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  1. Don't own the FV-SR but do own a Mark II BRJ and have been very pleased with it. Most mark II models are the same, or similar, just with different Boyds stocks on em. Factory trigger is IMO significantly better than XT22 trigger at same pricepoint. Fit and finish is below that of a friend's CZ 457, but not talking same pricepoint either. For what a Mark II sells for, they are hard to beat. The Mark II may be torque sensitive on action screws, so if you are tinkering inside, might wanna have a torque wrench that will go down to 15in-lb (spec iirc is 16 or 18 in-lb, experiment for best results) Mine is quite accurate and I expect golf-ball accuracy at 100 yards with decent ammo. Mine does have DIP bottom metal and an Apachee trigger mod, which i added and cost about $100, but i also shoot more benchrest style and never hunt, and were nice upgrades from stock.
  2. I have always removed the serial number via photoshop if I publicly post a photo, but I also really only post to my own website and link from there. This makes me think I should add a step of adding random strings of text and numbers (maybe hax0r speak style) to any images I do post anywhere in the future. I always wondered why people would harrass posters for removing the serial number from their picture, as if it were crazy to do so. (Admittedly, the MS paint scribble variety is atrocious looking when used on an otherwise nice photo) Someone commented about this somewhere else about putting text strings which would break databases as the serial numbers. I don't know how well it would work, but I love their thought process...
  3. Ask 100 gun owners and you will get 1500 answers. Some products work great, some work better than others, some are average, some are expensive snake oil, some are downright bad. Some people never clean the original protective (not designed for lubrication, but corrosion protection) grease from their gun and wonder why it doesn't run right. You can go down a rabbit hole for cleaning/lubrication products research on google or youtube. There have been a few decent compsrisons of motor oil and atf to products specifically designed for guns, and i am sure no matter what your opinion is, you will find something that supports your view. I tend to use shooters choice grease or hoppes oils on moving parts for my guns. If i had to use motor oil, i would in a pinch, but its not my first choice. I forget what i use for cleaning because there are a few products in rotation, but they all generally work ok.
  4. I have used Adobe Premiere (and Premiere Elements) for various projects over the years. I was able to pick up the basics of using it extremely quickly, though I had used other Adobe software and audio software previously, so not sure if that helped any. Elements should be fairly inexpensive. Microsoft's offering was simple and enough for basic work, but I wasn't super impressed. I remember the first render I did on a pentium II 266 took around 24 hours for a 4 minute video, only for the codec to have not worked properly, and I had to render it again for another 24 hours. Same video would probably render in about a minute today on my current PC.
  5. Memory is a bit hazy, already been a few years since i did mine. First off, have to do registration (if near expiration) before you can do plate. I wasn't allowed to proceed until renewed, i had hoped to do it all at once. Far as i recall i could put a few options in in terms of choices. It denied my first pick on the spot, so it apparently knows what is taken. Payment was immediate once an available plate was chosen. Dunno bout refunds as i got my plates. Was ~$50 one time fee. Think they send a pink card showing any cops pulling you over why your "old" plates are on the car, but i got my plates fairly quickly, no issues. I was disappointed that even custom plates are no longer stamped metal.
  6. My target stands are famous now! For future reference, I usually hit up rimfire range after clays and do have a hunting license, so if there is ever interest, please say something. I do only have 2 target stands (as seen in background of the above video) however, so you may need to bring something like a cardboard box to shoot at. Don't think I posted her after the event, but as always, it was great to see everyone and I had fun. Thanks for bringing canopies - woulda been a much shorter day otherwise...was plenty hot. I do feel there were not nearly enough shirt changes, someone should do something about that. Hope some of you who couldn't make it get to come out next time.
  7. Going to try to make it out. Might have a +1
  8. Its a good thing magnets don't exist so no one else can ever enable the gun to fire.
  9. I missed this this time, but being under 7 miles from the golf course, I have had more than a few views of F15s, F16s, and F35 or 22s (and pretty sure an F18 once, which obviously surprised me) doing loops over my house. I am used to jets, some pretty loud, but a fighter is just a totally different sound. That rumble...and you hear it for a hell of a long time.
  10. Color coded to ammo type? Hot pink? Leave em as is and live with it?
  11. When buying a gun online: Some places won't bother sending anything to NJ. Other places will remove the offending super extra deadly mags from the box (while the price does not change) before shipping to you. Others will substitute mags for you if available. Some places will even ship those extremely dangerous 11+ rounders right into NJ, where your FFL must permanently modify them before you can receive them (note that not all FFLs will do this - ask first). Remember that buying online will often cost additional "hidden" costs, like shipping and transfer fee, plus any compliance work if needed. There are a lot of models which are available with 10rd mags from the factory. Look at the manufacturer's website and see if there are models which ship with 10 rounders, and search that. Maybe the price will be similar and save you on compliance work, or ask your local FFL if they can get that for you.
  12. <stirs [crock] pot> I hear if you add some canned crushed pineapple to Zeke's recipe, it's even better. </stirs pot>
  13. Sorry I missed this. Just seeing this now. And I didn't get an email like I usually do. Hope you had fun
  14. The same jackass who said "To me, the data should drive our decision making. So I know, I’m not afraid of people having guns who are law abiding citizens. In the analysis of gun murders and shootings in my city, I could only find one in the entire time I’ve been mayor – and unfortunately there have been hundreds and hundreds – where a person who was involved in a shooting where they had their gun legally, where they legally acquired their gun. The guns that are causing carnage in our cities, my city and our country, every single year are acquired illegally. " https://www.guns.com/news/2013/02/04/newark-mayor-cory-booker-explains-to-bill-maher-that-legal-gun-owners-dont-murder-video
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