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  1. Some people's skin oils are more corrosive than others. Or maybe it was a super hot, humid day the last time you used/carried it, and you were sweating through a pocket. Or you cut something corrosive and didn't clean it fully. Or dust/lint on the blade attracted moisture. Or sat near an AC vent and somehow temperature fluctuations caused condensation. Or as you said, it could be a bad batch of steel or bad luck. I probably still have at least 6 blades using that exact steel, with no more care than wiping it off against my jeans, with zero steel corrosion, all at least 10 years old. My 8CR13MOV blades are cheap workhorses to me and have never been treated particularly well, and have been exposed to rainy days, significant amounts of box cutting, lots of sweat and humid days. I've got nothing particularly bad to say about the steel, other than it IS Chinese, and edge holding obviously isn't as good as other more expensive steels. I'd much rather have 8CR13MOV over 99% of the 4xx series stainless blades out there, so I don't think it is a bad steel at all. I don't really treat the majority of my blades that specially, again wiping the blade free of fingerprints spine-first against my jeans a few times on each side. Has worked for me so far, even for far more rust-prone steels. If you'd like something truly rustproof, look into H1 steel. My experience with H1 is that it can get very sharp but does tend to lose its edge faster than my typical EDCs with CPMS30V or VG10, though I think at least one of mine needed a complete reprofiling before it ever felt sharp enough.
  2. I have WMLs on the HD guns, so this was not about HD. I'm considering a TLR7 or something a bit narrower than the TLR1S I have currently on my bedside gun for the everyday carry pistol, which would be helpful for those kind of situations . I have a flashlight on me at pretty much all times, and so, so many flashlights stashed around at least the house. I wanted the ability to have a decent light without the need to tie up one hand holding the light. For the headlamp, I did end up with an olight H2R, which has performed exceptionally well for sometimes hours of nonstop use. It has been quite comfortable, despite being aluminum and holding an 18650, i honestly hardly notice it is there. The beam is very wide and quite uniform, and while it doesn't throw like a traditional light, it is more than enough to illuminate 25-75+ft (depending on brightness) across 45+° and identify any hazards. I tend to use it on the lower 2 settings, but high and turbo are there for if I need a lot of light.
  3. Obviously, I'd elect for a slung MP5K. Or two. Or go full Matrix, two 92FS, two micro Uzis, aforementioned MP5K(s), two Skorpions I have three now I'd consider based on size/weight - LC9S Pro, Glock 23 G4, and Sig Pro 2022. I'd consider adding something like a Glock 43X, a Sig 365 variant, likely XL, or possibly a Sig P320 subcompact variant. Probably plenty of others I'd briefly consider, like a P228/M11, P239, P225, P229/M11A1, etc, but weight, capacity, and/or size would likely rule a number out for serious EDC. I've carried a P226 and 1911 and they can get a bit annoying when lighter/smaller alternatives are available. Is a 1911 still a BBQ gun if it doesn't have a fancy leather holster?
  4. Sig Pro 2022? Its like a lighter weight version of a P229/P226 hybrid. Maybe 365XL or X Macro. 365 is amazingly tiny, but I think if I were to buy a specific CCW gun, I would go XL. Though after handling a Glock 43X, I might give that serious consideration. Though if you are so comfortable with a 320 platform, I don't get why you wouldn't go with one, customized to your exact preferences.
  5. For what it is worth, I have been carrying at home for years. OWB at first, but in the last year(ish) IWB. I have carried a Sig 1911, Sig P226, Glock 23 g4, Sig Pro 2022, and Ruger LC9S pro. If you have never carried a 1911, or metal framed pistol, or other fullsize gun, you may reconsider those choices fairly quickly once you do start. Not saying it is impossible, but large and/or heavy gets old quick. I have been going back and forth carrying the LC9S Pro and G23, and that LC9S disappears compared to the G23. Even the G23 feels significantly lighter and smaller than the P226, which is a featherweight compared to a 1911. Perhaps you can and would want to. I believe the obvious answer is to get a 8"(+) .44 mag or .500 S&W revolver, a 10" Desert Eagle (can share ammo if you go .44 Mag!), and a High Point (because those are just as heavy and thick as the other two suggestions.)
  6. Obvious answer, gain 30 or 40 pounds, duh! Then that is a 'feature' - "ComfortFit Holster Angling for Guts(TM)" or something. Does that belt have a permastiff insert? Even a 1911 in a Serpa doesn't angle out that much (though it is a paddle type) with the 5.11 belts I've owned. Not sure of the attachment point system that holster uses, but I have seen lots of options out there on ebay for different belt clips, which might potentially work better for you. I've had to replace a clip for the kydex kimber pepperblaster holster I have worn for the last 7 years, and the hole spacing seems to be pretty standard on many of these. Sucks to have to do it yourself, but might find something to make you happier.
