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  1. You should be able to disable things like Amber alerts and lesser warnings on your phone - google your model and disable emergency alerts. I got realllllllly tired of flash flood warnings going off in the middle of the night while I'm at home, at the top of a 900' hill. Leaving Extreme warnings enabled still gives you tornado warnings and I assume a few other things I actually would be concerned about. I was watching News 12 most of night after getting the alert about the tornado warning. Was pleasantly surprised by the coverage, which was nonstop and actually provided helpful information. Hope everyone came out OK with nothing worse than an overturned garbage can or lawn chair.
  2. Shame it isn't in a useable size. Why even bother to make something that small?
  3. Nikon scopes are discontinued. While you likely won't have problems, if you do, I have heard you essentially get Nikon store credit if they can't/won't fix it, and probably for an amount nowhere near what you paid. There are a TON of 3-9x or 4-12x 32/40/50/etc scopes of all price ranges out there. If you can deal with a low magnification of 3 or 4x, many of them are fine. I wanted a 1x but settled for a 2x on my low end and 7x on high end. I plan on slowly replacing many of my scopes with ones more appropriate for the kind of shooting I do, and most of what I have looked at have been Vortex or Athlon scopes recently. Chances are, unless you really research and buy a top end scope, you will buy one and replace it eventually. You will learn what matters to you, but buying 2 or more scopes will lose you money. The lessons may be worth the cost.
  4. While fine when adjusted to me and my 6'2" height, some of us do take wives or girlfriends (though usually not at the same time) out to the range (bad idea, they will have access to guns). Because of NJ's stupidity, it can be easier to simply have more than one lower permanently adjusted to whatever lengths are appropriate for multiple shooters since it is clearly so dangerous to have a gun that can get longer than a fully collapsed adjustable stock. The problem with this method is that you eventually decide a fully assembled lower just sitting around is a waste, and soon there is yet another upper on the way. And now you need a lower to be able to swap around for different shooters of that newly complete rifle...
  5. Only 1 AR? Eww. And I'm not even a big AR fan. You can always buy lowers. Build em up, NJ compliant, or hang onto em until you move. Or a few uppers to swap onto the AR you have. Or buy a NJ compliant rifle now. You can change out the stuff NJ forces on you when you move. Worst case, a new upper if you want every "evil" feature. I wouldn't care too much about a bayonet lug, so could probably get away with a new stock, and figure out removing a muzzle device. Dunno what the future holds. A bunch of lowers might be the best insurance policy if that is what concerns you.
  6. I have a Sig Mosquito, and it stated to break it in with 500 CCI Mini Mags if i remember correctly. It also came with 2 springs, though no clue which I have in mine anymore (10 years old). Mine does have above average issues with ammo (unfairly compared to centerfires). However, that is due to crappy rimfire ammo itself or gun being picky with rimfire ammo, and not so much the gun itself. It does like the better ammos more, like the mini mags or stingers or velocitors. Not sure if that really is more likely to break the gun (esp stingers) but they are more fun. IMO, avoid ALL Winchester rimfire ammo, all my rimfires do very poorly with their ammo (even bolt and lever guns). Gun needs to be run wet. Like way wetter than a centerfire. Maybe add lube every 150-250 rounds, depending what you use. I have attempted to polish the feed ramp, and it hasn't seemed to hurt and possibly even helped. And trigger pull, particularly DA, is stupid high. Like 12 pounds, at least feels that heavy. I have a real 226. 90% scaled Mosquito feels tiny. But it is good for females and younger people with smaller hands. How much this applies to the GSG, can't say. But I imagine most of it does. I dunno if I had way better luck than average, I actually followed instruction manual and most did not, I am less picky than others, there was an actual bad batch out there, or a few people had bad experiences with theirs and everyone else parrots "tHe GuN iS HorRiBle!" I still enjoy mine. There are certainly better guns out there. I do kinda regret not just going for the P226-22, but I am still happy with my gun.
