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  1. Got a speeding ticket near Clinton NJ on Friday. Big enough deal I'm looking for a lawyer to get whatever help I can. Anyone have suggestions of lawyers to talk to?
  2. Malice4you

    New guy 1911 on a budget

    I'm a Sig guy, so I went with a Sig 1911 TTT. Pretty sure that model is around $850-950, but sig makes plenty of other 1911 models. Some don't like them because of things like external extractors or - for some models - the Sig profile slide. I didn't care about the extractor, and I kinda prefer the slide profile... I've had no issues with my 1911 and would buy it (or the STX, the other model I was interested in) again if I were doing things over. Based on my experiences, I'd say Sig 1911s are worth a look.
  3. Malice4you

    pro mag

    I've owned two promags, one for my P226 and one for my GSG522. Both worked flawlessly through hundreds of rounds. I wouldn't covert to all promags, but as a cheap extra range mag, I was happy. That said, I doubt I'd pick up another promag without a good reason - I'd rather get a mecgar/factory original, especially when (for my guns) the mag prices are only a few bucks more each.
  4. Malice4you

    cordless impact

    The fact that there are lets say 30 or 50 or whatever number of tools available in the system that ALL work with one battery is the draw, so I don't know that this will happen anytime soon. Think of all these tools as being in the ~18v class (± a few volts, just because 20v sounds better than 18v to the guy standing in home depot), same as there are tools in the ~12v class. If there is a switch, I'd imagine it would be to a significantly higher voltage (like the Dewalt 60V system), and if they are smart, they would make the batteries backward compatible with current tools if possible to keep people locked in to their system. Some incremental upgrade of an extra 2-6v makes no sense*, especially if you could no longer use the batteries in older tools at all. Maybe these tools aren't comparable to corded or air tools, I don't really know since I have not owned or used either type in any hand tools in many years. I can say that I have not felt lacking in power with any of my 18-20v lithium tools, and I am not particularly concerned with Dewalt no longer producing 20v batteries for the next ?decade+? (they still make 18v batteries). Battery technology has not had THAT much improvement (similar technology, better power density) since the lithium rechargeable came out, so until some new pack comes out that totally obliterates the performance of 18v class batteries, I wouldn't worry. And again, IF some new pack comes out, there's a chance it can be made backward compatible so old users are kept from jumping ship, much like Dewalt has done with both the 60v batteries and 20v tools, and 20v lithium batteries with their 18v tools. *Not talking about ~18v nicad systems to ~18v lithiums; which is a huge step, but ~18v lithium to ~20-24v lithium. Lithiums did give new life to my Craftsman 19.2v nicd tools - almost night and day.
  5. Malice4you

    cordless impact

    Former craftsman guy, moving to Dewalt slowly. I have nowhere near enough uses to justify buying one, but I want a DCF899 anyway...that sounds like it meets your needs (rated 700ft-lbs), but looking at ~$300 (with battery/charger, since you probably don't have any). There may also be something in the 60v system, which (the batteries) are backward compatible with 20v tools. As for a drill, I got the DCD996, which is a brushless hammerdrill, and the thing is a beast. It is a little on the larger side, but it has the power to do everything I have asked of it so far, and the battery life with a 3Ah is plenty impressive. Once I move entirely to dewalt, I'll probably get one of their compact 20v drills too - it is always useful to have two available, and sometimes a smaller drill can be useful. If I were starting fresh, I would be deciding between Milwaukee and DeWalt. I don't use anything professionally, but I do want something that will last and be supported for years to come. I love my Dewalt stuff, though after finding a Milwaukee that was left outside for a month and the damn thing still working like nothing happened, I am impressed by them.
  6. Malice4you


    @ZekeCongrats. I'm pretty sure that if I combined all the posts I have made on every forum I have belonged to, I might have a grand total of 10k, even as someone who only a few days ago reached the 1k mark here. I mean, they mostly contain more than one word, but still... There is a reason I graciously made you your own special avatar, even if you don't bother using it... Now, I am a member of a forum where someone apparently has 1,010,135 posts as of writing this. Which equates to ~238 posts a day, every day, for about 12 years. I say this NOT AS A CHALLENGE, just as a warning for the rest of us that it could be much, much worse.
  7. Malice4you

    The dreaded January 1st in NJ?

