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How frequently do you shoot your firearms?

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Since September, I've only been out shooting maybe 4 times...Three of those were to bring out new pistols to pop their cherry.... Other time was after Sandy for the shotgun shootout...


In the summer, I usually go 2-3 times a month. What I want to do with my .22s usually determine what I'll end up bringing...some days all I feel like doing is shooting .22s...others I'll bring the .22s and then go to the pistol range (or vice versa)... and other days I will be in the mood for long range shooting. I don't usually bring out all the gun types I have unless I'm bringing other shooters out.


It is rare for me to shoot fewer than 100 rounds of centerfire per caliber and unheard of for me to shoot fewer than 300 .22LR at a range session. Due to the current "crisis", this unfortunately may be subject to change :(

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  • 9mm handguns- Once per week. Generally 50 rounds per session. Sometimes all 50 through single handgun, sometimes split 25 & 25 between my two 9's. Make the session last a bit longer by only loading 2-5 rounds per mag & giving myself plety of reloading repetitions.
  • .357 revolver - Work it in with the semi's every couple of weeks when the mood strikes. Usually shoot less than 25 rounds with it.
  • AR 15s - Back when I was reloading regularly, at least once a month. Mostly bench shooting for 20-30 rounds with goal of tight groups. Since some mishaps with my reloading set up, haven't shot it in a couple months. Usually get 1 - 2 chances a year to do an action-shooting style competition with an AR, but that'll probably have to wait till ammo supply normalizes.
  • Shotgun - Try to get buddies together once a month to bust some clays. Usually go through 30-50 target shells each time we shoot clays. Sometimes, if I haven't gotten to shoot clays for a while, I'll take it to the 50/100 & put a few slugs through it.
  • .22 Lever action pistol - Maybe once every two months since I got it. Fun to shoot, but the tube magazine is slow to reload and I generally get tired of repeating the process by the 30 round mark or so.
  • SKS - Maybe 4 times total in the entire time I've owned it.


On the whole, I wish I did get to shoot more often. On the upside, since my default habbit is already to keep the total round count low, I haven't had to change my shooting habbits too dramatically because of the ammo shortages.

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