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  1. Unless you are over 70 and a NJ resident, you need a license. LICENSE EXCEPTIONS Anglers Under 16 - No fishing license is required of persons under 16 years old. NJ Residents Age 70 and Over - State residents 70 and older are exempt from fishing license and Trout Stamp requirements. A driver license or other acceptable proof of age containing date of birth and physical description will function as the actual fishing license/trout stamp for New Jersey residents 70 and over.
  2. ...we will do everything in our power to protect *criminals* - while restricting the "rights" of second-class citizens, sorry, I meant second-amendment supporters. Signed Above-my-paygrade Murphy Obviously can't believe this went our way, and it will be interesting to see how NJ truly plays out. After having been told, "don't even bother" when asking for a carry permit application years ago, it will be interesting to actually be able to go through this process. Eventually.
  3. I've had a cheap fly rod for probably 25+ years, but first fish I ever caught on it was only in the last 2 or 3. Granted, I basically stopped fishing for 18 or so years in the middle, and when I was young, there were few places I could get to that were really appropriate for fly fishing, so I hardly used it. I tied my own flies for a while when I was young, and lately have taken up making my own spinners. There is significantly more satisfaction catching fish on a lure you made yourself, and hearing stories from friends catching fish on your lures too. Knots, I mostly use what I believe is called the improved (or) enhanced clinch knot. Really simple and holds very well. I used to use the Rapala knot for everything, but it is more complicated and just creates a loop. I do gotta do better leader<->line knot for the fly rod next time I put new leader on. Good luck
  4. Dunno, but perhaps they are using 15% ethanol while other places may still be 10%? You know, to "save us money" while ruining older cars and small engines (coincidentally, replacing/repairing an old car or power equipment costs a lot more than that 5% ethanol "saves" us on gas prices at the pump.) Multipe manuals specify to never run over 10% ethanol. I dunno if they are trying to prevent E85 use, or saying 5+% more ethanol could/will damage something. But I was pissed at yet another fuckup by this administration, which was barely news when announced, that will affect the poorest people who cannot afford a newer car, or those who love their old car, and could damage lots of small engines, all "coincidentally" during a push to electrify everything. How we do that to a generator is beyond me, but clearly they are smarter than all of us and know best.
  5. Go for the easy target first. "No one needs 'assault rifles!'" "No one really needs handguns! They serve no purpose." ( <- Canada is here) "There is no valid reason for anyone to have a semi-automatic gun. You suck at hunting if you need 10 rounds to kill a deer." "No one wants to see sniper (hunting) rifles in the hands of civilians. In fact, lets just call it all rifles except .22 rimfires." "We promise we'll let you keep your single shot .22. ...Wait, we will? What do you mean I skipped a line and read the wrong....oh. Oh! Sorry! Ahem. Shotguns are only useful for killing multiple people with one pull of the trigger and will be banned." "We promise we'll let you keep your single shot .22, unless something bad happens with a .22." "So, it turns out someone did something bad with a .22 guys, so, yeah, turn those in. You can totally keep your muzzleloaders though!" "Yeah, fuckit, what are you gonna do, we want your muzzleloaders too. Give us your BB guns and airsoft and paintball, too. And we will arrest your kids for holding gun shaped sticks or poptarts, too."
  6. You are thinking rationally. You are invested. You have an interest in this game. "They" do not. Their entire agenda - depending on how far left they are - would be to limit you to any or all of the following: One gun (not a handgun, not a semi-auto, not more than 3 rounds, no evil features allowed (black, has a barrel, has a stock, has a trigger, has a scope, has sights, etc)) A single shot shotgun (for hunting, cause thats only reason 2A exists) A single shot .22 (because .22s aren't lethal, ever) Muzzleloaders only (cause thats obviously only thing 2A applies to) No guns for anyone but police and military (the dream) No guns exist on earth (the betterer dream) Nothing you can say or do will be enough for them, short of those goals. "You want to keep a handgun!?!?! You want to murder children, you monster!" "You want an AR???? You want to kill 500 people a second with your fully semi automatic assault rifle with the shoulder thing that goes up!" "You want a shotgun? You just want to murder innocent Bambis, you monster. You probably murder cats for fun, too." I fully support opening NICS to everyone, as someone mentioned before, a verified and time-stamped printout or real-time website based option (with no recording of data) (except between buyer and seller). In past shootings, the government (surprise!) fucked up and failed to add prohibited people to lists of prohibited people. Start there. I dunno if involuntary commitments are a national disqualifier or if that is a Jersey thing, but I might be ok with that, until minor infractions suddenly become a mental health crisis and it becomes abused. Red flag laws seem like a good idea if you believe the talking points. In reality, I would guess for every legitimate red flagged person, there are similar amounts of people who have annoyed their neighbors, pissed off an ex or vindictive significant other, or were otherwise not an actual threat to anyone. Presumed guilty with no due process (and no penalty some places for false or misleading reports), but you'll get your day in court "within 10 days" and maybe you'll even get your guns back! Basically, they want to take your guns and you have to let them, or you are no better than a child killing mass murderer psychopath. Want to make a difference? Stop making the psychos who do this shit famous and stop putting them in the news 24/7 with their names and faces plastered everywhere. They want the fame and notariety. They want - I hate to say it - a "high score." That'll never happen cause news makes too much money off these rare events, and they can't push their agenda without a scared public screaming "We HaVe tO Do sOmEtHiNg!" But I'd bet it would have more of an effect than any bullshit law proposal that comes out. I mean, Murphy still has a hard-on for .50s, cause we hear of so many $10k guns used in crimes daily in NJ.