    State police and locals aren't coming around to do shit, unless you happen to be one of those few 'red flag' cases. Legislators on the other hand, will certainly try to screw us over further, by whatever methods they can. Dunno if anything will actually become law, but they will shotgun a slew of BS at us. What's this "constitution" you "gun nuts" keep talking about? Personally, hoping to go to a range and bring the new year in with a bang...(bang bang)
  8. I did not take pictures yesterday, didn't even think about the camera until sometime after getting home, so it never even got prepped to go out, let alone come along.
  9. It was fine today. The fact i had 2 layers of pants and 5 shirts on had nothing to do with that. Was good to see and chat with everyone, and nice to bust a couple clays. I will say I am sorry I did not say happy Kwanzaa to anyone. I am sure everyone was deeply offended by my omission.
  10. There are at least 7 members in this one photo...plus the photographer behind the camera
  11. To counter all these maybes, I'm a definite probably. With a possibly +1.
  12. Malice4you

    Which 1911 to get?

    I love my Sig 1911 TTT... I dunno how much I'd like the traditional 1911 profile, but I do love mine.
  13. Don't care if I'm offending someone with my straight white male gender shaming toxic masculinity or whatever other offenses I may be committing, I'll keep holding the door because it is the polite thing to do. Guys, girls, or whatever of the other 67 genders you might identify as, I don't particularly care.
  14. Malice4you

    12 ga "bear" loads

    One HAS already killed a person in NJ - hiker a few years ago...though that sounded like 50/50 bear and stupidity from what I remember. My understanding is loud noises will send most black bears scrambling. Not coming back, that's a different story, until your favorite neighbor stops leaving out tasty garbage and/or feeding them, you'll probably have em back if it does indeed live in the area. I have no idea how effective they would be, but I would wonder about things like rubber buckshot vs bear as a deterrent. I don't know if the noise, the pain, both, or none of the above are effective on a bear. Same with things like beanbags, or if there are things like pepperballs (the paintballs filled with pepper spray type materials) which might (or might not) work. I know bears have very good noses, so something with pain and scent might be very effective, if they exist. I bought a box of 25 of the Fiocchi LE 00 rubber buck online years ago, hope I never have to see how effective it is. My shotgun is always loaded with 5 shells of 3" 000 buck, and I have room in the tube for the 2x slugs, 2x 3 1/2" magnum 00 buck, and 2x rubber 00 buckshot on the stock. Other thought, is one of those big cans of bear mace...neighbors would never hear that, easier to explain away, and probably more concealable around the property...
  15. Malice4you

    $600 GSG-5... Realistic?

    I have a GSG522SD, post-lawsuit version of an MP5SD2. Mine has the factory conversion kit, so HK-style sights, cocking tube, pistol grip, cocking handle, and various other bits that come in the kit, plus aftermarket (not HK, probably POF) full stock, HK pins, and a few other little touches to make it my own/better. No idea what I spent on it all, guessing $600-650 all in (excluding my fAkeOG), including spare mags, and I did all the work myself. Biggest hurdle to a sale at $600 is going to be finding someone who wants a gun already converted - there are people who will appreciate the nicer details of your build, but most won't know how much better the expensive HK furniture makes the rifle, and will simply see this one for $600 when others are $300-400 (?). So, to make a sale at that kinda price - make sure to take good, clear pics and show (and describe as you did above) why the rifle is worth the money, don't expect a sale in 3 hours, and see where it goes. People are out there, but you gotta wait for the guy who wants an MP5 clone, can't get a legit one, and wants something that doesn't look like the turd the current version is. I never planned to sell this gun, so I spent money on it to make me happy. Gotta find someone like me who doesn't already own one. OR, take off the furniture, assuming you have the GSG stuff, sell that separately, and maybe make more money. Whatever you decide, good luck with it.

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