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  1. I have recently updated (clean install) to Windows 10 Pro from 7. This PC is a desktop without a touchscreen, is not on a domain, the user account is a full administrator account, not the default limited "administrator" account, and the user account is a local account. On at least Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, and Server 2008, when users are required to enter CTRL ALT DEL to log in/unlock, and a screensaver is active when trying to unlock the PC, pressing CTRL ALT DEL will immediately deactivate the screensaver and bring up the password prompt. On Windows 10, same scenario, pressing CTRL ALT DEL only deactivates the screensaver, acting like simply any other key press and only showing the lock screen, forcing users to press CTRL ALT DEL a second time to get the password prompt. Besides the fact that Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, constantly "improves" "features" by making them worse or more annoying, am I missing something? I just want CTRL ALT DEL to work as it has for the last 20 years - pressing any key should instantly deactivate the screensaver, and CTRL ALT DEL should immediately bring up the password prompt on a locked PC. Netplwiz > Require users to press CTRL ALT DEL - checked GPEdit > Do not display the lock screen - Enabled or disabled has had no effect, have not found any other relevant settings Screen Saver Settings - On Resume, display login screen - checked (no difference if unchecked) Don't think I've done anything in regedit that would have any effect on this. Settings>Personalization>Lock Screen > Show lock screen background picture on the sign-in screen set to "off" It is possible I've missed or messed with something in "Settings" somewhere, but nothing stands out in my memory. So is this just a new "feature" I have to retrain 20 years worth of habits, or is there some stupid setting I am missing? Google has been utterly useless so far.
  2. Precision rimfires get cleaned most "often." Then rimfire pistols Then regular rimfire rifles Then precision centerfires Then the rest of the centerfires At best, one or two guns get cleaned every second or third trip out. The vast majority might get once a year or less frequent cleanings. The only one I've ever forced myself to be really religous about cleaning is the Mosin, after shooting corrosive ammo through it. Otherwise, I have no problems letting guns sit for a while between cleanings.
  3. Years ago, i was up along the Hudson with serious birders, and the tip to spotting the sometimes mile+ away birds was looking for white dots in trees along the river. Admittedly, with decent optics. But yeah, always an impressive sight, no matter the distance. When I have gone out looking for bald eagles, i typically carried a 400 2.8L IS and 2x teleconverter or 300-800 5.6 EX on my primary body, and 300 2.8L or 70-200 2.8L IS on my second body for birds in flight. Was not uncommon to have as much as 32 pounds of camera gear on me. All to ensure not a single eagle will be within 1000 ft from me.
  4. Nice photos. Whenever I see a bald eagle and have access to my supertelephotos, the damn things are a half mile away. Pretty sure they know when I don't have a real camera with me, that is the only times theyll ever get within 200ft of me. I wanna go out and find some bald eagles, but gotta find where they are. I'd like some closeups for once. One of the shotgun shoots, a bald eagle did a flyby down the side of the clearing. Glad to see there are plenty of Canon shooters here. I used to work at a camera store full of Nikon shooters, I was the one voice of reason.
  5. If Mazda techs told you the Millenia had a rotary engine, then I would be scared of any service they did. Millenia S had a Miller cycle supercharged 2.3L V6, Millenia (L) had a 2.5L V6 based off of or from a Ford Probe. Millenia was a relatively rare car, but none ever came from the factory with a rotary engine. My Millenia S had issues with rodents who liked to chew through wires for coil packs, which did cause major vibration and flashing CEL
  6. Was this a refinish? Only SP i was aware of as a two tone was a diamond plate style I loved the idea, if it hadnt had the diamond plate crap. Even if I already have a 2022.
  7. Also to be clear, my go-to is an AR with 55gr sp currently. That said, I also have a 12ga loaded with 00 buck which is also accessable. I would hope no one but hollywood writers thinks a layer of sheetrock is bulletproof, same as flimsy wooden tables, sofas, or the average car door. The question of the lighter than normal .223 rounds was serious - are 45-50 grain rounds still a viable round for defense against a human threat? Because of their higher velocity and light weight, I would expect them to go through *fewer* layers of sheetrock/building layers in a miss (but also less penetration anywhere), but even a "lowly" .22LR blows through 2x3s like nothing. Is the 45 or 50gr .223 simply too light a round to reliably stop a human threat when compared to a traditional 55+gr HD round?
