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  1. Any interest in parting just the AR Upper? Location
  2. Selling one of my Bracelets. 10KT Gold Solid curb link Braclet. 27.2 Grams. $625. Not selling for spot or scrap. 9” Length, 13mm.Cannot upload pictures due to quota being met. If interested please message or call me 732-443-7240. I will send photos upon request. Located in Lawrenceville, NJ
  3. TheMan

    WTB carfax

    I use the myCARFAX as well. Keeps track of my vehicle values and all my maintenance. Dealer pulled the car fax on a vehicle I was going to sell them and they actually seen everything that I personally did on the car as well
  4. Bump—-$1850 FIRM NO TRADES!! You pay transfer fees.
  5. Be nice to raffle this bad boy off!!!!
  6. What do you have? Looking to free up cash but I may entertain cash plus trade. Let me know.
  7. Lmao.. if a sexual favor isn’t involved in a deal, then it’s not really a deal!!!!
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