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  1. I was quite the slot car geek back in the day. Wound my own armatures, lightened frames, special pins for the track. Give me an HO car, a Dremel, and a soldering iron and I could keep busy for hours! There was actually a store by the Somerville Circle that had a huge track and would hold races. Never won the bike, but had loads of fun.
  2. I agree with Griz. In my area (Flemington/Raritan, etc.) we live in pizza heaven. If you can't find a pie around here you like then you aren't really looking. And I don't understand all the love for Chimney Rock Inn pizza. Is it good - yes. Is it great - no. I've had it twice at their Flemington location and it was good - but I can name 5 other places within 10 miles that are as good or better. I am a Joe's fan in Flemington https://joespizza.biz/ , but Luna in three Bridges http://www.njlunapizza.com/ makes what they call "Traditional Neapolitan Pies". I love them, but they are a little different, so not everyone will be a fan.
  3. Clamato makes THE BEST Bloody Mary. And Joe's Pizza in Flemington for the best pie in the area.
  4. With all of the news about “Management Problems” at the NRA, I haven’t seen anyone comment about it here. So I will start. Some of the things I am going to say will piss some of you off, so I have donned my Kevlar and Nomex underwear – Flame Away. Let me say first that I am no longer a member of the NRA. I was for many years, when they were a gun safety and education group. When all of that changed, I held my nose and still sent my dues, but about 5 years ago I had enough. I had suspicions that people were “skimming”, and I thought LaPierre made way too much money, but hey, if they think he’s worth it, then I’ll go along. But my real reason for leaving was that they had totally given up on NJ. So I sent my money elsewhere. First to NJ2AS, then to no one, and most recently to CNJFO (who are actually doing something). And then I found this article: https://www.thetrace.org/features/nra-financial-misconduct-ackerman-mcqueen/ And yes, it’s from The New Yorker, that bastion of liberal thought, but I believe the facts are true. And it confirmed what I suspected. Please read it – it’s long, but worth it. One of the telling excerpts: “Board members, particularly those who had served for a long time, grew uncomfortable. Once, Davis recalled, he took a board member to lunch to request a donation: “He just looks at me, and he goes, ‘You know, I like you, but I hate your department.’ I said, ‘Why?’ He says, ‘Because NRA is not fancy Italian shoes with thousand-dollar suits. NRA is the backbone of this country, wearing bluejeans and boots. And your division is taking us to a whole ’nother place.’ ” So, they obviously have more money than me – they certainly don’t need mine. Especially if they are going to spend it on Italian Suits, Pappy Van Winkle, and expensive cars. And yes, I have had some pretty high level positions (VP of Sales and Marketing, Managing Director, etc. ), but I always bought my own clothes. I think Oliver North had enough too. And no, he’s not the most trustworthy guy, but when even he has seen enough, I think we need to listen. The NRA is squandering your money. What are you going to do about it?
  5. For $40 the dot sight may be OK. For $40 the spotting scope is a POS. Ever look through a cheap scope? You are trying to look at very tiny holes in a piece of paper 100 yards or more away. Not gonna be pretty.
  6. And then for our members currently in PA, there's this: https://paintedstave.com/painted-stave-distilling-off-the-hoof-scrapple-flavored-vodka-launching-in-the-delaware-market/ A Bloody Mary made with this, and a Pork Roll sandwich - now that's livin'
  7. Well, I am a lever action guy and I can tell you that nothing (at least nothing I have shot) beats a Henry. I have a Marlin .30 -.30 for deer, and a Henry .22 with octagon barrel for small game. The Henry has it all over the Marlin for quality and smoothness. I like my Marlin, but I love my Henry.
  8. Grapeshot

    .22 help

    Will have to disagree. I purchased a Kimber Micro 9 last year and have had absolutely no problems after > 500 rounds. It looks nice, feels solid, and is reliable. Also has excellent sights for a compact pistol. Kimber may have had problems in the past, but every one I've ever shot has been fine.
  9. Actually, they used both Durham boats and ferries. You can't get a horse or a cannon in a Durham boat, but you can on a ferry. They used whatever they could find. And for those of you who can't make it, we'll be live-streaming the event on YouTube: FYI - just up from the crossing, the town we now call New Hope used to be called "Coryell's Ferry". Guess why...
  10. This happens to me a lot when I am in Europe - especially Germany.
  11. I have always opened doors for women, and have never had one say anything other than thank-you. Hell, when I am out for dinner with women, I even help them on with their coats. They usually don't expect that, and I always get a thanks and a smile. It's called being polite, and it doesn't cost a thing.
  12. Now you’ve hurt my feelings. But that’s OK, I’m a big boy. You’re still on my Christmas card list. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ya'll know if you want something ugly that shoots 9mm you can have this for half the price: https://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/Hi-Point-carbines/Hi-Point-9MM-carbine.html Just sayin. Oh - and it includes the gun. Imagine that.
  14. Many people know that there is a reenactment of Washington Crossing the Delaware every Christmas. But what a lot of you probably don't know is that there is a full dress rehearsal 2 weeks before Christmas. That's right - this Sunday, December 9th. https://www.washingtoncrossingpark.org/events/ We'll be fielding 3 artillery pieces this year, so there will be lots of noise. A great event for the kids too; we'll drill them and turn them into soldiers (OK, small soldiers). I'll be the tall goofy looking guy commanding one of the artillery pieces. Did I mention there will be 3 :)? So come on out and learn some history, support the park, and enjoy a day in the great outdoors. See you there!
  15. Heading out to PA on Wednesday. Plan to hunt Thursday and Friday. PA is nice in that I can use a .30-.30. It's late in the season there, so if my usual luck holds I won't actually be hunting, I'll be taking the guns for a walk. But that's OK, it gets me outside, and gives me an excuse to drink good bourbon in the woods with my buddies (after hunting, of course!)
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