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  1. When I first started shooting seriously (over 30 years ago), the best advice I ever got was "Buy the gun you really want, even if it's expensive. You'll end up spending way more on ammunition". Never were truer words spoken.
  2. Wait - collecting Glocks is a "thing"? Like "I collect ugly Tupperware guns"? This is like people who collect garden gnomes. Collect Berettas - you'll be happier. And sexier.
  3. Got $25 burning a hole in your pocket? You need this: https://www.touchofmodern.com/sales/daily-carry-co-8c1d03e1-be04-4804-af93-fc1c729b809e/tipick-2-0
  4. Received mine today. Build quality looks great, and fits perfectly on my M9. Decocker is a little stiff, but I guess that will wear in. It is MUCH lighter than the standard M9 - feels like a totally different gun. Will try to get to the range this weekend, but it may have to wait until next week. I bought a ton of .22 after the last shortage - time to start using some of that up!
  5. As far as I know, Pigeon Swamp is not a WMA, so you cannot hunt small game there. Some state parks will allow deer hunting to control the population, but no small game. Just because you can hunt deer do not assume you can hunt anything else. This site lists all of the WMAs in NJ and links to maps, but does not provide hunting regulations. https://nj.gov/dep/fgw/wmaland.htm Find a WMA close to you, and then go to the web site of that specific WMA to see hunting regulations. There are not many (at least around me) that allow small game hunting.
  6. All good points. No pepperballs for me.
  7. Well that was fast! It looks like the police actually use these.
  8. So, I used to play a lot of paintball, but haven't played in years. Was thinking of setting up my Tippman 98 with "pepperballs" for a "less than lethal" home defense alternative. Anybody done this? Recommendations? Stupid idea? Pepperball recommendations? And this would be a deterrent, and not fired indoors.
  9. With 9mm going for .50 - $1.00 a round, shooting .22 is much chaeper!
  10. Now that's more like it! Thanks!
  11. I resemble that remark. The last time this happened I swore this would never happen to me again. Last year I looked at my ammo inventory and said to myself "Maybe you went a little overboard". Last night I looked and said "Maybe you should've bought a little more".
  12. Yeah, I saw that, but was hoping not to drop $300 on it (although that's cheaper than I saw it for earlier).
  13. Like a lot of you, I'm a big Beretta fan. I've got an M9 that I would like to convert to .22 for practice. Any suggestions on the best conversion kits? Can I use a 92 conversion kit on an M9?
  14. Grapeshot

    22 pistol

    And margins on .22LR are thin. Lots more money to made cranking out 9mm.
  15. On the plus side, for those of us who stocked up after the last shortage, the ranges are pretty empty! Went to EFG last week and had the handgun range all to myself.
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