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  1. ... And it's already begun. Was going to take a ride up to Dixon's today to pick up 2 lbs of 2F. They told me they were out of all black powder! She was hoping to get a shipment of Swiss 1 1/2 in next week, and was limiting purchases to 1 lb. The Swiss is in 1/2 lb containers at ~$25 each.
  2. There are a few foreign brands, but they can be hard to find and usually command premium prices (Scheutzen if you can find it, Swiss). GOEX has always been the "go to" choice for most shooters I know. And you can always use Pyrodex, but it just ain't the same. This part of the hobby is about to become a lot more expensive.
  3. This is the last black powder manufacturing facility in the US.
  4. I'm a big fan of lever guns for hunting. My deer rifle is a Marlin 336 in .30-30, and for small game I have a Henry in .22. I'm not a huge fan of the cross-bolt safety on the Marlin but once you get used to it (and remember it's there!) it's fine.
  5. Agreed - I honestly don't think you'll see these guns for sale anytime soon. Most first-time buyers (at least the ones I know) have enough disposable income that they don't need to sell these. They'll sit in a drawer, be taken out once a year to go to the range (maybe not even that), and go back in the nightstand drawer.
  6. How is the trigger on the CZ conversion?
  7. You can make it a little less ugly (and much cooler) with one of these: https://www.hightowerarmory.com/High-Tower-Armory-MBS-95-9mm_p_50.html Anyone here have one of these?
  8. Cabela's in Hamburg had Herter's .22LR for 8.99 / box of 100 yesterday. Also Herter's 20 gauge target rounds for $75/case, and 12 gauge Winchester target for $105. 9mm for $28 per box. They also has lots of 5.56/.223, but I didn't price them as I didn't need any. Limit 5 boxes or 1 case per customer per day. Walked out with a case of 12 and a few boxes of .22. Looks like things are guadually coming back in stock, albeit at higher prices than a year ago.
  9. According to the NJSP website: For all applications submitted after 4/1/2021, the applicant will be able to download and print the Electronic Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (E-FID) from their approval email. E-FID applicant will NOT appear at their Issuing Police Departments to retrieve any firearms licensing documents. For all applications submitted after October 1, 2020 which include "Permits to Purchase a Handgun", the approval email will serve as necessary document for handgun permit execution. These applicants will no longer receive a paper permit to purchase a handgun from their Issuing Police Departments.
  10. I've got a Savage .17 HMR bolt action that is as accurate (maybe more so) than anything else I own. Lots of fun at the range. If you're going to hunt with it it's too much for squirrel (ask me how I know), but would be fine for larger game. And - I have actually seen .17 HMR ammo available.
  11. I've got a Micro 9 and love it. Accurate, reliable, and well-made.
  12. See - prices are coming down already!
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