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  1. 9mm SOLD to Fishypete. Thx Fishypete for the great transaction. Thanks NJGF!
  2. 380 SOLD to Scorpio. Thx Scorpio for the great transaction. Thanks NJGF!
  3. Orig post edited for price drops. Cross posted.
  4. I don't have any Hexmags I saw one video that showed an easy conversion and they I saw the following where the mag is riveted and needed to be drilled out.
  5. Hexmags show what a clusterfvck NJ law is. You can easily disassemble the 10/30 Hexmag, swap out the spring and have a full 30. Undoing a riveted or epoxied Magpul is tons more difficult. Edit: just a clarification - the old 10/30 Hexmags could be easily disassembled. It looks like the newer series 2 Hexmags have a rivet at the base.
  6. Thanks for you input. I only have the short 10 rd pmags. Would epoxy make it a permanent modification? And are there any issues with using mag blocks themselves for the modification?
  7. Assuming I did this work over at a friend's house in PA, is it legal to have 30rd Pmags converted to 10rds using magblocks and rivets in our great state of NJ? I've heard conflicting reports about being able to modify AR15 magazines past a certain date in NJ. Thanks for any and all input. Here is a video on the procedure.
  8. Sold to KeithD. Thanks Keith for a super smooth transaction. Thanks to NJGF.
  9. I'd rather run 2 magpul 10's coupled together. But it's good to have options.
  10. That is why every 2A Patriot's position should be machine guns for all law abiding citizens. Accept nothing less. It used to be that way
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