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  1. I missed this this time, but being under 7 miles from the golf course, I have had more than a few views of F15s, F16s, and F35 or 22s (and pretty sure an F18 once, which obviously surprised me) doing loops over my house. I am used to jets, some pretty loud, but a fighter is just a totally different sound. That rumble...and you hear it for a hell of a long time.
  2. Color coded to ammo type? Hot pink? Leave em as is and live with it?
  3. When buying a gun online: Some places won't bother sending anything to NJ. Other places will remove the offending super extra deadly mags from the box (while the price does not change) before shipping to you. Others will substitute mags for you if available. Some places will even ship those extremely dangerous 11+ rounders right into NJ, where your FFL must permanently modify them before you can receive them (note that not all FFLs will do this - ask first). Remember that buying online will often cost additional "hidden" costs, like shipping and transfer fee, plus any compliance work if needed. There are a lot of models which are available with 10rd mags from the factory. Look at the manufacturer's website and see if there are models which ship with 10 rounders, and search that. Maybe the price will be similar and save you on compliance work, or ask your local FFL if they can get that for you.
  4. <stirs [crock] pot> I hear if you add some canned crushed pineapple to Zeke's recipe, it's even better. </stirs pot>
  5. Sorry I missed this. Just seeing this now. And I didn't get an email like I usually do. Hope you had fun
  6. The same jackass who said "To me, the data should drive our decision making. So I know, I’m not afraid of people having guns who are law abiding citizens. In the analysis of gun murders and shootings in my city, I could only find one in the entire time I’ve been mayor – and unfortunately there have been hundreds and hundreds – where a person who was involved in a shooting where they had their gun legally, where they legally acquired their gun. The guns that are causing carnage in our cities, my city and our country, every single year are acquired illegally. " https://www.guns.com/news/2013/02/04/newark-mayor-cory-booker-explains-to-bill-maher-that-legal-gun-owners-dont-murder-video
  7. Mec Gar often makes the mags for many manufacturers pistols, and often the difference is the stamp on the magazine. IMO buy what you prefer and you will be fine. I have both Sig marked and MecGar marked mags for my 226 and all run the same - perfectly fine. Just don't get ProMags, no one other than me has apparently ever had any luck with them ever, though I only had two.
  8. Re: Rimfire... Avoid ANYTHING Winchester rimfire. Golden Bullets have probably the worst reputation of any specific [rimfire] product line out there, short of possibly Thunderbolts (When the nickname "Thunderturds" is more common than the actual name, that's probably a bad thing...), but as a WHOLE, Winchester rimfire ammo in the last 5+ years has been atrocious at best. For what it is worth, I have actually had reasonably good luck with Golden Bullets, and one of my guns actually loves the things. Rimfire guns are picky eaters at best, so I understand that one gun may not like brand X - and you work around that. But when one brand consistently performs horribly, if it even performs at all, in a multitude of guns including semi-auto and even bolt action and across multiple calibers...that's just bad manufacturing. I've had greater than 50% failure to fire rates with some Winchester ammo in multiple semi-autos, and 30+% failure-to-fire rates even in bolt guns which have fired (and continue to fire) thousands to even tens of thousands of other brand rounds reliably the first time. I simply will not buy Winchester rimfire ammo again - it is not worth the hassles even if it were free. All that said, if your .22LR cannot function with CCI MiniMags, then IMO abandon all hope for that gun ever working properly. As for Wolf Match .22, I believe that is actually manufactured by SK, which is a part of Lapua, so totally different from other Wolf ammo AFAIK. Has the same headstamp as SK and Lapua Center-X from what I remember. And if you ARE looking for serious accuracy in .22s, you're looking at $10+/50 ammos from RWS, Lapua, and Eley. As for centerfire, Federal, CCI, Remington, PMC, and even Winchester have all worked fine for me. Some are dirtier than others, but for range ammo, buy the cheapest stuff that runs safely in your gun, and if need be, do a basic cleaning more often. And if your Winchester White Box ammo locks your gun up so bad you can't move the action whatsoever, just throw your gun into the next range to unjam it, then continue shooting*. *I really hope I don't have to tell you to not actually do this. Unfortunately a former member apparently thought this was a good idea and actually did so. Link for tips on how not to act:
  9. If you eat enough delicious Taylor Ham or knockoff pork roll, maybe there IS a danger of a floor collapse... But yea, in terms of "my 'wood' is bigger than yours" - there's more than enough in this thread...
  10. Just add two binary triggers...now you can go through 4x as many rounds quickly!
  11. Because of NJ's evil features list, 99% of AR pistols out there would be illegal since they are over 50oz and have a magazine outside the pistol grip. I believe @PK90 may have a model available or can order one.
  12. Awesome to watch. Always wanted a machine capable of doing this since I first saw one in action at a trade show, until I found out just how much they cost...
  13. More than happy to if that's what is needed, though I thought I remembered someone else mentioning them.
  14. I seriously doubt anyone cannot shoot their gun whatsoever with a dangling pinky, then are suddenly be able to shoot again when loaded with a mag with a pinky extension. It is simply a matter of comfort. I can't stand having my pinky hanging below because it feels wrong and mildly annoying, not because I become incapable of holding or shooting the gun at all. If it doesn't bother you, great. It annoys me, so for the one gun it is a minor issue on, I have the extension on. I can't carry concealed anyway, so until that changes, it has zero effect on anything except my comfort as a range toy. At home, I have a G23 sized pistol on me and long guns nearby. It would certainly be more comfortable to carry the LC9S around the house, yet I still chose capability over comfort there. I see this like me telling you you should carry a thicker carry gun because it fits me fine - my feelings on you and your gun really have zero effect on you. Everyone should train with what they are comfortable with, should train for worst case scenarios, and carry what is appropriate for their situation, be it with or without pinky extension, or mouse gun or 6" 1911, or like the average FPS game character, with 4 pistols, 2 SMGs, 3 rifles, and an RPG.
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