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  1. I also wanted only one AR mostly bc of cost, I’m not swimming in disposable income here. But I found it just wasn’t possible to do everything I wanted with one rifle and constantly swapping parts (.22LR upper…cqb optic and long range…lightweight vs varmint) is a pain in the ass Building yourself won’t have a “tip to butt” (lol) warranty but if you built it once you can fix it when it breaks. And if the parts were defective it would probably be covered by the individual manufacturers anyway.
  2. I’m afraid you may be lost http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/index.php
  3. 5’4”. Not a circus sideshow but still significantly smaller than me.
  4. So 16% more pellets to go from 7/8 oz to 1oz. That seems considerable. i saw anywhere from 16 to 31 ft-lb of energy from a 20ga compared to 17 to 54 ft-lb for 12ga. So it seems the loading would make more of a difference than the bore/chamber
  5. Folks are great about loaners (not surprising, really…you’re a all good people) but I’m also trying to find out what you’re giving up with the lighter gun and lighter load. I mean…if it wasn’t a compromise everyone would shoot a light 20ga, wouldn’t they?
  6. I (she) might take you up on that, thanks. Looks like 1.2# lighter than the M3000 which doesn’t seem like much but that’s 16% I guess.
  7. My wife decided she likes sporting clays so I’d like to bring her along to Clinton WMA, etc….aka I need to buy another gun I have a M3000 Sporting and an 870 and she says they’re both too heavy and have too much recoil I understand a well fitted gun helps a lot but it doesn’t make it any lighter. So what is a shooter giving up by going to a “ladies model” or a 20ga? I would have thought a smaller shell/fewer pellets will make things harder, wouldn’t it? And a lighter gun will just pass more recoil to the shooter? Naturally cost will always be a concern but I’d be curious what other folks have done with their diminutive shooter companions.
  8. I bought this online only seeing pictures and it’s a lot more…girthy…in person, lol. Compare against my ZT562 in the pics. The details in this knife are amazing but I’m never going to carry or use it and I don’t keep knives just to look at This knife has been handled but not carried. It’s in excellent condition. I recently sent it back to Brous for tuneup (and to verify it wasn’t counterfeit or anything). They said it’s not even broken in yet Comes with its sales tube, serial card and Brous decal. $150 and pick up in Basking Ridge or Rockaway. I will ship at your expense
  9. I think you’re looking for the Full Length Sizing Die, right? The Factory Crimp Die is a collet crimper for rifle cartridges I thought. Ever since I moved away from jacketed bullets I don’t seat and [taper!] crimp in the same step so I like the FLSD. I’d let you borrow mine but unfortunately you’re far AF. but if your reloads pass the midway case gauge but won’t plunk in your barrel wouldn’t that suggest one or the other is out of spec?
  10. [claimed offline] I have a functional chainsaw for sale elsewhere on NJGF but this one isn’t.
  11. It is what it is… the literature says “up to 70 cuts through a 6x6 post” and maybe that’s plausible but if you’re bucking that 16” oak you’ll need batteries on standby. Or a different saw. Lol
  12. With a new chain I can do this twice, maybe 2.5 times on a charge. With an old chain more like once (hand for scale) Note when the internal cells are in parallel to run a 20v tool these packs are rated 9Ah, it’s only 3Ah running the internal cells in series to get the 60v. And I think these brushless motors are more efficient but that may be a lie
  13. No interest. I’ll just keep it
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