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  1. I don’t know anything about this guy or his practice but he’s on the Gun for Hire podcast from time to time: https://gpirelli.com If you’re anywhere near Verona perhaps it would be worth a phone call at least.
  2. Nice! I have a brisket in the fridge now absorbing some rub for Saturday...and a pair of pork shoulders about to be prepped for my dad’s birthday on Sunday. im gonna enjoy these meat sweats...
  3. I like this one, those .22s are straight blowback, aren’t they? So there’s no locking lugs and the only thing holding the slide forward is the recoil spring
  4. They’re volume sellers. Make the receivers as fast as possible, use statistical QC on only a few, on to the next batch. So there are duds here and there but at 800k lowers per year (saw that on YT somewhere, may be more now) that’s bound to happen. I understand they’ll make it right if you were unlucky enough to get the dud Anderson makes blank uppers/lowers for some of the other “premium” makers too. So for all we know, that fancy $300 lower on the shelf might have been milled right after the $35* Poverty Pony *Thats pre-apocalypse prices.
  5. I don’t know about your particular shotgun but I had a gunsmith remove the rear rifle sight and put a cantilever mount in its place on one of my deer barrels (not my pic, just one I found)
  6. Shocker

    CZ 75B and +P+

    Overpressure ammo is going to shorten the service life of any barrel. And if the barrel is already nearing EOL then it may end spectacularly plus you have the issue of plastically deforming the cases in the chamber so they won’t spring back for extraction. If your chamber is in the middle of tolerance you might get lucky tho both of these would apply to both pistol or carbine, unless the rifle has significantly different locking system just doesn’t seem like there’s much to be gained here...if you have a ton of this mystery ammo you can afford to test it and shake out the gun, thus killing your barrel. If you only have a little you can’t test how well it will run.
  7. Broke windows and slashed tires on a Jeep and a Prius and the damage was $500? Something doesn’t sound right there
  8. We upgraded to a 240v generator so this 120v twist lock connector is no longer useful (only has three conductors) It’s an L5-30 connector, 30a rated, 10’ long. Will also include the L5-30 core that you put in a Reliance-style exterior box. Used once, excellent condition. Asking a box of common caliber ammo in trade. Basking Ridge.
  9. If you want the rabbit hole to get deeper I understand there are mods you can do to the controller boards, like add PID functionality (you definitely want that) to models that didn’t have it originally, add WiFi/bluetooth connectivity for temp probes and such. Probably rotisserie drive motors too...Whatever your heart desires
  10. I don’t want to sell you mine either but Z-Grills get good reviews and Bezos will ship them to your door when traeger’s patents expired it seems a lot of low cost high quality copies hit the market
  11. I compete with the M&P version of the G19 - it’s the injun not the bow. On a related note the G19 is a CCP in IDPA so you don’t shoot against G17 and bigger (SSP) unless you want to. Nor against carry optics either.
  12. I’ve been looking for a 29er on Craigslist...people are asking over retail for USED bikes! Guess I’ll try again in the spring... ETA: I have spare 26” tubes if peeps need them...
  13. I only looked briefly but it seems Optics Planet has at least Lee sets as of 7/2
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