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    • No down side to LP/NG imo. First time I didn't have to go outside in the pouring rain to add gas to the gen. was all worth it to me. LP of course is a bit different but the tank swap is pretty quick compared to opening up the generators tank and trying to add gas in the dead of night. Note here...Top off your tank before the sun goes down. Even if it means getting soaked. Most people (at least us) did turn off the gen before we went to bed. You can top it off in the morning. Also don't ever let it run out of fuel. The power surges will reek havoc on both your genset and everything it's trying to keep running.  Speaking of rain...I bought one of these to keep mine relatively dry in the rain. Pretty nice cover if you don't have someplace to put your genset while it's raining. If anyone decides to get one hit me up for some assembly tips. https://smile.amazon.com/IGAN-Generator-All-Weather-3500w-12000w-generators/dp/B0817GWV8C/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1OQCXMT3ZVMDJ&dchild=1&keywords=generator+cover&qid=1601236357&sprefix=generator%2Caps%2C158&sr=8-5
    • Absolutely, the one thing I never mind spending good money on is tools.  They always pay for themselves in the long run.
    • I use the Real Avid Master Armorer's tool kit.  its pricey at $250 but drops down to $199 occassionally.  Trust me after you build one, it won't be the last and it will be good investment in the long run.   My first build was with a regular hammer and cheap punch pin set from Harbor Freight.
    • Thanks for the tip.  Does anyone have a recommendation on an all in one tool kit for building the gun?  ( The adapter for the vice to hold the receiver, punch, and some of the small tools to deal with the springs/pins, etc.)
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