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  1. I have a Glock 19 package for sale. Bluelabel glock 19 everything pictured

    1. Old School

      Old School

      bought a Gen 4 already

  2. I was just at my delegate meeting and yes the law will be amended. Personally owned rifles, handguns 17rd or below. department owned are no limit on/off duty.
  3. I carry my p365 in vest while on patrol. My 2 carries off duty are p365 and Glock 19. I randomly grab whatever I feel like carrying for the day. Depends on what I’m wearing too. Shorts n T-shirt “p365” if I’m wearing pants or what not I’ll go with my p365.
  4. How about a deal on a new Bike?
  5. I go to the range, do what I have to do then leave. I spend more time bullshitting with the staff than actually shooting. But I usually take about 250 9mm. 40 5.56 and about 6 12guage
  6. Just call the locals brother and tell them you believe someone may be intoxicated attempting to operate a motor vehicle. “If you see them actually get in a vehicle and one is driving” Give the reg to dispatch and go be with your family. Don’t get involved in shit when your not working unless you have no choice I.E guy pulls out a gun and starts waiving it. Anything else you wanna discuss just pm me. Be safe.
  7. Just call your insurance company you had at the time of the incident.
  8. TheMan

    Sig P365

    I picked this up Wednesday. Selling my Glock 43.
  9. May i add that the National Guard and military are the same exact thing!
  10. http://palmettostatearmory.com/mossberg-500-cruiser-persuader-12-gauge-20-barrel-shotgun-w-pistol-grip-stock-black-50780.html?trk_msg=A6Q7J27OPIP4BCRORULTMD8S1S&trk_contact=C5IHGOVRO7IATEOPH191M4NN6G&trk_sid=QJQ1UGNC3U2PE9DDTQF0CAT33O&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=http%3a%2f%2fpalmettostatearmory.com%2fmossberg-500-cruiser-persuader-12-gauge-20-barrel-shotgun-w-pistol-grip-stock-black-50780.html&utm_campaign=Daily+Deal+Email&utm_content=11%3a00+Email
  11. Damn didn't think you had to go through that for ADHA!! It's not like you suffer from paranoid schizophrenia!! I would tell him could he please fill the form out based off of his last evaluation. Do you have medical insurance that covers seeing a behavioral specialist? that a lot per visit brother.
  12. Hey danw77, Im not sure of your stature but I'm 5'8" and weigh 175lbs i currently carry a glock 19 off duty comfortably in every season. I have to say that it is my go to for CCW. A few handguns that i carry are Glock 43, Sig p320, Sig P229. 9/10 times i grab my G19 before heading out the door. Its the perfect gun. Trust me. I have been eyeing the LCPII though.
  13. Hey "SLICKSKIN" just go down to your local PD. Ask for the forms or do them online yourself. I'm sure you have 2 friends that will send back the reference letters. Fill them out "TYPED" Turn them in, get receipt, make appt for FBI fingerprints, pay online, wait around for a few months, harass the department for your fid and permits every week after the first 30 days. They eventually give them to you, go buy your gun, Done. Thats pretty much what i did.
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