  7. I have not been to the Clinton Walmart in a year+ but I used to get mine there often. Last times I was at the Boonton Walmart (beginning of April 2021) they had plenty there, around $7 if I remember correctly. I don't remember if Flanders has them. Now, target loads are a different story...
  8. That is quite the change from what I remember there
  9. I mean, it sucks, thats still only half to a third as bad as back in 2013. I think one of my pistols took 12-14 days, and that was *fast* for when I submitted. Pretty sure 20+ days was not unheard of back in those dark days.
  10. A good .22 with good ammo can be surprisingly accurate and fun. My recent shooting with .22LR has been 10 shot groups, a 6x 5shot group target (one page, 6 targets you shoot for groups), and some paper 'know your limits' targets I designed. Throw in a few reactive targets and it is a good day at the range. My issue with .17HMR is there is no match ammo available for it. Granted, mine likes CCI A17 and TNT and shoots reasonably small groups most of the time at 100, but some company needs to step up and make some good, quality ammo in .17HMR. In your price range, you are in CZ 457 territory. Not sure if the Tikkas are available in magnums, but i think they are/were in that range for .22LRs. I own a few good Savages but for the money, I would hold off unless you want to budget more for optics.
  11. Way more crimes with >.50 cals than I thought. No wonder they want to ban em. Look at that chart, 9!!! .556 cal guns, 5! .762 cal, plus a .65, a .6 cal, and a .57 cal! It IS a goddamn epidemic. Im surprised any of us are even alive. I understand the need to ban those weapons of war, each obviously capable of taking out an entire refinery, plane, or school with one shot.
  12. Re: Training - Since it is a "right" (hahahahahaha...this is NJ...oh, I made myself sad. ), will we be implementing training for any other "rights?" I'm guessing the state of NJ will also manage to set some sort of fee for this training as proof of completion, and that fee will of course be a reasonable sum of only $500 (to the state) and that courses will obviously only be available february 29th or the 5th Wednesday of any month. Safe storage - *I* feel a reasonable person would think ones own home would be a secure location. .50s - We see so many drive by .50bmg shootings in this state. Sure would be nice if I didn't have to coat everything in 5" thick AR500 to prevent getting shot daily. So yes, lets ban all weapons over .50 cal. Coincidentally, lotta shotguns would become immediately illegal, so bonus for them! Those damn kids - Government can send em off to war at 18, where I'm sure no one handles any guns ever. Maybe NJ should mandate that no NJ soldiers handle guns until 21, either. After all, they aren't with a parent or guardian. Strange how that being an adult thing shifts around depending on what it is you'd like to do... Electronic ammo bullshit - I know of competitors who order multiple cases of .22 - 5000 per case. Just think how NJSP will salivate over going after that potential mass murderer with a single shot .22... Besides, ammo is so cheap and plentiful these days, whats some more layers of bullshit to add to that? Microstamping - glad things like millions of pistols in circulation, files, and spare firing pins don't exist. And better police your brass. Just go to ranges and collect free brass and spread it wherever you see fit to waste your own taxpayer dollars on useless investigations which will go nowhere anyway.
  13. Maybe they are like NJ with redundant background checks, except they have to go above and beyond. One to apply for their version of FID. One to do actual background check by police. Two if they involve state police *and* local police. One to pick up FID. One to buy the gun. One to fill out 4473/forms. One to transfer the gun. One to pick up the gun. Throw in one a month to check up you are still an upstanding subject. Some innocent angels who will certainly become doctors and lawyers may skip a step or two.
  14. "No, no, no....yes" I do believe that you just have to have an FID to travel with long guns all the time, not that you have to have it on you. I carry my ID all the time anyway, so obligatory im not a lawyer/ymmv/do so at your own risk/etc
  15. Obviously the gun jumped into his hand and/or waistband. Likely without the innocent child's knowledge. It, or another sentient gun, also fired itself 8 times with no involvement by any outside forces or people. This also proves limpwristing is a myth, and malfunctions are simply your gun having a bad day. Thankfully it wasn't one of those dangerous AR15s with the shoulder thing that goes up, it would have murdered everyone in Chicago all on its own.
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