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  1. Just FYI for those that don't know - most masks don't depend upon actual mechanical filtration (pore size smaller than the virus). The middle layer (on a real, medical-grade mask) is statically charged. This charge attracts particles that are small enough to get through the outer layer, and is why fit is so important; if you're sucking air in through the sides the static layer cannot do its job. Most of the masks available to us are more to protect others. And yes, I do wear a mask when I am out shopping or near others. If I am hiking I'll wear a bandanna around my neck, and bring it up to cover my nose and mouth when passing others on the trail. It's not that big a deal. I have lost my father-in-law, a friend, and one of my wife's friends to this so far. It's very real. Don't be a putz. Wear a mask.
  2. If all of you self-rightous keyboard commandos got half as upset and militant about your 2A rights as you do about wearing a damn mask this state would be a very different place.
  3. So, a lot of people in the black powder community build their own rifles and pistols. Is this now illegal?
  4. If you are on a small lot with a well, also remember that the new septic system has to be at least 75 feet from the well. When I sold my previous house we needed to install a new system, and because the lot was long but not very wide, this was a real headache.
  5. Cleaned all my guns. Again. Cleaned out the kitchen pantry, painted it, and organized it. Took all the laundry off the treadmill and set that up again. Cleaned and organized the shop. Learning how to make bread. Picked up my guitar after a long hiatus. You know how they say you never really forget? That's B.S. I sound like a noob again. I also work part-time from home (marketing, writing, editing), and that's still happening, so there's that.
  6. Arthur C. Clark fans will recognize Hanlon's Razor here: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.
  7. I've got some .22 LR I'll trade for some hand sanitizer...
  8. FYI - 2 parts rubbing alcohol + 1 part aloe vera gel = hand sanitizer. CVS out of rubbing alcohol? Use Vodka.
  9. Where do you guys live? I was in Flemington ShopRite today and all the shelves were filled (plenty of TP!) and it was just like any other Saturday.
  10. Just use the old gypsy recipe for soup: First, you steal a chicken...
  11. I'm thinking of starting a freeze-dried pork roll company. You can re-hydrate it in a crock pot. Who's in?
  12. BTW - the real test will be when they have to ship it back. I have had manufacturers give me a run-around about shipping it back to NJ.
  13. When asked what's in the box (at UPS) I always say machine parts.
  14. Checked it out last night as I was in the area. 3 people were there around 5:00; all were shooting centerfire. The extended "awnings" are not attached to the main structure, and are obviously there to keep shots from going over the berm. They have 6 stations. You will need hearing protection in the parking lot; it's very close to the firing line. And - there is a dumpster there! Benches and seating are all block and concrete, so bring something soft. Harbor Freight has moving blankets for $3.99. Two of them and you're good to go. If everyone who uses it will just keep it nice this is a great addition.
  15. I recently picked up an older early 1970's vintage Winchester Model 270 .22 pump that came equipped with a Weaver V22 scope. The cap for the windage turret is missing. I thought it would be easy to replace but am finding otherwise; they are few and far between. Just wondering if anyone has any spares kicking around in a parts drawer they would like to part with. Thanks!
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