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  1. And there was at least 1 big cleanup before the final end-of-day cleanup, plus many rounds of magnet-assisted pickups. I'd guess at least 11 or 12 boxes of clays went through one thrower, and I didn't pay as much attention to the farther right thower.
  2. So good news, work went smoother and faster than expected and I made it home at a reasonable hour. So...I present pictures. Following pictures are the "lower-resolution" versions. If you want the full-resolution version, right-click the picture and look for something like "copy image location" and paste that into a new browser window. Remove the 's' in front of the .jpg and hit enter.
  3. Was great to see everyone, and to meet those of you I had not met before. Was a great day, other than lack of parking early on. Wind made it a bit chilly, and certainly a challenge to hit those clays...what with random direction/height changes, and damn were they flying far. Quite sure we recovered at least 3 or 4 boxes of unbroken clays at the end. Events like this are what make this place more than just a forum - getting to meet and talk to everyone makes it feel more like a community, and I can honestly say the people I have met are some of the nicest and most generous people I know. Offers to try a shotgun come from all sides if you so much as glance at one with the slightest of wistful looks. Thanks everyone, hope to see you all again soon. Pics may take a day or two, depending on how cooperative my workload is.
  4. No promises I can get it to work, I already forgot how to work the one I own...
  5. I would support a nearly year-round deer hunt, unlimited limit, on everything from Bambi on up. There are way too many deer and it costs people in this state millions each year. I think i heard recently average damage from a deer/car accident is $3500-4500. The problem is, those city folk, who never see deer, think they are majestic beautiful creatures, and ohh and ahh over seeing one off to the side of the road. Because they see one deer in their life, they don't think they are a problem, so why would anyone want to hunt them? Only those gun fetishist people who want to murder would want to hunt those poor defenseless creatures... Meanwhile, i'm pretty sure theres a deer gang of crips and another of bloods in my neighborhood, and they have declared war on plants and on car front ends. I want these roving gangs eliminated, so bring on year-round hunts.
  6. The problem is that a select few states are in competition for who can make up the most dumbass laws. NY can't let Cali or Jersey win, so here comes this shit. Next up will be requiring video cameras that automatically upload clips every time a swear word is uttered installed in cars of people who want to own guns, requiring 150 "randomly picked" social media friends to sign off on your application, the approval of your 1st grade teacher, and a state senator personally signing a notarized form allowing you to own guns. If any of the above are unobtainable, any 3 plus a $150,000 "donation" to your governer may be ok. Would be interested in seeing full social media accounts and search history of those politicians though. Wonder how many search histories would show things like: Best inconspicuous ways to ask for bribes How to hide money How to hide payoff Best places to conduct deals away from office How to tell if someone is wearing a wire Is it cheating if i only fuck her ass Age of consent in ny Statutory rape punishment Do motels still accept cash only Why do my constituants keep talking about the book "animal farm" How to delete pictures so fbi can't find them How do i delete computer history How do i delete google search history How can i bribe google Has any state law punished google How to copy and paste text
  7. My advice would be to forget that scopes under $150-200 exist. If you can't do that, at least forget anything under $125 new. There are plenty of fairly decent scopes in the $125 to $200 range, but above that, you start getting better and better. Little things like light transmission due to better multicoating or slightly better glass give a better image. Looking through my inexpensive scopes ($125-175) vs my somewhat more expensive scopes ($300-450), i can see the yellow/magenta fringing in the cheap scopes, and the edge sharpness is lower, and cheap scopes give a softer, less sharp image overall. Even comparing my cheap scopes to worthless $75 scopes, and the cheap scopes shine. The $75 scope can't even be used at maximum magnification because the picture is so soft and crappy. Optics quality vs pricing isn't linear. A scope that is $200 isn't twice as good as a $100 scope, and is not half as good as a $400 scope. To see a scope that is twice as good as a $200 scope might bring you to the $600-1000 range. You'll see gradual improvements as price rises, but to instantly notice the difference between two scopes, expect a price difference 3-5 times higher. Like camera lenses, an "inexpensive" one will work, but when you step up, it is a whole new level of quality and sharpness. Don't waste money buying cheap, then buying quality (what you wanted and shoulda gotten in the first place) later on anyway. You just lose money selling or keeping and not using the cheap item.
  8. I was thinking more of a 0% lower would need a cnc machine.... don't think they can ever do much to stop blocks of aluminum from entering the state...
  9. After all the bs about 3d printed guns, I was reading articles about ways of making lowers, including epoxy (?) lowers made from molds of your existing lower, bolt-together aluminum lowers, lowers made from melted aluminum cans or brass and then machined, etc etc. This law might make most sellers reluctant to ship 80% lowers or frames to NJ, but will do nothing to stop anyone with a little bit of skill from making their own. And thanks to the internet, most of us are easily able to get in touch with friends or family out of state who will gladly buy and ship/hold things for us. If anything, it makes me want to learn how to use a CNC machine more now than I did before...
  10. I have a bunch of Nikon glass, and they make some good stuff. I have an inexpensive Nikon 2-7x32 on one rifle, though I do sometimes wish I had gone 3-9x40 or fixed 10x. I would suggest a 3-9x40 or 4-12x40, of which there are dozens of brands and models to choose from. I personally prefer 12x minimum magnification, and all my other decent scopes are 12x to 18x max magnification. I have been moving to fixed power SWFA scopes on some rifles, but most people want a zoom, and the 3-9 and 4-12s are likely the sweet spot of power to price. I found fiocchi 50pk bulk ammo was really pretty decent for bulk ammo, and usually priced quite reasonably. Groups were about half the size of groups using cheap remington or pmc ammo, so about 1.5" at 100yds. What rate of twist is the barrel? If its a 1:7 or 1:8, you should try to find some 62 grain or heavier ammo to see if the rifle does considerably better with it.
  11. Of course, because NJ considers us all assassins, and the only thing stopping all of us mall ninja assassins from murdering our way across the state is the fact that suppressors are illegal. @MichaelDiggs You may want to invest in both soft foam in-ear plugs, and over-ear muffs, if you are that sensitive. Especially if you shoot indoors. It'll be difficult to carry on a conversation at the range (unless you get electronic noise cancelling muffs) doubled up, but if done right, might provide ~60dB reduction, while the better single solutions are only around 33-34dB. We can all hope for hearing protection act, though it looks DOA, and would still be ignored by NJ anyway. But damn, would I love to have cans on a few of my guns...
  12. Treat hollow points like handguns - don't go driving around with them all day. No unreasonable deviations. Even if you don't have a gun to shoot them with. Even .22s. Yes, NJ is that stupid. No, we don't believe it either. And yes, hollow points are legal to own and shoot in exempted locations (home, range, store, and between the three).
  13. It is something I have always wanted to try, but have yet to do so. A friend has talked about doing something like this, and has offered to let me join in, so I may do so sometime. Until then, I have my eye on some blanks and just never get around to ordering. I have some ideas for scales and whatnot that I would love to use if/when I finally do get around to it.
  14. I got some spring loaded baton-like handheld contraption that is probably 40+ years old from my grandfather, and I think it would be equally useful against zombies and for launching clays.