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  1. I've carried these in a IWB holster at around 5 oclock on my belt for 6+ years. Mine is clear(ish) red and I have had a few people ask about it if it does get exposed, including some still asking if it is a (real) gun. My typical response (after explaining it is pepper spray) is that is about all the state of New Jersey will legally let me carry since they won't issue concealed carry permits to people who haven't already been murdered once or twice. This usually gets a laugh. Or a pained, sad, sorrowful look if the person lives in a free state. For what it is worth, they seem structurally well made and have held up to being on me pretty much all waking hours for multiple years. If you get one, if possible, check that you will be getting a fresh one. They have expiration dates 4? or 5? years from manufacture. I've seen some cheaper ones on ebay that were cheaper because they were old stock and had like 3 years left.
  2. As pictured, stock would have to be pinned open, which the FFL likely has already done. I own a GSG522SD, which does not have MP5 in the name, but is essentially an MP5SD2 wannabe in .22. Since it needs to be a 16" barrel, there is likely gonna be a similar pencil inner barrel with essentially a closed mock suppressor shroud around it, which probably screws into the forend of the rifle and not the barrel itself. I have not handled this model, but the .22 clone MP5s I have handled were a similar enough setup to mine. Interesting factoid. Early model of one of the GSG MP5 clones had a shroud that the ATF later decided was a supressor because it apparently changed the noise somehow. I dunno if early ones had an empty can, but mine is solid and hefty. I would love to live somewhere I could SBR mine and throw on a real can. Would cost at least as much as I paid for the thing, of course.
  3. Someone gave me half a box at the range years ago, ran a couple through my Marlin with microgroove barrel at a plywood target 5-7 yards away. I got hit by at least one ricochet that was so weak, I thought it wan an insect flying into me. I don't really remember what it did pattern-wise, but there was no obvious damage to the plywood besides maybe a few #12 shot being partly embedded in the surface.
  4. Maybe don't try to use this excuse, but....
  5. Trunk monkeys are some of the oldest viral videos I remember, though haven't seen these before. Is it an optional extra I can have installed on cars I already own?
  6. I love my basic Henry H001 - it eats anything (even Winchester*, mostly!), it is always fun to shoot, and it brings out smiles (or at least grins) to anyone else who shoots it, too. Pretty sure I paid $325 for mine, but that was 7-9 years ago. I'm sure there are plenty of better levers out there, but it satisfies my itch for a lever gun and makes me happy whenever I shoot it or even handle it. *Winchester rimfire ammo has been trash in so many of my guns, I'll never buy any more of it again.
  7. Depending on how they did compliance work, could be as simple as removing a roll pin and drilling a new hole. Ive always done my own because it is so simple, you'd have to work hard to screw it up. Course, I built my own, so I had option of doing it however I wanted. I went cheap and simple, cost me a few minutes time and a 15c roll pin.
  8. I really wanna know if places like 11'8" bridge make more money from fines/youtube ad revenue than what it costs to pay a structural engineer, inspector, police, repair crew, etc for what is apparently something that happens almost weekly (from another video I've seen, I seem to remember like 48 incidents in a year). Or paying one time to "lower" the road a few inches over say 150-200'.
  9. Take the 10 round limiter out and see how well that hexmag feeds without it and youll see why.
  10. There were specific places my father's previous car always lost 101.5 signal. My car did not in same locations. Will have to ask if his new car still does it.
  11. Id bet 95% chance it is compression in whatever you are watching causing it. If the stream is only lets say 8mbps at 1080p, it can handle normal stuff fine. Fast panning, large stadium crowds, rough water surfaces, and other high contrast/detail and/or fast changing scenes overwhelm the amount of bandwidth available, be it cable, streaming, or satellite. Video codecs typically just worry about changes in a scene, so a calm cloudless blue sky scene uses way less bandwidth than a scene with flashing police lights where the entire scene keeps rapidly changing back and forth between red and blue. A bluray or computer connected to that same TV will very likely produce a nearly perfect picture because those are not bandwidth limited. I suppose low signal strength or other issues could be a cause too, but I still say its your content itself. ----- I have a Sharp 4k, and while it is a smart TV, I do not use the smart features as I have mine connected to a 4k bluray, pc(s), etc. and have no need - any of those devices are more powerful than what is on the tv. Not that it is terribly likely to matter to Mrs. Peel, but a lot of basic (cheaper) tvs have fewer connection options like only 2 HDMI, which could somewhat limit future add-ons without a splitter. If I were suggesting a new TV, I would be looking for at least a local dimming/QLED TV and avoid the cheapest of the cheap TVs.
  12. Place i found does ansi rated high end prescription lenses with coatings in wiley-x frames for around $300 if memory serves me. I will have to look where i found em when i get home. I did a search for ansi prescription shooting glasses when i looked, may get you started.
  13. I've had titanium (or possibly flexon) frames made by Modo for at least 10 years. Finish is wearing off, but the metal is pristine with zero corrosion anywhere, including screws, around the lenses, or pads. I can bend these frames 45° and they bounce back like nothing happened. Super thin and light, too. Have held up to plenty of abuse. I plan to get something similar quite soon, and I've been looking online and trying to decide what I want. A lot of the cheap glasses packages don't come with very good lenses (obviously), but may be good as spares. There are better materials than plastic or polycarbonate which offer better clarity, so I expect to go that route when I get new glasses. I've also been looking at a set of (probably Wiley-X) ANSI rated prescription shooting glasses. As for EOTWAWKI, either I'm wearing the glasses I wear during virtually all waking hours, or I have to resort to the previous prescriptions I still have, and suffer with acceptable to marginal vision. I keep a set of those in the car/go bag. Beyond that, guess I'm pretty screwed unless I can loot something that works.
  14. I still love that you can get a few dollars worth of pipes, nail, and wood and make something functional enough that they will buy it back, netting the builder a hefty profit. ETA pic
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