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Sphincters & NJ Gun Law Both STINK! James OUT-OF-ORDER Kaleda Interviews CNJFO's Rosey

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James Kaleda.  Yes, the same James Kaleda that was thrown-out of an Assembly Law & Public Safety Hearing for being OUT OF ORDER, interviews yours truly on a myriad of subjects.

by Black Wire Media Tuesday June 12, 2018

Comparing NJ gun law to a sphincter: "in some ways NJ is the sphincter of the United States when it comes to gun law. If it STINKS (gun law) it either started in NJ or NJ LOVES it!". Yes folks that's our "Rosey" being himself. How CNJFO was formed to indoctrination of our youth & the Lacey Twp. HS kids that went to a range on their own time and suffered suspension for it (that he broke that went national), our Dave Rosenthal chats with James Kaleda on a myriad of subjects. A first-hand witness to over 40 years of INCREMENTALISM being used against NJ gun owners, Rosenthal admits to a STRAW PURCHASE & so much more! 

Image may contain: 4 people, including David Rosenthal, Jack Pyle and William Korman, people smiling, people standing


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    • I apologize if my posts were taken the wrong way. But yours were also much more adversarial than they needed to be.  I suggest we drop it since further posts like that on either side don’t help anything.    As for Reloaderz. I hope they do well. NJ needs more ranges, of any and all types. Anything to expand the positive visibility and push back against the perceived stigma firearms have in this state. 
    •  that writer should be that writer should be embarrassed, you don't pick 3 handguns with a life of less than three years and claim that they are part of the best ever. I'm absolutely going to agree with the Glock just in terms of shears numbers in use reliability and other variables but the Sig the Smith & Wesson and the Heckler LOL  did you read the did you read the article? They gave the reasoning why and hard to argue against it actually.
    • Wow, vaguley remember it... was it when the gun first came out? Generally though, I think the Neos, as cool as it is, was too "atypical" in a crowded marketplace dominated by the Buckmark, Ruger and to lower extent the S&W Victory/22a models. Once you go into higher end, like SW 41 and dedicated 22lr competition guns, no contest there. 

    • Oh Rosey!! You're my fav!
      I had to clarify because my phone was blowing up with notifications because I missed one word: "field" before strip.
      The banter won't scare me off, I'm a little more thick skinned than that! In response to spending more quality time together, I'll only agree if it means busting clays!

      And a happiest of thanksgivings to your beautiful wife and family and of course that fluffy kitten of yours!


      Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk

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