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  1. I'm thinking of starting a freeze-dried pork roll company. You can re-hydrate it in a crock pot. Who's in?
  2. BTW - the real test will be when they have to ship it back. I have had manufacturers give me a run-around about shipping it back to NJ.
  3. When asked what's in the box (at UPS) I always say machine parts.
  4. Checked it out last night as I was in the area. 3 people were there around 5:00; all were shooting centerfire. The extended "awnings" are not attached to the main structure, and are obviously there to keep shots from going over the berm. They have 6 stations. You will need hearing protection in the parking lot; it's very close to the firing line. And - there is a dumpster there! Benches and seating are all block and concrete, so bring something soft. Harbor Freight has moving blankets for $3.99. Two of them and you're good to go. If everyone who uses it will just keep it nice this is a great addition.
  5. I recently picked up an older early 1970's vintage Winchester Model 270 .22 pump that came equipped with a Weaver V22 scope. The cap for the windage turret is missing. I thought it would be easy to replace but am finding otherwise; they are few and far between. Just wondering if anyone has any spares kicking around in a parts drawer they would like to part with. Thanks!
  6. I know it's not our "job", but does it make sense to see if we can get some volunteers together once a month to "maintain" it and keep it nice? Kinda like the groups that volunteer to keep a certain stretch of highway clean. We get a nice place to shoot, and it's good PR for us. Probably need to do it on a weekday, as it probably gets pretty crowded on the weekends.
  7. Has anyone taken any of the handgun training classes at TTC in Flemington? One of my resolutions for the year is to improve my handgun proficiency, and the classes here look pretty good (at least on their web site).
  8. I've head that from other people too. Maybe I was just lucky. Anyway, they are gone now and they sold most of their store fixtures to Skip's Outdoors in Stockton.
  9. "As a three armed conflict Marine veteran" I've never seen a three armed Marine. Must make him 50% more formidable than the standard two armed variety. Pictures or it doesn't count.
  10. Interesting - I never had any problem with them. Purchased quite a few guns from them. They would even match sale prices from other shops if I brought in the ad.
  11. https://www.browardpalmbeach.com/restaurants/six-ways-to-cook-iguana-6392248
  12. Air rifles are one of my "things", so I have quite a few. I collect mostly older models, but also hunt small game with one. My current favorite for hunting is a Benjamin Trail NP XL in .22. (~ $200). Benjamin is now made by Crosman. The NP stands for "Nitro Piston", which means it uses a compressed gas piston instead of a spring. Less vibration, and no loss of power when it's cold outside. Be careful when selecting - many of the newer high power air guns have an integrated suppressor, and that's illegal in NJ. Gamo also makes a decent air rifle, although they can be "plasticky". Both Gamo and Benjamin are available from Cabela's in Hamburg. If you decide to scope it, make sure you purchase a scope designed for air rifles. The 2 direction recoil of a spring air rifle will make short work of a standard .22 scope. CO2 guns are fun, bit cannot achieve the same power as a good spring-air rifle. They are also next to useless when it gets cold outside. PCPs are also nice, but you will make a significant investment in both the gun and a pump. For casual plinking a single shot spring air is the way to go. Good luck and let us know what you end up with.
  13. Received the binocs this morning and I am quite surprised at the optical quality at this price point. The phone adapter (which actually works!) is a nice addition. Posted a good review. Will use them turkey hunting this spring. No refund yet but I'm sure I'll see it in a few days. Thanks!
  14. I use a pair of Manzella Bow Ranger gloves - lightweight and designed for bow hunting. They are warm and flexible with good grip.
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