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Savage MKII FV-SR .22 LR Threaded Barrel

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anyone have one?  I'm going to sell out of an older Marlin 60 series with extended tube and go bolt here.  I've got enough of the semi-autos and want a bolt 22 to have fun with the boys as they shoot theirs.  Reviews look good, not too expensive etc etc

anyone have one and not like it?

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Don't own the FV-SR but do own a Mark II BRJ and have been very pleased with it. Most mark II models are the same, or similar, just with different Boyds stocks on em.

Factory trigger is IMO significantly better than XT22 trigger at same pricepoint. Fit and finish is below that of a friend's CZ 457, but not talking same pricepoint either. For what a Mark II sells for, they are hard to beat. The Mark II may be torque sensitive on action screws, so if you are tinkering inside, might wanna have a torque wrench that will go down to 15in-lb (spec iirc is 16 or 18 in-lb, experiment for best results)

Mine is quite accurate and I expect golf-ball accuracy at 100 yards with decent ammo.

Mine does have DIP bottom metal and an Apachee trigger mod, which i added and cost about $100, but i also shoot more benchrest style and never hunt, and were nice upgrades from stock.


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