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  1. long press on the notification(s) and go to APP INFO or NOTIFICATIONS, if you decide to keep the app at least disable notifications and change any permissions, or I would be uninstalling whatever is doing it. May also wanna download AVG free antivirus and at least do a scan. If you don't lock AVG down, it will send more notifications than I like, but you can uninstall it after you're done if so inclined.
  2. I have a Hanks 21oz steel core belt as my everyday belt. Only had it a few months but seems very nice, and pretty sure it could last through their 100 year warranty. Made in US and has had zero problems carrying IWB/OWB plus spare mags and all the stuff (phone, leatherman wave, kimber pepperblaster) I always have on me with zero sag. Only complaint is, it is THICK. It is over 1/4" thick, so some cheap mag holders I've had don't fit on it. Stuff with better clips have not been an issue. Hanks has belts from $50-60 to a bit over $100 for carry, so i'd look there and see if thats what you are looking for. Prior to the Hanks I have now, I've used 5.11 belts with permastiff insert with good luck, typically getting 5-7+ years of daily use out of em before considering retiring em from everyday use.
  3. As long as the holes are drilled right, in the right places, I have never cared much about who made the lowers. My 2 Anderson lowers I have built have worked fine for years. They are the definition of poverty ponies, they were made as cheaply as possible while still using decent parts, and neither has given me a single reason to doubt that they will go bang every time. I would absolutely buy more Anderson lowers without hesitation if I needed more - especially the solid trigger guard ones. Might not be as nice as others, but will do the job for people who can't or won't spend more.
  4. I had my old license expire a year ago, and kept holding off on doing it through internet because I wanted a real-id and there was no info really being released. I was getting closer and closer to expiration date and finally said i have to do it and renewed my normal DL. 24 hours later I get the email "we are now doing real ID"... assholes. Since NJ sure won't give me one for "free" (normal DL renewal cost when I should have been able to in Sept) despite it being their fault for delaying and being years behind schedule issuing them, I think I am going to eventually get a passport id card. Cost is fairly similar since i have had a passport (now expired) and it is a few more dollars i din't gotta give to NJ, which makes me slightly happier.
  5. Any normal light that ruins your night sight a little will likely cancel out the glow of the ultra green after 2+ hours, but it is easily noticed 8+ hours after it was charged if your eyes are fully adjusted to the dark. It will be much dimmer than my 2022 pictured at that point, but this ultra green is impressive stuff. It isnt consumer grade glow in the dark crap that fades to nothing in a minute, like most of that stuff does. The night sight kit must be new, (well last like 12 years), didnt have it when i ordered my stuff. So something I have found that works really well to charge this stuff up are the 405nm blue laser pointers, which are near UV. Works as well or better than an 850 lumen LED flashlight, though i no longer have a UV flashlight to compare both to.
  6. Benelli Nova or Supernova - fewer options for upgrades, but the important parts I cared about are (were?) out there. Most people who have handled my Supernova have been impressed with how smooth the action is. I love mine, one of my favorite guns. A Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590 are always good choices, too. I owned a Stevens 320 but it had an issue where it would sometimes like to spit a 2nd shell out as you were racking it, which caused jams or a live shell to drop out of the gun. I don't think it likes being racked fast. Mine mighta been one of 10000 that was bad, but I wasn't particularly happy about it nonetheless and I haven't looked at another Stevens. As for stock options, I would avoid a pistol grip only (like a handgun) for a first shotgun. I'd go either traditional rifle stock style or pistol grip with a stock, whichever works better for you. I personally prefer the pistol grip with a stock for a tactical shotgun.
