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  1. fwiw I carry a Sig 320c every day and I love it. No jams, leaks, or sqeaks. Never a hick cup . FIts my hand very well and I have large hands. About the size of Glock 23. Good luck with your decision.
  2. WoW! Fate works in strange ways!
  3. There are almost 2 million permits to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Florida. Florida law does not address "printing". Concealed means just that. "concealed" to cover or remove from plain sight. Unless someone is brandishing a weapon, most people here assume he or she probably has a gun tucked away somewhere.
  4. I should have kept my Smith & Wesson model 52.
  5. I really like zbattery.com. I usually am partial to Streamlight.
  6. You'll be surprised on how far the equipment has come. You just look in a machine and bingo it's figures out exactly what your new prescription will be. If you wear contact lenses, they are so thin and easy to use. Good luck! You really should be going every two years or so. Bad things can happen to your eyes which can be handled if you catch it early enough.
  7. Having lived in Jersey City for all my early life, I can attest that you can show them all the documents you want to, but they are going to do anything they want to do. it's JERSEY CITY. HUDSON COUNTY!! It's not what you know, it's who you know. They will process your paperwork and put in a drawer and give it to you when they are good and ready.
  8. I guess my Smith model 52 will be going up in value, more than I thought!
  9. Will New Jersey ever stop with the over regulations? For Christ's sake!
  10. Just moved to the free state after 70 years in New Jermany. Ahhh, I can breathe again. What everyone else said above is orrect. Went to my first flea market and was dazzled. Cartridge prices are wonderful. Gas is higher than NJ, Liquor sales have buy one, get one free and dinner for 4 is about $60. BUT, car insurance is expensive, and house insurance can be too, if you're not hurricane protected. Be wary of the Georgia Super Speeder Ticket, stay away from D.C. at all cost. Only had two days of rain in 2 weeks. 80+ and sunny every day. You'll love it,
  11. I'll take my chances.I'm outta here as of next month. I have to take my chances in a free state even if it is just for my remaining years.
  12. Chris1 that's what I had to do. I had a M-1 carbine that my father in law gave me after carrying it through the Korean war. I sold it to a guy from Jersey who was moving to Pa. $125. take it or leave it. What was the choice? 10 years in a beautiful new Jersey prison?
  13. I've worked for 2 different municipalities for over 30 years, and because I was in fire prevention, we always got police hand me downs. That being said, specifically talking about Crown Vics, as mentioned above, if you get a detective's car or an officer's old car, they won't be too bad.The pluses are they are roomy, full sized with lots of steel around you child. If God forbid, he or she gets in an accident that's what you'd like to see. Obviously, getting one that didn't have a spot light, or a hole in the roof where the roof light cable ran is a bonus. The V-8 engine holds up very well, is powerful and are regularly maintained by the town as the cars need to be in service as much as possible. Try and get one that never had a cage installed and don't expect the dash to not have holes in it. Check govauctions.com to poke around. The cons: the trans is the weak link for those Fords, so check that out before you buy that. The paint is poor and peels off and Lord knows what has been spilled in the back seat. As far as the 24 hour running of the engine, I never found that to be a problem, but expect to put new plugs and coil packs in it. Be sure to check the brakes, battery and alignment. P.S. they REALLY suck in the snow. if I needed a car as a first car, I would go for it. Buyer beware.
  14. I can't manage to get the pictures right side up. Thanks so much for the reply. I will contact that smith you wrote about. I even found a place to get parts. Yes all numbers match. I don't want to take any screws out for fear if striping them. Original grips show wear from being handled by a right handed person. Barrel is good.Action is great but won't lock in battery. Double action. Probably will fix it and sell it. The holster rotted away decades ago. My brother had a email from a guy who wrote a book on H &A pistols, and he considered 95 % complete. I think a little less now. Again thanks for the input.
  15. II have no idea why this came out upside down. If you click on it, it turns,right side up.
  16. Thanks Johnny B. What I meant was, if the gun is only worth say $500, and a gunsmith charges me $350, (judging that cost me $150 just to have the muzzle brake changed and welded on my AR), putting the Merwin it into firing condition may not be worth it. It's been in my family for 2 generations, but I have no one to leave it to,as I'm getting into my 70's. It's in great shape but it has to be sold.
  17. I have a Merwin Hopkins & Allen revolver in great condition that needs some work. The cylinder stop or the spring doesn't allow the cylinder to lock up. The timing is good but it won't lock into battery. I don't know if it is worth getting it fixed or not. It's not like there are parts for it laying around. It is inscribed William J Pardee, who taught tactics at Brown University. I have provenance from Brown to back it up. He also taught at West Point. Caliber is Winchester 1873. Any information by antique arms enthusiasts would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Great info Bob! If you remember, you helped me with my model 25 "frankengun" as you called it. My quick story is one time when Navy Arms was still in business, I bought a boat load of 9mm for my model 659. The damn gun would not feed the ammo and kept jamming. It ejected ok but couldn't figure out why it wouldn't load, as it usually ate everythig. Turned out the cartridges were for a sub machine gun and the projectile was longer than normal and the point (yes they were pointy) wouldn't load because the angle was too high and catching on the top of the feed ramp. Lesson learned.
  19. Agreed. But it was still good theatre.
  20. I live in Hopatcong and according to a news article I read there was a small plane which did not respond to radio hailing, so a Coast Guard helicopter (which I don't believe it was because of the coloring ) but it was a military helo, and a fighter jet came over to say hello. The jet did a 360 around my neighborhood then shot off towards Mt. Olive, which would put it in line with heading south toward Bernards Twp. It was low and very LOUD! First time I saw my tax dollars at work and I didn't really mind. It happened with the fighter the last time he was here too. I'm glad that thing was on our side. I can't image how terrifying it must be to have that thing shooting at you. This thing was so low and loud, neighbors I haven't seen in 30 years were out in the street. I thought it was probably the coolest thing I've seen around here since a hot air balloon came down in the trees about 20 years ago.
  21. Thank you all for the responses. I will call to be sure they received the sight, then depending on what they say, I guess I may have to sit tight for awhile.
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