” across so check your slide width. If you filed off the “bat wings” it would be 0.692”
  6. Used these for one range trip but don’t like them - they shoot low for me and you can’t file them. There are cosmetic blemishes on the back sight from my sight tool slipping, hence the reduced price. They are otherwise nearly new (they were NOT installed with a hammer and punch). The TFX uses both fiber optic pipes as well as tritium vials for day/night and the Pro model adds the rear sight hook for cocking and the orange front outline. Both the fiber and tritium are nice and bright. Fits: S&W® M&P models 1.0 and 2.0 (excluding .22 Compact, C.O.R.E. models, and Shield™ 380 EZ), SD9 and SD40 (excluding VE models) $60 pickup near Basking Ridge or Rockaway. Shipping would be extra.
  7. Just throwing this out here since I saw it: https://gun.deals/product/smith-wesson-mp9-shield-m20-performance-center-ported-9mm-4-moa-red-dot-sight-70999 I owned a regular 9mm Shield and I shot a PC (ported) .45 Shield and they felt very similar. So I'd say the porting helps in that unscientific test.
  8. Home Depot will thread your pipes for free (at least the one in Bridgewater did), although you better be pretty good with the measurements or be prepared to go back and forth a lot
  9. Laws are changing on the fans in a month so you're probably going to need a whole new unit to support that anyway https://www.achrnews.com/articles/136459-fer-standards-require-electronically-commutated-motors Not sure how much a repairer can do without being forced to bring the unit into compliance
  10. I'm using the Nevada plan through vanguard, I opened them as soon as I got my kids' SSN. It made the most sense when I started several years ago, I haven't re-researched it since then tho I have heard talk about using other retirement accounts to pay for education without penalty (e.g. starting an IRA explicitly for college, with the intention of rolling it over if it's not exhausted) but those tax implications are beyond my pay grade
  11. My parents use milorganite and like it but for whatever reason I can’t bring myself to spread human turds on my lawn. Plus it stinks. Natch.
  12. Yeah 15’s are $25 so even with a $5 magblock $38 isn’t all that super
  13. I can tell you it’s hard to find the 10-round M&P 2.0 compact mags unless you want to pay MSRP, which is about double the “normal” price way cheaper to ship the 15-rounders to a friend in free America and pin them
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