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BATFE request for comments on Bump Fire Stocks

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So a week ago, the day after Christmas, the BATFE put out a request for comments regarding Bump Fire stocks.  It would appear they are looking for reason to make them illegal as they turn semi-autos into "full autos". 

While I find bump stocks useless, I do not appreciate further meddling in our dwindling Second Amendment rights.  In the link above, you can read their write up and their request for public input/comments.  You can leave your input by clicking the "Comment Now" button on the top right. 

There are over 1,800+ comments including the one I just left.  I would encourage you to include your two cents on the matter.  Please do so in a polite manner as they do note that they do not want any profanity in the comments, else it will be discarded. 

In addition, please start out by stating you are "Commenting on docket number 2017R-22" or something to the like, so as to ensure the BATFE knows what you commenting in reference to.

The BATFE is required to at least review each and every comment (possibly also respond though not 100% sure about that one).  Therefore the more comments they receive, the more they are unlikely to proceed further. 

If anyone recalls, when the BATFE tried to ban the XM855 steel core 5.56MM ammo a few years back, it was all the comments they got that helped stop them from proceeding further.

Thank you for those that take the time to provide their input.

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