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  1. BTW - you can print them on-line now. Supply-chain problems with green paper
  2. I've been supporting CNJFO https://www.cnjfo.com/. I used to also send money to NJ2AS https://nj2as.org/, but a few years back their tactics didn't seem to be accomplishing much. I believe things may be better now; maybe some one else here knows more.
  3. I stopped sending them money years ago. Fortunately my range doesn't require NRA membership. Give your money to local organizations that actually do something for NJ gun owners. The NRA needs a serious house cleaning. If and when that happens I may reconsider, but until then Wayne can buy his own suits.
  4. You still need to purchase a license. A portion of your hunting and fishing license fees go to maintain the state ranges, WMAs, and public boat launching ramps at places like Round Valley.
  5. It's funny - we all looked at this over a year ago and decided it wasn't worth it: Now we have re-evaluated and are thinking "maybe..." Since 2022 seems to be the year of second chances, here's a crock pot ribs recipe: https://www.thecookierookie.com/crock-pot-ribs-slow-cooker-ribs/
  6. OK, in an RV I can see where this would be useful. I was thinking more of a typical concealed carry situation. I stand corrected.
  7. And as for the "kinetic" rounds - did you ever get hit by a frozen paintball? Same thing. And yeah it hurts, but it's not going to stop anyone, especially after they realize that all your doing is throwing rocks.
  8. Agreed, but it looks like a real handgun. I think carrying something like that makes it much more likely that you're going to get shot. And $400 for a glorified paintball gun? No thanks.
  9. If you want something like this but don't have $400 to shell out, the KImber Pepper Blaster is a pretty good alternative for < $50.
  10. An attached tubular device refers to the tubular magazine on a lever or pump .22 (and some semi-autos). This exclusion allows tubular mags which hold more than 10 rounds (which is basically is all of them).
  11. Buddy of mine just bought one of these (not in NJ) and loves it. Obvoiusly the 30 rd mag will have to go, but if I replace with a 10 rd glock mag is this NJ Legal? https://www.budsgunshop.com/product_info.php/products_id/411559265/tnw+asp+survival+pistol+flat+dark+earth+9mm+1025 Tried to search the forum for info on this and came up empty - applogies if this has been discussed before.
  12. Actually, "Taylor Ham" is a registered trademark of the Taylor Provisions Company, so if you order Taylor Ham and they serve you anything other than Taylor Pork Roll, they are comitting fraud. Book'em, Dano.
  13. Taylor Pork Roll is what so-called "Taylor Ham" aspires to be.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. Hunting was going to be the main application for these so I'll pass.
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