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  1. Sorry for the repost. Although it will be butchered im keeping the original components as well. Thanks guys
  2. Sorry for the repost. Although it will be butchered im keeping the original components as well. Thanks guys
  3. Hey guys, im going to be picking up an sks soon and wanted to know if i would be able to put a tapco intrafuse stock on it. Since this sks has no detachable mag, muzzle device or bayonet, can i have the collapsible stock and pistol grip?
  4. Hey ty any word on the gen 3s?
  5. Hey ty how bout i fly out to you and help you out with the madness, in exchange i will except no money just pmags. Lmfao. Honestly though, we all appreciate the time and effort you're spending in order to help people procure lowers and such before the possible ban.
  6. Us gun owners need to stick together. Enjoy the mossberg.
  7. When do you think you'll be taking orders again?
  8. I can't believe i missed out on this order.
  9. talked for a few minutes with one on the guys on the floor but it was a heavy day so i had to get in and out unfortunately. i wonder if they receive discounts on kimber products
  10. I work for a uniform provider and this week I'm covering one of my drivers. while looking over the invoices i noticed my first stop was " Kimber Manufacturing" i thought, "man it would be cool if it was the firearm maker" but after looking at the uniforms it was a totally different logo so i figured it was a different company. when i entered the facility to do my thing i noticed 1911 components all over the place and was blown away to see these fine firearms being manufactured. too bad they only make the components there while final assembly is completed in their yonkers facility.
  11. not to pry....but how much did this run you total?
  12. hows the LOP?....i wanna get one but I'm afraid it might be too short.
  13. yea they allow up to 12 bottles per guest... so im gonna fill up 4 lipton brisk botttles of jack daniel and 4 aquafina bottles of vodka.....plus were allowed to bring 1 750ml bottles of wine or champagne each.
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