  7. My experience with Winchester rimfire ammo is to avoid it at all costs. Even my bolt guns and lever action won't reliably fire that stuff. Multiple guns, action types, even different calibers, I have never had so many problems consistently as with Winchester rimfire ammos. Perhaps I just have had the shittiest of luck among many different types and lots of ammo from them, but I have experienced multiple failure to fires per mag (requiring 2-3 restrikes) (.22lr and .17hmr) and split case necks (.17hmr only) constantly. I would run the dreaded Thunderbolts over any Winchester rimfire any day. My S&W 22A actually loves Golden Bullets. I'd say buy what ammo you can find, if this gun doesn't like it, buy more guns until you find one that does. Aguila, been happy with their ammos, but avoid their Stinger -equivalent (1700ish fps) rounds, might cause issues, believe they too are longer cases than standard. May beat up the gun a bit, too. Federal is usually good to very good for their true gold medal target/match ammos. Automatch is usually available and reliable and is a go-to for me. Remington makes some really cheap dirty ammo, but my guns tend to run em just fine anyway, so give em a try. Never tried browning ammo. CCI is almost always a good bet, except maybe Stingers. enjoy the new toy!
  8. Everbilt #4-#6 x 7/8 inch yellow plastic ribbed anchors. Got a pack of 150 a year or two ago, they compress when struck, but havent had any shatter/break (like I have had with legit .22 plastic snap caps). I use em primarily in bolt guns for storage, so not doing a lot of strikes, but with rotation i can get 4+ uses outta each one. Have fed em from mags too. I read somewhere there may be a change in something with current production ones, so may wanna opt for a small pack or at least look em over that they'll still work before going bulk.
  9. All actions closed, depends on gun if it is stored cocked or not. Never use flags. Usually with a mag inserted, more so i cannot forget at least one mag for a range trip
  10. Almost every app has permissions you can give or revoke and has been a thing for years on androids. Might not have been notifications in the past, but I get notifications if an app updates and wants new permissions. Settings > Apps, or simply long press the icon and go to App Info Look for permissions. Some apps may require things, and won't work without them. Sometimes with good reason, sometimes cause they just wanna mine data. A flashlight has no reason to need location, contacts, and microphone. Waze kinda needs GPS to work... And very few non-critical apps need notifications IMO. I have always gone through the phone the first days i have it, uninstalling as much as I can that I will never use, as well as both customizing it and locking it down as much as I can without rooting. Also, change things like an always on screen and other stupid settings designed to drain the battery. The number of people who don't take the time to do this always amazes me, despite hearing constantly how they talked to someone in person about X, and facebook immediately starts showing ads for X, or their constant need to be at an outlet. It takes an hour, maybe 2-3 if you have to look up a lot of settings online, for a device you probably will use countless hours over years. If you add a new app, make sure to check/restrict it too.
  11. I've carried these in a IWB holster at around 5 oclock on my belt for 6+ years. Mine is clear(ish) red and I have had a few people ask about it if it does get exposed, including some still asking if it is a (real) gun. My typical response (after explaining it is pepper spray) is that is about all the state of New Jersey will legally let me carry since they won't issue concealed carry permits to people who haven't already been murdered once or twice. This usually gets a laugh. Or a pained, sad, sorrowful look if the person lives in a free state. For what it is worth, they seem structurally well made and have held up to being on me pretty much all waking hours for multiple years. If you get one, if possible, check that you will be getting a fresh one. They have expiration dates 4? or 5? years from manufacture. I've seen some cheaper ones on ebay that were cheaper because they were old stock and had like 3 years left.
  12. As pictured, stock would have to be pinned open, which the FFL likely has already done. I own a GSG522SD, which does not have MP5 in the name, but is essentially an MP5SD2 wannabe in .22. Since it needs to be a 16" barrel, there is likely gonna be a similar pencil inner barrel with essentially a closed mock suppressor shroud around it, which probably screws into the forend of the rifle and not the barrel itself. I have not handled this model, but the .22 clone MP5s I have handled were a similar enough setup to mine. Interesting factoid. Early model of one of the GSG MP5 clones had a shroud that the ATF later decided was a supressor because it apparently changed the noise somehow. I dunno if early ones had an empty can, but mine is solid and hefty. I would love to live somewhere I could SBR mine and throw on a real can. Would cost at least as much as I paid for the thing, of course.
  13. Someone gave me half a box at the range years ago, ran a couple through my Marlin with microgroove barrel at a plywood target 5-7 yards away. I got hit by at least one ricochet that was so weak, I thought it wan an insect flying into me. I don't really remember what it did pattern-wise, but there was no obvious damage to the plywood besides maybe a few #12 shot being partly embedded in the surface.
  14. Maybe don't try to use this excuse, but....
  15. Trunk monkeys are some of the oldest viral videos I remember, though haven't seen these before. Is it an optional extra I can have installed on cars I already own?
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