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  1. I've got a Micro 9 and love it. Accurate, reliable, and well-made.
  2. Ammo tray is just plywood and 1x2, black paint and a piece of scrap carpet.
  3. Those are Kolpin Rhino grips, made for securing long guns to an ATV roll bar. $30/pair from Amazon.
  4. Finally got around to finishing my sporting clays cart. Found a 3 wheel baby stroller on free cycle and decided I needed my own cart for Lehigh. Anyone else done this? Post your pics here.
  5. Could be - I'm about as Jersey as they come (born in Jersey City), so you are probably right.
  6. Here are some useful reminders: You = Y'All Youse Guys = Y'All Y'All The City = NYC, not Dallas It's pronounced Caw-fee Soda = Pop D'Jeet = have y'all eaten yet? Jimmies = sprinkles Tomato Pie = Pizza What chew lookin' at = Good Morning Pork Roll = ???? I'm sure there are many more.
  7. This shoulda been your first clue..
  8. In the 18th century, "well regulated" meant well-trained, and working with precision. I am so tired of people interpreting this "carte-blanche" to enact new laws. That was not at all what the founders meant, and anyone with an even rudimentary understanding of 18th century terminology should know that.
  9. So we are back to pieces of eight?
  10. I've got a Mossy 500 pump and I use it for everything - clays, turkey, and deer with slugs. Probably the most versatile gun I own. They are inexpensive, reliable, and actually fit me better than an 870.
  11. I have this kit for my M9 and it works flawlessly. Great way to keep in practice, although I will warn you that it "feels" very different. And I don't mean recoil - weight and balance change too. I bought mine back in September of last year and they were running an amazing sale - $210.48 shipped with an extra mag.
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