  8. Wait, you guys are telling me my home defense loads shouldn't be 18 pellet 12ga 3 1/2" magnums and 1oz slugs?? Fine, I'll go back to #9 birdshot. So, serious question... My understanding is that the higher velocities/lower mass from a .223 help prevent overpenetration through lots of layers of construction materials, vs say a 9mm JHP or 00 buck pellet. Would something like a poly tipped 45-50 grain .223 be preferable to a 55/62 grain soft point/hollow point/HD round, assuming a 16" AR? Or is a properly designed HD .223 round of lower velocity still superior because of bullet design?
  9. @Heavyopp On mobile browser, at top of the page is three lines in upper right corner. Click there and look for clubs. Forget exactly what it is called on desktop site, but there are tabs on the top of the page near the njgf banner, should say something like clubs and ranges? I forget exactly. Also on desktop website, if you were in the private area before, you may have a little obrpc logo under your name and that might take you to that section. It is certainly less visible than previous way. Not that efga section was ever particularly active, anyway.
  10. I have a 4x? or 4.5x Gen 1 night vision scope that I had to zero using a cartridge boresighter that seemed to work well enough for what I wanted and the ranges I would expect to use it at. Might get one of the fancy ones sometime, but for now, it will do well enough for my needs.
  11. The average gun owner (and most gun shop employees, apparently) in NJ believes they know 200%* of NJ gun laws and - at best - maybe actually knows 5%. Most of their tales of gun laws should start "I heard from my neighbor's cousin's uncle's barber that he overheard a cop on the phone say that ____ is illegal." People move within the state as well as from out of state all the time, bringing their handguns with them. As long as you are not carrying it outside your property or driving around with it all the time, you should be OK. Meaning pretty much going directly to/from FFL/gunsmith, range, home(s). Guns are most certainly not locked to a specific address. "Gee honey, we can't move, all my guns are linked to 123 any street, guess we are stuck here forever, or the new owner is getting a free gun collection." * Yes, 200%. They make up new laws for NJ that even the idiots in Trenton haven't forced on us peons yet.
  12. Just seeing this now. First off, congrats! Hope this works out well for you. This is an interesting topic to me as I'd love to have an 07 at some point. I remember you talking about this in a rifle build thread, so will this be an 01 or an 07? And if an 01, can you reasonably easily switch to 07 if so inclined?
  13. I've owned a few Nikon Buckmasters and Prostaff scopes for years, and those have served me well enough. Pretty sure I read Nikon discontinued their scope lines, so you might find some deals on those. However, the crosshairs on most of their scopes are designed more for hunting than for precision work, it seems. I have been transitioning away from those scopes to SWFA SS scopes - currently have two of their 16x42 mil quad scopes, and I love em and plan to add more. Friend liked mine enough he also bought one. I thought I might miss the ability to have a wide FoV, but I realized that I have not used the wide end of my zoom range a single time on all but one scope while shooting paper (which is all I do). I'm not sure how the SWFA will do for 1000yd, since I've only shot to 200 with mine, but they are seriously nice scopes for the money. I feel they will serve me well until I have reason to go to the 4 figure scopes. If you wait for a sale, you can likely get one under $270, and normal price is about $300. It uses a 30mm tube, so make sure you get the right rings for it, and I suggest adding the hood and caps. My only real complaint with my 16x scopes is that the eye relief can be rather unforgiving, so proper, consistent cheek weld is critical. The 16x and 20x are supposedly much less forgiving than the other SWFA SS scopes.
  14. "Take care" over anything else, though "have a good one" might occasionally get used too, but likely in addition to "take care"
  15. Stevens sent me a UPS label and had UPS driver come to my door to pick it up. And drop off the repaired gun for that matter. If I were shipping back on my dime, I would do so by dropping it off at a hub. AFAIK, a UPS/Fedex store won't take firearms, but a hub will. If anyone gives you a problem, I'm sure UPS/Fedex policy is on their website somewhere. Not sure about USPS for long guns.
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