  7. Sorry for quality, I did this real quick with a cell camera
  8. Can't tell from picture what length barrel you have, but if its an 18", it seems uncommon to have anything but a cylinder bore. If you aren't hunting or doing lots of skeet/trap shooting, probably not too big an issue, your shot spread will just be wider. I have sucessfully used an 18" barreled cylinder bore Benelli Supernova to bust clays as long as I don't try to hit anything too far out. You should be able to shoot any 2 3/4 or 3" shell out there, though i believe sabot slugs may not work well in a smoothbore. Otherwise, 000 buck, 4 buck, #7.5 or #9 shot, and anything between should shoot fine (if wider spread) out of it. Since its an 870, if you require a barrel with a choke, used and new barrels are out there everywhere (except maybe these last few months)
  9. I have used glow inc ultra green for years on airsoft and real firearms, including a 12ga and .40 glock. My experience is it likes a fairly thick layer. If feasible, i like to drill out the sight hole a little so I can have a recessed area to fill in. It seems to like white paint underneath. I fill the cavity with the glow paint, compressing it in as best i can, usually using 2 applications so it dries better, and on the last layer of paint, i sprinkle additional ultra fine glow powder. My paint is old and not sure if it is water or solvent based, but mine after over 10 years is more of a moist paste. If you let it sit a bit as it is drying, it should be similar and can be shaped and formed pretty well with toothpicks exacto wax paper etc to form shapes or make better circles. Once done shaping, leave the paint overnight. Paint has an odor when wet so if someone is sensitive, do it in a garage. I have never coated mine. It will have a coarse texture when dry, and loose bits will brush away. The paint itself is a very hard material and if sitting on a surface may be prone to chipping if hit from an angle, but i have never lost any in a recessed area in over 10 years. It dries to a yellowish greenish off white color which is easy enough to see in daytime. Glowed up with a serious flashlight 1-2seconds, ultra green will be significantly brighter than any tritium night sight I own for about 5 minutes, and might actually cast a glow that lights up surrounding area a few inches. After the initial glow dies down, there is a glow which lasts for hours, depending on how adjusted your eyes are to darkness. My shotgun sights are painted in this, and i can wake up at 4am and look over next to the bed and see a faint glow that was from sunlight and turning bedroom lights on before bed. As poor mans tritium, it works well enough and allows shapes to be made fairly easily (think glock rear U). I'll try to add some pics if i remember when on PC.
  10. Can I have a few of these mounted to my car? Or at least the golf ball ones? That was an entertaining video. Wonder what woulda happened if they got to the full 1000psi. Guess next up has to be a 4500psi bowling ball launcher...
  11. I know Nikon had a few slug shotgun scopes at some point. I have not used those but own 4 Nikon scopes and have been pleased with them. That said, I believe Nikon has gotten out of the riflescope business and all those models are discontinued. You might be able to find them on clearance. Up to you to determine if potential lack of warranty replacement is worth any potential savings.
  12. One ex shot my P226 quite well, another ex preferred my 1911. Both universally disliked the large target grips of my S&W 22A. Gun fit and manipulation are a major issue for some women, no matter if it is a long gun or a handgun. We often forget that fit can be a huge thing for a new shooter who is physically very different from us. I watched a new-to-.223 tween at the bench next to me Sunday and kept thinking she would be better off if that stock could just be adjusted to fit her better (thanks NJ...). Before I have someone shoot a gun, i always ensure they are capable of rendering a gun safe. Some guns seem harder to lock the slide open than other guns for some women. It could be design or layout of the gun, strength of springs, strength of the shooter, or a combination of those issues. Weight can be both a good and bad thing - recoil absorbsion is great, but weight can also be tiring. For a new shooter, i typically always start with single rounds of .22 in a rifle and work up to bigger rifles. Once I have someone reasonably comfortable with rifles, then move to handguns, again with a single round at first. Depending on the person, it will typically be a Sig Mosquito .22 or Sig P226 9mm. From there, I may have them shoot other 9mm, .40, or .45 handguns as their comfort and skills dictate.
  13. Anyone want to buy a Sigma 300-800mm f5.6 EX canon ef mount? Some of those old camera bodies are worth next to nothing these days, sadly.
  14. I would probably have to sell off the majority of my guns to afford the setup I would like in an AI. Not saying I haven't considered it, just not exactly an impulse buy for me. Few more pics with my old Savages
  15. Rifle alone was $1070. Not sure what's next. An O/U is one of the other things that has been calling my name since at least the first shotgun shoot I went to. Also on list are a Vudoo V22 in an AICS chassis and a AI AW/AE/AT in .308 or one of the 6.5/6.8 calibers, though those are a long, long way off, unless I do decide on consolidating and sell off a ton of guns. I wanted the Anschutz for 9 years, but I've wanted an AI for at least 20 years
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