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  1. Each bulb has an itty bitty rectifier and/or switching power supply in it to run on 120vac and some are awfully crappy
  2. this is the way - if it’s such a good technology LE should *WANT* it But since the police unions can whisper their sweet nothings into the legislators’ ears and exempt cops from basically everything (further reinforcing the “us” versus “them” at the same time) we all know this is a nonstarter. It’s infuriating
  3. Theres even more beyond Wilson - Icarus Precision makes a thiccc boy, for example. Also Mischief Machine, probably others at varying price points. This is a comment for either the OP or any prospective buyers. I really like my XL with the Wilson grip fwiw
  4. I usually listen to heavier stuff than this but dang if it isn’t a catchy riff with that sitar or whatever it is
  5. Fun fact: as I understand it, the Stow n Go patent expires in a year or two. So assuming other OEMs don’t fill that volume with battery packs we might have more options coming i wouldn’t want a town and country myself but it’s awesome to borrow my parents’ for a trip to the hardware store regarding @Mr.Stu comment, maybe theyve changed things - between my parents and a few rentals I’ve had the brakes were terribly overboosted but they stop you in a neck-snapping hurry. But maybe they’re inadequate for a full load, idk
  6. If you have an electric knife (the kind with two serrated blades that move against each other) that cuts foam really nicely
  7. My wife likes her Atlas. If you want the V6 you have to get a 2023 or earlier though, you can only get a turbo 4 in the 2024 MY Also you can choose between captains chairs (for -1 seatbelt) or bench seats for the second row, which is nice.
  8. Some say that since the text says “…alcohol is SERVED…” would include the BYO places. Clear as mud, as usual
  9. Yeah I make that merge all the time and I think the right lane immediately after the light is closed for construction (still?) which foils the last-minute mergers. Seems someone should have planned better
  10. I think it’s more like the laws are written by nitwits that don’t know how bullets work and someone decided HPs were scary
  11. Modern artillery don’t use shell casings they used incremented MACS propelling charges (which actually might contain some BP in the ignition train). Making a munition out of titanium doesn’t make any engineering sense. They probably should have said “there is a single source for HF1 steel” for the projectile bodies, which is true
  12. Level III+ (M80, M855) 10x12, multi curve, build up layer, AR500 Never larped, only tried on and realized it’s simply too heavy for all the back issues I have so it sat on a shelf for two years. Current “A1 plate bundle” with buildup is 358. Asking 180. I live in 07920 and work in 07906
  13. If you’re a pre-December, judge-issued permit you have to ask the judge to add guns and/or reissue without restriction. Seems that some will, some won’t. If they decline you’d have to start over with a new application (and of course all the fees and paperwork therein) to be issued by your local chief
  14. REI is doing their members’ only 20% off one regularly priced item, I got an Adamas that way. Haven’t seen a better price (EDIT: that brings it to $208 so the price above is still better) it’s only until 3/27 though, better move quickly
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