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  1. The renovations helped the temperature but not the rampant fuddy-ness of the board and older members seems pcc’s are ok https://scfgpa.org/facilities
  2. I thought SS109 was the bullet, M855 was the cartridge. But one of us has to be right… I think the 5.7 can use the SS109 projectile which bolsters my theory
  3. Vortex Crossfire Red Dot is typically $110 or so but if you wait and watch it goes under $100 regularly
  4. I like RichP’s thinking and along those lines, the interwebz is saying the poissons ratio of silicon is only .2-.3. I think you want something closer to .5 (like natural rubber…or cork) so that any axial compression is matched with a radial expansion.
  5. Shipping $15.50 on a half case, 22.50 for 1k, still “not bad” for the times we’re in. Plus the governor’s share.
  6. unfortunately that means you’re old now
  7. I don’t have a dog in this fight but all programs I’ve looked at, including US Law Shield, provide civil suit defense. Of course, if you lose, then you’re on the hook for the judgment. Is that where you’re making the distinction with liability insurance?
  8. M&P 2.0 in 4” barrel. I don’t think anyone is hiding the fact that it was designed to match the G19 Thats what I applied with. Stupid that we’re (currently) limited to 10 rounds but someday it will hold 15 in flush fitting mags
  9. I didn’t mean using the feed for tactical purposes, I was wondering if a lawyer could use that on his behalf like “he had a PID he wasn’t shooting blind!” But it seems it’s moot in this case, as the guy had broken through the door before the shots were fired
  10. I watched quickly but I did hear some sort of warning, like, “I have a gun!” Or something like that i feel like shooting through the door was pretty irresponsible bc he couldn’t be sure of his target…but then again what if he was watching the feed from the ring cam live, does that matter?
  11. Remember there is a rush of people both for carry permit printing plus newbs that are trying to get an FID before the training requirements go into effect. And for all I know, fall sports and other back to school printing might be on top of that But clearly the bottleneck and fees are a scam regardless
  12. Their online inventory sucks, sometimes underrepresenting, sometimes over. They had a lot two weeks ago tho
  13. Remember average mean radius is NOT the same as extreme spread. When I hear “1 moa ammo” I think extreme spread (that’s how I measure my own groups) but the Army likes AMR because it’s still indicative of the accuracy but a flyer or two doesn’t torpedo the whole lot
  14. I use 1Blocker for iOS, it’s usually successful for those type of paywalls (certainly works for the blaze) and most other annoyances. $5 per year.
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