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  1. Take an Appleseed course. You get to shoot all weekend, you will become a better marksman, and you will get a CMP golden ticket. Win, win, win.
  2. I have decided I no longer have a gun collection. I have an ammo collection. It's now worth more than my guns.
  3. Although now I went back and read the original post, a single-shot .22 is a poor choice for HD. Back to the revolver.
  4. If you are of a certain age group and started when you were young, you probably learned on a single shot bolt-action .22 with iron sights. I still think this is a great learning platform, and I still hunt occasionally with my first .22 (although the old eyes are starting to have trouble with iron sights). I think the shot discipline you learn with a single shot, coupled with the need to be fairly close to your quarry with basic iron sights, provides you with a foundation that will stay with you for life.
  5. I am firmly in the revolver for HD camp. No safety to worry about, you pull the trigger and it goes bang. Load it up with .38 Critical Defense and you are good to go.
  6. When .22 is $1.00 per round, that'll mean that 9 mm is $5 per round. That's when I'm cashing in. It's going to be like printer ink - buy 2000 rounds of 9 and get a free Beretta.
  7. And that is when you know it's gone completely off the rails. Good thing I got into this hobby 40 years ago. I couldn't afford to do it now...
  8. If only. You need between 3,000 - 4,500 psi for a PCP air rifle; that's why they are sooooo expensive.
  9. So, if current ammo and firearm prices have you down, and you are looking for a wintertime project, an airgun may be just the thing! Modern airguns are accurate, powerful, and, if you start with the right platform, endlessly customizable. If you want the AR of the airgun world, the Crosman 2240 is the place to start. See attached pictures. The first one is what it looks like out of the box, and the next 2 are what I built after the last ammo shortage. Crosman 2240 (.22 cal) Steel breech New bolt assembly Vented muzzle brake Custom grips Re-worked valve assembly Enlarged transfer port Re-worked trigger and trigger shoe New trigger shear spring Power adjuster Red dot sight (yeah, I know, but I had it in the parts bin) After all of the mods this has a lot more power than a stock 2240 (although I don't have a chrono to give you numbers), is insanely accurate, and allows me to keep my skills up in my basement for cheap. And yes, I spent way too much on this (they don't call it the most expensive $60 airgun for nothing), but you gotta do something to keep busy. All of the upgrades are available on eBay, and I had a lot of fun building it. If anyone else is doing this please post your pictures here.
  10. You can carry pocket knives. What you can't carry (but you can own) are things like switchblades, automatic knives, balisongs, etc.
  11. This is for handguns, you can read the whole thing here: http://www.co.clarion.pa.us/Dept/Treasurer/Documents/SportsmansPermitRegs1.pdf My buddy has a hunting camp in PA where we hunt and fish, so I don't really worry about carrying in a vehicle. But hey - you want to take a walk in the woods? Throw a collapsible fishing pole in your bag and you are good to go.
  12. Here's another thing - even though I am a NJ resident, because I have a PA hunting and fishing license I am legally allowed to carry in PA when I am hunting or fishing, because I have a PA Sportsman's Firearm Permit. It's shall issue, good for 5 years, and costs $6. It's also valid when I am "going to the places where they desire to hunt, take furbearers or fish or returning from such places." Fishing. Yes, fishing. There are some pretty mean fish in PA. No background check, just show your hunting license and give them $6.
  13. As far as I know you can own (not carry) pretty much anything as long as you have a valid reason. Collecting is a valid reason. I would say it's a go. Shame to leave it home though
  14. My understanding is that there are actually 2 bills: The Covid relief bill, and the Omnibus spending bill. All the pork is in the Omnibus spending bill. Can't he just sign the Covid relief bill and veto the Omnibus bill?
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