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  1. I pulled in really late (I thought), and had to stop and see if I had the wrong date somehow. Was only a few people there. Was beautiful weather, I can't hit shit, and good to see everyone. Had fun withthe rimfire range too.
  2. A photo of Boonton, NJ's returning World War II veterans. Now, obviously I did not take this photo, but I was asked to scan this for my grandfather. Since the printed copy of this photo is - I believe - sold by the VFW, I have severely decreased the quality and size in this upload, but I felt it was too cool a picture not to share. Print I was provided is 40x8", and I believe this is still on display at the VFW in Boonton (without the numbers). Contact them if you are interested in obtaining a copy.
  3. So that is an unaltered screenshot taken directly from Firefox tonight. Missing everything between Announcements and Optics & Accessories (which the last post was by raz-0). Second time tonight the forum did this to me (First time, it looked like cleaning up for sale had its own new section). A refresh of the page clears it, but strange nonetheless... Win7 x64, Firefox 61.0.1 64 bit
  4. Likely in +1, pending my friend's work schedule. I have a license too, but only have a hand thrower. Should lend that to the resident hand thrower expert, @Ms. 12 Gauge
  5. It may cost more to build your own, but you also get to select the components. For example, off the shelf systems are not as likely to have memory with faster memory timing - something I have opted for since my first performance pc had pc100 RAM. It costs more, and most people wouldn't notice, and most people would think 16gb is 16gb, but there is a small difference in performance. The downside is compatability - if I select memory that doesn't like my motherboard, thats on me to deal with it. There is only manufacturer's warranties, so I would have to talk to Asus or Corsair or whoever to deal with the problem. I hate the bloatware installed on prebuilts. I dislike the often built-to-a-price specs and components of prebuilts. They do get volume pricing for everything and I do not, but I will spend more for quality I know will last. Obviously a high spec pre built machine these days will be pretty decent, but I will still always build my own. That is one reason I hate laptops, damn things always die in a few years, are typically underpowered (at least compared to same gen desktop cpus), and I can't easily go in and fix things. To me, building the system is one of the best parts of getting a new PC.
  6. Thats why you use a different browser...
  7. Do these qualify as *really* high brass shells then? There was some recent "defensive" gimmick shell that used full brass shells and a segmented expanding slug which at least looked cool in PR pictures, despite not working any differently (or possibly worse) from regular slugs, yet costing 5 or 10x more. Was made by "oath ammo".
  8. Part of a radioactive spider egg which was filled with thousands of babies. Last time I saw this was in '04, still have nightmares bout that week. Hopefully, you have a flamethrower and know at least 3 members of the Colombian special forces, too. Good luck.
  9. At $130 a brick, i tend to stick to bricks still...
  10. Old Athlons with no HSF would go to around 700F in seconds if the HSF was removed during use. I think Toms hardware or hardOCP did a video on that, vs p4 with built in thermal protection. Always wondered how many athlon systems did this exact same thing in shipping... Howard, i would suggest limited use of that pc until you totally clean the heatsink and cpu and apply new thermal compound. I use plastic scrapers and then rubbing alcohol, then use artic silver (5?) thermal compound. Make sure it is not the arctic silver ADHESIVE thermal compound, used for attaching a new heatsink to a device with no latch mechanism. A super thin fine layer is all that is needed, i often use an old credit card or razor edge to evenly spread compound. Quite sure you can get single serving size dispensers, the syringe i have is for someone doing tons of PCs.
  11. Would you just finish this thing already? Some of us have been waiting months to see this thing completed, but nooooo....you have to take your time. Who do you think you are? Seriously, this is such a cool project, and I really hope that some day, I can do something half as awesome, and that it is half the shooter I already know this thing will be. The only difference being that if I were to ever undertake a project like this, I'd probably do something like make a .22 rifle, because I should just embrace that I am a .22 fanboy.
  12. Not 100% on Beretta, but MecGar is the manufacturer of many OE mags as it is. You may be paying that extra few bucks for the brand stamp that was otherwise manufactured by the same machine. The Sig MecGar mags I've got have been 100%, cannot imagine any different for Beretta. And the one Promag I have for a GSG522 has been more reliable than the gun itself, strangely enough... As for 10rd vs 30+, I imagine that there are far fewer customers for a second sku, and I suppose it is possible - though unlikely - that there is extra work or materials in the 10 round mags which would increase the cost (though I find it hard to believe by more than a couple bucks). Perhaps it is because they know they have you by the balls if you are ordering 10 rounders...
  13. Know what will make you feel better? Buying some more ammo! I used up 25 rounds of Lapua Center-X today...time to order another brick!
  14. Perhaps, but right now I am simply looking to have fun by myself or with friends, especially if I can do so at any time I want, like some random Tuesday. And I feel like reactive targets are also more fun for new shooters, which is another plus...
  15. Most multitools have 2 knives, a saw, a file, scissors, can opener, plus pliars. May not need the screwdrivers (pry tools), but I can think of uses or potential uses for everything else. So unless you happen to have a get home bag with you, full of better versions of all those tools, why NOT pick one? Especially since I already always have one on me. And I never did get clarification on my previously posted questions.