  7. "But we have to do something! Won't anyone think of the children? If it will save just one life. Weapons of war don't belong on our streets. Vaporizes targets." Did I miss any talking points? Made these a while ago, sadly still true
  8. Have owned a few of these, nice belts. Permastiff insert will eventually start to go at whatever hole you use most, and if you keep using it, likely the leather will start cracking there too. Because I have owned a few and bought some for my father, I can't really remember how long they last, but between 4-7 years seems about right, worn every single day. Compared to cheap designer belts you'd find in most stores, they last WAY longer, and do not sag or come apart, even when that insert starts to go at the belt hole(s). I've carried a 1911 OWB with this belt, and the right side of my pants does tend to pull down a bit more from the weight, but it still holds fine. I now wear a Hanks 21oz steel core belt every day. It is built like a tank, it's like 3/8" thick, and I would bet it would indeed last the full 100 years of the warranty, based on my ownership so far. I dunno if I needed the thickness, certain things like mag pouches may not fit if not designed for a larger thickness, but it holds everything fine after replacing the stuff that couldn't handle that thickness. Hanks does offer other gun belts that are a little less expensive, but I don't know what kind of liner they use, if any. If you gotta go through metal detectors often (when not carrying), dunno how much you'd like that steel core for an everyday belt. I have been meaning to order another Amberide mag holster for a single stack 9mm, already have ones for doublestack 9/.40 and single stack .45. When I got the Hank's belt, these holsters were some of the least expensive kydex universal options, but I've been quite impressed by them.
  9. Thanks. Where does one find this? I never get anything useful like this emailed. Same for range closures for hunting license classes, would be helpful if they would actually tell you stuff like this so one can plan things.
  10. I, reference x, undertake that I have responded to this questionnaire truthfully and to the best of my knowledge about the applicant. If there is more, I didn't screenshot it, and I cropped out parts with names obviously, but don't remember any "penalties" mentioned.
  11. Coincidentally, the attached screenshots were for a pistol permit for a Bloomfield resident. In years past, when I was also a reference, I got a form letter very similar to the above pictured reference letter, though I do not remember the SSN/DL requirements. In addition to that letter, I got a phone interview. I was told the permits were already issued for this batch, so it was less than 15 days, and I never was mailed or phoned for anything (again, pistol permits, not carry permit)
  12. Had one for at least a year so far. OWB, 9oclock ish. Fits around my super thick Hanks belt, my old blackhawk did not. I currently use it for a glock 23 mag. Retention is good, worn doing yard work and other tasks, mag has never unintentionally come out, yet draw is smooth. Their gun holster is plenty comfortable. The mag holster is fine, but the mag itself is more prone to digging into my side and that has been the least comfortable thing about carrying at home, to be honest. Im sure I have tried it IWB but dont recall how it felt, but seeing how I dont carry that way, probably not ideal. OWB it does stick out a bit, though would be hard to get any narrower for a universal double stack reversable holder. I have had to tighten a screw on one of their products, so check every few months, but hardly a big deal. I'd buy it again. I will also have to give it another try iwb.
  13. I've never bought pants for accommodating a IWB holster at 4 o'clock, and all but the very tightest old pants (that are at least a size too small for me now) will still comfortably allow me to carry IWB. Apparently since no one involved in manufacturing pants knows what that pesky "inches" 'standard' is, they just guess at sizes. (34? 40? What's the difference?) As long as you err on the larger size for anything that is borderline fitting how you prefer, you might be fine. You may feel differently, and perhaps a different holster would change my opinion, but my normal size pants allow an Amberide IWB holster for a Glock 23 (no weaponlight) and an IWB holster for a Kimber Pepperblaster. I do tend to prefer my belt tight, so take that into account. I just removed the holster and slid my hand down to my knuckles in its place. Your gun/holster may be different, but if you can sit, stand, crouch, and lean while doing the same, without it being excessively tight, that may be enough room. I honestly don't notice the G23 much of the time. YMMV
  14. Boonton Walmart has the same sign I've seen posted somewhere on here, though I dunno how long the sign has been there as I never paid it any attention before.
  15. I've carried IWB at 4 oclock for at least a year at home with a G23 in a cheap single clip Amberide holster. I dunno if your holster has adjustable cant, but if so, see if there is a more comfortable position, I prefer a more angled cant when possible. Also, I dunno how tight your belt may be, but if you loosen it, it may help by allowing just enough flex without being too loose. Also experiment with position, honestly half an inch difference may be way more comfortable. Seeing how I am home, printing has been less an issue so far. I may have to rethink the other things I carry on my belt, which likely do affect printing and pulling up the shirt, like my phone, leatherman, and kimber pepperblaster, all are carried from my 3 to 6 oclock. I know the kimber gets exposed sometimes in public, so I gotta figure out something better. I'm also tall, so I may need to start getting longer shirts that may be less likely to ride up when sitting.
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