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  1. Price has probably doubled+ at this point, but a Benelli Nova used to be in that price range. I have a Supernova which was under $500 out the door years ago, and I constantly get told how smooth that action is. Mine is one of my favorite guns. Only mentioning these because it is possible they are less popular than say a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590, meaning maybe slightly more available. Of your list, I owned a Stevens 320. Only gun I bought that I ever sold off. It liked to eject live shells out the bottom sometimes as you racked the shotgun, usually if going too fast if I remember correctly. Sold it to a friend who knew it had issues and he has been happy with it. It worked well most of the time, felt cheap because it was, and was overall a simple, basic shotgun. If I hadn't had those issues, I still woulda suggested going for an 870 or 500/590 or Nova/Supernova over the Stevens, though for their price points, some woulda been used guns vs a new 320. Mine was like $230 years ago, and I would hate to see anyone spend much more than that for one.
  2. Its those Chinese spies. Much more thorough. Hope you finally found the problem(s).
  3. You can send a .22LR down an AR barrel with the correct conversion parts (the bcg looks different from your linked one) and stock barrel, but don't expect much in way of accuracy. Only .22LR that might be OK in a standard barrel is the Aguila 60gr SSS rounds. Virtually every .22LR barrel is 1:16, while most AR barrels are 1:7, 1:8, 1:9, or occasionally/rarely 1:12. Those SSS rounds tend to shoot poorly out of most .22 barrels because they are 20-24gr heavier than most .22LR Model you linked to requires a specific barrel to work with that BCG. Others i have seen have a 223 shaped protrusion at the front of the BCG, far as I recall. I don't own a .22 conversion but have been considering one for training new shooters. I'd probably do a complete upper.
  4. Eaten by a cougar would be the logical guess.
  5. Who could forget that amazing gift to all of us?
  6. It would appear you got an option as I was typing this. I originally was going to say that I have seen someone make their own trigger guard using brass bar stock, which might be a fun project if you can't find a replacement. I once made a replacement trigger guard for an airsoft gun out of a block of aluminum, which turned out surprisingly well considering my lack of proper tools. That said, I did still have the original damaged plastic piece to attempt to duplicate.
  7. The FUDD is strong in this thread. Really love the "ARs are a fad" Honestly, feel most sad for new posters coming here, asking valid questions. To the OP, I hope you got some good answers before this thread was derailed. I would say that if you can find an AR platform for a reasonable price, it might be a good start, though ammo in almost any popular caliber will be a pain to find in quantities needed to familiarize yourself with the platform (and likely a pain on the wallet, too). I found the AR platform to be extremely intuitive, doing well using a borrowed one long before I had my own. You can customize almost anything about the rifle in the future should you decide you want to change something, so you should be able to tailor it to your preferences. Whatever you get, find something that does fit you well, including having the stock pinned to a length that suits you and not just fully extended like many offerings seem to be. Do realize that prices are vastly inflated now vs what they were not that long ago, so you likely won't make any money back if you sell it off in a couple months. Personally, while I have a pistol, shotgun, and AR ready as home defense guns, I would pick the AR 100% of the time if I'm given the choice for ease of use, ease of aim, ease of reloading, and overpenetration concerns even though nearest neighbors are 300+ feet away.
  8. Interesting, never heard of them, though even on sentry's own website the 10/30s don't show the rivet (but do mention it). So it sounds like it is either a new addition or an option. I own a number of gen 2 hexmag 10/30s bought around when NJ's bullshit went into effect and they are absolutely not riveted nor were they ever.
  9. Either you have the old 15/30 hexmags someone converted to 10, or someone messed with a hexmag 10, because my Gen 2 10/30 Hexmags have no rivet. The entire point with limited Hexmags was they were still able to be disassembled to clean.
  10. I've been looking into PCP rifles, but among many things, the added cost of a compressor is kinda killing me. Seems like this could be a fun project.
  11. To be fair, June woulda been like July on, except Pizza Bob applied for some more permits and OGAM exemption
  12. My original hexmags are 'patent pending' ones, not sure if gen1 ever had a patent number on em. Most are kept "fully" (10) loaded with zero issues as of yet. When 10 rd bill came about, I got something like 5 or 6 OD gen2 hexmags for under $50 off gunbroker. No issues with those either. While PMags feel more robust, i have no issue with hexmags. Factory 10/30 options are "nice" if we are forced to have 10s...
  13. I would suggest against: Dear so-called "chief," You work for me, so you had better extend my permits pronto or I will write another strongly worded letter! Signed, your boss
  14. Do the neighborhood kids that don't play outside talk amongst themselves in hushed tones to not to let the baseball get onto Old Man PK90's yard, or else he'll come out to the porch and yell about 'getting off his lawn, you damned kids!' before rambling on about walking to school uphill both ways in the snow in bare feet?
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