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  1. Been happy with my LC9S pro. I was expecting a lot more kick for such a lightweight gun, but I was pleasantly surprised. I will say I have the pinky extension on all my mags, since I have larger hands. Weight when carried OWB around the house, I forget it's even there sometimes. I gotta get an IWB holster, but seeing how I still don't have a CCW permit for anywhere, it hasn't been a high priority.
  2. Dunno if this will get you to where you wanna be: http://offer.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?BuyerBlockPreferences or http://my.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyeBay&CurrentPage=MyeBayMyAccounts&MyEbayBeta=&FClassic=true If neither worked, go to MY EBAY, and look for the ACCOUNT tab and click it. On the left will be "Site Preferences" In site preferences, look for BUYER REQUIREMENTS, then hit SHOW on the right side, then EDIT. Buyers in locations to which I don't ship Block buyers whose primary shipping address is in a location I don't ship to. This requirement can help you avoid buyers who agree to purchase your items without realizing you don't ship to their location. That should do it.
  3. So I DID hear them this morning. I thought I did, but it was for nowhere near as long and I wasn't 100% certain as I was in the middle of doing other noisy things. Neighbors here love to make noise, thought it was one of them again.
  4. Wow, thanks for the information. I was under the impression the penalties for violating the airspace (and then being intercepted and complying) would have been even more severe...though I imagine having a heavily armed F15 or two a hundred feet off your wing is a memorable enough experience you are unlikely to ever do something like that again. (And probably need a new set of pants upon landing)
  5. So, someone is in trouble again. What sounded like 2 jets went over the house again. I'm 11 minutes away from the golf course (driving), so wonder how often I'll be hearing/seeing this. It was an F-15 this time, didn't see what the second aircraft was. As always, love the sound. Nothing else sounds like a twin engine fighter jet flying fairly low... Anyone know what the penalties are for the pilot who violates this restricted airspace?
  6. Factory recommended ammo for my Savage 10FCP-K (bolt gun) with 24" 1:9 .223Rem barrel is 69 grain Federal Gold Medal Match SMK BTHP (GM223M). Despite what all the charts say about twist vs grain, the gun does like em plenty. I've shot 75gr match ammo through it as well, and it liked that too. Back when I got the gun, I didn't do enough homework on twist rates, and when I researched further well after getting the rifle, I was disappointed Savage went with 1:9. For a bolt rifle that is supposed to be very accurate, it doesn't make much sense why they chose a 1:9 when a 1:8 or 1:7 would have made much more sense for the most common match ammos out there IMO. However, in practice, with good, high quality ammo, it has not seemed to make a difference, or at least a substantial enough difference that it shows with my shooting skill level. My ARs have 1:7 and 1:8 barrels, though I don't shoot much high end ammo through them. If I were starting fresh with any .223 gun, I'd probably try for 1:8 for the most versatility.
  7. I just realized I never thanked everyone for their input. I appreciate the replies, info, and advice. I went to the range today and shot some SK rifle match and some Lapua Center-X. The SK did well, with my best group roughly 1", but flyers that kept messing with me and my pride. (I'm doing well! ......oh...nevermind) The Lapua is some great stuff, it shrunk my groups considerably. While I didn't get better than .7" (E to E) groups, I got a lot of them. I hate to spend centerfire ammo prices for .22, but damn am I enjoying this good stuff a lot more. I'm going to have to try some of the $20+ a box stuff some day. I also brought out my Marlin XT22 for some 50yd shooting. I only tried Eley target ammo, but damn does that trigger suck now compared to the Savage. May have to get another Apachee kit for the xt22. Groups at 50yd were comperable to my Lapua groups at 100, so I will have to see what food the xt22 prefers, too.
  8. Mk II BRJ
  9. I have a Savage Mark II with a heavy target barrel, Nikon Prostaff rimfire 4-12x40 scope, Apachee trigger upgrade (guessing around 20oz trigger pull), and bipod. I have been shooting this rifle at 100 yards, and while I am happier with groups I have been getting lately, I am wondering if I am expecting too much from .22s, I still haven't found this rifle's preferred food yet, or if I just have a long way to go with my technique. I have tried around 400 CCI green tag, 1000 Eley Target, and 100 Norma USA Match-22 so far. The green tags were typically sub 2.5" groups, with occasional flyers. The Eley target typically gives me sub 2" groups, with occasional flyers, but occasional 2-3 holes-touching groups as well. The Match-22 was a mixed bag - more bullseyes but also more flyers than the eley, overall averaging about the same as the eley, so also sub 2" groups overall. The Apachee trigger was only just installed, and I've only shot the Match-22 with it. The stuff I have shot so far is cheaper target/match ammo, and I am trying to avoid spending 40+ cents a shot on .22, at least until I get a rifle more worthy of that...but I did just order 6 different match grade ammos from RWS, Federal, Lapua, and SK to play with. So what kind of accuracy should I really expect at 100 yds with mid level match .22s and a halfway decent rifle?
  10. Any chance you have a link to the article? I've looked and found nothing...always happens. Anything interesting I witness never makes it into the news, be it this, or some accident that closes down all highways in a 5 mile radius. But a car getting a flat tire with 3 rubberneckers at 4AM seems to warrant a 1/4 page in the paper....
  11. Someone is in big trouble. Fastmover just went over my house a few miles north of Trump's golf course on what I assume can only be an intercept for violating restricted airspace.
  12. I have various Craftsman tools, including socket sets and wrenches, which have served me well over the years. I don't do a lot on my cars, but for all my uses, I have been happy. Craftsman tools are decent - better quality than the super cheap stuff like Harbor Freight, and since Im not using em constantly, I don't need Snap On quality either. There may be some good fathers day deals still this week on say a mechanics type tool kit at sears or maybe similar kits at home depot/lowes. Harbor freight only has sales on days that end in 'Y'. I know harbor freight is always advertising cheap kits, but most of their cheaper stuff I consider throwaways - use a couple times before it gets damaged. Nothing worse than a tool you need breaking halfway through a job. Maybe their higher end stuff will last, maybe not, up to you if the savings are worth it. If you do go, look for 20% off coupons, may as well save $ if you go that route.
  13. So, noticed 2 things I've been meaning to mention. First off, if I start writing a paragraph on my phone with "I ", (I space) I get a second capitalized letter automatically. Would be like below: I Also have a random issue on at least the desktop site that if I read an older topic I have not read when there is a newer topic above it I also have not read, after reading the older unread topic, the newer unread topic I've never visited is now ALSO marked as read.
  14. I went there my first few months of gun ownership, in 2011. I never rented, so I don't know much about their rental pricing, but I remember that they wanted something like $5 for 10 rds of .22, when bulk ammo was still 4c a shot. Back then, you paid $25 for a safety briefing, which was good for a year. After that, you paid a small amount per day, maybe $10? each return within that year. I never had to buy their ammo. Theres a RSO there the entire time you're there. I feel bad for them, because I once went through 2+ bricks of .22 in a day for my $10 (I usually only went weekdays), and usually went through at least one brick per visit. As a beginner range for someone not needing to rent, I was happy enough (on weekdays). If I had to rent and buy their ammo, probably wouldnt feel so great about their pricing. No idea how busy they are weekends. And having not been back since 2011/12, can't say if anything changed since then... If you can bring some of your own toys to offset the rental costs, I'd do that. I do miss their hanging blocks of wood on strings, chipping away at them from the bottom... I had to go to a new lane one day after taking out all nine in my first lane with .22s...
  15. So how does one go about doing this? I'm interested.